Open Carry: Why Don’t More People?

Open Carry

Is it true that if we don’t exercise our rights that they may be more easily taken away?

When it comes to firearms carry, I sometimes wonder why I don’t see more people open carry in public.

Regarding this, I do completely understand the notion of potentially becoming a target during the unlikely event of a violent encounter. However a potential violent situation may also be averted if the criminal sees someone else who is openly carrying. Maybe, maybe not.

I also understand the potential for a percentage of the common public to become uncomfortable seeing another who is openly carrying. Especially true in population dense areas where many are ‘programmed’ anti-gun.

That said, I wonder if more people would open carry that others would become more accustomed to that being not so fringe…

I also wonder if you saw another person open carry if that would potentially inspire you to perhaps open carry yourself.

I’m curious to get your input about what you see out there. Have you seen others open carry? How often do you actually see that?

Does it make sense that if more people would open carry that it would become a little bit more ‘normal’ to the community?

Or (depending on where you live) would it raise trouble, people freaking out, or even police stopping you?

If and when I do open carry in public, I notice that some people give a quick glance. No troubles beyond that, although where I live people are used to firearms.

While I open carry all the time on my property, I will typically conceal carry in public. My question though is wondering whether or not we’re “shooting ourselves in the foot” by not open carrying more often? Know what I mean?

Here are a few lists of states with open carry (and those without) as of this post date and my own research. Laws are always changing, so do your own due diligence to discover the specifics for your state and the caveats thereof.


Open Carry States Without Permit

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Check for caveats!
(e.g. vehicle, rural only, city jurisdictions, other restrictions)


Open Carry States With Permit

New Jersey
North Dakota
Rhode Island

Check for caveats!
(e.g. vehicle, rural only, city jurisdictions, other restrictions)


No Open Carry States

New York
South Carolina


Constitutional Carry States

Idaho (residents only)
New Hampshire
West Virginia
Wyoming (residents only)


Highly Recommended Books

I have both of the following related books which I highly recommend for anyone who carries a firearm.

The Law of Self Defense: The Indispensable Guide to the Armed Citizen

Traveler’s Guide to the Firearm Laws of the Fifty States


  1. I live in a state with no open carry. I feel open carry is a form of M.A.D. Sure there will always be the idiot who abuses the privilege, but I honestly feel that if people who had bad intentions knew that there will more than likely openly armed and responsible people out and about, second thoughts would be taken regarding harmful intent. Biggest problem is the potential for “vigilante justice” and dealing with Good Samaritan laws of one who is carrying intervenes in a situation.

  2. I remember a story awhile ago about a man who walked into an airport (Atlanta I want to say) with an AR loaded with a beta mag. TSA and local cops had it out about being in an airport with a rifle, but local laws permit it so long as he didn’t go past security gates. He was just there to drop off his daughter and feared for her safety.

    1. Rifles yes (kind of hard to conceal……..) but handgun open carry in GA – NO.

  3. I have only felt the need twice in the past 20 years. First time I was in my vehicle and had it in my hands. Second time I forgot to carry and it would have been nice to have it with me although the situation defused itself. I just never felt the immediate need to have one on me although I have had a license for 20+ years. I don’t care if anyone else does and encourage it. Most times I couldn’t anyway due to a job supporting the military. I am on base as much as I am off.

  4. No open carry in my state.
    I have a CWP and carry , concealed, always.
    Part of being grey man for me.

  5. I can and do open carry when I feel it is appropriate. That said, I never want to open carry in public if I can avoid it. I simply don’t feel it’s anyone else’s business if I am armed, and I don’t care to give up the element of surprise if I need it. I might open carry if I stop by a store or gas station on my way to somewhere else, and am too lazy to remove/conceal/change carry of my weapon/holster for a five- minute stop. FWIW, no one has ever seemed to take particular notice or gotten upset at this practice (God Bless Texas!)
    – Papa S.

  6. I’m more in favor of a discrete carry – a case on the belt or such. This way others would not be sure if you are armed or not – many people are not well trained, agile enough, or strong enough to prevent a criminal from grabbing your weapon and using it on you. Every person carrying should be trained and have a discussion about what would be best for their ability.

    1. I think the majority of gun owners should really have lots and lots of serious training before carrying a firearm around in public. I’ve been shooting since I was a kid and so have my brothers but I don’t feel comfortable carrying around a pistol until I get more training.

  7. I ALWAYS carry concealed, but the open carry is a good idea also. One weird law here in WA is that if you are carrying concealed with a permit, if any part of the firearm is accidently exposed it can be considered brandishing. What a stupid law. I guess it depends on the police, who have discretion. I haven’t left my home without a firearm in more years than I can remember. Stay vigilant.

  8. Virginia is an open carry state. We don’t open carry, never have. Don’t want others to see or know anything more than they can deduce or observe. Practice being grey and blending in…

  9. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a weapon, is a good guy with a weapon
    . If you don’t have it on you, you don’t have it when needed.
    . Case in Point: Shooting at Tennessee church near Nashville on 23rd. a 22 year old usher stopped further damage.( One person was killed and according to witnesses, shooter shot her in the back, then turned her over and shot her in face. Then the shooter went into the back of building and began firing. 6 more people were shot.) tackeled the guy, was pistol whipped, the Usher, then went to his car and got his legal carry, returned…shooter accidently(? )shot self in leg(during a scuffle? facts I can find are unclear.), had two weapons on him, and more in vehicle. about 42 present. ..Nashville police on scene call this 22 year old a hero. Did anyone else hear that on national news… hummm…. seems like it was left out of some reports.
    Someone asked “was this a hate crime?” What do they think it expressed, Love?
    The shooter? who was he..Sudanese, 25 y.o., here from time of age 4, he had attended some services @ this location a year or more before.
    Some facts that may not be commonly known. . Burnette Chapel church of Christ is a racially mixed congregation of approx 42 The preacher, Joey Spann said to “RUN” .His would was a chest shot and most critical of all wounded. Reports are that all will recover, except the one shot outside the building, as services were letting out. The elderly could not run..All of those who were injured except the usher, were above 60. Some who were wounded, laid down and played dead. When the congregation heard shooters name they recognized it. The accounts of 8 injured includes the coward who attacked this place.

    1. Just Sayin’

      You bring up and interesting point.

      Here’s a question to the commenters and Ken, do you carry in places that “you’re not supposed to”?

      Do you have access to your ‘protection/firearm’ when in Church? In a Bank? Picking up your kids at School?

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating breaking the law in your state, but if that Usher had carried in that Church, would that person murdered by a coward not be alive today? Would he not still be a hero, and saved a LOT of people from being shot?

      If you are carrying concealed, how will others know if your carrying correctly until you possibly save their life.

      FYI, if Wally World has a sign on their door that forbids a firearm, find a door that does not have that sign on it OR don’t shop there……

      1. I’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. If you are around me you are no longer in a gun free zone period!

        1. White Cracker

          HAHAHA, I LOVE that.

          ” If you are around me you are no longer in a gun free zone period!”

        2. I am going to borrow that line, thanks! In the church I attend there are always at least six of us armed, probably double that number of those I don’t know about. Many are veterans or currently in the National Guard. Our pastor encourages us to carry!

      2. “Do you cary in places your not supposed to.”
        One of the only places you can transport a firearm to over here is to or from the gun store,,,
        So in theory i spend a lot of days going to or from the gun store,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
        Not that its loaded cause it aint, thats illegal ya know

  10. I open carry at my home, a Governor with 4 shot shells and 2 45LC Bear Loads.
    I Conceal Carry away from the home, 45ACP XD 13 mag and one IN THE PIPE, extra mag on other side.
    I also keep a full set of the magic 3 in the truck at all times, 12 GA Shotgun, AR-15 long-range and additional XD 45acp and enough ammo to occupy France (4 rounds HAHAHA).
    I live in an open carry state, and have a CCL.
    As you stated I consider Open Carry as a ‘flag’ if in a confrontation to the ‘bad guys’.
    AND I understand that if the hard core ‘bad guys’ see an open carry, they WILL (MOST LIKELY) move to the next person/place and commit their crime on someone that’s not protecting themselves and others. A criminal WILL commit a crime, guaranteed, having a CCL and Training to me commits me to protecting not only myself, but others as well. Do I want a confrontation? Of course not, do I want the criminal to commit their crime on someone that’s defenseless? NO. If some POS wants to commit a crime, try it on someone that’s armed and willing to fight if necessary to protect themselves and others.
    I NEVER want to pull the trigger on anyone, ever, but I assure ya, if needed and appropriate I will without hesitation and with accuracy. Better to be judged by 12, than carried by 6.
    Lastly, I see a lot of people (stupid people) think that as soon as they get that CCL, and carry, they become all puffed up, 10 feet tall and bullet proof. The very first thing people should learn, “How to walk away” if you can, let the situation defuse, do NOT push people in a bad situation, and most of all use your brain BEFORE you use your trigger finger.

    As far as your questions;
    No, I don’t believe people would become more accustom to others open carrying and carry open themselves.
    No, I would not be more inclined to carry open if I see others open carry.
    People in this area very seldom open carry, I see very very few carrying open.
    I don’t believe that if more people carry open it would become more “Normal”.
    I don’t believe it would raise more trouble, BUT People ALWAYS freak out no matter where you are at the sight of a Firearm (Ya can’t fix stupid). 99% of the LEO here encourage training TRAINING and carry.

    1. Come on down to my county NPR. Everyone open carries here and Big knives on your belt is also a must. We even open carry around our property mostly because the incident of mountain lions, bears, and bobcats has gone up. We don’t carry when we go to the store (another county about 70 miles away) because when they see you carrying at Walmart they ask you to leave it outside.
      We decided not to get a concealed carry permit as we don’t need to be on another government list.

        1. Sure it does. They know you have a CCW by running your plates. Wonder how that happens without a government list.

        2. Of


          Around this neck of the woods, the DMV has full access to the CCL files AND the other way around, interestingly enough the State now require electronic fingerprints for the CCL

          When I got my CCL, I had to submit a set of photos for the card, it cam back with the exact photo that’s on my Drivers License. NOT the photo I had sent in…. But your correct, your not on a “List” when ya get a CCL.

          Geeee I wonder if the Feds have the same access?

        3. NRP
          Of course they do..every been finger printed because you are working for a school district, or on their school grounds?

    2. People with ill intent NEVER open carry. Nobody sees their weapon until right before they use it.

  11. My state is very restrictive with open carry permits. You can apply if you can show you need as part of your job, if in law enforcement etc. Strange that I can carry in my car but not on my person. DH has been after me to carry in the car with all of the road rage that seems to take place daily. I am at the point where I just might carry concealed against the law. I would not open carry as my age might give someone the idea that I am an easy target to take it away from me.

    1. Peanut Gallery

      Something to consider, and again I’m not advocating breaking the BS “Law”, but laws are worthless if yar dead. or Ya can not protect yourself.

      CO. is one of the worst states right behind my Buddies in CA.

  12. As I understand the law in Georgia, where I live, there is NO PROVISION for open carry unless you are a police officer IN UNIFORM. We do have concealed carry with permit. This is something that is a flaw in Ga law, and we have been trying to get this corrected for about 10 years.

    The legislators know this. They did several years ago codify exceptions for carry while actively hunting, and carry while in the process of going to a firing range, but general open carry of handguns in technically illegal.

    This inconsistency leads many to illegally open carry, and open themselves to very serious consequences if charged.

  13. As a police officer in uniform, I open carried for 34 years. In casual public contacts, most folks viewed me as a “guard dog” not a “wolf”. One thing was always true, wherever I went, folks attention was directed towards me, even if I was just stopping to buy a cold drink. They might be watching their “P’s and Q’s” in my presence, but they did not fear I would do something stupid with that pistol on my hip. Most folks don’t have that same peace of mind if it’s just another civilian carrying a gun, and you can bet that their attention will also be directed at you. Yes, that may change if more folks exercise open carry, but some folks will never be comfortable with it.

    I carry concealed now that I’m retired. While I still consider myself a “guard dog”, I don’t want to stick out from the herd. Wolves travel in packs. They tend to attack without much warning. If they decide to attack the herd when they know a “guard dog” is present, who do you think the whole pack will direct their attack on first?

    I derive a certain amount of comfort and confidence knowing I’m armed. It suffices my needs without risking unwanted attention from others. Of course I don’t dye my hair purple or wear tattoos on my face either. I don’t crave the attention. This is not to belittle those who open carry, you may have legitimate reasons that I agree with.

    1. I appreciate seeing LEO open carrying. Especially one time when i went shopping at night and got the yuck feeling from an individual walking behind me…while I was shopping I prayed “I know I’m in danger when I leave this building, help!” (because past expiriences had proven so with similar situations.) As I checked out I saw a female LEO with her glock on her side and I told her the situation and we walked out together. Of course we were approached but she made sure this person saw what she had and this person backed off….I do not like shopping too early or too late because of this…even in places that seem fine by day; they change at night. I can handle a gun but am not confident in it. Occasionally needing to go out at night is what makes me consider carrying-open or concealed.

      1. Throw a can of wasp spray in your cart. Works wonders in social situations.

    2. Too many people put their faith in people who are “trained” and wear a cop costume. a uniform doesn’t make you special, or even competent.

      In Boston, cops fired about 300 rounds at the boat with the teenager was hiding in, and the kid lived. Their “training” makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

      After all the unconstitutional house searches, the cops didn’t even find him. An “untrained” citizen did. Then the sheep praised the cops and bought them pizzas.

  14. Three places I go on any given day:
    Work (against corp policy)
    Kids School
    This is why I do not open (or conceal) carry on a daily basis.
    And to anyone who says “I wouldn’t work for a company that wont let me carry”, well the economic benefit far outweighs the inconvenience of not being able to carry.

  15. Well, pooh, just lost my first attempt at this post. Lets try again.

    I open carry on my property, but concealed when outside it. As someone above mentioned, due to my age (& gender), I prefer to not call attention to myself. Would rather be able to surprise a bad guy.

    However, I have noticed more local open carry lately. I suspect it has to do with the increased tensions throughout society these days, but no one in this rural area seems to have a problem with it..

    I play a game when out & about trying to determine whether someone else is carrying concealed, and I think those numbers are up as well.

    Had an interesting experience last week while driving down a rural road (paved, but little traffic). Saw a woman up ahead walking along the road, so I slowed down to make sure she was OK and hadn’t had car trouble somewhere. Turns out she was just out for some exercise, but I noticed she was open carrying a Glock in a shoulder holster. It surprised me a bit and I didn’t mention anything, but I hope I run into her again — a good person to have in the neighborhood!

    Several local businesses have this sign posted:
    Firearms welcome
    Please keep all weapons
    holstered unless need arises,
    in which case, judicious
    marksmanship is appreciated.

  16. Personally, I think concealed carry is best. The element of surprise. Totally agree with Dennis. I have police officer friends. They all seem to have this same opinion. You don’t want to be the center of attention.
    I do believe it is up to the individual ultimately, if you want to open carry you should be able to, if your states law allows.

  17. Only concealed carry for me. I don’t want the attention in public.

  18. When I see that guy dressed in full camo, open carry, ammo belt, … but is about sixty and in questionable shape, I wonder if he is tough as Rambo or a pretender. I certainly do not need that kind of attention. You will always find me standing at the back, near an exit, and looking very peaceful – until I’m not.

    1. Grey man, looks like any other schlub out there,,,,
      We cant cary firearms anyway, my Spyderco folder lives on me though.
      Lately we have been seeing more armed robberies, the last one the idiot used an airsoft pistol, wonder how that would have worked out if somebody drew down on the dummy?

      1. Nailbanger
        I like your term “schlub”. The problem I have is that I am tall, in fair shape, have hair, big mustache, and find that in group activities, people turn to me for the answers or tough questions. I have to work on slouching, drooling, staggering, talking to self, …. okay you don’t need to read about my problems. But I might put up a sign on my property saying “protected by schlub”

        1. At least you HAVE “hair”, I’m down to hairs…I stagger due to getting my balance back from a total knee replacement, (just two months ago), and I carry concealed. Prefer it over open carry, because at my age, I don’t want to go to “hands in”, with some knuckle-haid, thinking he can take me and my EDC. Spent too long in law enforcement, to ever want to telegraph that I am carrying. Prefer the Gomer Pyle School of Tactics…”Surprise!Surprise!Surprise!”
          You younger dogs can watch the reruns…

  19. Ken,,
    You might as well take Hawaii off all those lists other than the one that says no cary,
    In theory you can get a permit here, but nobody other than the spouse of LEOnor judiciary has gotten a permit in a long time. Basicly its up to the police chief of each county and they never issue.
    There is NO open cary at all other than LEO or armed gaurd such as brinks or bank trucks, even security is not ever issued permits

  20. Just go to YouTube and search “open carry” to see why more people don’t. Most cops don’t know the law regarding open carry anyway. You are bound to cause panic in a dense urban zone. Also, you are giving up tactical advantage. That being said, it is common in my area, although I still prefer concealed carry, for the reasons I stated.

    1. A few years ago, the (then) police chief in Cincinnati told his people that a 911 call about a person armed did not allow for an arrest simply because somebody was disturbed about it.
      He was right. Just because you’re a neurotic weenie is not a reason for somebody to be arrested.

      1. Very true, However I don’t have time nor the inclination to educate a police officer on state law regarding this. I have no aspirations to be on the YouTube “Am I being detained?” channel to make a point. I would rather be the “Grey Man” and avoid the hassle.

  21. Like Dennis, I open carried as part of my job(s) in California in my younger days. The gun was part of the uniform. I do remember getting into several fights where people tried to remove my side arm from me during a fight/bum-rush. Fortunately, I was training in judo and aikido for 6 years since childhood by the time this happened. so I survived and I retained my weapon. Being a smaller statured person, some thought I could be taken down easily.

    When I left police and security work, I worked in and around hospitals and nursing centers. Guns on my person would get me fired. I have been in a position to disarm irate visitors in the front lobby of an Emergency Dept. When I was in uniform and on duty, I do remember ED charge nurses and administrators asking me to sit in the front lobby and eat a meal because there were strings of gang bangers being brought in to the ED. (my job was to screen incoming “visitors, associates and members of opposing gangs” who may come in to finish the job that was started in some distant street corner.

    A weapon and a permit for the weapon means nothing if you are not on friendly or speaking terms with members of security dept or other people that work within the building. Experienced undercover officers are very quick to display their shields as well as off duty officers. Be polite, be honest and follow their rules within their building. If you are a private citizen and you are asked to surrender your weapon, Ask if they have a lockable locker in which you store your weapon and ask for a receipt for your weapon to include serial number. Private citizens that may be able to retain their weapons are: bodyguards with their principle, Security guards getting treatment.

    I no longer carry 24/7. My work within a hospital prevents that. Whenever I see a non-uniformed person carrying I place some distance between them and myself and wonder if they have had lessons and practice in self defense/ weapon retention. Fighting somebody with a loaded gun on your person changes the entire dynamic. You are now fighting for your life.

    My CCW is now a Ruger LCR in 38 Special carried in an IWB holster on my dominant hip. It gets switched to a front jacket pocket when I am in the drivers seat. I also carry pepper spray and a folding knife. Mostly, I try to stay out of bad neighborhoods after dark. Not my job to go there anymore.

  22. Usually I carry concealed. However, one day I was meeting another conservative prepper for lunch and I was open carrying – he was carrying concealled. As I walked by a table on the way to the men’s room one man screamed out” Do you think this is the Wild West?”. Every head in the restaurant turned and looked at me – I did not react but kept walking. I could see fear on the face of a number of other people. While in the men’s room I considered what to do next. So, I left the rest room carring concealed, extremely alert and standing as tall as I could to project the image of confidence. Nothing more happened. Today, that man does not know how sincerely I was putting into practice Texas law. He also does not know that I would have shot him dead on the spot if he would have done anything that provoked me into a self defense posture. All his mouth did was to give me a lot of warning and time to prepare for self defense. Oh yes, I wanted to inflect serious boddly injury on him but this is not the “Wild West”.

    1. I hate making this reply for fear it will be perceived as a personal attack, which it’s not. Had you met your friend in that public venue with your weapon concealed, would you have been less prepared?
      I have no problem with open carry being legal. I see it as a hedge against unintentional exposure of a concealed weapon. Many things that may be legal, but not be advisable in all forums.
      The guy who challenged you verbally was wrong. I’m guessing he was aware of the legality of your open carrying, but was verbalizing his displeasure with the law, also legal, but, likewise, not always advisable. One of the elements of the crime of Disorderly Conduct is to cause alarm where no reason for alarm would otherwise exist. I’m guessing again, but if a poll of the other patrons was taken at the restaurant you were at as to who held the most responsibility for causing alarm, it would be a draw (no pun intended) at best. Not saying you did anything wrong, just gauging the prevailing public perceptions.

      1. As I like to tell my wife “just because you can, doesnt mean you should”

      2. Dennis, you bring up the point of Disorderly Conduct, my brother was a Policer Officer and told me that if a person wanted to have you charged with that, then say their face was reason for a disorderly conduct charge to and it put fear into you and have the other person also charged, he said you will see how fast the other person changes their mind knowing they will be arrested too !!!

    2. Hence my previous comment

      “The very first thing people should learn, “How to walk away” if you can, let the situation defuse, do NOT push people in a bad situation, and most of all use your brain BEFORE you use your trigger finger.”

      People are truly stupid and foolish.

      Texas Boy, you did the right thing; except tripping on the way out of the restroom and accidentally falling onto his table scattering things everywhere….. :-) After all accidents do happen.

    3. in Austin? I’m bit north of that, usually open carry, and would say that 75% of people never notice. Of the people that do, most just give a friendly nod and keep going. I have maybe 5 people frown or look away that I have noticed. I have had panhandlers and less savory looking characters look and turn away. Probably helps that I’m an innocuos-looking OFWG and usually decently dressed.

    4. People spout “Don’t mess with Texas !”, but still submit to a requirement for a permission slip to even openly carry.

  23. Not yet old enough to own a handgun, but when I am, I would carry concealed. Although some down here do carry openly, and that may be good to get others more used to the idea, I just have that gut feeling that says open carrying might make a target of you in certain situations.

    1. ChiefLittleFish

      Thank you for your input.
      Tis good to hear younger people thinking about the possibilities.
      Hopefully you’ll inherit a Country whereas you will not need to ‘carry’. I do have my doubts though.
      Please be a responsible Firearm Owner, get training more training and a little more training and please PLEASE pray you never need to use one in self-defense.

  24. Open carry just opens one up to potential problems.
    If you open carry to prove your right, your a dick. Your common sense should tell you, hey if i draw attention to myself, it might cause problems. If your so inclined, try walking some of our cities with cash bulging out of your pocket. Its your right to. Why wouldn’t you?
    Open carry is fine for rural etc., But if you open carry in crowds, expect some issues and just because you can is an idiots answer. Guy from Milwaukee was doing open carry point proving several years ago. Guess what? Someone saw his gun, wanted his gun, and robbed him of his gun at gunpoint.

  25. I was open carry for many years all over California. In fact, I carried two revolvers on a gun belt, with extra cartridges. I could go just about anywhere I wanted, could even walk down Hollywood Blvd. at night, right past the cops and the crowds, and only got smiles from everyone. The trick was to dress as a cowboy from the 1870s, right down to the linen duster, boots, and spurs, with rowels large enough to jingle and jangle when you walked. No one realized all my weapons were real, as were all the bullets. I carried a card, which identified me as a Stuntman to police, but only had to show it once in my career. I was usually with a few other guys, also dressed in character. We could walk into bars, restaurants, shops…and all everyone wanted was for us to pose with them for a picture! The smiling cops, walking the beat, would step aside, as if in fear, to let us pass, spurs jingling, and say things like, “Watch out! It’s the James Boys!”

    Everyone thought our guns were props…oh, well.

  26. Up here in the Northern wasteland of virtue signalling, trans gender, free ranging gay unicorns, [Canada] such a question is purely academic. In fact, if I were to carry a legally owned handgun on my own rural property in any fashion it would mean a loss of all firearms permits and a criminal record. Forget about actually using any kind of handgun in any manner except at an approved range – despite the fact that I can legally shoot the heaviest magnum rifle I choose as I am barely outside a small town’s boundary. However if I found myself in a position or area where I could carry I would go with concealed for the ability to remain ‘ grey ‘ for the reasons stated by so many others.

    1. BAMBAM, I visited British Columbia probably 20 years ago where I befriended a hunting guide. The most restrictive gun laws were fairly recent in their enforcement. He told me that in order to legally carry his handgun to the range required a trip prior to the local Mountie HQ to purchase a transport permit good for one day only and valid only for travel along the closest route between your home and the range. This permit supposedly cost $20. If you wanted to go two days in a row, you had to repeat the process again. Is it still this stringent, or has it been modified to be more user friendly? He did say that as a hunting guide he could get a permit allowing him to carry his sidearm while actively guiding paying hunters, but that he didn’t think the paperwork and scrutiny was worth the effort.

      1. Last time I was in my local Wally World and it was a long time ago I didn’t see any no carry signs. I guess I must go visit again. besides I could use more Augason Farms stuff and Spam

  27. “An armed society is a polite society.”
    That said, I personally prefer concealed carry, but I respect your choice of open carry if that’s what you want.
    My opinion is that the practice of permitting is an INFRINGEMENT on our 2nd Amendment rights. If it’s a right, why do I need a permit?

  28. I probably shouldn’t say this, but I will anyway. (famous last words, “Hey watch this”). As a retired cop, I will admit that I regularly carry where prohibited. Exceptions are where armed security is on site and searches are likely. In all other venues, the likelihood of being detected is so small as to be worth the risk, in my opinion. I know that ne’er do wells don’t honor gun free zones. If I must confront one of them in such a venue, well, if violating the gun free prohibition is enforced, I’ll cross that bridge………….. alive.

    1. Mr. Gray,

      Ditto. I’m 67, open heart by-pass surgery, total hip replacement. If attacked, whatever happens will happen right there. Retreat never was in my vocabulary. Now it’s physically very unlikely.

      1. Like I tell my mom (79) : What are they going to do, give you life in a maximum security nursing home? Mom ignores restrictions or prohibitions.

  29. MSM would probably exploit public open carry, and turn public opinion against it.

  30. They said i couldnt carry a handgun,
    Nobody said anything about these hand grenades!

  31. To the best of my knowledge here in Indiana if you posses an authorized conceal-carry (CC) license, you are not allowed to carry open. Why would you carry open if you have a CC license anyway? I would not carry open here in Indiana (which is authorized) because it is too visible and many people are uncomfortable around firearms….even law enforcement. Why create the visibility if you don’t have to? A person can carry concealed year round….even in the hot summer if you are creative with you clothing. Actually I feel naked without my .380 caliber pistol and extra magazines.

    1. Yosef,
      I think one can still open carry in Indiana even with a CCL. I typically CC with a S&W M&P Shield 9mm in a generic waistband holster in the small of my back. My standard daily dress with my job is slacks with w/ a golf shirt & sports jacket in the summer. As I’m out and about, I may or may not have my jacket on, and thus, my gun may or may not be concealed.
      My job requires me to work in schools, so I have to be very aware of when I’m carrying & when I’m not.
      But as a rule, I’m usually carrying, weekdays & weekends. Depending on my attire, it or may not be concealed. I live in the suburbs, but frequent the cornfields, and have to go downtown Indy from time to time. If someone notices I’m armed, it’s typically not much more than a double glance my way. Even in the cornfields not many people carry pistols, but they’re in consol or glovebox, and it’s common to have a rifle on the truck’s gun rack or under the rear seat.

  32. I open carry everyday as part of my job, but when I’m off-duty I prefer concealed. I rather the bad guy didn’t see me coming when I’m out and about with my family.

  33. Any one that wants to be a cowboy feel free to knock yourself out. In my world I don’t want anyone to know I’m armed and a CCL holder. With military hair cut, flight glasses and a black tactical ball cap it’s a little obvious. Keep them guessing on how dangerous you maybe.

  34. Because I am close to the PA border, I also have a permit to carry in that state….and the process was much simpler, faster, and cheaper to complete. NY does not have any reciprocity; however, the PA permit allows carrying in many other states, and there are some other states that recognize NYs permit.

  35. I can actually honestly say that in my 55 years on this planet theres never been an instance where having a gun on my person would have been necessary, if im being 100% honest

    1. In my time in Georgia I have had to go for a weapon three times in ten years. This is one of the reasons we live in the North Georgia mountains now where it’s a little more country not so much thug. All the time I lived in Alaska I never pulled my .454 on man or beast.

  36. I am in Michigan southwest side city area. I have seen two instances of open carry. One situation the gentleman and his girlfriend were very nice to offer to help me. I was recovering from a knee replacement and was using an electric cart. But was transferring groceries to a regular cart to go outside.
    I think I would like to open carry to simply make it more “normal” of a thing. I feel I live in a pretty safe area so open or concealed. You never know but unlikely to ever need it. One thing though I will not do it for 4 more years. When my children will have graduated high school. Currently I would be concerned that their friends parents would not approve and would not want them at our house knowing I a gun.

  37. I open carry everyday. I own a small business and open carry only because I can! Not out of fear or need, just because I can. I bet many of you carry a cellphone in your hand or in a pocket daily. If you can open carry instead. Many foreign visitors comment on my open carry and many wish they had this right. Why get a CCW that requires paperwork, background check and such when open carry is Free and easy! I thought the idea was for the Government to know as little as possible about our private affairs IE guns we own etc. Getting a CCW lets them know more than I wish! Some of you do not have open carry rights and I understand that. If your state allows open carry DO IT!! If a business has signs saying NO weapons, do not do business with them and let them know how you feel. Tell others about this business and let the word spread about it. They may not change but at least you did something. I give an open carry discount in my store.

  38. I live in the socialist state of Washington which has “open carry” , but I carry concealed because I do not want some idiotic “flaming anus” to become a smart ass and create an uncomfortable situation.
    I would rather have a firearm if I need it than need one and not have one with me . I have spent over 7 1/2 decades on the planet and I cannot run or fight as in days of yesteryear , but I can point and pull if needed . .Besides it is my Constitutional right as an American citizen to keep and bear arms .

  39. The problem with open carry in urban areas is that it exposes you to many possible negative consequences, not the least of which is this scenario:
    You’re open carrying down the street. Some snowflake sees you, gets scared, and runs to the nearest cop. “He has a gun! He threatened me with it!” Total bullscheiss (the “threat” was that the snowflake felt uncomfortable), but the cop didn’t see the “threat” and you are obviously armed. The cop has to investigate. If the snowflake is willing to sign a complaint the cop has no choice but to arrest you. This is a hassle yo do not need under any circumstances. In rural settings, this probably wouldn’t be a problem but in urban settings, concealed carry in the only way to go. Make the bad guys bet their life on whether or not their potential victim (you) is armed.

  40. I have noticed something in the past 5 years:

    I was young and in great shape when I was a police officer. I was able to run a 5 minute mile, do 30 pull ups, sit-ups and push ups from sun up to sundown. I climbed rocks for fun. Predators did not mess with me if they saw me with my shirt off.

    Now I am old and fat. I have not run a 5 minute mile for several decades. Groups of young people in my area tend to mess with older people of which I have now become. Locally, I have coached a number of older men and women on weapons retention techniques and escape/evasion. Those of us that appear old and soft also appear to be “easy targets or marks”. Now that I am older and slower, the young hoodlums may try us at their own peril.

    Old age and treachery shall overcome youth and skill. Mindset is everything even above weapon selection.

  41. Concealed only.
    The massive element of surprise disrupts an attackers OODA loop.

    If you are open carrying, the attacker has already developed a plan for you and your weapon.

  42. I have never been in favor of open carry, even though I live in an open carry state. During my police career I spent 30 years as an FBI trained, state certified police firearms instructor. I was a member of IALEFI (International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors) as well as served as the teams firearms trainer for our SWAT unit for eight years as well as having the position of search and cover on the entry team..

    I trained both police officers as well as citizens in my PD’s gun safety/self defense seminars. I always advised my students to let their muzzle flash be the bad guys first clue they are armed.

    Because there are cases where any armed person is the first one to be taken out when things suddenly turn nasty should they be LE or a citizen.

    You could be standing in front of the cooler in the stop and rob trying to decide on your choice of a beverage. When the bad guy walks in and sees your openly carried Glock and you’d never know what hit you as you take a round to the back of your head. Do not stand out in public, be the gray man by blending in and never drawing undue attention to yourself by openly advertising the fact that you are packing heat and are a direct threat to their nefarious plans.

    1. B. Clement
      Plan on stealing your one liner( Muzzle flash be the bad guy’s first clue your armed). Thank you from a old Marine in Georgia.

  43. I agree with the right to open carry, but like most here, I prefer conceled carry. I to am a fan of the Gray man Ideal. A few things that I think about. Several comments in this thread refer to the old sayings ” An armed society is a polite society” and ” Just because you can, Dosen’t mean you should”. Both of those saying strike a cord with me. I want to be able to protect myself and my loved ones, but im not out to terrify the sheep, or frighten the masses. I am a Firm believer in being polite and I know that there is a fair percentage of people that would feel nervous about seeing open carry of firearm or knife. As such I only open carry when on either my own property or that of family and friends who are like minded. I do understand the need to protect our rights, and that, can create a bit of a conundrum at times. If i go out of my way to protect your right to be afraid of firearms by not openly displaying…. Why can you not understand my right to carry?

  44. Out in the rural areas where I live it is generally acceptable to open carry but it does draw attention. I carry concealed all the time. I am no expert but I don’t hesitate to educate people on their gun rights if they have any questions.
    I used to be a hot head and would get in some tight places because of this. I mellowed a lot when I sobered up. Now that I have a permit to carry I have mellowed a lot more. It is way to easy to let a shouting match turn into a disaster when a gun is involved. It is better for all involved to just walk away no matter how much of an a$$ the other person is being.

  45. Put a Bernie sticker on your vehicle. Then you would truly be the grey man.

    1. We invested in several vehicle magnets with various Bernie type political slogans, so when we are in “enemy territory”, nobody makes us for a rolling gun wagon. We like being grey….

      1. TP SNODGRASS,
        “A rolling gun wagon…”
        I like that!
        Grey man indeed!LOL!
        I don’t know why but I find that darkly hilarious. Keeping the clueless sheep clueless. OUTSTANDING!!

  46. I believe that since I have been legally armed and concealed for decades, “conflict avoidance”, is THE best way to go. I’ve been told I’m illegitimate, have odepial relations with my mother, a large rectum, a phallic object, and various demographical derivations of all of those. So, I’m used to those epithets being hurled. Never been hurt by one, nor did my self esteem seem to suffer much.
    So, I choose to not be seen as the instigator as much as possible.

  47. Every time I have been in New York state, I have had to listen to you people bitch about wanting to expel NYC (lol).

    I’m sorry you haven’t gotten that one worked out yet. I wish I had an answer for you.
    Californians would love to borrow it to help with their problem with LA and San Fransicko.

  48. I noticed the Utah was on the list of allowing open carry with a permit. In reality, Utah does not require a permit to open carry, only to conceal carry.

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