Survival Kits that are Unique to YOU and your Different Intended Purposes

Your Survival Kit Different From My Own

A survival kit, its purpose and contents will most certainly be different from one person to the next. The items that we each choose to put inside will vary. Sometimes quite a lot.

The survival kit that I put together will probably be different from yours. And vice versa.

We each have different needs, requirements , and various intended purposes for a given kit. In fact, many of us have multiple kits which we put together for specific functionality and situations.

When we put together our own kit from our own list, we are tailoring to our own needs and requirements.

What’s the Difference Between a Survival Kit, a 72-hour Kit, or Bug Out Bag?

It’s mostly just terminology. I sometimes refer to “it” as a 72-hour kit. Why? Well, it’s generally purposed to “survive” for 3 days. Generally.

Some people refer to their kit as a BOB, or bug out bag. Again, it’s a kit generally designed to survive on your own for a period of time until reaching a given destination. An interim kit of sorts. Assisting getting from point A to point B. Maybe even on foot.

In any event, it’s a survival kit. Whatever you make of it.

Survival Kits in Different Places

I consider my EDC kit (every-day-carry, the things I keep in my pockets) to be a very minimal survival kit. These items may include a pocket knife, a tiny flashlight, a small lighter, a Colt Pocketlite, and whatever else might be appropriate on a given day.

I also keep a backpack in my truck filled with various items comprising a 72-hour kit. There’s also food stashed in a compartment stashed under the back seat (along with a first aid kit and supplemental supplies).

I keep a tailored survival kit in my ATV. There’s another in my snowmobile.

I have two day pack survival kits which are integrated as part of a pair of Versipack’s (one for me, the other for Mrs.J). Great for a short hike or any other short term excursion.

Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack
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When I used to work at an office (whereas now I work from home) I kept a unique survival kit in one of my desk drawers.

Perhaps you’re a hunter and keep a unique kit in your bag during the hunt.

Unique Personalized Items For Your Survival Kit

You may have your own unique needs or requirements. Maybe it’s health related. Medications. Other.

Some items may be unique due to our own abilities, skills, know-how, food tastes, geographical environment, the season, intended travel, and many other reasons.

Define the Purpose

When it comes to figuring out what you’ll keep in your kit:

First, define its purpose. Why are you building “this” particular kit…

Then, think about how it might be used. Where it might be used.

Think of the fundamentals which support the intended purpose of the specific kit you’re putting together (not all of them will apply in all cases).

For example, do you have the 5 C’s of survival covered? Do you need to?

Part of the fun is building your own kit, for YOU. There’s no particular right or wrong (although I suppose you could make basic mistakes – but that’s not the focus here…).

 What are some of the intended purposes for your kits?

Do you have more than one which are uniquely tailored for different requirements?

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