How To Know If Someone Is Following You

Someone Is Following You

Here’s how to find out if someone is following you while you’re out walking, jogging, or anywhere out in public.

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is following you? Did your senses alert you in some way but you just couldn’t put your finger on it?

Try using these techniques to discover if someone really is following you and then I’ll tell you what to do about it afterwards.

1. Multiple sightings
2. Matching your speed
3. Staring at you


Spotting Someone 3 Times Or More

Regardless of where you are, you will see the others around you. Later you may recognize someone that you saw just a bit earlier. That’s a normal circumstance that occurs out of chance.

You may see that person yet again after that. You might call that coincidence. It happens.

However if you notice that same person a third time during your walk (or whatever you’re doing), chances are that it might be more than just coincidence. It may that someone is following you and time to change your situational awareness level from condition Yellow to condition Orange.
(Cooper Color Codes for Readiness).

Now there are exceptions to this which are logical. For example in a grocery store. But you get the idea…

Someone Is Matching Your Speed

Most people walk, jog, or move about at slightly different speeds. Even if you’re walking with others around you at nearly the same speed, if you speed up or slow down it should normally be ‘just you’ doing so at that moment.

If someone behind you is continually matching your pace, the alarm bells should ring. The situation will become more revealing if you change your pace several times and the follower continues to match. Chances are that someone is following you.

Excessive Eye Contact

You can’t help but make eye contact with others while out in public. There’s a normality about making eye contact with a stranger. But when eye contact is “too long” and especially when there are multiple occurrences, you know you’re being focused upon. Move to condition Orange.

Exception: Some of you gals may simply appear “hot”, and I’m sure you’re used to being stared at occasionally ;) You might look at it as a blessing rather than a curse…


What To Do If Someone Is Following You

Now that you suspect that someone is following you, what do you do about it?

To avoid becoming a potential victim, you must do something to deter the situation.

1. Immediately upon recognizing that you’re being followed, change your posture to one of confidence. Some people tend to slouch and appear weak. If that’s you, walk tall. Shoulders back and head up. Criminals look for weak prey, not strong prey.

2. Slow down, stop, and turn around or sideways. Appear as though you are looking for someone else. Then look right at the person who you suspect is following you. This sudden turn of events may likely thwart the follower who will move on.

3. You might turn and confront the follower using your choice of WTF verbiage. Again, most non-professional criminals are looking for an easy target. When you confront them, you are no longer an easy target.

Caution: Some people are just plain crazy and arguably shouldn’t be out in public. Often it’s easy to tell if someone fits in this category. Best not to confront them. Use your best judgement. Not everyone can present a firm, confident, or even threatening posture under the circumstances of confrontation.

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