Mob Mentality

Mob Mentality

Mob mentality is an interesting human phenomenon. It can be harmless. And /or it can be dangerous. Let me explain…

First is what I consider harmless mob mentality. But interesting nonetheless. I will use an example of sports. If you are, or have been a fan of one sport or another, chances are you’ve been to a game or two or more. I happen to enjoy the sport of football (American football). Mrs. J and I have attended a number of NFL games over the years. This may not be the best example of mob mentality, but it exemplifies one part of it. That is, some kind of invisible force (it’s real).

Lets say there has been a great play in the game. 80,000 fans cheer /shout /scream in response to that play. The experience of the reaction is quite different from watching /hearing it on TV. When you’re there among the many others, it may almost feel kind of electromagnetic. A surging emotion, perhaps raising the hair on your neck, so to speak – as the crowd expresses itself. Maybe there’s a tingling sensation while the throng cheers. It’s hard to describe. But if you’ve been there, then you know what I mean. While most would consider a “mob” to be up to no good, and this example is simply a stadium of fans, I just wanted to exemplify how there’s some sort of invisible intertwining forcefield (for the lack of a better term) when great numbers of people are locked-in to the same emotion.

(I know, I know… stay away from crowds – we haven’t been to a game in awhile)

Okay, next…

Mob mentality or Herd mentality. It’s sometimes a fear-based reaction to peer pressure. Individuals within the herd or mob may act in order to avoid feeling “left behind” from the group. Individuals may sometimes imitate other group members of higher social status in their behavior. To fit in.

What makes people give in to mob mentality – especially when it turns violent?

When people are part of a group, they often experience a loss of being an individual, or a loss of self-awareness. These people are less likely to follow normal restraints and inhibitions, and more likely to lose their sense of individual identity.

People in a violent mob will believe they cannot be held responsible for violent behavior because they perceive the violent action as the group’s (e.g., “everyone was doing it”) rather than their own behavior. When in a large group, people tend to experience less individual responsibility.

Typically, the bigger a mob, the more its members lose self-awareness and become willing to engage in dangerous behavior. When people feel that their behavior cannot be traced back to them, they are more likely to break social norms and engage in violence.

People are more likely to engage in looting during dire situations, such as when resources were scarce after Hurricane Katrina. Group violence is most likely to occur when the group is large, and people are able to remain anonymous.

The bottom line is this… It may be safe to assume that during the stress of SHTF collapse, that mob mentality may be a detriment to one’s survival and well being. So, plan for it. Better yet, stay away from crowds :)


  1. Mob mentality was evident January 6th, 2021 in D.C. It started out peacefully but ended in violence.
    Out here.

  2. “People in a violent mob will believe they cannot be held responsible for violent behavior because they perceive the violent action as the group’s (e.g., “everyone was doing it”) rather than their own behavior.”
    The violent “George Floyd” riots by BLM and ANTIFA are prime examples of your comments. The problem with BLM and ANTIFA is they use this “excuse” to encourage brutality and murder as witnessed in Seattle and Denver. The military wing of the Left is comparable to ISIS and the Taliban. Make no mistake, they are to be feared. It’s not that Patriots cannot defend against their attacks, it is the fact that Leftist Extremists are willing to die for their cause and will use suicidal attacks without a second thought. Should the Republicans eke out a win in the mid-terms – which is highly unlikely – we all should be prepared for the absolute worst from these terrorists organizations. I might even refrain from attending NBA games, my only true addiction.

  3. Heff: True that. We are a nation of sheep, run by wolves, and owned by pigs. That being said, common sense dictates you stay away from crowds. Keep in mind this includes sporting events, which can lead to fights and disturbances in the stands, especially where liquor is involved. As far as mobs are concerned, situational awareness is paramount. Have a plan. Be ready to egress the area. And, to secure your own A/O, know the routes or lines of drift a mob may take to attack your neighborhood. Plan accordingly. Bleib ubrig.

  4. Sometimes the mob forms around you while you are at work or picking your kids up from school: I say this from the vantage point of commuting to work in a city where my large hospital is located. All the more reason why I tend to listen to the radio when I drive. I also tend to keep a stash of cash in small bills, warm clothes and a change of clothes in my car when I go to work. After dark, I tend to stay at my job and not leave the grounds to get something to eat. In addition to my brown bag lunch, I have some instant soups with me at work. Mobs form, they dissipate and they are mobile. I equate being around a mob similar to a swarm of killer bees. Same lessons apply: Whatever actions you take, you do not want to piss-off the swarm, draw attention to you do things that agitate or draw attention to yourself.
    My car has no bumper stickers. I roll down the window and say: “I’m just trying to get home…can I go now?” and this usually works. (it has worked for me in the past)

  5. Reminds me of one instance when I was in the Navy.
    A very large and popular nightclub (with Sailors) in Athens, Greece.
    I had Shore Patrol duty that night, when a fight broke out there – mainly drunken sailors, but it quickly turned into a riot, completely out of control.
    The call came into the temporary HQ where the Shore Patrol was stationed, and the large van that was used as the Paddy Wagon was dispatched with a dozen Shore Patrol, all equipped with riot batons.
    Unfortunately, I was recruited to go along.
    But, I was smart enough to enter the ‘Wagon’ last, so when we arrived I was the first one out.
    I immediately went to the entrance door to the nightclub and, standing back, held the door open for the onrushing Share Patrol to run inside. I then stood at the door and held it open (from the outside, of course) as everyone came piling out, bruised and battered.
    Plenty of ‘walking wounded’, but I survived with nary a scratch.

  6. The intelligence behind the actions of LE agencies that take place/can take place during a riot: Each generation has its own riots and large events. When I was growing up, I remember when a bunch of CHP officers were mobilized to go south for the Isla Vista Riots that burned down the Bank of America branch down there. Before that, it was the Watts Riots in Downtown Los Angeles. By the time I graduated Academy and became an LEO, the big event was the Rodney King Riots part 2.
    I remember a biblical verse that was running through my head as I was in line receiving and checking out extra pistol ammo, zip ties, shotgun ammo, gas grenades and non-lethal weapons and munitions. Something along the lines of: “There is nothing new under the sun that God has not already seen. Only to the eyes of men is it new to each new generation.”
    As our black and white left the station and headed to our staging area, I made it a point to stop at a market in a peaceful area of town and purchased a case of water in pint bottles and some snacks. I had no idea when we would be relieved and we could be on our own for a while. (yes, we already had toilet paper in our kit)
    In the days and weeks after the Rodney King Riots, there were warrant sweeps taking place all over SoCal. There were detectives from LAPD and LASO both airborne and on the rooftops taking pictures with digital cameras and telephoto lenses.
    This was what I knew prior to the riots on the streets of Portland, Oregon in the Summer of 2020. This is also something I remember before and during the Occupation of Malhuer Refuge in Eastern Oregon before 2020. I spent enough time going to riots as a young man. I did not want to go as an old man with a job in town. There is somebody taking pictures and working on ID’ing the participants so there will be a reckoning months if not years later.

  7. “Mob mentality or Herd mentality. Individuals may sometimes imitate other group members of higher social status in their behavior. To fit in.” Most likely to not be attacked by the rabid group. At work this is all too common, especially when the economy chucks a wobbly or the company is sinking, its a case of the last biggest b!tch standing. There has been reports in MSM about 3 major school brawls every week for months. These brawls even erupt out into shopping centers and bus stations. My big fear is that this cultural education will spill over as the new workplace norm in the next 5 or so years. So I am gonna need to plan my future work. Suggestions anyone?

  8. My experience with mobs is that the individuals involved, not the instigators, are NOT thinking, and NOT choosing to give in to a feeling. It’s like they go on auto pilot. Mobs that are running away from something are like panicked animals and often follow whoever is moving in front of them. They dissipate as distance from the source of the fear increases. Mobs that are consolidating, gathering to a point, often consist of people who are mindlessly venting rage or frustration. They stop when they wear out. But these crowds of looters we’ve seen the past couple years are deliberate actors, bent on acquiring goods through criminality. They’re just bad people using violence to get what they want. But AF like we have out here? BLM? Outlaw biker gangs? Urban gangs? They are armies – armed, uniformed, and led. They want control, and to spread fear and chaos. BLM’s leaders got their jollies and their loot. That may fade as an active movement. AF is a different thing. Unless they are stopped they will only get worse. Luckily there’s not many of them and they’re localized. MSM and the Ds kept feeding them. Stay away from crowds – of any sort.

  9. While debating which color of winter coat from a possible three colors offered I chose to go with neutral black. It can be accessorized with color in accessories (that can be interchanged depending on the threat level) but a safe dark color that is not too feminine is safer in today’s world. A large generic blob in the distance is safer than an obvious plus sized woman in the distance. Keep the obvious femininity inside the home as well as the shapely leggings.

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