Guns & Ammo Will Be Sold Out During Next Major Terror In USA


A comment awhile back on MSB read as follows:

I worked in sporting goods at WalMart when 911 happened. I stood and watched on the store TVs as the second plane flew into the towers. By noon I had sold all of the common caliber ammo I had. By the end of my shift we had completely sold out of all ammo, and the biggest part of the guns we had in the store. Some people were buying food but not many. A few were buying survival type items. But the guns and ammo were gone!

So here’s the thing… if and when the next ‘911’ (or bigger) terror attack hits within the U.S., instinctively patriots and others will arm themselves. The uncertainty of the situation will cause us to go into ‘protect’ mode and our personal security will become a high concern and priority – especially during the fluid time period of uncertainty.

With that said, here are a few thoughts and questions to consider:

Even those who are already ‘armed’ with seemingly sufficient ‘guns & ammo’, they too will feel compelled to ‘top off’. It’s instinctive (you can never have enough, right?)

Question: Will you ‘top off’ your ammo and/or firearms during the immediate aftermath timeline of uncertainty?

Question: Is it your opinion that others will?
Question: Will ammo shortages quickly develop?

When severe shortages (in general) develop, it can be a remarkably long time before supplies get back to normal. This has to do with a number of factors including our just-in-time (JIT) systems of forecast/manufacture/distribution for ‘normal’ demands.

It also has to do with the instinctive reaction of shoppers who may notice a small quantity of re-stock – and then they immediately buy it all up (because of the shortage). This puts even more demand on the re-supply system – making it even longer to ‘catch up’.

Remember the .22 ammo shortage of not too long ago?? This took a LONG TIME to settle out. (Does anyone still have a .22 shortage?)

Okay, lets get back to the hypothetical ‘major’ terrorism within the United States. Obviously the extent will have an effect on how patriots (and others) react.

One thought: With the extreme number who have been crossing the border and/or being flown in and ‘re-settled’ (thanks to our current POTUS), who’s to say that there are not thousands upon thousands upon thousands of these people who are ‘hell bent’ on causing us harm (a certain element clearly proclaims this)…

I believe that it is plausible that we will face some sort of ‘911’ again – maybe even worse than that. Whether or not it is a ‘false flag’, when it happens we will probably be facing shortages in various categories due to a rush to the stores…

So, I suppose the underlying purpose of this post is to check one’s inventory ;)

What do you think about this?
For example, what calibers will be of concern for you?
Any other concerns/suggestions in the ‘guns & ammo’ category in this hypothetical regard?


  1. Ken,

    As usual, a good post for thought. I would share with you a posting on Veterans Today written by Gordon Duff. He has a few things to say about the NRA and their new spokesperson Charlie Daniels.

    I don’t necessarily agree with the article, but in follow up, I did find many factual statements. Pretty distressing!

    Peace folks….live the lifestyle of being prepared.

  2. This brings up a great point of why we prepare in the first place. Do I have enough ammo now? Yes, I along, with most of you have already taken measures to get what we need NOW, while it’s still available. That being said, I would still go out and buy more ammo before it got wiped out just to have it in hand to barter.

    Although Ken writes about ammo, you can insert food, extra fuel, water, etc. When a major event happens, and it will, those that have made plans will have control over their situation. Those that ‘panic buy’ will have to pay whatever to whoever (opportunities for those of us prepared) and will gladly accept your offer for barters. I don’t want to sound like this is a chance to take advantage of someone, but it is what it is. Products in short supply and high demand will capture a premium in the marketplace.

  3. I do agree people will buy just because the ammo is there. I am guilty of this myself. I just picked up another 1500 rounds of .22 last week though I don’t need it as I have quite a bit already but I was at Wally world and was getting mantles for the Coleman lantern(I don’t really need any more of those either LOL) and saw they had 500 round boxes for 26.00 with a max of three. As for the guns I just recently bought more stock in Smith & Wesson so buy, buy, buy.

  4. Ken,

    Here in small town, Iowa the only .22 ammo is the “match” grade at $5.99 for 50 rounds. The 325 count boxes are 24.99. These are not always available (the 325 count), but 9mm and .380 and .45ACP are always in stock. There are only a few boxes of 7.62X39 and only one brand, same with 7.62X54R. I used to be able to get steel cased 9mm and more than one brand of the other calibers.

    1. Food for thought: Just before Obumer started his first term in office George Soros bought a LOT of stock in Gun and ammo manufacturers and as we know every time an attempt was made to remove our 2nd Amendment rights, sales of both have gone up.

      Well recently George has sold most of this stock as well as most of the stock shares in the markets. Now that George has made his profits, his actions speak louder than words, based on this I would sell, sell, SELL! the S & W Stock!! ASAP!!!

      1. When I said buy, buy, buy I meant buy guns LOL. As for the stock I have owned Smith & Wesson for years and have made a lot of money on it so I am not really concerned. If the whole market goes like everyone seems to think it will then we will all have much bigger problems than whether we were in the market or not.

        1. @ poorman
          Did I miss an Obummer news conference?? HAHAHA
          Best salesman the gun industry has

    2. Small town in Iowa?? Same here west of Des Moines. Always nice to meet like minded friends. I have started looking online for ammo to get the best deal.

    3. In the Cincinnati metro area, 500 rds. of Aguila high velocity is ~$50. 300-325 rds. of federal, Browning, etc is $30. As always, add the governor’s cut (in Russian, govna means shit).

  5. “It’s better to have it, and not need it,
    Than to need it, and not have it”.

  6. Great reminder Ken for people to be pro active with supplies rather than reactive. When any panic starts the last place I care to be is in the mob searching for needed or imaginary supplies.

    1. I have many rounds for two long guns, but if it looks like the Hilary will win, Buy, buy, buy…. and say Bye, bye, bye to getting new semi-autos.

  7. That stuff is going to be gone by election time, disaster or not. It happened last time and that one was a lot less scary than this one.

    1. @Nihilist, Good observation. That is an excellent point regarding the upcoming election. Because ‘IF’ ‘she’ wins, she WILL go after patriots, their guns, and their ammo. It will be a sell out. Even if there is a reasonable possibility of ‘her’ election, I’ll bet ammo shelves (and many firearms) will sell out.

  8. Ammo supplies here seem to be okay. 22lr is not that difficult to find. I personally reload all but the 22lr. If it all ended I would be set for a long, long time.

    1. I got rid of my 22s, too hard to find ammo and not the best defensive or offensive round. We don’t have small game, and would rather train or practice with my primary. That and when I poke a hole in something I want it to go down and stay down.

  9. There is STILL a severe .22 & .22 mag shortage where I live…also most ammo has doubled in price (luckily not the .38 & 30-06.)

    1. is 30/30 ammo hard to get? I have a winchester 30.30 rifle & a double barrel shotgun, along w a 22 semi-auto rifle.
      all need cleaning & this human needs to practice shooting these things.
      for protection I choose to stand on Ps 91- Bible. do have a air rifle-pellets might not kill, but will hurt—right?

  10. I feel that the next terror attack will be the one event that will bring on Martial Law after a few days, because it will likely be multiple attacks across this nation.

    Because of the immediate chaos following the first day, I plan to disappear removing my remaining supplies to my remote rural location and implement security measures with my group members as they arrive and start recon mission cycles starting 20 miles away.

    I have started to disconnect the battery cables of my vehicle when its not in use, just in case of an EMP. Not sure if this will work but I’ve heard that when electricity has a current from its source to a starter and other electronics its serves as an antenna and captures an EMP wave and fries everything connected to that power source. For additional insurance, I’ve also purchased an assortment of fuses and set of spark plugs and wiring. Also 110 volt wiring for lamps and light bulbs. We may need indoor grow lights because of weather or looters or wild animals raiding outdoor gardens.

    Most of us have enough food for a year, however for that next growing season be prepared to do whatever is necessary to protect your garden from all elements and plan to have it large enough to grow enough to can/preserve to get you through the winter and to the next harvest. Your life will depend on it! Can’t buy too much canning supplies of veg seeds as both are excellent barters items!!

    Hope all of you are in good health and stay that way!

  11. I had always heard that if you know how much ammo you have, you don’t have enough. I guess it’s time to buy more 22 so as not to worry every time you want to go plinking.

    1. Yea, always have a stash in addition to any for current use, but keep in mind that it’s unlikely you will fire 1K rounds in self defense without being hit by an incoming round. A totally unforseen ambush is much more likely than a frontal assault.

  12. We especially need to be worried when someone shows up saying:

    “I’m from the government and I’m here to confiscate your weapons for your safety.”
    NEVER allow them to take anything, and if you do make sure you have backups stashed offsite somewhere because were going to need them.

    1. Those who are choosing to stay in a metropolitan areas, I suspect that once Martial Law is implemented and a dusk to dawn curfew is implemented, gun confiscation would start at night while your movement is controlled and also during day time if you try to leave that area to a rural location.

      This is why, if you have a place ready set up to bug out to, it would be best to do so the first or second day before Martial Law can be implemented. Having a reserve of gas for your vehicle and flammable lig rated hand pump to get additional gas out of those under ground tanks will be vital.

  13. Predictable, reactionary, irresponsible sheep. Frankly, I hope the ammo runs out immediately. Think about it… do we really want heavily armed hordes, in a panic, lacking any forethought, and obviously no plan — to be running around weapons hot?

    We’re good.

    Long popcorn – and big screen monitors.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. People who do not prepare and stock food & water, probably also don’t stock guns and ammo. So those are the ones who will run out of food first. But they will not have any extra ammo to attack those of us who do have food, water, fuel, and medical supplies.

    2. Correct you are. Who is dumb enough to believe that after another 911 attack that the Golden Horde will stand patiently in line to purchase a gun. If it’s an EMP how will the government verify that the person is ‘qualified’ to own a gun. Folks can curse me all they want too, but the bottom line is sheeple can’t think. Sheeple die so very unnecessarily. Period.

      1. After the next ‘disaster’ (most likely a FF), I suspect that gun and ammo sales will be ‘temporarily suspended’.

  14. My 2¢ worth.

    Preparing has 9000+ facets, Firearms and Ammo obviously are 2 of these that MUST be addressed immediately upon starting to “prepare”. Water, Food, “so-on” are also just as important.

    So, how does one decide to “stock-pile” Ammo/Guns? Or how much? I hear it all the time “you never have enough”. Well that all depends on where you are with the remaining 8998 facets.

    50 bricks of 22LR (25,000 rounds) will do you no good if you’re dying of thirst and there is nothing but contaminated water to be had. Now someone might say “but you can barter” with that ammo, IF someone is there to barter with, yes, but that’s a hell of a chance you’re taking.

    To address Ken’s article directly, of course there will be a “run” and of course the thoughts of “do I have enough” will cross your mind, but you should be to the point now you “have enough” (whatever ‘enough’ is).

    Everywhere you look the warning signs are there, Ken’s articles keep reminding everyone to get prepared, the news tells you so, that “gut” feeling you probably have is SHOUTING the same thing. Heck, just look at every time POTUS opens his mouth, there is a run on G/A. Are you really going to wait for something BIG to happen before you take note of what you think you “might” need?

    So, Q-1, No, I have already reached my needs, Q-2 Without a doubt, people don’t think that far ahead, Q-3 Absolutely, without a doubt.

    Ok, with all that said, one (you) IMHO should be really getting ready for a “REAL problem”. All the signs point to this, and I bet like many of y-all have, it’s a gut feeling (may be an upset tummy, but). And please do so as you can, panic buying is NOT smart, and you WILL forget stuff you will need, take your time (but make it soon), make list, make a plan, do it right.

    As far as the last three questions Ken proposes:

    Q-1 I believe your absolutely correct, there WILL be panic buying, and “runs” on not only G/A but the Banks as we saw in the Depression and in 911.

    Q-2 I have dozens of different Calibers I shot, but “stock up” on the basic, 45ACP, 5.56, 12GA, and 50CAL for long range, all the rest is for “fun”.

    Q-3 Yes, pick a caliber for what you think you need, and stay with that, as I have. Stock-pile 1000 rounds of each at first, than build as you can AFTER you get the rest of the preps in order. Again, Ammo/Guns will do no good if your starving without water and all the rest.

    Like I said, JMHO about 2¢
    Good thinking article Ken, Thanks

    PS; if you own a firearm, PRACTICE. And be safe with it, no accidents.

    1. Having lived near the 1992 LA Riot zone at the time, I carried for the duration and for about 6 months after. I’m reasonably well trained, since age 5, practice infrequently, but often enough to know I can place holes center mass over a respectable distance, repeatedly.

      But here’s the thing… I’m not ‘Rambo’. I cannot envision myself having to blow through a thousand rounds… for anything. One or two assailants? Yeah. A pack of street critters holding up their size 50 pantaloons with one hand whilst shooting at me with a Kel-Tec or High Point turned 90 degrees left? Pfft… I could end that problem, half asleep.

      But any kind of ambush, or coordinated attack or any other situation where I’m having to throw a lot of lead downrange… I’m dead. That’s all! Why have a giant stockpile left behind for the attackers to re-supply with?

      Besides, you must consider your back-stop, the probability of attracting more unwanted attention… and the biggest, least discussed problem of all… what do you do with the dead body(ies)?? That’s a subject very rarely brought up by all the tough-talking tacti-cool guys. Fine! You showed them! 3 ‘tangos’ down. Now what? It’s 95 degrees outside and the buzzards are already circling. Come on! Chop-chop! DEAL with it!


      1. @ McGyver68
        I would not disagree with ya, but here’s a question, if you don’t mind?
        What would your recommendations be for the “stock-pile”? What’s in the Firearm and 2 extra Mags? Or ????

        I totally agree on the “street critter” comment. HAHAHA
        3 ‘tangos’ down and 95 deg, no problem, the buzzards DO need to eat also….. Just get em away from the homestead a few hundred yards.

        1. Back@tcha NRP,

          I suppose it matters what weapons you need to feed and what your goals are. I never really tried to put a number to it before. Sounds like fun, so these are my thoughts:

          Revolvers – A single box of 50 lets you reload 8+ times. In a combat situation, I think the incident will be over long before you get to that point.

          Semi-auto pistols – You can burn through ammo pretty quick, especially if undisciplined and/or panicked. Maybe 5-10 boxes of 50 each.

          Rifles with detachable mags – 5 boxes @ 50 each

          Rifles with fixed mags – 1 box of 50

          Shotguns – Box of 100

          That is my opinion for a defensive “stash”. It does not include practice rounds. And certainly if you intend to barter or re-sell… then go ahead and fill an ocean container if you want to. And if you are sure you’ll never get ripped off or raided, then go for it.

          As to dragging cadavers through my neighborhood to an open field for carrion birds… I’m thinking that may attract unwanted attention as well.

        2. Amscor in PI has earned my respect with their center fire offerings. Now they are tooled up for .22lr as well. Just picked up a brick of 10×50. Probably not going to find it at WM, but local shops should have it now.

        3. A single shot pistol with one bullet, a deadman switch tied to an incediary to clear your preps.
          Just kidding but think about it…will it be worth sticking around if everything has gone to shirt.

        4. I’ve read that people that have gone through Argentina economic collapses/war in Bosnia typically use 250-300 rds. per fire fight per person. Without knowing how or where I could restock ammo in the future, I will continue to buy ammo, along with other vital non-perishable supplies.

          35k and going up!!!

        5. Weekend at Bernie’s…. Just get a hat some sunglasses and sit them up.

        6. During a ‘hot’ encounter is NOT the time you want to be refilling magazines.

        7. A gassed up backhoe with front-end loader, lye, lime and several rolls of plastic wouldn’t be bad to have in this scenario?? Just don’t dig that hole near any water source and as deep as possible. Hoping that this is a situation that doesn’t get out of control, being civilized, consider keeping a record who is buried where by using ID’s if available, if not then approx age, sex, description by tattoos or piercings etc, for record keeping. Some family member may show up at a later date.

        1. Oh yeah… you are a free man on lots of land, living in a cool state. Ironically, you would probably be least likely to have to deal with this scenario.

          Mrs. M has been bugging me to buy Bobcat to fix the backyard anyway.. Hmmm.

      2. If you live in the country, you ought to keep a few very large, hungry hogs penned up out back. They eat bones and all…

        1. HA HA HA HA!!!

          – “Mister Wu! We need your help.”

          – “Arrrgh, not again Swiggen – Ba Qai Lo!”

      3. Yo McGyver68,

        This is Rambo. Take a lesson from the Alamo. When you know it’s over, blow the ammo room. It worked for them, it’ll work for you. Well, gots to go, Adrian is ovulating.

        1. Johnny,

          This is Colonel Troutman. That’s some funny material right there.

      4. Dead bodies will be tied to telephone poles in the area as a warning to others.

  15. @kulafarmer,

    When someone shows up at my house and says:
    “I’m from the government and I’m here to confiscate your weapons for your safety”, two things will happen. First, I will take his weapons by whatever force is necessary, let there be no doubt. Second, that will be the last time that government man shows up at any bodies house, let there be no doubt. That is my line drawn in the sand, let there be no doubt.

    Now, as far as my reaction to the guns and ammo situation after the next terror event, I will just lock the front gate so to speak. My gun/ammo situation has been taken care of for many years to come. I reload everything I have and I can for many years to come.

    “Give me liberty or death”, this old soldier has spoken. There comes a time when a man must be willing to die to protect our freedoms.

    Have good day to all.

    1. Everyone has a Threat Matrix Score and I think those Govt. guys already know what measures they must take to remove any threat any of us pose. The secret is to not be where they think you are when they start looking for you!!

      Then use wisdom to pick and choose those battles that you have a better chance at surviving. Utilize battle multipliers to your advantage: elements of surprise, camo, grey man tactics, etc!! Having a network of support and predetermined plans for different scenarios.

      1. A friend once said,
        “We’re all on a list, just don’t be the first one they visit”.

  16. I work for a wholesaler of sporting goods that services a very big region. Every Tom, Dick and Harry gun shop along with several name brand box stores procure their guns and ammo through our company.

    Since Barry has been in office- Sales on guns alone have averaged from $5,000 to $25,000 daily. Ammunition- it fluctuates. 22LR- LOL! Good luck! If it shows up before lunch, it’s sold out before the day is over. We’ve been able to keep in stock 9mm, 45ACP, .223, .308 and 30-06 with no problems. Anytime a politician opens their pie hole and starts talking gun control, our shelves get empty.

    Best advice- buy what nobody else is buying. That would be 12GA, 20GA, .410GA, 30-06, .308, .38 SPL, +P, .357 magnum, .17HMR. Even .177 cal pellets and BB’s. Shot shells- lead pellets and in the largest pellet size, 00 buck and slug. I’m not a fan of steel shot. Buy what you can find, when you find it.

    Something else to take into consideration- Wholesalers get their merchandise from either another wholesaler or (most times) directly from the manufacturer. Handling from the manufacturer to wholesalers, hands are laid on the merchandise. Our employees do not get “first crack” at whatever comes in.

    However, I’ve noticed box stores will be delivered pallets of ammo, yet only a few boxes will make it to the shelf. So, somewhere between the hand-off from the truck to receiving, to the shelf; I assume the “warehouserats”(employees)at the big box stores are pulling it off for themselves and buying it before it even gets to the shelf.

    1. I need to get a part time job at a sporting goods store. Name tag say, “Will work for ammo” Lol

  17. Here is a real life example:

    May 1992, early a.m. on a work day. I’m in the underground garage where my girlfriend (future wife) and I had an apartment. I noticed the hatchback of her car was opened — and two human legs were sticking out of it.

    I approached cautiously and discovered a man who had broken the lock and went head first through the hatchback and was working on chiseling her stereo out with a screwdriver. I *TOTALLY* had the drop on him.

    I drew my pistol, crept along the side of the car, stuck the barrel in at a shallow angle, two feet from his grape. In my very best command authority voice, I ordered this guy out of the car with his hands in the air and demanded he lay face down on the ground.

    He turned his head slightly, looked past the barrel and into my eyes. He immediately let go of the screwdriver and opened all ten fingers until the webbing between stretched. He then slowly emerged with his hands in the air.

    The dialogue went like this:


    Him: “I’m not going to do sh*t, except quietly walk away from you and right out that door.”

    Me: “I swear to God I’ll kill you now if you don’t plant your face on the ground.”

    Him: “No you won’t.”

    Me: “Try me.”

    Him: “Get real dude, look at you. Young, full life ahead of you. Nice shirt and tie, headed to work to make good money… Now look at me. A homeless bum you caught inside a car. I am unarmed, posing no threat to you. If you were stupid enough to pull that trigger, you’ll go down for murder. And I just don’t see you throwing away your whole life over a stupid decision. And I’m also not interested in going to jail.”

    The whole time he was saying this he was walking backwards with his hands in the air, towards a pedestrian gate. He reached behind his back while still facing me, opened the door and jumped into a waiting pickup truck with a driver. He blew me a kiss as they sped away.

    I guess the take-away is that these scenarios almost never play out like they do on TV.

    1. Sounds like a small pistol like double barrelled shotgun with less than lethal beanbags would have been a great persuader! Lol

      1. Yeah I just couldn’t find an inside the belt holster for such a rig…

        With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, what I should have done was slam the hatchback lid down on his legs and sat on it until help arrived.

  18. Mcgyver68, as for the deceased speed bumps in the road keep a couple of bags of lime on hand. You might have to look at them but the smell will diminish.

  19. Here in sunny CA, home to some of the most left of the lefty politicians, gun control continues to be a hot topic. Our very “progressive” Lt. Gov. is positioning himself to be the next Gov, and is leading the charge for a very restrictive gun control ballot initiative.

    Meanwhile, the state legislature is concerned that such restrictive measure(s) may not pass if left to a state-wide vote. So, they are attempting an end-run around the voters with a number of pro-gun-control bills coming out of committee(s) and headed for legislative votes.

    These include at least one bill requiring a state permit to buy ammo and a database for all ammo buyers, hoping to track the purchase of every bullet sold. The plan seems to be to run those names through state criminal databases at first, followed by a hook-up to the feds to require potential bullet buyers to be checked through the fibbies and/or justice.

    With the extremely left leaning folks in power here, it would not surprise me if this passes and our sitting gov. will be happy to sign it, I’m sure. How long it would take to set all that up is anyone’s guess, but it seems to be just a matter of time. So far, these bills are not getting much MSM coverage, but when the news hits I expect every store will be cleaned out of everything.

    Have discussed with DH, who is checking to see where we may be short. For us and others in CA, the time to buy is now any way you look at it.

    1. That’s why God gave us Arizona and Nevada.

      I haven’t dared to purchase a single round of anything in CA for many years.

  20. Stopped in Walmart about 1 am to pick up a few things. For kicks, I asked a stocker about .22 ammo. He showed me the empty shelves, and said that the local cops buy it out whenever they get any in.

  21. Thanks, I checked my inventory and it reminded me of when I was a kid back in the mid 1950’s.

    When I was a kid I had three guns. A .22 bolt action single shot, a 16 gauge single shot that was about a hundred years old and an old 1873 lever action .30 cal. I had no money and no ammunition and my parents would not give me any of either although they did give me an allowance of about .25 cents a week for chores that today would probably be considered child abuse.

    I would hide my money and when I had a dollar or two I would sneak out and buy ammo and firecrackers (There was an old country store about half a mile from our house.) Back in those days kids could actually buy ammo and firecrackers without being attacked by a SWAT team and thrown into a dungeon or beaten to death. When I was 9 years old I sold Grit Newspapers and Christmas cards to make a little money and I spent every dime of it on .22 shorts and firecrackers even though my parents would raise hell with me for throwing my money away. Every once in awhile, my grandfather would sneak me a dollar or so in coins (pennies, nickels, dimes.)

    As a very young kid, 9-10 years old, I learned the value of stocking up on ammunition and that a gun without ammo was just a big heavy club. I could buy a lot of ammo and fire crackers for $2.00!!! About .35 cents for a box of .22 shorts and a nickel a pack for firecrackers. Even so, I never had enough money and I never had enough ammunition. I could blow through several boxes of .22 shorts and .16 gauge shotgun shells faster than a shoot out at the OK corral even though a box of 50 .22 shorts looked like a million bullets to a 9-10 year old kid.

    Fast forward to today. I have made it a point to always have more than just a few boxes of ammo for every weapon I own. The type and quantity is a secret. Today I probably have more ammo than I will ever use. Would I buy more if something happened to cause a shortage? Probably not. Today, I’m not out in the woods shooting at every four legged critter or winged creature that crosses my path therefore I’m not burning though tons of ammo like I did when I was 9 years old. Although, I go to the range every once in awhile and have laid by an adequate stock for that purpose.

    I remember one time when I was about 11 years old I worked for an old farmer several times in the summer bailing hay and picking corn by hand for .50 cents an hour (actually more like $1.50 a day but 3 or 4 hours in the hot southern sun seems like an eternity to an 11 yr old.) That was BIG money and, naturally, after getting my 5 or 7 dollars at the end of the week, I went out and blew it all on a whole bunch of .22 shorts and firecrackers and even had enough left over to buy myself a pack of Bull Durham rolling tobacco. Man, those were the days!!! My mother and father were always concerned that my financial acumen was such that I would probably never amount to a hill of beans. As a kid I never did fully understand that. Today I do, but using a hill of beans as an example of being a bum still doesn’t make sense, since today a hill of beans could conceivably save my life, so could a gun. LOL..

    Everyone needs an adequate stash of guns and ammo for whatever may come their way. Quantity is different for different people. Same applies to beans and anything else preppers acquire. Thanks though for the reminder.

    1. @ CrabbeNebulae

      Your commentary reminds me of my youth, as I remember a brick of 22LR being around $3.00ish, a cube of Bazooka Gum with the comic for a penny, and the gifts I would receive from family friends of Sling Shot Ammo, with a box of 22LR taped inside the box as a bonus. Good memories for sure. Where the heck did the time go?

      As we grow older and sometimes (not always) wiser, things in life seem to change somehow, though sometimes not so much, I still insist on living the “lifestyle” that was so prevalent with my Parents and Grandparent’s as I prefer to remember it, instead of calling it this new “prepper” thing. Life should be about enjoying “The Best of Times and The Worst of Times” all wrapped in one rather than the anarchists we are focused on now days.

      What the heck happened to this once GREAT country we call The United States of America? I personally believe this is still a great country, it’s our leaders that have failed us, as we have failed to choose the best of the best to lead.

      Good post, Thank You

      1. @NRP

        Yeah, I remember back in the day and we rather live some of it today. Although I do enjoy air conditioning, indoor plumbing and the internet. I also like the computer, Microsoft Word and Excel which didn’t exist back in the day. I’d really hate to go back to using that old Royal manual typewriter my folks had, or, heaven forbid, going back to communicating with letters using cursive like my grandfather did. LOL.. Also, in the 1950’s we had a huge attic fan that roared like a freight train and sucked air through the house like a tornado.

        You are right about the term “prepper” though today I might acquiesce to a casual inquiry from the right person that I am a prepper but the fact is what we do is simply a way of life.

        “Prepping” as the term is used today has nothing to do with it because I was “prepping” a long time before that word ever came into existence as a matter of consequence by our chosen lifestyle. Our “lifestyle” concept is a difficult concept to get across to people so I don’t try. Many years ago I tried but it dawned on me fairly quickly that the conversation always became circular and repetitive like I was talking to a robot stuck in skip mode like an old record.

        I can’t count the number of people that have asked me why I don’t just go down to the grocery store and buy my canned foods instead of growing and canning it myself or making all the stuff we make like we are some kind of 19th century freaks. If someone has to ask me that, I know the conversation will quickly end and I simply say “Well, I’m retired and that’s my hobby.” That seems to satisfy the zombies since most people think that it’s normal for old retired farts to garden in order to keep themselves busy and out of their wives hair.

        The fact is, we both garden and can in order to eat, and we have been doing it for many years, and being prepared is simply a by product of that. It’s not the other way around. No one seems to be able to grasp that concept anymore. It has gotten better now that I’m retired since apparently being a retired old fart that gardens for a hobby fits the zombie normalcy bias. Anyway, thanks, and keep living the good life.

        1. @ CrabbeNebulae

          At times I get completely frustrated at people that just don’t seem to understand that this “prepper” stuff is NOT a new fad, nor is the new cool thing to do. We all see it all the time, a new Blog or new online store opens up and blab blab blab, “let’s all talk about this or that”, with absolutely NO meaning besides what’s the “best of the best”, “what’s the BEST/proper way to use a toilet”, come-on-man, give it a break. For those that are new to the lifestyle I apologize, we all learn at some time or another, and I do admire those that truly are serious about learning this lifestyle and the proper way to use a toilet, For those that just want to buy 10 buckets of “Mountain House 72-hour save your life food”, than in a way that’s ok also I guess, because maybe, just maybe you will listen and learn more than what new knife is the coolest or what pre-loaded BOB to buy.

          Furthermore, I absolutely am NOT any kind of self-proclaimed expert and have NO intentions of becoming one. I’m 62 years old and have learned, mostly the hard way, that living slightly differently from the “norm” is NOT easy, nor is it the glamorize Bull-Pucky a lot would make it to be. It’s hard hard work and at times not really that rewarding, cleaning out the barn comes to mind.. LOLOL. But guess what, I WILL NOT give this up for all the prune juice in Florida. There is nothing more satisfying in the world, IMHO, than opening a home-canned jar of peaches after a hard day’s work sitting on the deck overlooking your labors of love and truly believing “this is just ‘right’”, “this is where I am meant to be”.

          Now I may sound like that Grumpy-Old- Fart, and maybe I am, but ya know, I’m one of those people that can at least say “I did this/that and I’m happy”.


          PS; Will finish planting that Victory Garden this weekend and yes it’s a pain in the azz labor of love but ya gata appreciate the fact it’s one more step in life, and IS a lifestyle, not just a “prepper” thing to do.

          Sorry about the Rant.

      2. NRP As usual you are “on target” we should do a mind meld some day. A suggestion to all, I shop all the online and big box stores, one great place to procure ammo is UNAMMO they are in Az and their prices will just about always beat even the other guys by a mile. Unite Nations Ammo is a best buy in my book. An example of ammo that is hard to get is CCI 22lr stinger, it is a hyper-velocity 34 grain hollow point zipping at 1640 FPS, this ammo has been impossiable to get except on and the price 2 1/2 years ago was arounf 5.50 a box of fifty….it has gone up to alomost 45 bucks a box but has now around 20 something a box……talk about sticker shock.

        1. @ icecathook

          Mind-meld? HAHAHAHA Oh GOD no, you really don’t want to know what goes on in my brain at times ROFLMAO.

          But I know I have gotten the evil eye for supporting the evil Wally World at times, and not the local Mom-Pop store. BUT I do support them when it’s appropriate and they are even close to the cost, but guess what, and now everyone can yell at me again, It’s my hard earned cash I’m spending, I have to do what I can with what I have, as I bet y-all do also. I WILL ABSOLUTELY support the locals when it comes to certain items, but if I’m buying a case of soup and it’s twice the cost at local, sorry y-all.

          I also do online shopping, mostly the stuff I cannot find locally, but I will not be gouged because I have to have it “right now” I can wait 2 days for Amazon to show up.
          When this economy finally crashes of gets it’s head out of the sand, than maybe we all will go back to the local Mom-Pop stores, but that’s not going to happen soon.

          Ammo, I have a 500 round brick of 22LR with the price tag still on it. Was purchased from 7-2-11 for $3.79 for the entire brick; just keeping it for the fun of it, it’s literally an antique HAHAHA


  22. When there is another terror attack I have no doubt that ammo will be sold out with in a few hours. I remember when 911 happened I was out calling on Walmart and other big box retailers. With in a few hours after it happened, all 9 stores I visited that day they were already sold out of all the main calibers and buckshot. You could still find some rifle calibers and birdshot.

    If you asked me if I have enough ammo I would say, no. You can never have enough, JMO. However I doubt that I would venture out to pick up more in the immediate aftermath. I would have more pressing matters to address, such as assessing the situation and getting things ready to move if I felt we needed to find a safer location.

    One thing I would suggest to some of you out there that are still having trouble getting 22 ammo. Is check out the local gun shows. My nephew and I go about every 2 weeks and I see plenty of 22 ammo out at the show. I have’nt bought any in awhile so I don’t know what they are selling for, but there is always plenty. Same goes for 22 mag and any other caliber you need. I have stopped buying ammo at Walmart or any other big box retailer and only get it at the gun show. The prices are usually cheaper or competitive and I like helping out the smaller dealers. Plus if you plan on purchasing a large amount you can usually get a pretty good deal, especially on the last day.

    Adapt and Overcome.

  23. Q1, do weekly after practice Q2, of course they will as soon as there head gets pulled from the sand or wherever ?. Q3, Ammo around here is usually gone by noon, in the most popular calibers. Personally I have someone who reloads, so my two hand gun calibers and the 308 aren’t a problem. The 22lr well let’s just say that’s covered. My 12 gauge has been the hardest thing to keep up with. Small shot easy, large shot not so. And rifled slugs hardest to find. And one of my favorites.

    1. @ Otarn,

      Don’t know your personal policy of buying ammo over the internet, but, if interested, Midway Supply has, for several months now, been selling Sellier & Belloit 2 3/4″ 12 ga. 00 buckshot for less than $100 per case of 250 rounds, including shipping. This translates to less than $2 for 5 rounds, compared to $8-$10 at Wally World. I’ve purchased this product and found it to be reliable and to pattern and function well in all my shotguns (even a semi-auto that can sometimes be picky about it’s ammo). It is new manufacture, but has the old roll crimp instead of star crimp. In case you’re interested.

      1. Dennis
        Is Midway Supply a local or internet company? I checked the internet and couldn’t find it.

  24. My Wal-Mart has a hard time keeping 9mm in stock. I need to replenish my 9mm supply after my last trip to the range. Will be going tomorrow thanks to this post. I will add more 357 rounds, some 38mm, and more 223 rounds,box of 100, 12 gauge shells. That should do it till next time.

  25. @Mcgyver68,

    I do not know where you lived but if you lived in Texas you put yourself in real danger. By today’s Texas laws you would have been sent to prison, even if you did not pull the trigger. By Texas statutes you had no legal basis to pull a gun, based on the basic information you provided. You had no right of possession of her property or basis to prevent its theft.

    Finally, from the basic information you provided, the thief had a legal right to defend himself with lethal means. Your threat of lethal force provided the thief with legal defense from prosecution.

    I do not say all of this as a criticism or some sort of put down. I only want to make the suggestion you should really know the law in your state before you pull a gun or make a threat as you did! Best wishes.

    1. Not to veer too far off topic, but I phoned the police afterward and they came out to take a report. It was the third burglary from our cars in two weeks time, a dozen or so other cars in the same amount of time. And he was armed with a screwdriver when we met.

      The police cautioned me too, but the guy took off and thus, could not press charges. I guess I got lucky. It seems the only right we have any more is the right to be a victim.

      I enjoy your posts very much. I’d be willing to bet you’ve had a most interesting life.

    2. No Joke,

      Not sure where your a lawyer at, but as a Texas LEO I have seen several individuals killed because they threatened LEOs or someone else with a screw driver. A screw driver can be a deadly weapon. In Texas you must be in fear of death or serious bodily injury to yourself or a third party to use deadly force. You are right on the property issues with the exception of it being criminal mischief or theft of your property at nighttime.

  26. We not only reload but my husband makes his own bullets in a few calibers. He has plenty of metal core and copper jackets. He’s also buying 2 more dies for a few more calibers.

    It’s all good. None of the reloading components spoil, it all simply needs to be stored correctly. Primers and powder are 2 products that are purchases and those are the 2 reloading components we focus on. We reuse brass. All of these things are a real investment and we’ll never take a loss in having them.

  27. From long ago experience I can testify it’s very easy to burn through a lot of ammo in a very short period of time in a combat situation – if there’s lots available. If it’s not, that realization stays in the back of your mind, and target acquisition becomes much more important.

    In our situation, with the furthest tree line being about 400 yards out, I can’t imagine ever needing more than 300 rounds of 30.06, about the same for each .556. 12 & 20 gauge maybe 200 rounds each, along with a couple bricks of .22.

    There are just so many firefights a person can expect to survive.

    I’d never barter ammo to anyone I didn’t know and trust. I know a guy who keeps 1/2 pints of whiskey as barter stock. Now, that’s just not too bright either.

  28. When I was a kid and my mother would go out the door with her Wetherby (sp) to chase down a prowler we were always told to just make sure that he fell inside the doorway.

    1. @Kevin
      Been reloading for years. Feels like part of the sport really.
      Dillon 650. Very nice hunk of iron.

      1. Pair of 550bs myself, one for small primer one for large, use a RCBS Summit and Redding comp dies for reloading my precision stuff, 300wm and 308win,

        1. @Kalufarmer
          RCBS rock-crusher here. Even makes small work out of the 45-70 black powder. What a fun shoot HAHAHA Ilove to smoke the range out with the good old Swiss 1.5F at 60 grans Lol

  29. Since the Great Ammo shortage of 2012-2013, I have: Sold several guns in calibers that are not reloadable. I still have 2- 22 pistols for target and pest control. I still have several 22 rifles for recreational target work though I hardly use 22 long rifle on critters anymore. When I go after sage rats or prairie dogs each spring, I’ve been using : 17 HMR in bolt action rifle, 22 Hornet in a single shot rifle and several .223 bolt rifles. My deer rifles are used and rebuilt in 270 and 30-06. I have multiple shotguns in both 20 and 12 gauge.

    I have handguns in 357, 44 mag and 45 caliber that I used in target competitions and have added high capacity 9 mm pistols after I left California. I have always reloaded for most of the above through the years. I have a good supply of components (some purchased through estate sales)

    In 2012 when things got tight, I cast my own bullets and buckshot. In addition to MidwayUSA, also look up Natchez Shooters Supply and Brownells. For greater variety of casting supplies, look up Dixie Gunworks catalog. I traded reloaded target rounds and sight-in service for fresh eggs and produce during those years with my friends that did not reload but had big, established gardens.

    I had to shoot several deer out of vegetable patches for farmers on a depredation permit. That type of work makes me feel like a piece-of-sh_t at the end of the day. Not sporting at all. It is a job that has to be done so shoot straight and do the job right.

    I have always used my guns for hunting, target work, recreation and now that I’m old, I teach others to keep the tradition going in other families. I still donate boxes of 22 ammo to grandparents and parents teaching their kids in responsible fashion. Other organizations that get some 22 ammo at times include FFA, 4-H and scouts (both boys and girls.) Hunting and shooting is fun so I share the wealth. When times were tough, I stopped competing in matches. A weekend long match can result in blowing hundreds of rounds of stored ammo for a plaque or trophy. Newsflash: You cannot eat trophies.

  30. Here in Norther Michigan, .22 LR ammo is not available………at all. Once in a while Walmart or Dunhams will get some in some and it goes fast. If you want .22, you have to order it on line. Our local CO-OP Store has not had any in three…..yes three years! I’m all set on ammo. If I need more I’ll load my own. What is really hard to get is .22 Magnum. Even on line it is thin.

    My “Top Off” would be food and fuel.


  31. A lot of emotion here, but emotion does not win battles. Threat analysis, counter-force, and sit-reps win the day. I base my battlefield preps on rational thinking. How large is your counterforce. How committed could they be to your position. 22’s are game getters. Use them for food. Side arms are for close quarter combat. Shotguns are for a position that could be over run. Large caliber rifles are for attacks at some range.

    You need to understand how the enemy views you. Are you an obstacle, or are you a resource to be raided. Are you the only hope for starving refugees, or are punji sticks called for.

    Combat is a game of how much do they need to overrun me. It involves indigenous forces. It involves resources available to defend your position.

    In the final analysis, combat is the question of, am I defending something which must be protected, or just my lunch for tomorrow. I load up on ammo to the hilt, because I view myself as defending the red, white , and blue.

    Make your position a stronghold by building GWOA planning. Use resources made up of indigenous forces, and find people of like thinking. America has never found itself involved in such a fight since the revolution.

    Your tomorrows depends upon your commitment to prolonged freedom.

    “Give me liberty, or give me death.”

  32. I don’t worry too much about it. It’s true, in times of emergency, people panic and there is a rush on ammo. The thing is though, it’s not like your ammo needs actually go up. If you have a decent supply now, it should last you just fine through the panic.

    I would also say, get to know your local gun shop. During the last ammo shortage, all the big stores (Walmart, Dicks, etc) were out, but my local guy always had the ammo I needed.

  33. I have .22, .22WMG, .25, .32, .380., 9MM, .223, 5.56, 762×39, 762.54r, 30-30, 30.06, and 12ga, for a total of about 12,000 rounds. The odd calibers I have one weapon for, the common calibers I have several (2 AKs, 4 SKSs, etc.) and buy ammo related to how many weapons I have of the caliber.

    I think it’s safe to say I’m fully stocked.

  34. Reloads can be used as self defense rounds for when SHTF , even lead round nose , or SWCHP , in a situation such as this , even a bullet wound can be deadly after so much time without medical care , as for .22lr , it is still touch and go here in south Mississippi , as soon as it goes on the shelf it is also gone off the shelf , the best place to have it here has been Academy Sports at pretty reasonable prices ! If by a remote chance Hillary wins the presidential race , then the store shelves will be empty , and resupply will take forever ! Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry !

  35. Will it cause another ammo shortage.when did the last one end? 22 22mag are still impossible to find in my area.

  36. No comments yet to your update. I would say that even still now, .22 is still difficult to find. Nowhere like being able to go buy several bricks from your local hardware store whenever you and the gang wanted to go plinking. Never saved any back in those days. Just went and got it when you wanted to shoot. Now, as with all ammo, I think people are accustomed to the shortages and buy the 1 or 2 or 5 box limit a store will have when they get their limited supply stock. I got my .22 level back to where I wanted buy standing in line early in the morning for 1 box now and then, then happening on some limited stock and picked up a couple boxes at a time. More recently I wasn’t even looking for .22LR, and the place I was getting my ration of .357mag had Buckets-O-Bullets in .22LR. Got my 1 bucket ration. I’m mostly fully stocked on anything I need. I still slink by the ammo shop every now and then and pick up a box or two for plinking and target practice.

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