An Emergency Dental Kit

Last updated on February 1st, 2019


Most of us at one time or another have experienced a dental emergency – and it’s something that’s hard to forget because of the associated discomfort and pain! Dental pain can be caused by a variety of emergency conditions ranging from toothaches, a loose crown, a cracked tooth, or a broken or lost filling.

Sudden dental pain can be very intense, and you will do ‘anything’ to stop it – if you could…

While many of us are prepared with emergency First Aid Kits, how many are prepared with a subset which can deal with sudden dental pain? When there is no dentist (on a trip, vacation, camping, hiking, boating, or post-SHTF), an emergency dental kit may be your best temporary relief alternative until a more permanent solution to the problem can be had.

An emergency dental kit will typically come with step-by-step instructions (usually illustrated) on how to treat the most common dental emergencies (such as a temporary filling).

Look for a kit which includes the following items:

Temporary Cement
Temporary Filling
Toothache Drops
Dental Wax
Denture Repair Material
Dental Floss
Sanitizing Wipes

You might also consider acquiring extra refills if you’re building a preparedness inventory.

Again, many of us might not be properly equipped with an emergency dental kit. For example, when I recently discovered that Tom over at is now carrying dental kits, I realized that I don’t have one in the Truck (to compliment the existing First Aid Kit that I have). I do have a dental emergency kit at home, but I realized that while out traveling is probably even more important to have one – when you’re further away from your own local dentist.

In any event, I thought I would put the notion out there for your preparedness consideration (and to plug Tom’s kit 😉 ).


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