Grasshopper People During Long Term Isolation | There’s Trouble Brewing…

People may eventually want what you have. Who’s that? The unprepared.

Aesop’s, the Ant and the Grasshopper

In a field one summer’s day a Grasshopper was hopping about, chirping and singing to its heart’s content. An Ant passed by, bearing along with great toil an ear of corn he was taking to the nest.

“Why not come and chat with me,” said the Grasshopper, “instead of toiling and moiling in that way?”

“I am helping to lay up food for the winter,” said the Ant, “and recommend you to do the same.”

“Why bother about winter?” said the Grasshopper; we have got plenty of food at present.” But the Ant went on its way and continued its toil.

When the winter came the Grasshopper found itself dying of hunger, while it saw the ants distributing, every day, corn and grain from the stores they had collected in the summer.

Then the Grasshopper knew…

It is best to prepare for the days of necessity.

Some of the Unprepared Will Blame You

Some of the unprepared grasshoppers align with the victim class. Not all, but enough. And victims need someone to blame. Because it’s not their fault, right? They’ll blame you for “hoarding”, because they’ve not thought ahead. Really, they should blame themselves instead.

When the SHTF, as in this unfolding COVID-19 Coronavirus that originated and spread from China, many people have been going through phases…

Denial. It won’t affect me. It’s not that bad. It won’t happen here. Normalcy bias. Not even thinking about preparing for “it” – because that’s just stupid.

Realization. It’s apparently and evidently getting worse or closer. But it’s still not going to be a big problem – because it’s not “here”, in “my” area of operation. I can always go to the store to get what I need. Normalcy bias still grips the mind.

Panic. Suddenly there’s an “oh $hit” moment, or series of moments leading to panic. Must. Buy. Toilet Paper. Now. (Apparently food was an after-thought, though now getting hit hard).

Anger. The ensuing panic has created shortages and unavailability of many items. The unprepared become angry because they can’t get what they want or need – or at least in sufficient quantity. Must. Blame. Someone. (and/or take from someone?)(redistribution for the good of the people?)

The Longer You’re Prepared For – The More Selfish You Are?

I’ve been reading various media / comments implying how selfish it is to be stocked up beyond a time frame which seems reasonable. And what exactly is reasonable? Well, that depends on the person making the accusation. if you have more than they do, maybe that’s too much.

Lets say the panicked grasshopper was only able to procure one month of food and supplies. If their neighbor has 3 months stored ahead, well, that’s just not fair.

If you have acquired (over time) 6 months, or 1 year or more — GASP! You must be a HOARDER! That’s so not fair. So selfish. That stuff of yours needs to be redistributed to those who “need” it!

Of course as you know, being preparedness-minded, it’s perfectly sensible and logical to build up a store of reserves for just in case. However there are those (more than you might realize) who first think you’re nuts for doing that, and next will accuse you of hoarding and want your stuff if and when the SHTF!

Isolation Orders | Quarantines | Burning Through Supplies At Home | Stress

More and more people are self isolating at home. Many states (including mine) have “orders” to stay at home except for essentials like groceries and medicine, or if you work in a “essential” field.

People are getting stressed out. Many are, or will be losing their jobs. Many businesses will fold. How are people going to pay their bills if they lose their job or unemployment doesn’t pay as much? More stress.

People are going to go “nuts” at home after awhile. Especially those who live in the city, an apartment, no real land or yard to get into. I can’t even imagine… More increasingly angry people?

When Desperate People Begin To Do Desperate Things

Humans have an instinct for survival. Be careful when others around you are getting desperate. If you couple that with the “bad element” of human population, it’s a recipe for bad things to come.

We are presently in the early stages of this pandemic situation. However we’re rapidly moving up the steeper portion of the hyperbolic curve.

Isolation or stay at home orders have just recently begun. I don’t know how long this is going to last. There is obvious conflict between crushing the economy (it already is crushed), versus encouraging people back to work. Too soon, and this virus continues to flare. Which it may keep on doing anyway because not everyone is isolating.

Here in NH, the governor said May 4. That will be a total of 5 weeks. Every state and region is setting their own guidelines. Will this go longer than that? Personally I believe that it will. Or it may turn into a “round 2” after they release the public to engage once again. Then isolation all over again. I just don’t know.

What I Do Know Is This…

Most everyone was not prepared for this pandemic. Panic buying ensued. Many were able to stock up to the extent they felt okay about it. However my concern is that it wasn’t enough. And that most people continue to rely on grocery store supply availability throughout the period of this pandemic.

Will supply chains keep up or be unaffected by this virus in their manufacturing / distribution channels? I don’t know the extent. But for many of you, you’ve already seen the problems in your own grocery stores beginning a few weeks ago. Could it get worse? Probably…

Protect Yourself, Your Home

Listen, I know I’m mostly speaking to the choir here. However I’ll say it anyway. Think about your personal security during these increasingly potentially dangerous and unprecedented times.

Of course we all hope that this virus situation burns itself out soon. Hey, maybe it will. That would be great. However I just don’t think that’s going to be the case. My gut tells me that we’re in this for longer than most may believe. And as a result there’s going to be more and more problems. Our world has changed.

Gun and ammo sales are though the roof. Ammo shortages are everywhere. People ARE thinking about personal and home security. It’s evident.

Here’s a thought during these unprecedented times… For those who are gun owners but typically do not carry, or carry often, for now you might consider carrying all the time. Even at home. Make it habit?

I know it’s not for everyone. That’s okay. Really, chances are that you’ll never ever need such a tool during mostly ordinary times. However, there’s always maybe. And as this thing gets worse and worse, I do believe that “maybe” becomes increasingly concerning.

Bad people may want your stuff. Do you think the bad element got prepared? I doubt it. They might start coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

A fitting comment today from “Modern Throwback” reads as follows:

This coming week, our guard goes up. We are living in very unusual and unprecedented times — we need to be guarded at all times now. Nothing odd has taken place here. Yet. But we want no surprises.

There’s a hole bunch of humans out-there and it won’t be long before they’re hungry, off meds, needing a ‘fix’, angry, or worse. I sure don’t want to meet up with any of them. So it’s time to activate a more guarded position at all times.

I don’t think the masses have good definition of what their personal futures hold for them. They’re doing what they’re told for now, but obedience changes as quickly as a Facebook comment gets posted. Flash mobs meet to harm and destroy.

For those folks who are law-abiding citizens, how much can they tolerate before the strain pushes them over the edge? No one really knows what will happen from one day to another. Add money or family burdens in and people will react, and often it isn’t in a play-nice way.

Plans get cancelled or are put on hold, jobs may or may not provide income in a week or two, stores may or may not have foods well stocked, millions may or may not be infected. How long can the average person handle living this way???

People are still relatively ‘well behaved’, but I suspect it won’t be long before full-on crazy starts to take place and crime increases. Keep your eyes open folks.

If something looks out of the ordinary to you, it is.

Well, these are just thoughts during a Sunday afternoon of stay-at-home “orders” as I continue locking this place down. Devoting more time to security and Level 4 preparedness planning, just in case.


  1. Very well said Ken.Yes carry, even at home. Desperation is just around the corner for a lot of people.Hunger will make anyone crazy, we’re not there yet but will be soon.This is a Whole New World. Stay safe all.

    1. Noah didn’t wait for the rain to start falling before he built the Ark.
      I built my Ark YEARS AGO!

  2. I’ll be honest I find myself a little short tempered, could be the media and politics.

    1. Maybe not a good idea to carry then if you recognize that you’re “short tempered”. Better to be a better witness if it saves a life.

  3. It’s started already, with people actually fighting in the stores over Toilet Paper.
    As soon as the grocery stores open in the morning here, the gathered crowd comes swarming in.
    I witness a man punching a woman in the face, over a pack of T.P.
    I don’t go to the morning openings any more.
    It’s started with the T.P., and will progress from there.
    When people realize the fact that what they need to survive (in this case T.P.) is not available,
    all bets are off, and all civility disappears.
    As I said, it all starts (and has started) with T.P.

  4. As a war veteran (Purple Heart recipient) and retired law enforcement, I am familiar with firearms. I live on a dirt road, lightly traveled, on several acres. Have lived here for many years, and never carried before when on my property.
    However, due to the current climate, I now carry all the time, on and off property.
    A word to the wise.

    1. WarVet, my youngest laid back son went and bought 50 rounds of 9mm after what he saw at a out in the boonies Dollar General. People waiting for the TP truck, pulling out the packs and cutting the straps, running in to the store to pay.

  5. We live in a time when many humans do not want to take responsibility for Anything they do. It is always someone else fault. This seems especially rampant in the younger generations. We were given the gift of free will. Many just do not understand what that means.

    1. You got that right. Many people,”especially the younger generation” do not want to take responsibility for anything and have become the generation of victims. Free will scares them since they grew up with helicopter parents. Image and perception was their quest instead of self discipline, reality based survival and constructive knowledge. When the shock of reality hits them, “their feelings means nothing” the temper tantrums will follow in the form of justified assaults, theft, riots and support of big government.

  6. I watched a short video on Italy. Folks there are losing their civility with one another.
    It only took a few weeks for people to turn feral.
    Being on your homestead away from the stores and the craziness will be prudent now…

    1. Btw ,2 of our members volunteered to be the runners for the group. They have been isolated from us for over a week.
      They went to get some machinery parts I had ordered. I still had a balance to pay and the owner was afraid to leave his business to make the delivery to us. Apparently he is living at his business place so he doesn’t get robbed. Feel bad for him.
      Our runners say there are alot of people not practicing social distancing or taking any precautions
      They won’t leave again unless it’s a medical emergency…
      Gates locked ,security up,cameras working and we are settling in for that “storm” NRP always talked about.
      Thanks again Ken for all you do for us …

  7. I agree it’s time to step up security. The county jail just let loose 59 convicts. Granted that’s about 50 miles away, but still, these losers had nothing and are now being let loose into society with not much of a means of getting what they need in terms of housing and supplies. Well, aside from other measures, I’ve taken to having my rifle within hands reach at all times. I wear a pistol all day everyday but living rural, I may have to take 75-100 yard shots. And while I can do that with my Glock, my AR does it much more effectively.

  8. Convenience has decimated the overall population.
    Run to the local grocery, grab what they need for that nights supper, maybe the next days lunch.

    I pity anyone that has not seen, heard, felt upcoming signs that this Country has been going a stray, for decades.
    I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but my head is not buried in sand, either.
    If I have not prepaired for my family, I have no one to blame but myself.
    But the now accepted society has tought us to blame the other guy for all our failures.
    And to take no responsibility for ourselves.
    It’s much more easier/simpler with that type of mindset.

    We all have choices.
    Which do you wish to be?
    The ant or the grasshopper?
    Or the complainers who sit on their a$$ and have no TP? And it ain’t fair.
    I weep for you(r stupidity)

  9. 80% of crime is home invasion. Please carry at home!! When I was young I spent a year in isolation at the south pole we called it one day and one night, long ass day and night. I was a Seabee with operation deep freeze. Were all lucky it’s spring now instead of winter think about being locked in a house all day and night, then you would see some real trouble brewing a lot sooner! but it’s going to be coming soon. Here in the Portland area its the homeless and the antifa crowd that scare me. A lot of good patterns for face masked on you tube just in case you have to go out. Stay chilly

    1. As a retired Navy Seabee, I think that Seabees are in a unique position in times like these, as we can build/repair/ and maintain anything but a broken heart, and we can fight, as we are specifically trained in defensive combat techniques. It sounds crazy, but having a defensive fire plan of your home and property isn’t such a bad idea. Where are the likely avenues of approach, where can you fall back to, etc. etc.

      I’m a little more prepared than the next guy, but I’m still regretting not getting to the level that I had wanted to. (My wife no longer thinks my preps are cute little idiosyncrasies anymore!)

      1. I like your mindset. I was an active duty jar head followed by a stint as a medic in the NG. I would always joke that I was good breaking and fixing.
        Hang in there, your light years ahead of most.

  10. I unfortunately, live in a small city in an apartment. Its a reasonably upscale place with locked doors and cameras with a security patrol, and in the past, I don’t carry often. I am currently carrying when taking out the trash or walking the dog. Even my wife who is Much less likely to be concerned about people, has accepted my strategic placement of firearms.

    1. I agree with the notion of strategic placement of firearms – regardless whether or not one carries all the time. I’ve recently updated my own strategic placement. Again, just in case. Though all seems fine right now, it only takes a moment for things to go bad. Better to be prepared for that during these unique times.

      1. Wait! Wait! I gotta unbox these rounds and put them in my weapon’s mags! While I am doing this, could you be kind enough to go into my closet and take my rifle out of its “tactical” carrying case for me? You know…its the long, black, rectangular, bag in the corner…the one with two-hundred straps, buckles, zippers and pockets all over it.

        That’s a good lad!

        1. Ision, which is why I suggest (read article above) to carry during these times, even at home. In addition to that, I would also advise strategic placement (assuming of course that one has more than one firearm). Hope that helps…

  11. I think the worst will be the folks who have been blowing this off as a hoax or nothing, they will be the ones who really freak out, then theres the ones with the psycho factor, who plan on exploiting the problem.

    But ya got to love those folks going on lavish vacations, dining out all the time, paying more attention to their FB feed

    1. Kula,
      Well they can’t dine out anymore, unless its take out, here in NYS. (Cuz there is a difference btw NYS & NYC)
      Honestly folks, there seems to be a difference btw every ones situation at the moment. People in my small town seem to be behaving and doing the stay at home thing. I’m not hearing of home invasions, yet. (I know its coming though).

      1. Jabba,
        Even in my county (which has ZERO cases so far) there are no restaurants open for business as usual. A few stores offer curbside service or delivery, but most businesses are closed. Our grocery store and our hardware store is open and we have 2 gas stations, which are both open. Our Town Hall is closed, as is the library and museum. Our honey store will take your order to the curb if you order on line. In our county seat, the convenience store is open, but their small “café” is closed.

  12. Good info as usual Ken, much food for thought. Saw an article recently where the International Red Cross is warning that in the poorer sections of inner cities “trouble” is brewing and they expect rioting soon.
    Also some of the “Criminal Elements” from inner city’s are spreading out into the countryside to escape the Flu.

  13. Both my wife and I have serious respiratory issues,so staying at home is a no brainer.The self quarantine is not bothering us at all.Hopefully it will
    stay that way.
    We only allow ourselves one dose of bad news a day on television.There
    are a lot of entertaining reruns such as HeHaw and Lawerence Welk.LOL
    Making soups and baking goodies for the neighbor kids is a lot of fun.

    It’s still pretty chilly and wet in NW Montana but getting outside for a few
    minutes a day is a morale booster.
    I’m thankful to have all of our friends on MSB to communicate with and
    share ideas.
    God Bless and Good Luck to all!

    1. That’s good that you’re not overdosing on bad news. If you’re on the right course (e.g. self quarantine during these times), then you’re doing the right thing at this time. As long as you stay up to date with this particular current event – once in a while – that’s good.

      This article however does present the notion that bad things could happen as this situation worsens. Though one’s own circumstances and physical location / demographics / pop density – affects it all…

  14. I talked to my sister this week, and aside from asking me to go over her “emergency” shopping list she said something I have never heard before. “I guess you knew what you were talking about.”

    That was a shock. In an odd way it was nice, but I hope I never hear it again because that will mean that we didn’t get back to “normal.”

    1. An indication that so many people are stuck in a normalcy bias – HOWEVER their inner being secretly wonders if what you’re doing (preparedness) is reasonable. They’re stuck in a social-normalcy that frowns upon being prepared (bizarre! but true). Well, here we are…

    2. lauren, ours isn’t there. Our “wake the hell up” conversations are met with silence and then “I’m having some friends over tonight”, a small crowd in a very prone area. What we are warning of is to them hysteria and isn’t “cool”.

    3. I have had multiple friends that low level mocked my preparedness mindset reach out with questions on emergency foods, where to get masks and how to pack a go bag. One thing this event has taught is that I wish my loved ones had listened a little closer, even if it just meant level one or two preparedness.

      1. Ahab
        You made the attempt to school those you love and were around you but they didn’t listen,didn”t care or didn’t believe. The sad part of life is even the people we care about at some point have to learn that all decisions have consequences either good or bad. Sometimes life’s lessons are hard. Let’s just hope that this blows over without to much pain from them and that they learn from it

  15. Last week, I sent my folks an email on home security. I went over some obvious checks for them to do. I made several suggestions, too. I also asked questions about the neighborhood and how they watch one another. They live in a cul-de-sac so there are more eyes on each house. Many people in this development leave lights on between dusk and dawn. A Deputy lives across from them.

    No home security system, and not interested in getting one. Neither of them own a gun, and they don’t want one. My mother can shoot (has gone hunting in her younger days), but won’t have a gun now for fear it might be used against her. They often comment on crime but live in a world of denial.

  16. Here in North Idaho, folks are still civil to one another in the Costco line and in the grocery stores. There is plenty of food and fresh produce. The real panic will set in if the trucks stop running. I have read a piece about a doctor in New Yawk who has successfully treated COVID-19 patients with that generic malaria drug and Z-mycin. Time will tell. Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

    1. DW:
      Living here in North Idaho also, I see the same thing. People are still fairly civil, and I’ve been able to get most of what I want. However, some things are a little scarce, but I can’t complain, yet. You are definitely right about when the trucks stop running. Then it will probably get a little crazy. Lets pray for the truck drivers, that they don’t start to get sick.

      1. BigBadCat

        I heard that people from bad virus States are fleeing to their holiday homes in Idaho around Blaine Country, Twin Falls area ….

        The sheeple rush to areas they think are safe and have food. An invasion of the Redoubt that we did not expect.

        1. hermit us:
          I believe you are right. Most of our cases in Idaho are down south.

        2. Blaine county has one of the highest rates of infection in Idaho…You know…the same county that voted all in for Hillary. Go figure.

        3. Friends near Grangeville say people from CDA and Boise have come up to the area and have tried to wipe out the local areas groceries and supplies. Store owners denied their 5 shopping carts of goods at check out, limiting them to what might be needed for a week so the local people would have groceries. Invaders called the sheriff and the sheriff backed the store owners. I would have told the invaders to go pound sand.

        4. S.Lynn
          Don’t just love it!! lol
          The grasshoppers thought they would scarph up the ants supplies back to the land of OZ. Because of their lacked foresight to be even slightly prepared.

        5. S.Lynn:
          Don’t know why anyone from CDA would go and try to “wipe out supplies” there, as there is enough in CDA and no one is fighting over it. Yet. I think that is for sure just a rumor.

        6. S.Lynn

          Not nice. You sound a little like those libsiders wishing infection on conservatives. That’s not who we are.

          I have family and friends in Blaine County, and have lived and worked there myself. One of the prettiest places in the country with residents and visitors from all walks of life and political persuasions. And from all over the country and world. First confirmed case, however, was the parent of a local school child. That triggered the closure of the schools.

          What’s very hard is that out of 80 confirmed infections at least 14 are in the medical field. There’s only one hospital there so the place has been fairly hard hit. Folks there need our prayers not our derision.

        7. Did some parent of a school child travel to Twin Falls, Boise, or Denver where they picked up the vitus? Or did someone traveling from NY or LA bring the virus with them to their vacation/bug out property?

          Maybe a lockdown should have been implemented sooner in Idaho and the medical personnel warned earlier to start quarantine measure for anyone suspected of being infected. But then hindsight is 20/20.

        8. hermit us

          Or did someone say hi to someone out walking their dog, who had passed someone in the grocery store, who stood behind someone in the ski rental line, who had friend come spend the weekend with them? Or maybe sat next to someone in church?

          Asymptomatic and mild. Perhaps folks who thought they caught a cold were really infected with coronavirus and had no idea they could close an entire county down.

          I mask up as much to avoid infecting others as to prevent myself from becoming infected.

  17. SHTF down in South Florida area, the three counties on the east coast (Dade/Broward/ Palm Beach) have a combined number of cases close to 2,000! Given the amount of drug users, population size, and Illegal’s down there, I expect pretty soon it will get real “sporty” . I also expect some of this to move northward towards us here in North/Central Fl.

    Due to the increasing number of cases in Florida I am unofficially changing the Sunshine States name to FLURIDA!

    Stay safe & healthy- God Bless

  18. The security in my AO is ok for now… the big worry I just read an article about the Amazon wharehose employees starting to get restless about going to work. When they figure out the unemployment check will get an extra $600 on top of the average payout they may just bail and not go to work..

    If this idea of walking off the job moves into other warehouse facilities. products will not get loaded onto trucks. Then we can say the Trucks for food medicine other critical supplies will stop rolling.

    This will be when sh_t gets real for the “its just the flu” Bros – Kens Grasshoppers. They will become very dangerous and blame everyone else.

    These guys probably do have guns and ammo, knives, machetes compounded with a starving family to provide for…. The Grasshoppers will be the most dangerous of all. They will transform into a swarm of locust.

    1. Walking off the job(quit) doesn’t qualify you for unemployment you need to be laid off. They may be able to collect at some point after a hearing but that would be aprox 6 weeks down the road best case scenario

    2. White Cracker,

      I also wonder what will happen if workers get sick at various warehouses across the country and they have to shut them down for a length of time. We are starting to see large numbers of PD in NYC and Chicago that are getting sick and then even more are being quarantined. Many factors to consider that could cause serious disruption to the point of hysteria.

  19. Local community is still pretty active socially even with the social distancing and stay at home suggestions. It seems that Wally World is very busy and TP, bread, and meats are in short supply. Saw this type of activity when a temporary emergency (hurricane) was approaching and they expected everything would be ok in a few days. We are now at day 14 of the stay at home suggestion and many will think it is alright to be out and about as usual.

    When shipments are a few days late is when I expect things to get interesting. Anyone have a prediction for when that happens?

    1. Deep South
      I think the test will be when the food cards get reloaded on the 1st and they descend on the stores( hope they’re restocked on pop and junk food)

      1. D B Cooper,
        That may very well be something interesting to watch ……from a distance.

        1. Bluesman
          I think I’ll wait for the video on the 11 o’clock news. That’s as close as I want to be

    2. My community is way to active as far as I am concerned. I manage an auto parts store and we we hammered all weekend. Granted there are only a dozen cases reported in our county but people just don’t seem to be getting the idea. We even have restaurants that refuse to close’

  20. Talked to a sister from church today (we did not have church) and she told me she had gone to the co-op to get her seed potatoes this past week.

    There was none. Know why??

    People bought them all TO EAT. Yes, they are eating the seed potatoes here in southern middle TN because there are no potatoes in the grocery stores.

    Now that is kinda scary. We had potatoes at our local grocery, but only one bag to a customer.

    This ant must decide, do I can my bag of tatters or save them for planting??

    1. grandee,
      I am pretty sure there was a bad potato crop in Idaho this last harvest. So many of those spuds go to fast food outlets in the form of french fries.

    2. grandee so nice to have another Volunteer posting. I know you have before, but did not where in general you were.

    3. grandee, also we have had soooooo much rain too. Hard to get those seed taters in the ground and growing when it wet. Our Krogers here has been out of all taters too. Even the frozen varieties.

  21. Plenty of potatoes in Oregon. I grabbed 20 lbs the other day and they were stacked up real good at Safeways. No TP or Ramen noodles among some other items though.

    1. There was a good variety of produce available here in China. It is just that some looked a little worse for wear. It looked like the produce might have sat on the trucks for an extended time period. During the lockdown, temps here hovered around the freezing point. The result was seeing bananas with black areas or completely black. Also, the fruits and veggies were not replenished as often. It’s like the stores waited until a certain item was almost out before restocking. Sometimes, the choices of getting decent looking oranges were pretty thin with a lot of drying or rotten spots when in the past they would be quickly removed.

  22. I was angry yesterday when someone posted, “You have enough toilet paper for a year? What about the older people who can’t even get it anymore? Do not be so selfish. This is a serious problem.”

    I bought a year supply of tp long ago when supplies were plentiful and it was on sale. If I hadn’t, I would have had to buy some in the past month when supplies were low, contributing to the shortage.

    But I was prepared so, not only did I not have to buy more, but when my neighbor complained that she was out and couldn’t find more, I was able to help her out with some of my “hoard.”

    It is the people who made the above comment who are selfish. We so-called hoarders are not selfish and are not hurting others, we are helping them. I had a call from a relative in another state who blames me for the shortage. I couldn’t even explain because that person refused to listen. If a serious food shortage occurs, I bet that I will find that relative on my doorstep expecting to be fed. I am so glad I took the advice of people on this site and installed strong security doors and locks.

    1. DaisyK,
      The problem is — these people don’t understand logic. It’s some sort of disorder…

      1. These ppl are all emotion and can’t reason. If they feel it then it’s reality. They won’t ever get it unless they get hit over the head with an anvil. They can’t be reasoned with

    2. I was tempted to make a comment about the “hoarding” of oxygen, but I resisted. : )

      1. Lauren,

        The most recent headline is how much air quality has improved since the shutdown. Should make Al Gore happy

    3. OTOH, never tell anyone about anything you have. They would have never commented.

  23. The grasshoppers do not worry me. They are dumb, impatient, and disorganized. I would have worried about it 50 years ago when people were more religious. It’s hard to have a mob when everyone is selfish.

    I worry about the ineffectual ants. They did some anting but not enough. They know what needs to be done and how to identify those that succeeded where they failed. They are smart and resourceful. They have patience. They’re the ones that are going to scope out your goings on and watch your patterns. Then when the opportunity arises they will take it. A few times of being successful they will become emboldened and take more risks. Those are the ones you have to watch out for.

    1. We can’t underestimate the ability of people to work together even though they come from different walks of life. This is because they have the same or similar goals. They might remain together for as long as it is beneficial to do so.

      1. I agree, but right now and probably into the foreseeable future they are unlikely to unite. We can’t even get people to stay home when they have no reason to go out except to catch COVID19.

        People usually can only muster such collaboration when there is a significant reason to do so and a significant reward for having been successful with little to no risk of retaliation or repercussion. Otherwise, humans are very self-centered and selfish. It is the nature of any animal.

        A gaggle of people aren’t going to come after one family/group with unknown quantity of goodies worth taking by force. If they are successful, how do they split it up? Are they going to be able to work together when someone declares they deserve more? Who is going to tattle on them? Who is going to work with them in the future if word gets out they are pillagers? What happens when rule of law comes back? These are all reasons most assailants/thieves work alone.

        The people that post here are very good at both not looking like they have something worth conflict over and not being an easy target.

        Now if everyone knows you have a bunker full of the finest Vienna sausages and barley pops to wash them down and no way of protecting it then it is a different story (see favorite prepper reference: Balkan wars).

        But no one, unless they are batshit crazy, is going to see some old guy sitting on his porch with a 12 gauge watching his chickens root around and say “I’m going to shoot Granpappy and take his tapioca and chickens.”

    2. pinky, That’s an interesting angle. Also, it’s why opsec is so important while preparing – so those particular ants don’t know…

  24. Thank you all,
    I am beginning to think it is time to pull my brain out of my closet and move to the next level. I really don’t think I was listening to my self till I saw this today. I was hoping this corona virus was not the big deal it obviously has turned out to be. I now think this could really be it.
    Thanks again for getting me off my duff.

  25. I and wife needed some fresh air, so we went to the beach. Had to park 1/2 mile away and hiked there. After about 1/2 hour of really laying back and enjoying it, no problem with “social distancing”, along came the local cops (Gestapo) in their shiny new watercraft and told us to leave immediately or be arrested. As we were walking up and off the beach, sure enough a Patrol Car was waiting to make sure we were departing. If we had lingered, I felt sure they WERE going to arrest us “hardened criminals”.
    Reminds me of wartime Europe under Nazi control. The police there, “just following orders”.
    The days of “Officer Friendly” in this country are over.

    1. Remember only the rich people living out on the beach are allowed to enjoy the beach. Free of you Proletariat. 😉
      I bet some rich a__hole called the cops on you from their condo or beach house.

  26. Well, when it does happen, you will not be given any warning. There will be no dramatic dialog between the bad guys and you. Just BOOM, they are in your house…or you have been shot.

    All you can do is to attempt to slow the bad guys down a bit, which will allow you to clear leather in time. Place your furniture to block exterior doors from swinging inward and block easy access through your large windows.

    You can get a box of deck screws and a roll of heavy gauge wire to create a quick lattice over the inside of your windows. Install the 2″ wood screws along the framing, under the drywall, on each side, then run the wire across. This will hinder break and entry on any opening this is used on, slow entry down…or prevent it…and this modification can be reversed very easily, with some spackling compound and a little paint. (or wood putty and stain). In addition, running wire will not block your vision out the windows and will also secure entry doors. Heck, you can even use Romex wire and staples.

    Choose one way to enter and leave the house, and block the rest. If you need to exit your bedroom window, due to fire…keep a pair of dikes on the window sill to cut the wires in the way.

    I guess you can place defensive hazards on your property, too. Punji stackes anyone? Trip lines? Foot pits? Stumble rocks? Barbed Wire? Remove any available cover for the enemy.

    Just keep the wife from getting in the way. Make sure any non-effectives know to stay out of your line of fire and what they must do..and where and how they should go. The last thing you need is for the enemy to have a hostage, or your wife leap out of bed between you and the bad guy in the doorway.

    Oh, well… No need to get complicated to harden up a bit, nor any need to spend lots of money.

    1. The todo list for tomorrow is to harvest my river cane on the property.

    2. Before Christmas I started preparing barriers in the yard. Nothing magical, just piling brush and whatnot. Mostly to persuade trespassers to go where it was easiest/I had cameras. Before I just had game cameras everywhere and I would check them about once a month. The problem with this is it makes the patterns of animals change also bit oh well.

      I suspect it was hearing about this COVID19 crap back then through colleagues that live in the Wuhan area. Anyway, I would say it was “a little Birdy told me” to prepare for another recession and increased trespassing pressure.

      Anyway, what I was trying to get at is to take a gander at funneling people where you want them to go. It can be as easy as piling brush, planting thorned berry bushes, a strategic wood pile location, parking a trailer in a specific spot, a car, a garden tractor… Even a strategic location of trash cans can force people to go where you want.

      Ken has done an excellent job of suggesting products you can then use to monitor those areas whether it be cameras, a motion light, a car presence detector, etc.

      Then with your suggestions of preparing the house itself is just extra insurance.

    3. Ision, I don’t believe you understand or know how some people have strategized, drilled, and protected themselves.

      “Just keep the wife from getting in the way.”

      1. Modern Throwback, NRP,

        I would refer to my post earlier of the strangers visiting, and my wife’s covering the encounter from concealment with her shotgun. Team effort, or at least should be.

        And she’s a heck of a cook and a pretty fair hand around the homestead. Wouldn’t want it any other way………….

        1. Dennis, there ya go. You get it.

          Around here, we can both make meals, shoot a varmint, pour the morning coffee, and wrangle an ornery goat needing to have hooves trimmed. And bunches more. If one of us is down, the other can take over — like you said, teamwork.

      2. Since the comment is not meant to apply to the ninjas here, I take absolutely no consideration of them.

        I met my own wife while performing as a Stuntman for live performances at a Studio in Los Angeles. I had to stage a comic fight with her on stage, while she was playing a wild Saloon girl, during a Western Stunt show. But, I still have to make sure she understands what to do when I go combat mode.

        1. Ision, when you write in generalities then it is interpreted as being applied to all. There are thousands who read the articles and comments here, only a handful of readers comment.

          ” But, I still have to make sure she understands what to do when I go combat mode.”
          I wonder what would happen if your wife went into combat mode. I hope she could get you out of the way…

      3. MT ,sounds like projection to me. Possibly the women in his life would need to be pushed out of the way.
        I kinda laughed at it. My wife and daughter are the Asian equivalent of “Sarah Connor ” especially my daughter. I’ve gotten shiners and bruised ribs from her in our close quarters training. She’s a good shot too. And fearless AF nowadays…
        I have learned alot from you over the years MT. I appreciate your posts.
        You would be welcome at the campfire for sure…

        1. BJH,
          Your campfire would be a most interesting place, and I am sure I’d feel right at home. After being quarantined, of course. lol

      4. Wow RedDog, I also can’t believe you said that. Maybe you should be making her a sammich, if you know how.

      5. MT,
        It’s funny how people take things. As a single woman, I’m in charge of my own security. When I read Ision’s statement, I thought it was a good point. My thinking was that I never really thought about my spouse getting in my way when I was about to shoot from bed, because I sleep alone. It never crossed my mind to take offense at what he said. Re-reading it, I can see how people could easily take offense, but it’s something that can easily be brushed off, too. I know I sometimes offend people when I would never intentionally do so, and if it’s not pointed out to me, I’d continue to offend. Life’s too short to take offense at everything that’s said. Hopefully, you were just pointing this out to him, and not truly offended yourself. From your comment a little later, it sounds like this is the case.

      6. Ok, I feel like a complete moron.
        Not unusual for me, but never comfortably.

      7. O.K., I’ll let all this slide this time, but all that talk about a sandwich has got me hungry now. I’m heading for the fridge.

    4. Ision,
      Have to agree with MT here. Maybe your wife is a person who would panic and you are genuinely worried for her safety… but it came across is that you believe she is useless and a hindrance… and I would be pissed if my DH wrote about me this way.

      1. I do assume my wife to be absolutely useless in combat, and, if she does not stay down and out of it….she WILL be a hindrance..and easily be killed as a result.

        I would have no problem knocking her down as I engage, nor will pay any attention to her until the combat ends.

        I really do not care if the truth upsets people, nor how I may “come across,” as I am emotionally crippled in this regard.

        1. Ision,
          You gotta do what you gotta do!
          If she is not on board with what you do i can see that outcome easily. I doubt my sweety wants to think about being in a gun battle, i dont really think any sane person does, but she is also seeing the purpose and benefit behind my madness.
          Baby steps.

        2. Ision,
          So why didn’t you say this?
          Some people WILL be a burden if the lead starts flying….I understand your position better now.

          Thankfully, not all women are like your wife.

  27. Oh, I must add…

    Pay special attention to your bedroom door. If you are asleep when the bad guys gain entry to your bedroom, you are dead…even if the gun is right next to you on the nightstand.

    Replace the flimsy hollow-core 3/0 door, you now have with a solid-core door, or an exterior grade metal door, with a beefed up jamb set. If your door will not stand against a 200 pound man’s determined kicks, it aint good enough. Go three hinge, instead of two, and a lock set made to withstand heavy blows…without the wood shattering.

    Same goes for the bedroom doors of any other family member.

    In fact, every damn door in the house should be a solid-core door, with really nice hardware.

    1. Don’t really care about the little woman comment, I make enough comments about men!
      What I would like to know is what to do when the government comes for our suppllies???

    2. Lol! Anyone coming through our bedroom doorway will be met by a couple of angry, very angry GSDs! Good luck to them.

  28. Hmm, hoarding. Yrs ago when my wife and I had two fairly large gardens ( one in sight of a well traveled road ), we had more than a few people ask about what we did with all of our ” extra ” produce from that ” big ” garden we had. And after telling or explaining that we canned , dried, froze every thing that we got, we were accused of hoarding. The funny thing is that we still took a lot to the local catholic convent and took a lot to the local parish church that we belonged to. Since my wife passed I haven’t had a garden, although I’m thinnking maybe a couple of tomato, cucumber, maybe a couple of other ones, and some pumpkins for the grand kids. but other than that, since my wife passed, I don’t really care one way or another, just one foot in front of another until I dww her again

    1. alfie;
      Your comment really hit home hard.
      Lost my “one of a kind” wife quite a few years ago, I know the “don’t care anymore” feeling, as a LOT of folks on this site do.
      Might I offer one little piece of (I don’t give advice so) opinion, Get back into the Garden.
      My late was an avid Gardener and I was the helper/grunt.
      But now I Garden as much for the food as to Honor and remember her by keeping the lifestyle going. Each day I spend in the Garden, I feel like I’m spending another day with her.
      These are hard times Sir….. something as simple as a Garden can keep us going.

  29. Excellent commentary from everyone. I live in the country, but I carry all the time. Alarms, cameras, lighting, fences, dogs, etc, are all part of my layered security. I carry a Glock 43X with an Alien holster that is the most comfortable concealed kit I have used. With the Shield Arms 15 round magazines, I have the perfect concealed handgun set up for my needs. I can do all of my daily work with this set up with zero problems. My rifle is always close by. Keeping busy with daily chores keeps the mind sharp and the depression at bay. Getting my garden ready and other chores is therapeutic for my wife and I. I have caught myself, “being off guard a few times” when I was focused on my work. A stranger walking along our fence next to the road, surprised me while I was cutting grass. My lack of awareness surprised me. Must keep my head on a constant swivel.

  30. They are letting criminals out of jails in untold numbers.
    They have no jobs, money, and maybe no place to go.
    The cops are not responding to crime calls, unless they involve injury.
    Theft, home invasions, robberies, etc. will surely increase.
    Your safety is up to you.
    Brace yourselves, we ain’t seen anything yet!!

  31. The blame has already come. Two weeks ago, I was in a grocery store picking up a few things. In check-out, the cashier made a comment that the “doomsday preppers” had cleaned out their store. That kind of pissed me off. I looked at her and said “No, doomsday preppers didn’t clean out your store, the panic’d and unprepared cleaned out your store. Don’t blame preppers, they shop here daily and had already bought their preps months or years ago.”

    1. Yes, the blame game has begun. Anger and blame. The thing is, you or I will never change their minds. I’m glad you stood up for “us” though. Thanks.

  32. This article got me think’n a lot about security. Today I went around our neighborhood and posted a bunch of ” Neighborhood Watch” signs with a big one at the entrance to our Development. I know, ” not much” but it is a start. Had a conversation with a few neighbors while doing so, and we all agreed to keep our guns loaded and our powder dry.

    If you are looking for some very good TV to watch, try the first season of “The Last Ship” .

    1. Uh-oh.. good point!
      The ants better lay low – stay off the surface – don’t be easy targets for the Giant anteater vacuuming up those still scurrying in and out of their holes…

    2. Food For Thought

      Actually, it appears to have happened. Some postulate that the coronavirus genome contains both bat and pangolin DNA. Pangolins are a relative or type of the spiny anteater.

      1. You are way too smart for me. I was referring to the Guberment.

        1. Food For Thought

          Really enjoyed your question “When will the Giant anteater come after the ants?” and it reminded me of something I’d read a few days ago.

          Ironic how in the midst of shortages caused by the ill prepared, it is the prepared who are being criticized.

          Actually, in a remarkable turn of events, the anteater has come after the grasshoppers.

  33. Anony Mee —

    have you seen this in today’s news?
    “Coronavirus: pathogen could have been spreading in humans for years, study says
    •Virus may have jumped from animal to humans long before the first detection in Wuhan, according to research by an international team of scientists
    •Findings significantly reduce the possibility of the virus having a laboratory origin, director of the US National Institute of Health says”

  34. Anony Mee— and on New Zealand news site=========
    “Covid 19 coronavirus: Pathogen has been spreading in humans for decades, study finds ===
    Covid-19 could have spread among humans for years or even decades before now, a team of scientists has discovered in an alarming new development.

    The virus may have jumped from animals to humans long before the first detection in Wuhan, according to research by an international team of scientists.

    Researchers from Australia, Britain and the US sought clues about the disease’s past and found it might have jumped from animal to humans long before the first detection in the central China city of Wuhan. In fact, these scientists have speculated that it could have been as long as a decade.

    The study was released on March 17 in the scientific journal Nature Medicine.

    It was conducted by Kristian Andersen from the Scripps Research Institute in California, Andrew Rambaut from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, Ian Lipkin from Columbia University in New York, Edward Holmes from the University of Sydney, and Robert Garry from Tulane University in New Orleans

    Dr Francis Collins, director of the US National Institute of Health, said the study suggested that coronavirus had crossed from animals to humans long before it became capable of causing disease in people.

    “Then, as a result of gradual evolutionary changes over years or perhaps decades. The virus eventually gained the ability to spread from human to human and cause serious, often life-threatening disease,” he said in an article published on the institute’s website on Thursday.

    They’re not the only scientists to notice the trend.

    Italian professor Giuseppe Remuzzi has noticed “strange pneumonias” in Italy since last November, which means the virus could have reached Europe before anyone knew about it.

    Prof Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Milan, said he would not be surprised if some asymptomatic carriers had travelled around China or even abroad earlier than December.

    He said the unusual cases of pneumonia in November and December could mean that virus was already circulating in Lombardy, Italy’s worst-hit region, before people were aware of what was unfolding in Wuhan.

    A Beijing doctor working in a public hospital treating COVID-19 patients said numerous cases of mysterious pneumonia outbreaks had been reported by health professionals in several countries last year.

    In December, doctors in Wuhan began noticing a surge in the number of people suffering from a mysterious pneumonia.

    1. I feel like it’s the end of season 1 of “The Walking Dead” where the CDC director tells Rick that everyone has the virus.

      1. LOL — I said that last week or so. There are a number of parallels that can be made to TWD. Creeps me out.

        “We are all infected.” (Season 2)

        1. Sorry, I got my episodes mixed up, but it there is a parallel.

        2. I read “We are all infected” and started laughing. This was the result. (Sing to the tune of “We Are All Enlisted”)

          We are all dejected till the virus is gone
          Quarantined are we, Quarantined are we,
          Two weeks of contagion and a mask to put on
          We are all infected by and by.

  35. The walking dead, we may well be! Some find the show gross, scary, etc. I only started watching the series a year ago via the public library.I find the interactions of the survivors interesting in what they do to survive.And there is a lot to be said for the simplistic lifestyle they are forced to live. We might all be headed in that direction.We really don’t need all the junk most accumulate over a lifetime.

  36. Some states are now sealing their borders from out-of-state travelers (or part-time residents). Rhode Island Governor has called in the NG and has requested door-to-door checks supposedly searching for NY travelers.

    How long before we have some type of Executive decision prohibiting inter-state travel (except for essentials like food or medical transport)???

    1. State Governors can’t LEGALLY prevent people from traveling into their states.
      But they can discourage the travel, or they can order specific actions like self-quarantines which is what we see going on.

      As of today, 3/31/2020, fact-drops:

      Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has self-quarantine orders for travelers from a ‘list’ of states: Louisiana, CA, WA, NY, NJ, and CT. Also included are air travelers from California, Washington state, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit and Miami.

      Delaware and Hawaii have ordered all out-of-state travelers to quarantine for 14 days.

      Stay-at-home orders from these states:
      Hawaii, MD, VA, DC. (Are there others?)

      Vermont Gov. Phil Scott ordered Monday that “any person, resident or non-resident, traveling into Vermont for anything other than an essential purpose, must self-quarantine for 14 days.”

      West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice signed an order mandating all “out-of-state citizens to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the Mountain State and authorizing the West Virginia State Police to monitor the state roads and highways to enforce that order.”

      Kentucky applied a similar restriction to its own citizens Monday, telling any Kentuckians that if they left the state they must self-quarantine for 14 days upon their return.

      Florida has required anyone entering the state from New York, New Jersey or Connecticut to self-quarantine for 14 days while also setting up roadside checkpoints to screen travelers entering the state from Louisiana.

      Oklahoma ordered all travelers from six different states to quarantine for 14 days. Alaska, Montana, and Mass have required “all people” entering the state to self-quarantine.

      A hypothetical scenario: With this many travel restrictions going on, is there any way possible that someone could drive from Vermont to their second home in South Carolina, staying in a hotel each night — without breaking these new laws?????

      1. MT
        Our governor finally put a mandatory self quarantine for all inter-island travel as well, about time, needs more teeth though.
        This crap is getting real

        1. Kula,

          I’ve wondered how easy the island hopping has been….

          I hope you have strong perimeter security. People may make the climb for an oasis like yours.

      2. Tn- all non essential businesses least thru end of April.

  37. Dennis, I’m my young teenage grandson’s “school elective ” so we spend quite a bit of time together.
    This is what he thinks is going on. That this virus is to inoculate us all before the arrival of the Exterestials . All the world governments know they are on their way.
    The boy floated this idea to me a couple days ago. It just came to me when you posted about being prepared for something bigger.
    Its interesting how many emails I’m getting from people I know who think it’s all made up and people really are not dying.
    They are asking for confirmation from me. It’s only been a few weeks and folks are slipping away from reality and seeing monsters around every corner.
    Dennis ,these folks really are not the type to being preparedness minded. Wondering if there’s any correlation…

    1. BJH,

      I appreciate your grandson’s ability to actually THINK!! And it’s admirable that he didn’t hide his belief from you, but chose to tell you. What a conversation, what a good teaching moment.

      MSB has never really discussed UFOs/ETs but I can understand how your grandson could come to his conclusion.

  38. Dennis,
    Well one thing for sure, this whole thing is pretty interesting to watch.
    If its a drill to identify problemsbits a pretty elaborate one.
    Stay safe!

  39. I agree with your thoughts Dennis. I have been somewhat stunned at the apparent zero resistance to these sweeping “orders”. In my view, the Coronavirus situation should have been handled more like they did/are in South Korea. Regional “hot spot” isolation, LOTS of testing, but business for the most part has been carrying on. I’m not 100% sure on SK, but that’s what I recall that I heard or read about.

    Anyway, ‘mericans are fallin right in line. Yes sir. Anything you say sir. Brainwashed sheeple… .Gov knows best.

    1. Ken
      What do you recommend for resistance? I’m open to new ideas.

      IF, you Stand your Ground, they will squish you like a bug.

      I know, been there, done that.

      1. Stand my Ground

        “Johnny Horton- 1814 Battle of New Orleans”

        You know as well as anyone here, there is no “right answer”
        BUT we won our Country once before, we will do it again when the time is correct.
        Unfortunately there are still wayyyyyy to many blind sheeple bowing down.
        Be patient my friend, the time WILL come.

      2. That’s a very long and complicated answer/opinion – which I can’t answer in this comment thread. The majority are now compliant. It has been bread into them. For a long time I have felt that there’s no changing that – unless and until there is a major reset/depression whereby the vast majority “have to” depend on their own selves to survive – a long term depression of sorts. VERY difficult times. If that happens, the next generation will likely be the cure to this problem. Until the cycle repeats itself yet again. Until then, any short term answer/opinion would likely raise eyebrows on an open forum ;) Hey, you could always contact your representative and/or governors office to express your opinion, or the news media to hold the government accountable (as I roll on the floor laughing at the notion of them listening).

        1. Ken ,
          With so much extra time on everyone’s hands are we going down this rabbit hole?
          I did a worse case scenario threat assessment at the beginning of this mess.
          Not too many happy endings there. Just saying.
          I have said it here before. I dont matter. My kids and grandkids future does.I can’t control the possible evil machinations of TPTB. Just how I will act upon it…

    2. Ken,
      standards for tests are different- here.
      Can not do testing with NONE available.
      No tests=no numbers to report… =OSTRICH response.
      We had visuals of what would happen, if problem ignored.
      given false information time and again from ppl supposed to know.. masks don’t prevent , general pubic does not need..
      “It won’t happen here”syndrome… until it does.

  40. Dennis;
    You know darn well…
    “Were here from the government, We’re here to help”

  41. Dennis
    A few nights ago dh was listening to Coast to Coast, George Nory was hosting . The guest he had on said that this CoV19 was just the test to what was coming, only it would be far worse than what is occurring now. Sorry I do not recall the date of this broadcast. If I by chance figure it out will post it back to you.

    1. Dennis
      It was the 26th with George Knapp(my mistake)for the show on the Cov19.

  42. Dennis
    Nope, please continue to think out loud.

    There is definitely ‘something’ not right about this.
    You know it. I know it.
    We all know it.
    Hopefully we can put our fingers on it before it’s too late.
    ……but I’m thinking it’s already too late.

  43. Dennis,
    I think out loud regularly, makes me sane… And I pretend to be talking into one of those “ear thinga jiggies” so no one knows I’m nutso… Remember when people talking to themselves on the street were avoided? Now it’s because they’re using their “ear buds” for a phone conversation. Beam me up :)
    luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  44. MT, My answers, yes,yes, yes, no, no, yes.
    keep on prayin’ for patriots , POTUS,and helpers.
    Don’t give up.
    No matter what….GOD WINS.

  45. “What will 6 months of Covid-19 do to our society? Only certain thing is we’ll be in a state… and the STATE will be IN CONTROL”

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