Favorite Spices

We all have our favorite spices.

Mrs.J and I have several drawers in the kitchen with nothing but spices – all sorts of flavors. We also buy some of them in bulk – vacuum sealed bags for long term storage. When a spice jar is getting low, we’ll open a bulk bag and refill it as needed.

Spices can really change up the overall flavor of a given food / meal – completely altering it to one’s taste, a particular cuisine, ethnicity…

One thing is for sure with regard to long term food storage and preparedness: Having a wide variety (and quantity) of spices will make even ordinary staples such as Rice & Beans (and many others) more palatable with various flavors!

How To Keep Spices Fresh
Spice Storage Tips:

– Keep your favorite spices in the dark (e.g. drawer)
– Store spices away from stove or other heat source
– Air-tight jars are good
– Vacuum seal or Ziploc bulk storage

Bonus Tip:

– Don’t shake spice over steaming food. Moisture will get into the container, possibly speeding up mold growth.

Don’t get food fatigue. Spice it up!
Lets say you’re having to dig into your long term food storage (for whatever reason). Hopefully you won’t become mired in dull food flavor fatigue…

Think it through. You’ve spent time and money storing extra food for ‘just in case’. Don’t forget about the spices.

One thing I find interesting… even though we have a wide variety of spices, I tend to reach in the drawer for my favorite spices. I need to force myself to try new flavors!


Your Favorite Spices

So here’s the question for you (and I’ll tabulate the results later)…

If you could only store 10 spices, what would they be?

Okay, you can list as few or as many that you want. I’m just curious to put together a list of popular favorite spices that most people might keep extra (just like we store extra food for preparedness).

So lets get started…
Favorite spices?

What are the must have spices (in your opinion)?

PEPPER (peppercorns)

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