Intuition & Gut Instinct: The Mystery Of It All…

Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling’? Intuition that something might be about to happen? Something that just doesn’t add up or is not quite right?

Gut instinct, or intuition, is something that many people unfortunately ignore or are not in tune with.

For some people the signals of intuition can be a rooted, ingrained natural reaction to situations where something ‘is off’ and may even signify some sort of threat, hazard or danger.

What Is Intuition?

-the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes

-a perceptive insight

-a sense of something not evident or deducible

-an impression

-a direct perception of truth, fact, independent of any reasoning process

-a phenomenon of the mind

-the ability to acquire knowledge without inference or the use of reason

The Mystery of Intuition

It is somewhat a mystery how it works, given that we are not consciously seeking or reasoning for a specific signal – it just happens…

Most everyone has experienced it at one time or another. I wonder how many actually listen to it.

One’s intuition may span a wide gamut of situations. It may be a simple signal of questionable integrity. It might even be a perception of ‘knowing’ a probable outcome of a given unfolding situation. Maybe it pertains to something that may be immediately dangerous. The feeling may simply appear out of nowhere…

I have read that your subconscious mind is processing far more than your conscious mind. When you’re sleeping there is an amazing amount of ‘stuff’ going on in the noggin and is a science in itself. Dreams.

Tuning in to your intuition will heighten your overall situational awareness. Not only is it an important aspect to your personal security, but everyday life.

I believe that the more you are exposed to circumstances, experiences and situations, the better your intuition becomes (for those things). That said, there does seem to be some mystery to it for other situations.

For anyone interested, Gavin de Becker has spent a lifetime studying intuition and has written a superb book on the subject. In the book he explains how it works, the psychology of it and how to become more aware of it:

>> The Gift of Fear
(view on amzn)

May the force be with you.

Share some of your own experiences of intuition in the comments below:

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  1. It may be something as simple as an unplanned hesitation at a stop sign just before a crackerbox full of teenagers runs the stop sign at full speed, grinning and waving at you as they pass. It may be a voice shouting “Do not pull over!” as a car barrels toward you in the wrong lane. Or anything in between. Go visit your neighbor. Call a friend. Make extra food at dinner. Go grocery shopping now rather than tomorrow.

    Learn to listen. The more you practice listening the more you’ll hear.

  2. You know it is coming, but the wait was driving you crazy until you realized that you have a life to live until it happens. So we find the lifestyle that affords peace, quiet, neighborliness, faith, satisfaction, sustainability, …. and then you know what that sixth sense was trying to tell you.

  3. Every time i ignore my gut instinct it works out badly, just had that reaffirmed on the project im working on,,,,

  4. In the theme of prepping we all seem to be waiting on a BIG Happening so to speak. EMP’s, Pandemics, War etc. I am of the mind that SHTF is already here. Quietly Here. When we allow the minority to rule, we are here. When we allow our history to be destroyed, we are here. When the Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over our lives, WE ARE HERE! While I do believe in and have had my Guardian help me, this my friends is right in front of our noses.
    Eyes open and prep on because the SHTF is HERE.

    1. Mrs. USMCBG
      Some are more engaged in the system than others and therefore, more affected (or infected) by your examples. Some have already gone Galt and ignore the ruination of the country. But most are simply the frogs that do not feel the temperature of the water as it heats up.

      1. Definitely, its here, and just like Atlas Shrugged its a fine dance to stay within the system but just off to the side enough that when the jump is made its a small skip rather than a giant leap,
        Theres a lot of frogs out there, most dont even realize they are, whats worse is many should know better

    2. Mrs.USMCBG
      I’ll bet you get no argument form anyone on MBS about your comment.

      I would add the reasoning I prefer the word ‘Lifestyle’ over ‘Prepper’ is living the lifestyle one is already living as if TSHTF has already happen.

      Allow me to clarify;
      Many of us already grow a lot of our own food, store water, have reduced electrical usage to the point if it does go poof, ohhhhh well.
      Most have the knowledge to “survive” the winter cold or killer summer heat.
      Have learned to live sparingly enough to ‘make it’ through a year or two without much thought.
      And we have the means to protect our own if need be.

      For those that are just becoming aware of the conditions of the Country and the World, and are starting their preparing, I believe it’s a FANTASTIC move, y-all are a mile ahead of those with their heads in the FEMA & .gov sand. Please know not to quit because Hurricane Harvey did not happen to wipe Texas of the Map…. yet. Use your Instinct to determine if your living where you should, or should you follow your gut and ‘get the hell out’…

      This article is on “Intuition & Gut Instinct” and the “The Mystery Of It All…”, well most of y-all know my history of leaving CA. Call it a Gut Feeling or just a good whack up-side the head from the wife, but I still have that feeling of HUGE impending Doom every time I visit or pass through a large City. I see it happening right now in Texas, I have 3 friends that have moved to Houston in the past year, I do believe they are worried, but not doing a darn thing to “get out” even though they are expecting 3’ (THREE FEET) of rain from Harvey….. Sorry ya just can’t fix stupid I guess. If it were me, I’d be approaching the Canadian Boarder right about now; I guess they don’t remember Katrina?

      Ohhh the Gut Feeling about leaving CA. remember the fires a few years back in So-Cal? Those fires 100% wiped out the subdivision I lived in.

      1. Know what you mean. Every time I drive to Nashville now my heart sinks a little. You would not Believe the building going there. Apartment bldgs. taking up every little space downtown! Pushing those on welfare etc. out to the burbs as the property value and rent skyrockets. The unemployment is around 3% . I shudder now when I think of those people with no power no food etc. Hate it. Nashville is now the next Atlanta. There were only two blue counties in Tn. Shelby/Memphis and Davidson/Nashville. Where I live north of Nashville is still rural enough. People carry their guns. Still I could live further out. We consider it sometimes.

        1. Mrs. USMCBG
          Passed through you neck of the woods last time 2010 for a SF convention in Fort Bragg. Your side was pretty, reminded me of home.

        2. Charlotte NC is going ballistic in building apts. condos, & mansion homes all around my neighborhood. That is what is
          pushing me out. My sister came by today & told me she had to
          go to the store to get some food & toilet paper,
          I gave her 4 bags of food & water along with tp & pt from
          my preps. along with other stuff.
          I’m out of $$$ but do have food, water & other items I could
          share with her.
          Neither one of us has a job, but we do have the essentials.

          In 2010 I went to help the people in Nashville when the rivers
          flooded the street. Very sad—very sad.

    3. It’s here now and has been for sometime. It’s simply picked up enough speed that more people are noticing. The speeding train is ever closer to that encounter with the big curve.

    4. I have a friend that is a patriot law enforcement officer here in the Buckeye . He has told me that the number of law dogs here in Ohio that are obama worshipers and left wing is very very high and it has him freaked out . He continually has to watch what and how he says anything as well as watch his own back .

  5. I believe God takes care of us. Prayer and meditation will feed your intuition. If we pay attention that care can come a lot easier.

  6. Ahhh, there, just finished my breakfast of eggs, rice, and corned beef patties, spam and portugese sausage and my intuition is telling me i better get into the shop and bang out the rest of the millwork im making up!

    1. At first I’m thinking, breakfast at 1PM? Forgot you are 6 hours behind. Morning time in Hawaii. And as is typical, SPAM is part of the meal ;) My instinct tells me that there will be more SPAM consumed in the islands today.

    2. Nailbanger, wow very impressed by your breakfast menu….
      so on the island to you chase that down with some fantastic local fruit juice or a “mean” kick in the butt wake up coffee? @ Nailbanger’s Breakfast Grille/Diner LOL :)

      1. Was just wanting some highly processed meats!
        And i drink heavy french roast,,,
        Fruits too expensive,,,

  7. We, meaning every person has the ability to sense what is about to occur. The majority prefer to ignore their 6th sense given to them. Which causes many to regret that choice, and wish they could take back their actions.
    There are those who are gifted with this insight, but what comes with it, can also be devastating. It requires one to understand they are just the messenger.

  8. I have a frog theory that rambles around in my mind. Some of us frogs know the water is heating up, but there are reasons to stay where we are. Would we really leave behind the family members who cannot or will not leave, like parents, adult children and grandchildren? This frog cannot hop away. Does that mean doing the best you can to prepare, but will probably involve laying down your life to serve and help others? Probably. What gives me comfort is those of you who are older, wiser and better prepared will have the skills / knowledge to possibly lead and rebuild small communities. You will carry on! I’m grateful for all of you country and wood frogs and the wisdom you croak to us 😊

  9. I have had Gut Instinct kick in for me at times.
    In my senior year of college I was walking home from… um “studying at the library” wink wink… at 3:00 AM. Any how about 400 ft. away these two thugs were heading toward me on my side of the street.
    I am a bigger guy 225 lbs (too many chicken parm samis) and US Army trained. The hair on my neck stood up and it felt like electricity coursing through my body…. I was about 200ft.away (half the distance) from my apartment and so I made a quick turn and crossed the street at a fast paced walk. I just knew something was up with those thugs.
    These two thugs then started at a dead run toward me. Flight kicked in at that point because I did a little too much “studying” that night. Before I new it I bursted through the door of my ground floor apartment slammed it shut and threw the dead bolt. Grabbed the 12ga from my room.
    I heard them standing outside for a while then they moved on and didn’t try and make entry. Lucky for them. That little run sobered me up right away and mr 12ga was itching. (castle doctrine would have applied in my state) To be young and stupid again. Good Times, Good Times… :P

  10. I agree, every time I ignore that little voice something goes wrong. I have trained myself to listen to it, and yes it has saved me from major issues many times.

  11. According to the Bible, man is spirit, soul, and body. The soul encompasses your mind, will, and emotions. The spirit encompasses wisdom, conscience, and intuition. Women seem to be more in touch with intuition then men who rely more on reason (mind). Spending time in prayer and Bible study strengthens one spiritually and you can train yourself to be more sensitive to God’s Holy Spirit and your own. Its great to be able to hear from God for yourself!!!

  12. This is a very interesting topic….
    I seem to be one of those who has a high sense of sensitivity and sometimes see things come to pass before they happen in dreams or can tell when something has happened because I can feel someone else’s pain or sense change (sometimes positive too) ahead of time…this has helped me prepare for things and or prepare others and/or be prepared to share comfort and support when they do…this does not happen on demand, it just comes when it does, like the wind…(John 3:8)
    As someone else mentioned earlier, having times of quiet, solitude, and prayer help to nurture the mind and spirit…practice thankfulness even for the smallest beauty- a lovely bird- or thing, that you had clean water to drink today…
    With regard to the present, I sense time is short before a grievous event happens within the US, specifically the D.C. area, I did not see what, but only where…and the initial grief and sadness I felt I the dream was at least on par (if not more) than 9/11…I saw phones light up too the phone I was holding in the dream is the one I have now, and I had this dream in 2016.
    What ever capacity of awareness or intuition one has, may it be used to help you and others
    Strength, Peace, and Wisdom to all here…

    1. Amen! Still enjoying visiting here and reading what everyone has to say. Always love what you have to say Shepherdess. My dreams and intuition are very strong as well.
      We need to be spiritually prepared first and foremost (Matthew 6:33) because (Luke 21:26)
      Still smoke free since March 31st! I think the fact that I’m free from that, has made all my senses stronger!!! Including the 6th.
      Be safe and strong in the Lord.
      God bless!

  13. @ Shepherdess….Wow! Having only been on this site for a month and reading of your other dreams and the parallels you can draw to real life are mind boggling. I have no reasons to doubt you. Maybe we can hope this dream of a grevious event in the D.C. area was just a dream of the election results and the man in the “office”, lol.
    Topic…..I am not religious, but as a part Native American I do believe in reincarnation. The more we expierence, the better our intuition becomes. Intuition just may be “encoded” into our DNA thru cellular memory. The gut feeling we get may be that memory “tickling” our genes to try to tell us something we may have experienced in a past life.
    Just my thoughts.

    1. Jon,

      I found your statement – “I am not religious, but as a part Native American I do believe in reincarnation.” – interesting. At what point did you embrace that belief system? Were you aware of your Native American heritage from childhood? Was it a belief shared with you from childhood by your parents? Was it something you embraced as an adult after discovering later in life of your bloodlines. Did you embrace that belief without any outside influence? After a little research, I found that while common in some tribes, it’s not a universal belief among Native Americans.

      1. @Dennis….20s. Yes. Mildly. Answered earlier. No major influence. And you? What’s your angle on the topic?

  14. Gavin de Becker’s “The Gift of Fear” was a very worthwhile book for me. It has great Insite into situational awareness and I have quoted excerpts from it many times. I always listen to my gut. The problem can be convincing those around you that your gut is smart.

    1. Believe it or not the gift of fear was part of SOP and intelligences training even back in the day. Even as a child I could tell about things that were about to happen. My Christian grandmother said it was the gift of knowledge, my Jewish grandmother said it was the evil eye. I now know it is the Holy Spirit. No matter it has kept me safe in far away places in very bad situations.

  15. I do not what to call it, but—
    I have had, numerous times, a thought pop into my head– hey, don’t do that, or hey do this.
    The times that I did not listen have been wrong.
    Do not what it it, but it is—

  16. Gee, yesterday morning I had the FEELING that people living along the Texas coast should move out immediately while roads were clear, fuel was available, and supplies could be purchased on the road – I posted it here but it appears few listened until now. Grid lock and mayhem in Cat 4 storm. I could be a reporter for CNN, no one believes them either. :)

  17. Our brain is like a sponge, constantly absorbing, categorizing, and filing away information from our environment. Much of this information we are not even aware of. I would submit that explains why an outdoorsman such as CaliRefugee would be much more likely to “sense” pending dangers while in the wilderness than, say, a lifelong urban dweller when in the same environment. The same would be true of a lifelong outdoorsman being suddenly immersed in an urban environment. Even though their senses would be on high alert in the strange environs, neither have the subtle information hidden in their brain to call upon. Without conscious thought to recall things, they had read and study about the dangers they might encounter in a strange environment, making them more vulnerable.

    As I said, much of these tid-bits of information being absorbed, we are never aware of. The I-phone, I-pod, I-pad addicted generation we are producing today are walking around like, well, zombies, walled off from this vital stream of outside information flowing to their subconscious. They will slow to recognize danger, and subject to only absorbing information (propaganda) fed to them through ear phones. This may explain how so many can be so easily fooled by the alt-left.

  18. Yup, building on experience, environment, information, to arrive at an intelligent response to potential danger. Charles Darwin would almost have a confirmation of his theories while looking at today’s population – but the results are not all in yet. Some survivors and some, not so much.

  19. My premonition came a week after the Charlottesville insanity when I told my wife the alt left, AntiFa, liberal academics, anarchist, snowflakes and every other left wing wacko out there are every bit as bad as the neo-nazi, nazi, white supremacist and that they would hit religious beliefs hard next. Just saw on the news that the D. James Kennedy Ministries, Fort Lauderdale, FL, is suing the Southern Poverty Law Center (Hate Group of their own?) for listing their Ministry as a hate group because if their stand on LGBT issues. I personally am not familiar with this Ministry, but mark my word, this is just the beginning of the left going harder than ever for religious thoughts and beliefs and has all the shades of pre-third Reich. Call it intuition!

    1. Sadly, I had a terrible, terrible dream over 6 years ago of what I could only describe at the time as an American Holocaust. It was profoundly disturbing and vivid. It was taking place all across the US at colleges. We were all being put into tiny dorms to “wait”. As I looked out the window I saw huge mass graves! And mostly young men, who had been killed, were being dumped in there by front loaders!!! Horrible.
      In the dream me, my husband, and other family members were forced into a tiny dorm and the person who put us there said, “They might let you go since there are women and children in your group, but probably not.” Then he just chuckled and shut the door. Ugh!!

  20. I have had thoughts that I should call family but didn’t & found out that they had died.
    When my father had a very bad stroke in his bedroom, I was in the living room with my
    dog, I had a thought that said what I heard was not normal.
    I did not go to check on him, that was around 10 pm. around 1 am I had to go to
    bathroom noticed light was on in parents bedroom. went in & saw father in floor with
    mom trying to get him up. He had a stroke. If I would have checked on him earlier when I had the thought—he would still be alive.
    When my mom was in the hospital for a month. I got home from work on a Friday–had a thought that I should go see her that night called & told my sister I would go
    Saturday morning because I was just too tired. A strong feeling came over me to go
    see her Friday night but I didn’t.
    She died very early Sat. morning.
    If anybody’s name comes to my mind, I will get in touch with them now. whether it’s family or anybody- even people I like that’s not related to me.

  21. I had death visions in dreams of people that I didn’t know and after they came true the next day when it was announced on the news. I panicked because it was something I had a hard time coping with “laws outside this universe” and developed a couple of phobias related to traumatic experiences. One was a fear of falling asleep and the other a fear of swallowing. It was hard to understand why I was subjected to these visions until I dreamt my little girl’s death at the negligence of a friend. This was a clear and precise decision to sever the relationship and never let my little girl near him again. Those death visions stopped along with the phobias I suffered after that and I saw the importance to trust that dream that followed those that came true..

    Some supernatural force was at play that week, and I know it was not a gut feeling but a gift of future insight that a few people experienced. It made my faith stronger.

  22. I’m going to sound crazy but I have been having dreams/nightmares most of my life. When I was young I used to tell people what was going to happen. My grandmother said I have the ability to see “furthest thru a stone wall than most” and she helped me to understand that not everyone has this ability or will even believe me, so I’ve learned not to talk about it. She also helped me “control” the waking dreams as well. My dreams/nightmares have a habit of coming true. Minor details are always fuzzy as well as when things will actually happen but over the years I have learned not to ignore what those dreams tell me and prepare accordingly. The closer the event, the stronger the dream is, the more details I see. I have been dreaming of an event( for the last 12 years) that may (or may not happen) next year and due to the Christmas decorations I see in that dream, I feel that something major may happen at that time. But again I may be reading too much into this dream because of what’s been going on in the world.

    1. grannyo
      You are not crazy, and yes, others do not want to hear what will happen. Like you from childhood until this day it still occurs, I have learned to live with it. It has saved loved one’s many a time.
      The hardest part is when the vision comes with sounds an smells. That one was the hardest for myself to deal with as it was what would occur to my mother. It prepared me for her passing from cancer of the pancreas. It was the only time I could not change the future with one small action.
      The (future) dream(s) outcomes can be altered. Color of clothing, different route taken to work, appointments, shopping. One has to dissect the dream to find a point that can be altered, you will know the point of origin when you visualize it again.

  23. I tend to have “gut” feelings a lot. I always welcome them and plan accordingly. Some warn me and some prepare me. I don’t remember any dreams, mine is more during the day. I will sense something not right when I am next to someone.
    About a month ago I was headed to the store, thought for a few minutes, ” you should ask DH to take a break and go with you” . I didn’t listen and I went by myself. At the store I was very undecided on what I really needed at the store. I left and was headed home, When I seen some stuff on the road, looked to my right and seen someone had just wrecked. I was the first one on the scene. It took my brain a good 30 seconds to realize it was my son. He’s healing still but I wish I would have listened to my intuition that day!
    Others days I wake up and I get messages saying you need to get this, or you cant go anywhere today, or I know you had plans but… this needs done.
    Like today I woke up and message received ” you need to fill gas tanks today” so I called DH and he filled his and I filled these here at home. Then hear on news how the gas prices will rise due to the hurricane.

  24. Greetings all,

    Sorry Dennis as I am a semi-retired outdoorsman these days with a house in the ‘burbs and with a spoiled dog and small herd of fat cats. I still like to do the hunting, fishing and hiking though my days of living rough in the field are now distant memories. About experiences and memory banks, I have the following examples from the field:

    When cutting fire line you are tired and exhausted doing hard work on minimal sleep. You miss subtle signs that things around you are changing. ( the sun going down, the wind changing direction and the air picking up that “heavy” feeling it also begins to pick up higher concentrations of volatile organic compounds so it smells of kerosene. ). These are the conditions just prior to a canyon blowing up similar to a backdraft but it is outside on hilly terrain. When the old crew members start looking up and getting nervous, it is time to cut your losses and evacuate. In So Cal we tried never to deploy our fire shelters because we always had the images of turning into a Pop Tart. No sir, we ran fast and got the heck out of dodge. It saved our lives a few times.

    At 1130 at night, a rookie cop goes into a bodega to buy a gallon of milk, a can of Similac for his newborn daughter along with a pack of smokes and a lotto ticket. His wife is grumpy due to lack of sleep and so is the off duty cop. Being off duty, he does not do what his experienced partner insist that he do when on duty in a marked patrol unit. ( park your vehicle outside the market and watch the store for 1 full minute to ensure there is no 211 armed robbery taking place. ). This is why I tend to go to the local large supermarket or wait until morning at my advanced age. lack of sleep and fatigue will affect your better judgement.

    I have seen enough bad things happen to people over the years that I now tend to err on the side of caution. Most of my work removing people from the sides of mountains and rock faces did not involve a living breathing person anymore. A majority of the times I have had to tie in to a fixed line to recover was to recover a dead body to begin the long trip to the morgue. My years in rescue work, law enforcement and ambulance driving did not give me a cheery outlook on life.

    This is also what lead to my study of economics and why I relocated to another state in the depths of the last major recession. With my personality, I have never been subject to the “Irrational Exuberance” that Alan Greenspan talked about in the 1980’s as the fed chairman. I am a realist and with every good thing out there, there is an unanticipated consequence, side effect or complication. That is the real world intruding into the artificial and fun world of youngsters playing Candy Crush on their new iPhones.

    This site is wonderful because it allows many of us to share our experiences, be they good or bad, such that others never have to pay the ultimate price. I agree with Dennis that intuition is based upon a prior history of previous experiences from our past. I would like to add that observation involves all of the senses. Not just our eyesight. ( The smell of kerosene in the air within a box canyon during a fire? Different cashier at the corner bodega? The smell of an infection within a wound? The intense look of the young guy staring at you near the alleyway, eyes pinpoint from recent opiate use, vertical nystagmus while trying to talk to you. The skunk you see staggering around your chicken pen at 2 pm drooling and falling down to rest on occasion. Large numbers of homes going unoccupied or an increase in walk-away foreclosures within a given neighborhood.)

    All of the above examples are signs of danger and you should be prepared to do something about them. Most of the time, it is best to vacate the area.

  25. my gut has saved my ass more than once i learned LONG ago PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR GUT it very rarely is it wrong

  26. @ Idaho rotorhead, Character and Destiny by D. James Kennedy is one reason they don’t like him/his ministry(since he’s passed away). Second U.S. Navy ship collision seems to be possible pretext for war. Tonkin Gulf 2.0? Israel is anticipating historical events during Year of Jubilee.

  27. I could relate many instances; one very important one.
    I just had my 21st birthday and it was my day off from work; decided to visit Mom and went by Dad’s work to see if he was going home for lunch; decided to pick up 18 month old niece…BUT for some reason, didn’t…just can’t say why.
    With Dad not far behind me, my car hit a slick oil spot, turned and hit an oncoming car.
    The car was crushed..a small, compact Ford Comet.
    I was thrown from the car and my life was saved but still stayed in ICU for 7 days due to head lacerations.
    It was touch and go for days.
    My niece would NOT have survived if she had been in that car.
    I never told anyone about my hesitation and decision to leave her home with her mom.

  28. I have lived a dangerous life and survived whole for seventy one years so far if being a little crazy doesn’t count. In my youth I carried my M-60 through a tour of Vietnam and survived. I worked as a millwright which is a dangerous job at a paper mill where I worked for forty years. and survived whole, if the asbestos I breathed doesn’t show up. I have done many dangerous things in my spare time and survived some really spectacular auto wrecks. Many times in my life death has passed me by. I came to the conclusion that every person has a time to live and a time to die if they don’t really push their luck too far. When you do something really stupid and life threating and survive it is just because the grim reaper isn’t ready for you yet. When your time is up and the grim reaper is ready for you, death will happen then and there no matter what you are doing.

  29. I was going to purchase this book until I was reading an Amazon reviewer who shared that this author goes on an anti-gun rant at the end of his book. He even suggest government enforced gun control.

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