Intense Encounter Mountain Lion Attack – Elk Hunter Being Stalked

Mountain lion attack of Elk hunter -video clip

Wow! I don’t know who or where this guy was. But word is that he was apparently Elk hunting when this mountain lion began stalking him. Evidently having a Glock sidearm for self defense situations such as this, it saved him from being eaten when the mountain lion attacked. My first thought was how or why was he filming this extremely dangerous encounter with his phone camera? Perhaps for proof (Fish & Game) in the event that the mountain lion is killed (illegal except for self defense in this type of attack). Not sure I would have done that (would rather have a two-hand grip on my Glock!). It sounds like a 9mm to me. For the faint of heart, the mountain lion was not killed. However, it might be interesting to discuss (critique?) the events of the short clip.

Man oh man… I can’t imagine that intense adrenaline rush of a mountain lion lunging at you! No thanks. This certainly reinforces the importance of carrying a sidearm when out in the woods, or such places where this type of threat may exist. Be it a bear, mountain lion, bobcat, coyotes, etc.., you-name it… One never knows if one of these predators could be rabid or just wild-ass-nuts, or defending their young, or simply startled into a fight-flight response – even though many or most times they will steer clear! All it takes is once, and you’re dinner…

It reminds me of the following…just this past summer. One day (mid day) Mrs. J went out to tend the chickens. Just ~30 feet away she noticed movement under a tree. It was a bobcat. And it didn’t run away, at least not at first. Mrs. J was spooked pretty good… but likely saved some (or all) of the chickens that day!

Another time when my beloved Sampson was still of this world, while taking him out on potty duty one early evening… Suddenly a decent size black bear rounds the corner from behind the shop building ~50 feet away. We all just froze and looked at each other (fortunately Sampson didn’t see it!). I calmly picked up the dog and the bear calmly walked into the woods.

Okay, here’s the mountain lion stalking/attack video:


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