Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality


Your expectation as to how people will behave during a collapse may be flawed.

You may believe that because most people today generally seem to be ‘good’ and fairly reasonable or rational, that these same people will remain mostly good and rational during a collapse. This is flawed thinking, and is a barrier to situational awareness.

Consider a hypothetical collapse such as the following…

The faltering economy has collapsed (by any number of triggers), sending the U.S. into social chaos. Food and supplies become scarce. Prices skyrocket. Waves of layoffs send unemployment soaring. Desperation sets in for many Americans who have been living paycheck to paycheck all these years and they are becoming increasingly irrational in their behavior. Riots and violence develop in cities across America. There is talk of confiscation from ‘hoarders’ and those who’ve registered their firearms. The president declares martial law (saying that all will be lifted once law and order has been re-established)…

Will your neighbors and/or your local – state – federal law enforcement remain reasonable and rational under these stresses?

Have you considered what happens under Mob Mentality?

Mob or Herd mentality is sometimes a fear-based reaction to peer pressure which makes individuals act in order to avoid feeling “left behind” from the group. Individuals sometimes imitate other group members of higher social status in their behavior.

Or, think about the last sporting event or concert you attended. It’s unlikely that you would have been yelling or singing the way you were if you were the only person doing it… The group seems to make some behaviors acceptable that would not be acceptable otherwise.

What makes people give in to mob mentality – especially when it turns violent?

When people are part of a group, they often experience a loss of being an individual, or a loss of self-awareness. These people are less likely to follow normal restraints and inhibitions and more likely to lose their sense of individual identity.

People in a violent mob will believe they cannot be held responsible for violent behavior because they perceive the violent action as the group’s (e.g., “everyone was doing it”) rather than their own behavior. When in a large group, people tend to experience less individual responsibility. Typically, the bigger a mob, the more its members lose self-awareness and become willing to engage in dangerous behavior. When people feel that their behavior cannot be traced back to them, they are more likely to break social norms and engage in violence.

In general, we are all susceptible to participating in some group behavior, but certain situations play a role. For example, people are more likely to engage in looting in dire situations, such as when resources were scarce after Hurricane Katrina. Group violence is most likely to occur when the group is large, and people are able to remain anonymous.

Some have questioned whether during a crisis/collapse, law enforcement, DHS, etc. will do exactly as they are ordered to do – even if the orders are apparently unconstitutional in their view. In this situation, mob mentality may play a significant role, in that their ‘group’ may look at it as an ‘Us versus Them’ mentality, entirely lacking of individualism and moral valuations.

The bottom line is this… It may be safe to assume that during the stress of collapse, that mob mentality may be a detriment to one’s survival and well being. So, plan for it…


  1. Well as an LEO/Oathkeeper I can tell you most won’t follow unconstitutional orders. I will be defending my family,friends, and community.

  2. K, At best that claim is disingenuous. In my observation, the vast majority of people that claim fidelity to the US Const., in reality believe in ‘your version’ of the US Const.

    You ever arrested someone based on an ‘anonymous tip’?
    You ever arrested someone for drug violations? Ever enforced asset confiscation laws surrounding the WoD?
    Ever enforced red light cameras?
    Support DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act)?

    The reality is that even republicans are completely oblivious to how they think and act very collectively in direct violation of the intent, spirit and letter of the Constitution.

    We all have our lines in the sand, but in the end, most LEOs will do exactly what they’re told – const be damned, because you do it every day and your families aren’t even starving – yet.

    1. Not so much:
      I was with you and think your points valid until you blanket generalized “even Republicans,” would caution against assuming you know someone else’s political party affiliation. But agree that there are a lot of state laws that are unconstitutional. Also agree that “constitutional” is often interpreted differently by different people….especially our court judges.


      1. “would caution against assuming …”

        I believe it safe to assume an oathkeeper would likely be a republican simply because the democratic left doesn’t believe in the US Const
        in the slightest and the chance of a libertarian LEO are relatively low.

        Here’s why.

        I’ve studied the progressive left enough to understand their existence is basically to usurp, subvert and overturn the US Const.
        Their roots are fabian socialism and other -isms further left.

        For a democrat to be an oathkeeper, he would have to suffer from either schizophrenia or a scorching case of cognitive dissonance to the point of near mental retardation. I apologize if that’s ad hominem offensive but there’s simply no credible bridge between the two belief systems.

        I’m sure there are libertarian oathkeepers out there, but a rational libertarian LEO would have to absolutely loathe himself for going to work
        every day and enforcing at the point of a gun the things I cited above in direct opposition to his belief system. To be an oathkeeper on top of that…

        I do understand your point, but republicans are typically a lighter shade of progressive themselves, so I think the political affiliation of a LEO oathkeeper is most likely a progressive republican that has the stance of NOMI – not one more inch.

        Semper Fi, brother. What say you?

        1. Not so Much, were you separated at birth from your twin? I think we might be twins or at least brothers from another mother. The only thing I could add is that a lot of people are “useful idiots”. They may not really be far left or want to overthrow our government to install a communist government but they are more then willing to go along with those who do want that.

          1. Very few people who have lived under a hard-line socialist system yearn to repeat the experience.

    2. i agree…think about tyrannies from days of old, soviet union, china, cambodia,nazi germany for starters. these werent cases of foreign troops killing the native people. these were RUSSIAN troops killing russians, GERMAN troops killing germans (jews, but still germans), etc. while i would like to think our troops/LEO’s are different, history paints a different picture. it will definitely be every man for himself. Plan accordingly, dont rely on ANYONE but yourself

    3. Keep in mind that the most important thing to any LEO/COP/PUBLIC EMPLOYEE are their pensions and benefits. During the Great Depression, cops and firemen took pay cuts, but they still had jobs. Also, since Barry is so fond of executive orders, he could cross-designate every state/county/city LEO as a Deputy United States Marshal and place them under federal authority. I have seen it happen to an acquaintance of mine who worked white-collar crime for a DA’s Office in SoCal. He was cross-designated as a Deputy US Marshal and his prosecutor was cross-designated as a Deputy US Attorney, so they could work an interstate wire fraud case.

      Think about Katrina. Did any of the badge-carrying lickspittles of the power structure resist the confiscation of the citizens’ firearms? Believe me, as long as the money and benefits keep flowing, no matter how reduced, the badge-carrying, revenue-producing, tatted-up, shaved-head, steroid- taking thugs will be more than ready to squash us like bugs. And, if you are still skeptical, take a look at what the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon State/County/Local Stasi officers implementing this 4th of July weekend.

      1. Well said and spot on. Government employees, federal, state, and local will be your enemy when the collapse comes. These people eat, sleep, and dream 24/7 about their pensions. Pensions and benefits are why they work for the gov’t. They will fight tooth and nail to preserve the status quo. It’s your money they need to live their cushy retirement and they will fight on the side that guarantees you keep paying.

        Good luck and keep prepping.

  3. “People in a violent mob will believe they cannot be held responsible for violent behavior….”

    Hence the need for 30 Rd mags. When the mobs from the cities head to the ‘burbs and beyond I don’t want to be percieved as a soft target. Nothing says “leave us alone” like heavy supressive fire….

    1. However… our politicians now agree that you only need 10 rounds to defend yourself and your families life… you better be a good shot (or lots of 10 round mags if it comes to that…).

      1. Uncle Joe said you just need to stand on the balcony with a shotgun…no need for “assualt rifles” or high capacity magazines….silly public.

    2. Multiple 30 rounders, plus multiple “tools”! Hate to have a tool break in the middle of a project.

  4. Before a few, very few, people go off half-cocked with assault rifles and behave like drones would they please take time to review the alternatives.

    People who have a stake/share in the planet’s resources would have little time for anything other than looking after their own Henry George.

    People who have a regular living allowance and the ability to earn as they are able would have no reason to resort to robbery.
    read Clifford Hugh Douglas.

    People who have recourse to a small like minded group of people will wish
    to put their best foot forward so that they will have recognition and respect from their group. They would be confident that their individual needs and desires could be met with considered group action for the benefit of all.

    People who live in accordance with nature and refrain from spreading like a cancer on virgin soil and forest could “Live the Life of Riley”..
    see Richard Buckminster Fuller and his plans for a beautiful city for East St. Louis.

    People do not need guns to think. Commonsense will do nicely thank you…
    Regards to all

    1. I agree that there are always alternatives. However, there’s a lot of people in this world who’s moral compass already points south. When the SHTF, I don’t see a whole lot of people spreading the good word and having communal dinners. So, it is ultimately our responsibility to defend ourselves as well as our families, by whatever means are necessary.

      My philosophy is this: I never was the type to look for trouble, but it sure as hell has a way of finding me when I least expect it. Therefore I must constantly be vigilant, and those looking for trouble will get more than they bargained for.

  5. Your neighbors will always surely respect your property. As long as they think you can kill them.

    I have already heard one politician (congressman, I think) say “The government should have a monopoly on the legitimate use of force”.

    When is it “legitimate”? I’m sure he’ll let you know.

    1. Hildegard,
      I would “slightly” disagree….your neighbors will always surely respect your property….as long as they KNOW you will kill them.(if needed)
      There, that’s just a bit better.

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