vegetable garden yields

Vegetable Garden Yields To Expect On Average Per 100′ Row

vegetable garden yields

How much will I get from my vegetable garden?

If my garden rows are ‘x’ feet long (see chart below) how much yield should I expect?

If you’re trying to figure out how much yield that you might get from your vegetable garden, I found a list from LSU AgCenter.

I found the garden yield list while searching for how many ears of corn I might expect in my garden rows. I needed to figure that out first so I could estimate how many pints (or quarts) of home canning that may result.


Expected yields from a good vegetable garden will vary with seasons, care, soils, pest pressures and cultivars.

If you only have a 50-foot row of a crop, cut the posted yield in half.

If you only have a 10-foot row, then use 1/10th of the posted yield for a crop.

Note: Depending on length of season and other factors such as keeping inferior vegetables, some gardeners may surpass these average yields.

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Expected Crop Yields per 100 feet of row

Lima Bean – Bush: 1 bushel shelled (32 lbs.)

Lima Bean – Pole: 2 bushel (32 lbs.)

Snap Bean – Bush: 1.5 bushel (30lbs.)

Snap Bean – Pole: 2 bushel (30lbs.)

Beets: 100 lbs.

Broccoli: 70 heads

Cabbage: 85 heads

Cantaloupe: 120 melons

Carrots: 150 lbs.

Cauliflower: 60 heads

Chinese Cabbage: 100 heads

Collards: 175 lbs.

Corn: 120 ears

Cucumber: 170 lbs.

Eggplants: 150 lbs.

Garlic: 350 heads

Kohlrabi: 75 lbs.

Lettuce: 100 heads

Mustard: 100 bunches

Okra: 175 lbs.( 6 bu. 30 lbs.)

Onions (dry): 220 lbs.

Peas (southern): 20 lbs. shelled

Peas (English): 40 lbs.

Pea (snow): 65 lbs.

Pepper (bell): 125 lbs.

Pepper (cubanelle): 200 lbs.

Potato, Irish: 200 lbs.

Potato, sweet: 200 lbs.

Pumpkin: 150 lbs.

Radish: 30 lbs.

Rutabaga: 90 lbs.

Shallot (green): 350 bunches

Spinach: 40 lbs.

Squash (summer): 80 lbs.

Squash (winter): 150 lbs.

Strawberries: 170 lbs.

Tomatoes: 250 lbs.

Tomatoes (cherry): 450 lbs.

Turnips: 100 bunches

Watermelons (20 lbs. each): 20 melons

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