Emergency Survival Kit For At Work

Most people spend much of their day away from home, ‘at work’. A typical full time job puts you ‘at work’ about 1/3 of your available time.

When planning for preparedness, odds are that you might be at work during a given emergency situation.

While you might have a 72 hour emergency kit stored away in your vehicle (you do, right?), what about putting together a kit for at work?

Do you keep a survival kit of sorts at work? A ’72 hour kit’ in your vehicle (highly recommended) could also serve you while ‘at work’ (assuming you drive to work). However it may be a good idea to tailor a specific emergency kit to be kept at work – in a drawer, in your desk, wherever you have a bit of personal space…

Why? Because you never know when you might be temporarily stranded there.

Here are some brainstorm ideas what to keep at work for a kit:


List Of Things You Might Keep At Work
For Emergency – Survival Kit

Comfortable walking shoes (as opposed to ‘dress’ shoes).
Backpack (in case you have to walk out).
Blanket, in case you have to sleep there.
Toothbrush & toothpaste.
A change of clothes and underwear (comfortable).
Bottled water.
Small water filter.
Rain Poncho or Umbrella.
Emergency Whistle.
Pocket knife.
Ready-to-eat foods that do not require cooking.
Canned foods can be eaten without cooking. Consider pull-top cans.
Manually operated hand can-opener.
Canned meats such as Beef, Chicken.
Dried ‘Jerky’.
Peanut Butter (very calorie dense), stores well.
Energy food bars.
Quarters and dollar bills for the snack (vending) machine.
Fork, Spoon, and Knife (be civilized).
Chocolate bars (energy food).
LED flashlight or Headlamp.
Local street (and regional) map.
First Aid supplies (basics).
Medicine kit (prescriptions if applicable, pain relievers)
Portable battery powered radio (for news & info.)
Fire-starter (lighter, or other).
Season appropriate outerwear (jacket, gloves, hat).

Again, if you drive to work, you should keep some preps in your vehicle. Take into consideration that you might have to walk out. That said, do consider keeping additional kit inside your workplace if you can.

The list above could get out-of-control. However depending on your available space, you should be able to choose a few things to keep at work, just in case…

Lets hear your thoughts and suggestions on this ‘at work’ topic…

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