Pressure Canner Problems

Pressure Canner Troubleshooting – How To Fix Problems

Pressure canner troubleshooting tips, originally posted by ‘Christine Coburn’ for Modern Survival Blog.

“There is nothing more frustrating when you have worked hard to get a batch of food prepared to can, and then your canner doesn’t work right.”

After 30 years of canning I have learned several canning “tricks”, All of them the hard way.

In order to understand what’s causing a problem and how to fix it, you first need to understand how each part of the canner works together with the rest of the parts.

My pressure canner is the normal run of the mill canner:

Mine is a Mirro 22, made in 1980. It has been in service full time for 31 years.

Today’s Mirro pressure canner is one of the most popular:
>> Mirro 22-Quart
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Pressure Canner Troubleshooting – Various parts of the pressure canner

First, a quick look at basic parts:

See the locking lugs all the way around.



Canner Racks
One is always placed on the bottom of the pot under your jars. The other is placed on top of the first level and then a second level of jars on top of it. This is when you are canning pints or half pints and are doing a second level. You can not stack quart jars. Failure to use these will cause your jars to break in the canner.


Pressure regulator
This is what regulates the amount of pressure in your pot.

High pressure relief valve
This is the safety mechanism to keep you from blowing the lid thru your ceiling.

Lid locking mechanism
This is also a safety mechanism to keep the lid from blowing thru your ceiling.

Troubleshooting Pressure Canner Problems

A list of various problems and solutions:

The lid will not fit on right

The locking lugs are not properly lined up

Place the lid on top of the canner with the lid handles a little off set from the pot handles. Line up the lugs by sliding it back and forth until the lugs fit together and the lid slides down. Then turn the lid until the handles on the pot and the lid line up.

If your lid doesn’t not want to slide easily once it has seated on the lugs then coat the gasket with a small amount of vegetable oil to help the gasket to slide on the pot.

Pressure Canner not building pressure

Turn off your burner and slide the canner to a cool spot to cool down before troubleshooting the problem.

Gasket not sealing
– Soak gasket in hot water for 15 minutes.
– If gasket seems loose on the lid then you can stretch the gasket by working your way around with both hands pulling on it.
– Try a coating of vegetable oil.
– Replace gasket (good to have a spare on hand !!)

>> Mirro Pressure Canner Gaskets
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>> Presto Canner Gaskets

If your pressure canner won’t build pressure, it might just be not enough heat.
– Increase heat.
– If you have a canner with wing nut type clamps then it is possible one of your clamps is not tight.

New Gasket Won’t Seal

You just bought a new gasket for your Canner and now it won’t seal or the gasket only lasts a few times of running the canner before it fails again.

Turn your pot over and look at the manufacturing date. You see the 12 80 on mine (See picture below). The Mirro 22qt made before 1983 requires a different gasket than is sold at the hardware store now. You probably have the wrong gasket.

There are several sites on the internet that sells the older replacements. You can call the manufacturer to make sure of what part you need.

Gaskets that are used regularly should last 3-5 years. Usually what causes them to fail is not using them and they dry out.

Old faithful erupting on stove

Steam is pouring out from under the lid. Slide the canner to a cool spot to cool down before trouble shooting the problem.

Lid locking mechanism did not lock
– Try Jiggling the lid to get the mechanism to lock. Some canners are very picky about the lid placement and this mechanism.

Food is hung in the lid lock mechanism
– Make sure your lid and jars are clean before processing.
– Check the gasket, under the gasket and the lid lock mechanism for pieces of food.

Gasket not sealing
– Soak gasket in hot water for 15 minutes
– If gasket seems loose on the lid then you can stretch the gasket by working your way around with both hands pulling on it
– Try a coating of vegetable oil
– Replace gasket if it is dry, hard, cracked or torn.

If you have a canner with wing nut type clamps then it is possible one of your clamps is not tight.

The high pressure valve just popped

(Hurry and throw a damp rag on top of the valve so that you do not lose your jars, do not get your hand in the way of the steam it will burn you). Slide the canner to a cool spot to cool down before trouble shooting the problem.

Stem is clogged
– Always make sure your pot and lid is clean before you use it and make sure your jars are clean when you put them in.

The pressure regulator quit jiggling and is now just blowing a steady stream of steam

Too much pressure in pot
– Turn down your heat a bit

The pressure regulator quit jiggling and is not blowing steam out

Not enough pressure in the pot
– Turn up your heat a bit

Lids not sealing

Rims not clean when lids are placed on
– Wipe the rims with a clean damp cloth before placing your hot lids on them

Pressure being dropped too fast
– Never drop the pressure artificially. Allow the pot to cool on its own. By dropping the pressure it causes negative pressure in your pot and will pull the jar contents out into the pot from under the lids.

Using used metal lids
– Never reuse a metal lid. The only lids suitable for repeated use are Tattler lids with gaskets.

Not enough headspace
– Leave about ¾ of an inch between the top of your food and the top of your jar. The jars will boil in the canner and if you do not have enough empty space in the jar then the contents will be pushed out of the jar causing grease and food to get under the lid.

Rings not tight on metal lids
– Tighten rings over metal lids prior to processing

Rings too tight on tattler lids before processing or not tightened down after processing.
– Tighten and then back off the rings over a Tattler lid ¼ inch then tighten the rings after the jars are processed and removed from the canner. Use an oven mitt the jars are HOT!!!

 Today’s Top-Of-The-Line Pressure Canner Brand:
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Pressure Canning Tips

If at any time you lose the pressure in your pot you have to start re-timing the food from the time you rebuild pressure!!

Always let the canner vent steam for at least 10 minutes before placing the weight on the stem. This allows the air to evacuate the pot and makes sure the stem is clear.

Always make sure your canner is clean and the jars are clean before canning or you can clog your stem. Inspect it before each use.

Always make sure you have enough water in the pot to run the entire processing time. If you let a canner run dry you will warp the pot and break your jars.

NEVER drop the pressure purposely by removing the weight or running cold water over the pot. Always allow the pot to cool naturally by only sliding it to the cool side of your stove or counter. Failure to do this can cause steam/burn injuries, broken jars and seal failure.

Any time there is a problem with your canner gently and carefully slide it to a cool place and then leave it alone until the pressure has subsided. If too much pressure builds it will make a howling sound from the steam escaping the escape valve or from under the lid. The escaping steam will burn you!!!

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  1. I have learned all of these things the HARD WAY. The last one was the whole Mirro canner gasket thing. I was getting the right gasket according to the hardware store and I even told them that my old one was different. They assured me it was the right one. Well 3 gaskets later and madder than a hornet I called Mirro. They changed the design of there 22 qt canners in 1983 but didn’t bother to change the model number or make anyone really aware of it. I was buying Mirro brand replacements did it say it was for canners after 1983? Noooooo!!!! only that it was for M-0522 which is exactly what my canner is. I have had my canner for 20 years and it was my grandmothers before that. So I am going to stock up on the old style gaskets and I guess buy a new canner to go with the stock pile of new gaskets that I have!
    I wrote this because I wished someone (or something, like a manual) had been able to make my learning curve easier….. I do hope I have helped others with my trial and error… ;o)

    1. Hi Christine, Just wanted you to know, i also have the same model and I’m looking for a free manual to download. Can’t find my original manual. Took me several times of lid applying to finally get the lid to seal without leaking steam and air. Thanks for letting us know about the seal replacement.

      1. My jars are stuck in my canner I can process7 pints at a time one jar was easy to remove the other will not
        Move they ate stuck to rack o the bottom and each other on the sides

    2. I have a concern…while taking the lid off the pressure canner one of the jars hissed for a couple of seconds. I waited about 1 minute before pulling them out. Is this a bad thing should I have thrown out the jar and it’s contents or ??? I’ve never had this happen

      1. Jo – That jar is probably okay. Your pressure might have been a little high, maybe in combination with too little headspace and you had a little boil over. (Or you manually released the canner pressure prematurely) Let the jar cool down, it probably has sealed. After the jar has cooled, remove the ring and try to pry the lid off with your thumb. If you can’t pry it off with your thumb you are probably good. If in doubt, just put it in your fridge and use it soonest.

        1. Not knowing which jar it was for certain I lift tested them all. I do have tendencies to over process when doing meats. This case chicken. Thank you Northern Sarge.

      2. Steam was coming from my canner and wasn’t jiggling is it ok to cool down naturally and restart the process Marsha from Illinois

        1. MeCanCan,
          it happens sometimes especially with the presto canners. but it will be fine, you just have to get it hot again.
          good luck!

        2. When this happens remove the top after all pressure is off it., clean the gasket and oil it with a little veggie oil be sure to oil both sides..of the rubber gasket.sometimes they will do this just before the steam gets up high enough to make jiggler – jiggle…..If steam is just from one place on the rim, try a single sharp rap with a heavy spoon.( could have an air bubble caught in the rubber) and this will make them seat.

        3. I have had that happen, usually to much water in the canner. Just remove one water and start again

        4. Ok. With my mirro I just did canned applesauce. BUT I did not put on the first weight as I thought the “cock” was a 10 pound pressure. So should I do them all over?

          And the same with quartered Roma tomatoes last night. Should have been 10 lbs pressure! What a great way to wreck food.

          Any answers folks?

    3. I have a question. My dad lost the jiggler so i had to use the round style for steam release. Tried the 10lb slot but didnt work right. The 5lb side worked rt. I was canning pints of carrots. So instead of the 10lb/25 min I wound up doing 5 lbs for 38 min. Will they be ok? Lol.

    4. My prestige came with a one piece weight. I guess it is 15. when I build pressure and vent for 10 min I put the on weight. The guage quickly goes to 15 and I can’t adjust downward to can at 10psi.

      Suggestions? I have located and ordered a 5-10-15 prestige weight. Might that help?

      1. Yes the 5-10-15 weight will help you get the 10psi, although processing at 15 psi wont hurt.. Make sure you process for the full time for your given altitude. Let it cool down slowly to drop pressure afterwards.DO NOT LET OFF PRESSURE when the time is done, you’ll likely break jars if you do.

    5. Order online but had to check vout date on bottom of my canner to see when purchased because was running into this problem. I didn’t want to keep mailing or making trips to store…

    6. Why are some of my jars sealing as soon as I close the lid to my pressure canner?

      1. Terri,
        How do you know they are sealing when you put the lid on? Are they going “DINK!”? That is the lid, likely reacting to heat, and does not necessarily mean they are sealing at that point. When they are done being pressure canned, and you take them out, they will likely be hot, and you will hear those lids go “DINK!” and the lid will pull in. Again as they cool. The lids should all be kinda down in the middle. If you push on them they won’t move up and down, if they do, you don’t have a seal. Don’t know if I have explained it right, so you can go to either the Ball or Kerr canning sites online and be able to get an explanation there. Happy canning.

  2. Last year when I canned I was able to get my jars to seal, but it took alot of extra time…..and now the canned food taste bad… I need a new pressure regulator??? any help or comments would be appreciated..

    1. Definitely DO NOT eat food from a canning process where the jar lid seals are not or have not sealed. You could risk severe health problems or worse… As far as why they are not sealing for you, you must be sure the jar lids are clean BEFORE you put the lids on (wipe of excess food), and the jars much reach high enough temperature to ‘burp out’ the air inside of them.

    2. Our presto steam gauge #85729 fell to the floor.It is now stuck on 7 psi. Is there an adjustment to return it to 0 psi?

      1. Ron S…I hope someone has a solution for you…
        if not, trying looking company up online and emailing

        if ALL else fails….drop it again…All joking aside, I have actually had that work on a couple of items, when all else failed.

      2. Ron S:
        Solution for your dropped dammaged gage.
        Go online and buy a new.
        Do NOT mess with damage parts on a Pressure Cooker

        1. When I did the test drive with my new 23 qt canner, all worked well. Then today, I canned some pork, followed directions exactly, I thought. But after letting steam escape for 10 minutes and putting on the pressure regulator, pressure never built up. Why?

        2. I had the same problem today trying to can chicken. I’m so frustrated! Did you ever figure out why??? I’d love to know

        3. To Lynn and Amy, My first guess is ‘maybe’ there wasn’t enough water in the canner? And it all steamed out in the 10 minutes? Second guess, maybe a faulty gauge? Do you have a gauge, or just the ‘jiggler’? Or both?

    3. The canner gets to pressure but the weight blows a lot of steam then stops blowing and steaming. Then one minute later does it all over again. I turned down the heat then completely stops steam or moving. Is it broken

      1. Not broken. It’s doing what it’s designed to do. The valve rocks and releases steam when the pressure gets too high, then stops when it drops back to the expected level. Then slowly builds up again. It should do this a couple times per minute. If the rocking is continuous, turn down the heat ever so slightly. If it stops for more than a minute or two, turn it up a little.

        1. my tfal canner has a setting for 10lb psi but will not go to 10 on that setting should i turn it up to 15lb setting?

        2. To ‘pat’,

          Regardless of the type of pressure canner, if it’s not getting to 10lb psi, that likely means its not getting enough heat. So, turn up the stove a bit…

      2. My overpressure metal plug popped out and don’t stay in while cooking

    4. The canner gets to pressure but the weight blows a lot of steam then stops blowing and steaming. Then one minute later does it all over again. I turned down the heat then completely stops steam or moving. Is it broken

  3. Can anyone tell me why, when I pull cans of food from the canner after following the directions for the food I’m canning, the liquid in the jars have dropped in half and the top half of food is out of the liquid? I cannot figure out what I’m doing wrong and its so frustrating!

      1. Have the same.problem. presto said 20 tomatoes 25 min. Others say 10 minutes. I cannot regulate presto on flat top stove. Any suggestions. To hard and expensive to keep wasting. Tks

    1. You have to rings on to tight or to loose, they should be finger tight

  4. Talk bout timing…. or maybe coincidence. I am canning jars this morning of my Boston Baked beans and also jars of split pea with ham soup. My ‘Mirro’ 22 qt Conner did not want to seal. The gasket round the outer rim just wouldn’t seal. I m relatively new to pressure canning (only 2 years). When I opened my e-mil and read your timely post. Thank you Christine……
    From a novice canner,

  5. I got my canner today – did everything the instruction book said to do. It won’t register pressure at all. It’s full of chicken soup. I’m so upset! I know I won’t get a response in time but I needed to vent to somebody. GRRRR.

    1. Sounds like you might need to return it, seeing how you said that you just got it… assuming that you’ve checked everything in the book.
      Proper ring seal to hold the pressure? The cover is put on properly? The pressure gauge is installed properly? Nothing blocking the hole where the pressure gauge is? Etc.

    2. My gauge canner cookers are not going up to pressure. One is an old Presto but in perfect shape. The other is a new one, purchased only about a year ago. I am heating them up on medium and have 3 quarts of water in each. I have used them quite a bit in the past and tried to jiggle and move the lids a little to see if they would seal. It has been several hours and still no movement.

    3. My thing that shows how many pounds to go up to is very lose is it ok to tighten up the gauge by turning the bolts on the under side of the lid so it will be tight again

    4. Same for me doing chicken. No rattle . Very strange and was second time to use. Seems all the new stuff doesn’t work as well as the things I’ve had for years . Ten to fifteen years. Strange ?

  6. How to fix-troubleshoot your pressure canner problems…
    I found your blog while searching for answers to my pressure canner questions. I look forwarding to reading your blog. Looks like a lot of good information. Meanwhile, I’m in the process of pressure canning for the first time. I have a Mirro 22 qt canner, model M-0522-11 that I bought second hand in excellent condition. I placed 3 quarts of water and 4 quart jars in the pot. I turned on the heat without the weight and eventually noticed stream coming out from the handle area. I’m assuming the safety valve didn’t have enough pressure to pop closed because when I put the weight on the vent it stopped. Next I noticed bubbles seeping out from around where the vent (the little threaded pipe) goes through the lid. I noticed a little green patina inside around the treated pipe.I thought I could tighten the threaded pipe but it seems not to want to move.It’s hard for me to believe the canner is defective. Any ideas? Thank you.

  7. Why does my juggler not jiggle? I’ve had the canner of beans going for 2 hours.

    1. I’m hoping that you found the answer to your problem with the jiggler not jiggling. I canned beef cubes and ground beef last night. The jiggler did not jiggle. I kept and eye on the pressure gauge and it stayed at eleven pounds of pressure for the 90 minutes, but the jiggler just didn’t jiggle. Do you or anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your help.

      1. I asked a Presto customer service rep. about that, his comment for me and the serial number of my canner and weight was “it’s a 15 pound weight” I was canning at 10 pounds for 40 minutes “just watch the pressure gauge and keep at 10 lbs”. Haven’t killed anyone yet!

    2. One time my jiggler did not jiggle. I found a reference to it being caused by the canner not being level. I tried shifting it with the end of a utensil and it jiggled just fine. Now I make sure the canner is not touching the built up edges of my stovetop and haven’t had a problem since.

  8. my pressure cooker has a rounded bottom and wont sit flat is there anything I can do its 12 years old

    1. “my pressure cooker has a rounded bottom and wont sit flat is there anything I can do its 12 years old”

      I would not trust a pressure cooker that is bulging. Time to replace it!

  9. Kent:
    Your cooker has warped because it is probably an aluminum alloy. You will need the canner bottom, a 2″ x 4″ the length of the diameter of the canner, and a heavy hammer or sledge hammer. Also a cement floor or some very stable floor. Place the canner upsidedown on the floor, place the 2×4 on the bottom of the canner, and observe that the middle is rounded, the 2×4 does not sit flat on the bottom. Take your hammer, pound on the 2×4 where the canner is rounded, moving the 2×4 around to make the bottom all flat. May use a level to help you if available. When you are done, the bottom should sit flat on the surface, with no rocking. Now it will fit on the stove so it is usable.

    1. I am not an experienced canner, but have a working understanding of materials and physics. The fact that your canner has been warped, or overpressure at some point, does not mean that the metal has weakened beyond safety. Your problem, as remedied above with a hammer and 2×4, is the new shape of the canner. What I have in this house, attributable to my grandparents or greatgrandparents, is a device to move a pot a bit further from the cooking flame. The design I have which could be helpful is a simple crossbar of strap steel, rivited at the center. While the extra space from the flame is not necessary for you, the sagging center of the crossbar could cradle your modified pot comfortably, and keep it stable over the flame.

      1. thank you for this information-I have two older mirro 22 qt canners pre 1983 models that are warped and I have been searching every where to find out if these are still safe to can in-and you have answered my question-I live rural and have a large wolf commercial stove so the canner still sits fine on these heavy burners-thanks much Kathy

    2. I have had to do this a couple times over the years. This is the information sent to me by Mirro and works perfectly.

  10. Help – day 2 canning with a new Mirro 22 qt pressure canner… first time at 15 psi and now the lid is stuck on – no more pressure in the canner – and the pin in the handle is stuck up, so the lid will not turn.. thoughts? The canner is still hot – but there is no pressure left as it has been about 2 hours since I took it off the burner.

    1. took the screw out of the handle after it fully cooled – then I was able to remove the handle. With the handle removed (from the side of the pressure lock) I was able to rotate the cover and remove it. Then I was able to push the pressure pin from side to side and it released. Ran another batch and it worked well, so who knows…

      1. Just had the same thing. Seems the jar lid rim was in the way. Thanks for the info how to get the lid off!

    2. I just had the handle lock problem last night and had a heck of a time finding a solution. Armed with Paul’s info, I headed back into the kitchen. Grabbed a butter knife to take a peek at the actual situation before unscrewing the handle, and lo and behold, one poke and the mechanism popped right open! Whew!

  11. I love your website, Christine. So much information. I am always looking for new ideas. I have a couple of questions –
    My pressure regulator will jiggle and get hung-up on its side. Pressure escapes and I have to push it straight-up so it will build pressure again. I guess I need to purchase new gaskets. I don’t know what else to do. Will try a new burner, too. Maybe that will help. Anyway I guess the major deal is whether I can purchase a presto gasket for my mirro canner. Are all gaskets & pressure release parts interchangeable?? My mirro canners (2) were made 5/82 and the model is M0598-11.

  12. Question please help me is the pressure value suppose to be screwed tight to the top of my pressure canner?

    1. Yes. The pressure valve is intended to prevent the cooker from going *boom*. Having said that, you really should get information from the manufacturer.

  13. i just purchased a slightly used mirro 22 qt. pressure canner. The canner i had for many years, (it came up missing and my husband knows nothing about it) had a regular gauge that showed your pressure as it climbed and you adjusted the heat to keep it where you wanted it. This new canner has a round gauge that you just sit on top. Can i take that one out and replace it with the other kind? Thank you allyson

    1. Hubby knows nothing about it? Typical!!! Mine was revamped into moonshine still!!!! It hasn’t worked properly since even though everything was put back where it should be!

  14. Thanks a lot for sharing your expertise. It helped me better than the manufacturer.

  15. While a second rack is needed between layers of pints, it is not to prevent jars from breaking, which is the use of the one on the bottom.

    The jars on the bottom, if there were no rack, would rest on the bottom and under water. Steam would form under them causing them to bounce, on the rack they don’t sit directly on the bottom and don’t bounce. Bouncing breaks them.

    The tops of that first level of jars is out of the water by several inches, even if it were not there is no heat source in the jar to cause steam to form at the top of the jar. No bounce.

    The second rack is needed to allow steam to circulate across the top of the first layer and the bottom of the second layer. For this reason a towel is not a good substitute, it is in fact no better than no rack. You don’t need much seperation, a 1/16th of an inch is fine.

    Also, you can not stack quarts in your canner. American makes a canner that is tall enough to stack quarts.

  16. I pressure canned some beef last month using the dry pack method and we followed the directions to a tee. However, the jars have a liquid in them that has not become gelatinous. What are your thoughts. Thanks

  17. I have no problem with my Mirro canner reaching pressure and completing the process. My problem is the pin in the handle staying up even after the canner is completely cool. I am tired of taking the handle off to get the lid off. Can anyone tell me what to do to resolve this issue?

  18. I have not bought a canner YET….worried…will my flat top thermostatically controlled stove cause issues with reaching and maintaining proper temps….and if so can you use a hot plate to can? this is all new to me…. thanks…

  19. Have an all American 941 and can’t get it to vent steem. I checked the vent hole to make sure nothing was in it before I but the lid on, I added 3″ of water and set it on my outdoor cooker not on a stove but a turkey fryer type burner.

    Turned the heat to high and sat there for an hour and a half for it to start venting but it never would. I thought that maybe the wind what wind there was , was keeping it from getting hot so blocked the hole thing so no wind would hit it, still same thing.

    Is the burner maybe just to far away from the pot it sits almost 6″ away from the bottom of the pot? Do I need a bigger burner?

    Not sure what to do anyone know?

  20. I have a mirro 12Qt / M-0512-11which keeps blowing the it’s pressure relief valve. I ordered a new one from Internet by the model number, which is a red plastic valve. I washed it in warm soapy water & let it soak in hot water for about 5 minute. During the first attempt to use the canner after replacing the valve it blowed out across the room and all the water out all over my kitchen. Please let me know how I can correct this problem. It helps to have more than one canner going at one time when you have bushels of beans to can at one time. Please help!

    1. I have the same issue with the sameodel. Two different new relief valves did the same exact thing. Did you find a solution?

  21. I have a 1994 model Mirro 22 quart pressure canner. I’ve recently purchased a new seal for it and now the lid won’t slide all the way around to line up the handles. It acts like it’s hitting something or that the seal is too thick. Could the safety thing on the handle be causing the problem?

    I also have a VERY old All American but it’s very deeply pitted on the bottom (outside). Is it safe to use? It was my grandma’s and she probably got it used.

    1. New gasket,presto09907 for my ca21 canner, gasket to big will not fit on unit, help.

      1. I’m having the same problem. I have an older Presto CA21 (21B) PC. The 9907 seal does fit, but you have to take a little time working it around into the groove for it to fit all the way. However, now that I’ve bought the new seal, the lid won’t close all the way. Very difficult to get it to turn. I notice the new seals are thicker than the old ones, but until the new seal shrinks a little with use, I don’t know what to do to get the lid to close all the way. I’ve tried 3 different new seals, and it is the same problem with all of them. If I remove the seal, the lid closes easily. The instructions that came with the new seal say not to put oil on the seal because it can cause the seal to swell. However, I’ve many other posts elsewhere that actually tell you to put some oil on the seals to help keep them from getting hard. So I’m not sure what to do. Thinking of trying the oil anyway. Any ideas out there?

    2. On my ca canner how can I make the sealing ring fit and seal ca21 canner,

  22. I have a pressure cooker that will not let the lid fit over the lugs. Either the lid shrank or the canner expanded. Is there a remedy for this?

  23. I just dropped the lid of my presto pressure canner and the pressure gauge bent a little it doesnt jiggle from the lid, but the plastic face does,I put it to heat empty, just water and it seems to be working but the needle was at the bottom of the gauge and I dont remember if it was like that or if its supossed to be at 0.The needle started climbing but I ‘m afraid to let it climb higher if the needle isnt where its supossed to be.can anyone tell me if thats where the needle goes?

  24. I’ve been canning for going on 30 years, my pressure cooker I’ve had for 10 years never a problem until today, pressure canning tomatoes and when pressure started going up it make a noise like it was going to blow lid off, never heard this before. Turned off now, any suggestions?

    1. first, I know nothing about pressure canners

      but in general, it seems to me

      if you have been doing this for thirty yrs, ten with this one,
      and no problem
      something has changed

      comes to mind the seals

      maybe there is some grunge stuck in seals needs prying out
      maybe seals are worn out, and the noise was the air escaping through worn down seals

      you may never have had this happen with previous older models, but , I am betting like all other “newer” things, these seals are not made of stuff to last past ten yrs .

      failing that, look up the toll free number for the maker and phone them . number should be on net.

  25. A question….I got a terrific buy today on a 4 qt. 0349 Mirro Pressure Cooker/Canner. Everything is intact except for the metal ring that fits loosely over the two handles. I’m an experienced in using this model. It seems the ring really doesn’t have to be present to create a tight seal as this is done with the two lids and the gasket. Is this correct? Thank you!

    1. That is correct. The ring is just there to remind you to wait for the pressure to release completely before opening, as you’re likely to be doing several things at once and may thoughtlessly try to open the lid when the time is up. It’s just a visual reminder, not a functional thing.

  26. have old maid of honor by sears. need to know if pressure weight can be replaced by the modern with 5-10-15 gauge.

  27. I am using a very old Mirro Pressure Canner. It builds up the pressure, and holds it thru the canning process. But when I put it on the counter to cool, it does not lose its pressure. I have left it to cool for several hours. I can press the Pressure Regulator and release all the pressure. The cans inside the canner will have sealed and look normal. Any answers to get the pressure to release normally?

    1. if you google “Mirro Pressure Canner” you can find a manual for this make. They have a address for info

      MIRRO COMPANY ATTN: Consumer Center 1512 Washington Street
      P.O. Box 1330 Manitowoc, WI

      Comments, Questions, Concerns? Call Our Customer Center at 1-800-527-7727

      hopefully above is current and can help.

      1. I have a 22qr Mirrow magic pressure canner the bottom is pittin on the inside bottom is it under warranty we have just had it 11 months

  28. I have a 12 qt Mirro Pressure Canner. I bought it in 1991 for $49.95 because I went to work and thought it would be quicker and safer than hot water canning for green beans which at one time I did a lot. I got a new gasket several years ago but I have not had any reason to use the canner until today when a friend gave us an amount of green beans. We did all the things required for preparing beans, etc. The canner sealed beautifully, 10 lbs pressure was great. 20 minutes for green beans at 10 lbs pressure for pints went great. I fixed dinner and let canner cool. It has been four hours since I set the canner off the heat removed the pressure and we cannot for the life of us get the canner open. the little thingamajit is not down. Now how do we open the canner. Push pull. Will the beans be okay sitting in there?????

  29. The beans will be fine, you may need to rotate the lid slightly to get the “lock” to release from the “thingamajit” sometimes when pressuring up the lid will slide slightly, try gently pushing the “lock” down when turning the lid. CAUTION,CAUTION!!!! Make darn sure the pressure is totally off before trying to open the canner, AND I do mean completely ZERO pressure.

  30. I have an old Maid of Honor pressure canner. Need to know if the pressure rises above recommended pressure is ok to take canner off hot burner to let it go to correct pressure. I place it back on burner after it reaches correct level. I continue the timing during this process. Also if canner holds pressure but valve does not rock will produce can properly. Maybe I just need to get a more modern model . Canning green beans. Thanx

  31. I have a Mirro canner and was canning beans have never had any problems until the other day. My canner reached it’s pressure and the weight was jiggling then it quit I turned up the heat but it won’t jiggle. I barely touched the weight and you could tell it had pressure! It would not jiggle for nothing no matter how high the heat was but seemed to still have a lot of pressure. Then towards the ends of the time for the beans in the canner it steamed around the lid my the jars were bubbling when I took them out! All the jars sealed! Would the beans still be good??? What happened??? Thanks!

  32. Sometimes when I am venting my National 7 pressure dial gauge canner the temperature rises as I am venting. What does this mean? Should the dial stay at 0 while venting?

  33. I purchased a two burner camp chef propane stove so I could can outside. The burners are 30,000 BTUs. I can’t get the controller to jiggle. Steam comes out very fast and I think it gets too hot too fast. I’ve tried three times starting at high, then medium the next two times and most all the water in the canner has gone out in stream after about an hour. Any tips on getting the controller to jiggle?

    1. Turn the burners way down low They are way bigger burners than your kitchen stove & put out too much heat My Camp Chef works great for keeping the heat out of the kitchen & mess too

  34. Where can I find a gasket for my Mirro M0596, pre 1983, pressure cooker. The ones I bought do not seal correctly. Thanks for any information.

    1. I have canned some tomatoes in my large Presto pressure cooker. It was hard to get top to turn to seal cooker. Had not used cooker since last year. After canning I am unable to get lid to turn to open cooker. I have tried for two days. How can I get top off?

  35. My Mom passed away last year and my dad sent me her Mirro M-0512-11 12Q pressure canner. I wanted to use it this year and I’m completely lost. I’ve looked up online and my friend who pressure cans tried to help but, here I am.

    Here are my problems.

    We went to test it, put 2 q of water in it and started heating it up, as it was building pressure some water came out from under the lid and shortly stopped. Then about 5min in, the weight still wasn’t jiggling but, we could hear steam coming out of it and then the weight flew off the top!.

    Is my seal bad? Did we heat it up too fast?. I’m pretty discouraged at the moment and just want to go buy a new one.

    Help and guidance please!

    1. @ Erin
      If you have a concern with it, replace it. Safety is number one. With that said; I’m not an expert on PC’s so take this with heed. I would first take the PC’er to the county extension services and have them test it. The gasket leaking on it sounds fairly normal to me, mine does the same till a little pressure builds up inside. The “weight” popping off could be a few things, first it may had something stuck in the outlet or the weight is dirty and needs a good cleaning from corrosion or food stuck in it. I have several that are very old, and those work the best as far as I’m concerned.

      Again, take it to your local county extension and have it tested. If you have any concerns, than replace it. They can be dangerous.

    2. Mirro Wearever has a website, you can contact them by phone/email etc, and ask.

      Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm (EST)

        1. you’re welcome. not a canner myself, but curious, was this company helpful? I have seen a number of questions on here about this particular brand.

      1. I am canning tomatoes and I can’t get pressure up to 10lbs it’s stayed at 8lbs will my tomatoes still be alright. And could this happen if weight is put on to soon.thank you

  36. I got a 22 quart Mirro, model 92022, some years ago at a second hand table on the farmer’s market. It looks brand new. I finally decided to try using it. My burner gets very hot, literally red hot. Twice I got it going, let steam vent for ten minutes, then put the weighted thingy on the lid and wait for the jiggle. No jiggle. Just steam hissing from the weight. After twenty minutes of this I got worried about the water evaporating and my jars bursting so I turned it off. Now I read that merely hissing, not jiggling, is normal with this brand. I noticed one jar had sealed and feel like just putting it on the shelf as is, Salsa with extra apple cider vinegar and lemon juice from a bottle, also some grated zucchini and lots of onion. Suggestions anyone?

  37. I have been canning for over 20 years. I have never had jars to be stuck in a 8 quarts pressure cooker until yesterday. How do I get the jars out.

    1. @ Ann
      That’s a darn good question, I also have been canning longer than I want to say and have never had jars “stick” inside the pressure cooker. Must have been from the expansion when the jars heated up ???? Maybe when the jars cool inside the cooker you can add cold water to “shrink” the jars. Sorry, that’s the best I can come up with.

    2. This just happened to me today. Same story after canning for years. The jars that are stuck are Golden Harvest vs. the Kerr or Ball jars that I usually use. I am thinking that they are shaped differently. I am waiting until they are actually cool, then I’m going to spray some cooking spray or Windex between a couple of them and see if that helps.

    3. I don’t know if this blog is still running, or if anyone will see this, but, here goes… if the lid won’t come off to get your jars out, it has just cooled too much. Without the gage on, sit the canner on a hot burner for a minute or less and the lid will then come off, the pressure doesn’t build in that amount of time, so you won’t get burned or anything. I found an article when I googled last year about this problem, and it works.

      1. Juanita
        Good information on canners when they have an issue. Yes, the blog is still up & working. It has a new format which is easier to follow.

  38. I have a couple Kentucky Fried Chicken pressure cookers. They were patented in 1952. The lids have a diameter of approximately 14″ and they’re around 9 1/2″ tall. I’m unable to find anything on the internet about these cookers or where to buy sealing rings. Any ideas?

    1. go to ebay and search

      Vintage KFC 16Qt Mirro-Matic Pressure Cooker

      also google
      antique kentucky fried chicken pressure canner

      one of the links is a forum on this, should get some info there.

  39. When my pressure cooker has finished and is cooler down and the vent is down for me to take off the lid – it won’t turn at all to come off. I have to let it sit for 10-20 minutes before it lets me take turn the lid to take it off. Not sure what is causing the problem. The rubber ring is very tight and seems to be okay.

  40. I’m trying to pressure cook my first batch of green beans. I’m following the directions to a t, but I never see a steady stream of steam out of the valve. I’m afraid that I’m going to boil my cooker dry.

    Can anyone help me?

    1. Make sure the water in the cooker is actually boiling, After about 5 munities of boiling the “steam” is probably there just not visible, Set your timer after you reach the correct pressure, make sure you let the cooker cool completely before releasing any pressure, do NOT remove the pressure device before the cooker is cooled, if you do the jars inside will boil out the liquid.

  41. After 20 years of canning fruit using the boiling water method, we bought a pressure cooker. We tried it this weekend on pears. We did 14 quarts with the pressure cooker and the pears turned a dark reddish brown and softened (they break in half if you use a fork to take them out of the jar). We went back to the old method and they turned out fine. We didn’t add anything to the syrup to prevent browning with the pressure cooker, but we did add (Fruit Fresh) to some of the syrup for the pears using the water bath method and they turned out the same with or without the Fruit Fresh. The manual for the pressure cooker said cook for 10 minutes at 6 pounds of pressure. We started the clock when it reached 6 pounds, but it was up to 8 pounds of pressure when the 10 minutes were up. Could that be the problem? What went wrong?

    1. I never use pressure cooking for fruit–the pressure cooks the fruit too much. I use a hot water method and place my fruit in the water when the sweetened water begins to boil and then while stirring gently as soon as the water boils again, I quickly scoop out the fruit and enough juice to cover the fruit in the jar, place the lids and rings tightly on and turn them upside down on the counter to help them to seal. I only do enough fruit at a time to fill about 3 quarts at once or the fruit gets overcooked. Never can green fruit, wait for it to be firm but ripe, and overripe fruit should be used for jams.

  42. @ Jerry
    I don’t use the Pressure Cooker for fruit, I have found it always turns the fruit and a lot of vegetables into mush. A lot of things that we now PC just seems over kill to me, I know the “new” FDA and other alphabet government agencies have “changed” the rules, but I use the old old old Ball canning book as a guild line. But that’s just me.

    I am NOT going to tell anyone what to do as far as preserving foods, (covering my azz here), but my family has been canning for decades and has yet to kill anyone or even get sick. With that said, you have to decide for yourself.

    I actually think you answered your own question …. “After 20 years of canning fruit using the boiling water method” …. if it’s worked for 20 years what change? :-)

  43. When I put the giggler on after the steam has escaped for 10 minutes, the vent never pops up and all my water steams out through the vent. Why is the vent no popping up so the pressure will build in the canner?

    1. @ Chuck
      Sorry Chuck, was just getting back to you, good you got er fixed.

  44. We just purchased the 22qt mirro..
    We were givin a moose and we really want to can up some jars… Our weight will not jiggle :(
    We boil it for 10 mins then add the 10lbs weight and it just steams out of the weight.. It doesn’t drop or jiggle . We haven’t put any jars in yet as we’re to worried about ruinining a batch.
    We’ve canned venison it a regular hot water canner it it turns out amazing it just takes soo long.
    Also I want to use the canner for chaga extraction and one recipe says its best to use the pressure canner.
    Thanks in advance looking sooo forward to some canned moose eeeek :)

  45. Having an issue with my canner. My canner is almost boiling dry before I get a steady steam of steam, is this to little heat or to much.

  46. I have a Miro pressure cooker…I am fixing cooked potatoes. All of a SUDDEN liquidl started paying out around the jiggler…never happened before what’s my problem. I was cooking it the same temperature I cook meats etc.

    1. @ Drema
      More than likely the potatoes “foamed up” causing the liquid.

      1. Too much liquid in the canner. Never place liquid and food over 3/4 of the height of the canner.

  47. I have been canning for over 40 years and this is the best trouble shooting article I have ever read. Short, clear answers to questions/problems. I plan to print it for whoever inherits my Mirro.

  48. I have been preserving for 30 years and for safety reasons have bought a pressure canner which I am finding difficult to maintain a steady pressure, even on my smallest burner the pressure keeps creeping up, I canned some broad beans yesterday the instructions were to have a pressure of 11 for 40 minutes, the pressure kept on going up to 15 so I lifted the nob off and let the pressure come down to 11 again I did this several times, the beans were a disaster they had turned brown and had less than 1/2 the water left in the jars, I suspect I have done several things wrong I purchased the presto canner last year and when I opened it yesterday there was no instruction book included. I have got little bits of information from the internet but hope an experienced canner can help me.

    1. @ Ann
      I understand the pain, it happens to me. Letting any pressure from the canner will make the jars boil, allowing water/moisture out of the jars because of the reduced pressure outside the jars. I have found that if I use something (I use a piece of steel pipe with large notches cut in it allowing most of the heat to excape) to raise the canner a few inches off the burner it works well. Just make very very sure the canner is stable and will not “fall” over.

      1. Thank you so much for your help this morning I did some more canning and remembered I had a metal plate to put over the gas flame I tried that and it kept the pressure steady on 11 it’s now cooling down I guess/hope the more I practice the better I will get.

        1. @Ann
          Your very welcome. Lauren also had a good idea.
          Hope it works. FYI you have no idea how many times I have messed up canning. The wildlife around loves me at times…LOLOL

    2. One option here would be to move the canner off the unit slightly. If the burner is as low as it can get, move the canner half or fully off the burner until the pressure gets back down where it should be. Alternatively, turn off the burner for a short time. Removing the pressure valve causes problems (not to mention steam burns).

  49. Thanks to both of you I didn’t tell you that I live in New Zealand on the west coast of the north island. The canning I did this morning has been successful I have never participated in a blog before not only is it informative but great fun

    Ann Marie

  50. Hi.
    I hope you all are doing good. I need advice from u guys. I bought a prestige stainless steel cooker last week. I put meat in it. When the pressure started
    The weight started leaking water. I was in the room and didn’t know about that. When came back to kitchen it was a bid mess
    The cooker lid. Oven. Side walls all were full of water and oil. Could it be the manufacturing problem??? Should I Change the cooker

  51. was using an old pressure canner that i have used to can several hundred pints of beans. but this time i didn’t see the earwig in the lid, it tried to escape but ended up blocking my vent. and caused my safety seal to blow. all 9 jars of beans were still intact, all 9 of them sealed, each with only an inch or so of water left in them. should i reprocess these beans or will they be ok for eating?

    1. @ tina

      It all depends on how long you actually processed them for? If the safety blew as it pressured up, you’ll need to reprocess them.

      Or you could cook them right away and eat them. I would not trust tem for long term storage


      1. i am unsure of how long, its a weighted pressure gauge and never started jiggling. so i assume it reached and passed the 10 psi and got to the breaking point of the safety seal. the pot usually takes about 20 minutes to reach 10 psi and i think the safety fuse was set to release at 20 psi. if i reprocess will my beans be mush?

        1. @ tina

          “if I reprocess will my beans be mush?” possible BUT using “mush” beans for soups and stews is better than eating tainted or food with botulism, correct? Personally I would not take a chance of not pressure processing them.

          Plus it’s been a day or two since the mishap, you sure you still want to take a chance with them being partially cooked from the exploding cooker? It’s to the point you need to either fully pressure can/cook then or toss them out

          JMHO, Sorry.

  52. I just started using my granite-ware 20 qt pressure canner. For some reason, the pressure gauge will not rock steadily. It starts rocking and then slows to almost nothing. There is liquid coming out around it, too. When I opened the canner, the water was a few inches below the tops of the quarts. The jars have sealed but I’m not sure it is safe.

    1. @ Mamdrm

      I read your post a couple of times; you stated “the water was a few inches below the tops of the quarts”. I am wondering how full you are filling the water in the pressure cooker. Are you “hot water bathing” or pressure canning them; If pressure canning you should only be putting g a few inches of water in the canner, not filling it to the tops (or close to the tops) of the jars. That is probably why the “shaker” is rattling intermittently and you have water leaking.

      Personally on a 90 minute canning (meats), I use about 2 inches of water in the cooker, and have never ran it out.

      Please recheck the instructions from the Pressure Canner, or check out Ball Canning Book.

      Best of luck in your endeavor.


  53. mamdrm

    your canner is different than mine but I looked at the manual on line and on page 5 it talks about the weights, altitude etc. I’d double check and see if you have missed something or miss read it.

  54. The shelf my canner was sitting on broke and now I am afraid the guage might be broken. I cannot see any cracks, only a scuff on the top of the rim of the guage. Is it possible to break something on the inside that might prevent it from going up with the pressure?

  55. My wife and I have been using a 22qt Miro canner to can beans for years, with no problems, but today We did the beans like usual, when We opened the lid to take the beans out of the canner, almost all the seven jar lids were buckled, or crincled, no liquid was lost from the jars, What could deform the lids?
    Note: used new Ball quart wide mouth jars and lids.
    Thank you Don & Gerry

    1. Sounds like they started to seal and the vacuum inside the bottles caused the crumpling (although I can’t see why unless the quality was really bad). Check the lids left over from that box and see if there were imperfections.

    2. Maybe the company is getting their lids made in China now. I would contact the company as this sounds like a manufacturing defect.

  56. I have a Mirro M-1512-11 12 quart canner. When bringing pressure up, the steam escapes through the valve under the lid handle and fails to build pressure.
    I have tried a new gasket, it did the same thing.
    What is causing this to happen?
    Is there a fix for this?

  57. I bought a Mirro 23 Quart canner from a flea market last year. But, I’ve not been able to really use it because,it leaks around the lid and under the handle where the locking lever is. This year I replaced the lift pin that works with the locking lever. I did manage to get one batch of beans done with it but,to get the locking lever to actually Lock I had to whack that handle. After whacking it the lever clicked locked. There was water dripping almost constantly around the lid/seal until this locked. I could instantly hear the seal form.

    Last night I tried it again but, even with this locked there was steam coming out & water dripping around the lid. It finally got up to pressure after a long time, started to jiggle, then all of a sudden it sounded like the seal blew and there was a lot of steam coming from under the lid. I thought the lid was going to blow off. (the red overpressure plug never blew). (I’m assuming the gasket was bad all along & finally blew out???) Would the gasket leaking cause the locking lever to not work properly? (due to not enough pressure being built) I don’t want to spend money on a new gasket and it still do the same thing. This canner has a stamp date of 6.94. It has the s-9882 gasket. It’s the M-0522 II model.

    Thank you for any help

    1. @ Jen C.

      Have a question, how full are you filling the water in the pressure canner?


  58. My air vent cap won’t rise to pressure the pot. It’s brand new and the seal is Good it just keeps blowing steam & the pressure cap never jiggles

  59. If the pressurization doesn’t work what do I do with my bars of veggies? Can I cool everything down and start over?

  60. My new 12 quart mirro canner is not reaching boiling point after 30 minutes. Used it canning peas and over a half hour before it built any pressure. I filled about 3 inches of water and heated it to slow boll, the food was hot prior to filling my canner. Why does it take so long to build heat? My larger canner takes about 5 minutes, this is smaller, never boiled until I placed lid on it no venting possible it had starting to climb I hope the food is safe.

    1. @ Marilyn

      Ok this may sound dumb, but are you using the same Burner? And if so, are you turning the flame on High? If so the “heat” or flame may be overshooting the base of the canner and just slightly heating the sides because all of the heat is going “around” and not heating the bottom….. Hence the Larger canner would get the heat on the bottom and heat much faster.


  61. I am canning smoked salmon (in jars) and my canner weight is jiggling almost non stop (sometimes stops for a few seconds) so all seems fine except there is a little drip on occassion under one of the handles. I have tried to tighten but it won’t go any further. Is this ok? It seems to be up to pressure just fine.

    1. We have a new all american pressure canner and have had the same small steam leak by the handles. Is this normal? Still seems to be working fine.

    2. You should have the pressure regulator swaying (jiggling) gently, not “non stop”. Turn your heat down slightly when the pressure regulator is over working. You may have to adjust the heat several times during a short pressure time. Once you have adjusted the head a couple times, usually a longer pressure time will not require more adjusting.

      1. I’ve just now realized that I canned my beans and beets incorrect. I got the canning process mixed up with water bath process, and I covered the quart jars completely with water. I lost a lot of water inside the jars, but they all sealed. Should I start over or will the veggies still be safe to eat?

        1. Amy,
          i would re-can them if you plan on long term storage. it may not hurt anything to leave them like they are
          if you are going to use them soon, but thats just me. better safe than sorry.

  62. this is my first time pressure canning I have a power pressure cooker xl. I was canning carrots when it was done, and the pressure was done.I open the canner and took the jars out and some of the jars were half empty of the water . do you know why that happen.

    1. @ DONNA

      Yes, the water inside the jars boiled out when the pressure was reducing in the canner.
      This usually happens when ya let the pressure off manually or the canner cools too quickly. Sometimes the jars in the middle are still hot and tend to boil after the pressure is off….I always allow the canner to cool to the touch before opening it.

      The carrots will be fine, so no worry about the food. I would use them first in soups and the like though.

      Hope this helps


  63. I have a Mirro M-0646 dated 9 88, that I purchased on ebay. I’ve tried to use it twice and both times the rubber plug has blown. What am I doing wrong?

    1. Lora, sounds like the rubber plug is just too old and maybe dried out too much to work as intended. You might want to see if you can find a replacement plug. Almost 30 years old is old for rubber. Hopefully you can find a new replacement plug. Good luck.

    2. Purchased through e replacement parts for my neighbor, you might find what you are needing there. Put in the model number & brand of the pressure canner, replacement parts companies will come up. Check out for what you might require to get it back up and working again.

  64. Brand new 22 qt Mirro. Canning deer meat. Jiggles started jiggling and before we could even turn heat down to achieve the rocking motion as in the instructions the weight stopped jiggling abruptly. About 1 minute later it jiggles again for about 7 seconds and stopped. This continued. After a half hour we turned heat off because jiggling time was becoming shorter and shorter and we knew we had run out of water. What did we do wrong?

    1. You gave up too soon., and heat was too high after steam began to excape. water level is critical to produce steam. as long as adequate water is placed in around jars to begin with will not run dry. sounds like heat was about right. It should not jiggle continual but slow and intermittent.I bring up heat slowly, ( FOLLOW the exact recommendations for your canner!, Or the canning experts from Ball) after canner has vented steam for 10 min. I put on weight..once it begins to jiggle I turn down the heat to keep a slow intermittent jiggle, I prefer about 1 set of jiggles every 10-15 econds…then stops and repeats.. this maintains pressure at the amount of weight used. Start time for product from first jiggle after the weight placed on.

      1. I have a hard time regulating the jiggling. It seems like I can get either 1 jiggle per minute or 7 jiggles per minute. No matter how much I’ve tried, I can’t find that perfect point on my stove to get 2-3 jiggles per minute. (Mirro 22 quart from 1972). Help? Thanks!

        1. Commonsensemom,
          Some stoves/burners just wont do it, had one that was the ssme way,

  65. I have an older 22 quart pressure cooker.
    In the summer of 2016 I was processing quart jars of stewed tomatoes.
    I was short one jar to fill the canner &I don’t think I adjusted my water. My weight never giggled & the time was longer than normal. I knew something was wrong, but didn’t want to keep regulating the heat. The pressure value blew. They all sealed but one & I turned that jar upside down to seal. A couple jars loss less than 1/2 of their water….but it looks like I didn’t pack them tightly either. Today, a year later, I opened one jar & it smells fine, but I know that doesn’t mean boutulism is not present.
    You think food is safe?

    1. @Marcia, The weight never jiggled? So you don’t know if it got up to the correct pressure?

      Regarding the food in those jars, “When in doubt, throw it out.”

    2. Marcia, if the weight never jiggled, it’s probably clogged. Look through the stem where you put the weight to see if it’s clear. You might be able to use a pipe cleaner or toothpick to remove any clogs. You should check for clogs every time you use a pressure canner.

      You probably lost liquid in the jars when the pressure valve blew. When it changes pressure too quickly, it will suck juice out of the jar. This can also compromise the seal. Double check to make sure that you have a strong seal on all of those jars since it’s been a year.
      Are your stewed tomatoes just tomatoes, or did you add other veggies like onions and peppers? Plain stewed tomatoes can be water bath canned, a quicker and simpler process than pressure canning. But if you added items like onion, peppers, and garlic cloves, pressure canning is necessary.

      Personally, I agree with Ken. It might be emotionally painful to toss the tomatoes after all of your time and effort, but it can be viewed as a lesson learned. Prepping is about mitigating risk. Eating those tomatoes is needlessly increasing risk. Toss them. Can another batch. Check your equipment to make sure that it is in good working order and won’t blow up in your face.

  66. I Canned raw meatloaf last night in my pressure canner. During the canning process I heard the sound as if meat was frying and it smelled like it was burning. When I opened the canner it was burnt on the bottom and the water dried up. The jars sealed, however, it was apparent that fat leaked out of the jars and burnt on the bottom of the canner. My jars sealed, so is the meatloaf still good?


      My 2¢;
      If the Pressure Canner ran out of water you probably did not maintain Steam that is to keep the heat at a certain temperature…

      Personally I would not keep the Meatloaf for long term, If you put the Jars in the Refrigerator I would eat it soon, if you did not, I would feed it to the Dogs,

      Sorry, but “If in doubt, throw it Out”. Especially meats.

    2. Diana, The question you need to answer is how long the canner produced steam. Process time for meat is pint=75 min. , qts need 90 min. (these are for elevations lower than 1000 ft… higher need to adjust time up..
      If longer than that it is good. as long as jars are sealed.

      If not … place in clean jars, with new sealers and reprocess. This can be done in next week as long as jars sealed.
      If any jars are NOT sealed can be stored in the refrigerator until you have time to re process. bring up to heat slowly..and I make sure water is up about 1/2 way on jars. heat rising too rapid is the cause of loosing the fat/overboil…loosing steam too fast when cut off will do it as well.
      to prevent that,…. i turn off canner and allow it to sit for 45 min..

      when you open the canner one indication of good seal is..jars will still be boiling inside.. if any not boiling set them aside.. prob will not seal. .so will need refrig. will store in refrig u to 14 days, since going thru processing. part of these I drain and dehydrate..instead of reprocessing in canner. when dehydrated then i pack into jar with oxy absorber for best storage time.
      It sounds like you had heat too hot, and the Jiggle was too fast with a low water level to begin with. as long as canneris jiggling goal is one set of jiggles every 15-20 seconds..this is achieved by reducing heat slowly..
      hope this helps.. enjoy your canner these are most common problems . Once they are mitigated, you have it down pat, just keep canner,sealing areas, holes and weight clean

  67. I’m having the same issue as another here. I have a granite ware F-0731, and after letting it vent and then putting the weight on I have water puddling in the lid under the weight, and weight will rock fast for a few second and then slow to almost nothing and then speed up after a minute or so. When then rocking is slowest is when the most water puddles on the lid. I only filled to the 3 qt Mark per the instructions, and I’ve used the canner many times before.

  68. I wanted to thank you so much for this post. I have 3 of these canners and have canned with them since the early ’80s I have never had the problem before when I put the pressure gauge on that instead of jiggling it was pouring out steam every where-panic mode my Hubs says turn the fire up-nothing happening-I typed in everything I needed to know and found you-turn the temperature down-ahhh saved my day thank you


  70. I mentioned this once before, perhaps it is worth mentioning again. A pressure cooker (settle down FedBots, we’re talking cooking) may not be one of those great things you find at a garage sale. My wife had an old hand-me-down from her mother, I believe. Many of the old nostalgic ones do not have any sort of safety lock mechanism; making it possible to inadvertently open it while under pressure.
    She did that one day back in 1992 or so. Made quite an impression, literally and figuratively. I don’t know how she possibly got away with minimal injuries. We were picking bean and veggie bits out of remote crevices, floor to ceiling, for quite some time.
    Please make sure any old time treasures have a working interlock.

  71. We had a real old canner, pre 1980 and couldn’t find a new gasket for it anywhere. It leaked water all the time. We bought a new All American 921 and love it. Works beautifully. It is nice not to have to bother with gaskets and have real gauges with numbers so you know exactly how many pounds of pressure you have.

  72. I read this whole Blog. As I see it, most people went the “cheap” route and bought “Made in China”.
    $70 to $100 for a piece of equipment you are betting your life on. REALLY.?
    All American Canners, made in the USA, by American workers, Expensive? Depends on how you look at it. I want my food safe. Every single time.

    I can between 3000 to 5000 qts a yr. My All American canners have been in use 40yrs, and still going. You get what you pay for.

    1. @SmG, I have an All American Canner (THE best on the planet) and a Presto canner (under a hundred bucks – not sure where it’s made – probably China like most everything else). Both have not failed me. Not saying the Presto will outlast, but the Presto will do the job just as well, so long as everything’s working right (which you would know if it wasn’t).

      I agree that if you’re canning thousands of jars a year, you’d probably be ‘nuts’ not go with the All American due to its heavy duty design and longevity. For the casual canner, the Presto (as an example) is fine.

      1. Mom’s had the Presto since I was a kid, so probably not made in China at that point. Last time I bought gaskets I bought two extra sets because I expect it’ll be phased out eventually.

        I do love the AA, though.

    2. I’m looking at purchasing the small one, it’s just me and my husband, so that would work for us. I’ve been canning for 40 yrs & I’m sick of the seals leaking, etc. The new canners are not worth the money, we took back a 22 qt last week, would not come to pressure. So investing in food safety is essential.

  73. Just bought a Granite-Ware pressure canner. I’ve canned two batches of marinara sauce, but I’m thinking of reprocessing because I’m not sure that the weighted pressure gauge was showing proper pressure. It never did rock, like I’ve seen in some videos. Seemed like I waited long enough, probably 15 to 20 minutes after venting for 10 minutes……any suggestions?

    1. Katie, My pressure canners (I have two – a Presto and All American) each have a pressure dial gauge – so it’s easy to know what’s going on. I am not familiar with the Granite Ware canner. I simply suggest to read the details of the instruction manual.

      1. Thank you. I have read and read. This morning, I reprocessed my quart jars using the 15 lb weights and waiting for 30 minutes after venting. Still no rocking, but after the 30 minutes, I began timing (25 min. in this case). Then I processed pints at 10 psi and after about 15 min, the gauge did begin to rock consistently. However, I’m at 3,000 feet elevation, and have read that I need to be processing at 15 psi. Could it be that my heat source is not good enough for the higher psi? I use a propane stove.

        1. Katie, A given burner is rated in BTU’s (heat). I suppose that it’s possible if you have a small burner – maybe it’s not enough to get it all up to temp/pressure. Not knowing what you have, I can’t say one way or the other.

          When I pressure can, I start out on my LARGEST burner. When it gets up to pressure (after I’ve vented steam for 10 minutes first – and then placed the weight over the vent after 10 minutes) I slide the canner over to a smaller burner because it’s easier to maintain temperature/pressure control with a small gas burner at that point.

          Once it’s all up to temperature it doesn’t take a massive amount of energy to keep it there.

          That said, if I started the process on a small burner, it sure would take a while to get that whole canner (with everything inside) up to temp…

        2. Ok. Thanks for your responses. I am using the largest burner on the highest setting, so, I guess that’s as much as I can do. I appreciate the blog and all the information shared!

    2. I bought a used mirror matic pressure canner at a garage sale. Brought it home cleaned it up,removing built up oil around gasket and lid. The gasket is in perfect condition. I’ve oiled gasket with olive but i still can’t close lid. It only tightens half way. Since the gasket looked good I didn’t replace it. I can’t read the date on the seal. Gasket fits in lid good. Do you have any suggestions to get the lid to close?

      1. Tracy,
        Hmmmm… Maybe the gasket is in wrong? Search the internet for a diagram on your exact canner – maybe that will confirm it (or not).

  74. I misread the time for my product and took it off 5 minutes early can i put the carrots back in and finish it even though They are starting to cool?

  75. Help. I have an older NuWave Canner. When it was purchased it was labeled as a canner. The book says on the #2 setting it maintains 13psi (I live in altitude of less than 10,000). In looking up some processing times, NOW the manufacturer says it is only a cooker not a canner. I’ve been canning in mine for years prior, but just now getting back into the canning mode after years of not doing it. The seal seems good and I soaked it before starting me batch of chicken tenders. It still won’t seal around the handle. How do I handle my batch of chicken so I don’t make everyone sick????? Help please!!! Respond quickly if possible.

  76. Help. I have an older NuWave Canner. When it was purchased it was labeled as a canner. The book says on the #2 setting it maintains 13psi (I live in altitude of less than 10,000). In looking up some processing times, NOW the manufacturer says it is only a cooker not a canner. I’ve been canning in mine for years prior, but just now getting back into the canning mode after years of not doing it. The seal seems good and I soaked it before starting me batch of chicken tenders. It still won’t seal around the handle. How do I handle my batch of chicken so I don’t make everyone sick????? Help please!!! Respond quickly if possible. TIA.

  77. I have recently bought a granite-ware canner. I am very, very new to the canner world. I got the canner and wanted to dive in and after reading the book I wanted to put the canner together for a little practice before I started the next day. Now the lid will not come off. I am at a loss. I washed everything. I have chicken and broth sitting in my fridge that needs to be canned so it does not go bad. If I can not find out how to get this lid off I am going to be so mad. It is probably something so simple too.

    1. Nancy…no idea…but, if you should have room, you might try sticking it in a freezer, or even a fridge. Have a vague memory of that working for someone (few hours cooled and sometimes it helps)

      failing that, maybe you can freeze your goodies until problem is fixed?

    2. I don’t know the specifics of granite-ware, but the lid sticking is usually a matter of pressure differences–vacuum inside. Is the vent clear? Is the canner still hot? Do NOT put it in the fridge if it’s still hot! Did you let it vent before you started the cycle? Was the vent clear at that time?

    3. Nancy

      Graniteware – the big thin metal speckled blue pot? That’s for water bath canning. Meat requires pressure canning.

      By practice fo you mean you filled it with water and heated it? Then when it was cool the lid stick? If so, and if there is still water in it, try warming the water. Steam expands, cooling can pull the lid tight.

  78. This was very helpful! Thank you. I’d been worried I might have to buy a more expensive canner, but a little vegetable oil did the trick!

  79. So my canner (Presto) did not jiggle and I’ve had my beans in there for over an hour! What could be wrong?? My canner pressure was up and I did the 10 pounds but I don’t know if these beans are okay??

  80. I just have a question , lately the locking mechanism on my P/C has been sticking and I have to poke at it a bit with a butter knife to get it to pop up , I took it off and washed it to see if that would help but when I did a canning session earlier today I had to poke at it again to get it to pop up , do I need to get a new locking mechanism or a whole new canner ? ( I’ve had the presto 23 quart for a few years now )

  81. I canned tomatoes last night 10# pressure, 25 min. Everything went as planned. Once processing was complete, I moved canner to the unheated side of the stove to allow natural depression. After sitting for about 5 minutes, it began to whistle like my boiling tea kettle would. I have more tomatoes coming today that need processing. What happened and how do I prevent it?

  82. I have a Mirro 12 qt canner, about 10 years old. I noticed steam escaping from spring safety device area. Otherwise everything else seems to work as it should. Is this a problem with the gasket? I canned green beans yesterday and jars sealed just fine.

  83. Have a mirro pressure canner and all pressure is gone from canner but the lock mechanism won’t let me take lid off. Been canning this week and this is first time it happened. Need to get food out of canner. Help

    1. Check the vent. What has likely happened is a vacuum seal. If the vent is clear try reheating the canner with the vent open and see if that helps. The gasket might be stuck to the rim.

  84. Pressure canned potatoes and after pressure was gone, took off lid and my gasket looked ruffled or wavy about half way around on one side of the gasket. Other side is still smooth all the way around. What caused this and is gasket still okay to use

  85. Wondering if anyone uses a american standard pressure cooker. There is no gasket, it seals metal on metal. When I had the extension office check the pressure gauge they had a hard time getting it to seal. It is Obviously not sealing tightly when cooking as steam escapes out side. Please, any ideas what problem is and how to fix?

    1. Lera Louise –

      I have heard before that the lids can warp slightly if someone runs it dry. It will look like it is in place, you can screw it down just fine, but the seam isn’t sealed. The friend who had gotten her mother’s warped lid never got it to seal right and had to just get a replacement. She had also run a line of olive oil around the edge to see if that helped the seal. So you might try a little oil and then also fiddle with making sure it looks level when put into place.

    2. You have a gem.. I did replace the gauge with the standard stem and gauge that fits mirror pressure canner and the round weight that has 5, 10, and 15 lb weight in one…. the threads are the same the fitting for gauge will come out and need the supply of thread tape that people who fit gas lines need., the yellow thread tape….It is easy to replace then you never have to worry about .a gauge going bad.My husband made his living in metal details of thread are second he checked and did it carefully…was ale to examine and verify they were exactly the same in both the old fitting and the new… it goes in the same place the gauge goes…the weight is the expensive part.
      .One problem could be.. the metal has lost its oiling… Do oil the bevil on the canner bottom top rim and the lid edge that matches it. use any lard, meat fat, olive oil…and do this every time for first few times you use it. then you can do it every other time..
      .MY .one time I could not get mine to seal at all…and arrows were not lined up… the arrows on top +base MUST be aligned.( there is one on the base.. a heavy arrow.. and on the lid.) find both of them and get them close..drop it down and turn so the little clip goes under the bracket …arrows will be perfectly aligned.. I think this is the main cause of your problem., from your description.

    3. Lera Louise
      Did you remember to coat the the top & lid with Vaseline petroleum jelly.?

      It is in the manual for the operations of the canner. Have you watched the videos showing how to use this canner? The extension office should have known about the coating since it was designed to not use a gasket

  86. I have a Camp Chef can’t keep the pressure low enough. Is there a way to defuse the heat? It starts out ok on keeping the pressure but goes over the recommended pressure. Help

    1. We have a camp chef also. But no problems. Can you slide the canner to the center if the burners. So that some of the flame isn’t directly under the center of the canner? We had to do that before when using a Rocky Mountain Outfitter stove that the burner btus we’re too much even on low.

    1. @Kevin,
      Not enough. Need more heat. It should jiggle approximately (at least) once every 30 seconds or thereabouts. This assures the proper pressure inside the canner.

  87. So jyst when my presto canner started to get to pressure, it started to leak from around the pressure gage, is it safe to let pressure out and open the jars and finish cooking the chicken in a pot on stove?

    1. Gennie,
      Let it cool off first kid, if you let the pressure off too quickly you will probably break the jars. Let it cool until the pressure is back to zero and safe to open. Then you could open jars and cook it in a pot. Good luck.

  88. I pulled split pea with ham out of the pc almost an hour ago, and one jar appears nicely sealed but the contents are still bubbling. What the heck? The other jars are cooling and I’m letting everything sit for 25 hours. Has anyone ever encountered this before?

    1. jeri,
      i have had this happen also. if the lid is sealed, you should be ok, imho. Are you looking for an explanation for the bubbling? Basically, the inside of the jar is at a vaccum compared to room atmosphere, that’s why the lid is sealed (sucked on). At a lower (vaccum) pressure inside the jar, water will boil at a lower temperature, which is why it still bubbled for awhile after you took it out. at least that’s my story, and i’m sticking with it.

  89. I was canning chili beans and they had five minutes left when my canner just stopped jiggling. I turned it off and when I could open it all the water was gone. With just five minutes left is the food still good?

    1. Janet Davis
      as long as the jars seal, and the jars are not broken you should be good
      been their and done that ; )

  90. I am new to pressure canning. Just bought 12 qt Granite Ware pressure canner. Put in 5 pints cold pack green beans. Supposed to process 20 minutes once jiggler jiggles continuously. My jiggler would jiggle, then hang up on one side. So I would hit with potholder to loosen, but it would keep doing that. Turned heat down a bit (electric range), then would stop jiggling so turned back up a bit and would jiggle again but hang up again. I stood there going through this process for 30 minutes, then hoped it was okay and let it cool down and took the jars out. They all sealed sometime later. Are they fully processed and safe? What should I do differently next time? Thanks.

    1. Becky C,
      Not sure why the jiggler would “hang up”. In theory, as you turn the heat higher, it should reach a point of constant jiggling – which indicates it has reached the calibrated pressure based on its weight and is releasing excess pressure.

      Anyway, in my opinion based on what you said, I think you’re okay. Because it was jiggling (albeit getting ‘stuck’ once in a while).

      (just my 2 cents)

    2. We have this happen a lot on our gas range with a 20qt granite ware. There should be a little metal wire “spring” inside the jiggler itself and you’ll want to check that to see that it’s not bent, positioned incorrectly or otherwise mucked up somehow. Ours did this a few times and upon checking this, I found it was “gummy” from use (we sometimes pressure cook turkeys in it). Cleaning the wire “spring” and the inside of the jiggler fixed it.

      Also note that sometimes the jiggler will sort of sit still, releasing a constant stream of pressure without rocking. It’s normal for it to alternate between rocking and sitting “idle”, over and over, during the longer (hour long) canning sessions. This is presumably because the temperature is a little too high, but adjusting the temp down often results in no jiggle whatsoever.

      It’s just how these critters work I guess ;)

  91. I have model m-0512-11 manu 6 85. My gasket worked fine last night but tonight wouldnt seal. There was some pressure but not enough for it to actually jiggle and water dripped from the lid along with steam. So i took off the stove and let it cool naturally. When i removed the lid, the gasket looked wavy, not smooth. What might cause that?

  92. I have a Mirro-matic canner and the handles when they lock I have to use a screw driver to get the latch to release. I bought this brand new and have always had this problem. It is a Mirro-mattic M-0512-11 any help will be appreciated.

  93. Do you let the pressure drop before you try to open the canner? And then press firmly down on the handles as you open it? My old Presto is like that.

    1. Definitely make sure the pressure is ZERO before you try to open it.

  94. My canner is not putting out a consistent stream of steam. I am using a propane burner outside. I can hear boiling, but it is often just air coming out of the petcock.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Curious canner turn down the heat! lower it by half,, as long as it jiggles 3-5 times a minute..time from first jiggles…

  95. my pressure canner stopped jiggling and I thought that it must have used all the water but I continued to process.
    When pressure was released there was no water in the bottom with some sauce leakage. No jars broke and all sealed well, is my sauce still safe to eat with a good seal.

  96. my pressure canner stopped jiggling and I thought that it must have used all the water but I continued to process.
    When pressure was released there was no water in the bottom with some sauce leakage. No jars broke and all sealed well, is my sauce still safe to eat with a good seal.

    1. Marilee – I would say that you should put it in the fridge and use as much as you can over the next 5 to 7 days. Do not put that sauce in the pantry. If the sauce is tomato or a highly acidic food it may be safe for storage but I suspect that your sauce may have other vegetables and possibly meat so the proper answer may still be to refrigerate and consume over the next few days….The completely safe answer would be to simply throw it out and start again but I digress.

  97. Hello! Could really use some help

    I have a 22 quart mirro pressure canner that i really just cant figure out. The weight just wont jiggle period. Ive checked to see if the valve is free flowing so nothing is holding the weight on the pot… theres absolutely no restriction on the valve what so ever but it refuses to jiggle. I vent steam for over 10 mins, easily push the 15psi weight onto the vent, and NOTHING just some steam coming out, i sat there for almost 45 mins!!!!! I honestly thought i was going to explode before seeing this thing move, still have water in the pot just no JIGGLING, would love to know if this is okay so i can just continue

    1. I saw further up in this comment thread, as well as elsewhere, that it’s a common problem with the mirro brand. If I had experience with them myself, I’d be able to tell you whether it’s completely fine or not, but I don’t. Do some further reading to check and see. My question would be if there’s steam coming out immediately when you put the weight on the jiggler – if not and it takes a bit for the steam to start coming out, then there’s definitely some pressurizing going on.

      Like I said, read up some more to see about how normal it all is. Maybe someone else with a mirro will chime in as well.

      Wish I could offer more help.

  98. The stream of steam coming out of the top of the pot should definitely be able to move even this 5 pound weight and it wont even do that

  99. Does anyone have a tip on how to remove wedged in jars from canner? The water is still warm in the canner and jars still bubbling after 7 hrs overnight. I took out the middle jar but all the others are wedges in tight and will not budge. Don’t want to pour in cold water so I will leave it while I go to work but I did get up at 4.30 am to do another batch – hopefully can get jars out this afternoon.

  100. We got the surprise the other day when getting ready to process a batch of veggies and what looked like a metal washer fell off the lid. It turned out to be a piece of the pressure indicator / locking pin that pops up through the little hole in the handle. Thankfully, the two metal pieces that make up the pin are still with us, but the silicon gasket that seals against the lid is gone gone gone. No idea what happened to it.

    This is a graniteware 20qt. Evidently, there’s no replacement parts for the locking pin nor the gasket / o-ring for it. According to one of the pressure cooker parts suppliers recommended by the company, it’s not even included in the handle assembly (she checked for us – super helpful!).

    Has anyone else run into this issue? Any pointers on what to replace it with?

    I currently have a makeshift gasket constructed from a couple pieces of rubber balloon material. It’s not working great, but we did get enough of a seal to rock the jiggler without added weights, so it’s “useable”. Would much prefer to have a better, more solid and less redneck solution if anyone has a suggestion. Next step is probably a trip to the hardware store to find a rubber gasket that fits, but I’m thinking it’s going to be tough finding a properly cupped, heat tolerant and non-toxic replacement for this thing.

  101. I just did the trial run for my new Mirro 22qt. canner. It has the little bell shaped weights. After cooling down, the lid came off fine but I can’t get the weight off. Why? What should I do. I have a big pot of Chicken soup waiting to be put in.

  102. Hi Anyone,
    Has anyone used a Guardian Service canner? I have one that blows steam out of the weight violently until all the water is gone in about 30 minutes. Pressure drops to 0 in less than 5 minutes once the heat is turned off.
    Does anyone know if this is working right or not?
    thanks for any advice. All seals seem to be working. Just the steam rushing out of the weight and drying out the water. I bought it at a thrift store.

    1. Lisa in Phoenix,
      I don’t have that canner. However, your description “I have one that blows steam out of the weight violently until all the water is gone in about 30 minutes.”

      The weight should not blow out steam violently. What might cause that? Too much heat on the burner. The weight should gently rattle. In fact, it only needs to rattle a few times during a minute. Much more than that, and it’s too hot. That’s what I’m thinking is your issue…

      Just remember the concept… The rattling and steaming from the weight is releasing “excess” pressure beyond the calibrated weight. No rattle means it’s not hot enough. Gently rattling is fine. Rattling on several times a minute is fine. The trick is stabilizing the stove burner heat.

    2. Lisa in Phoenix,
      what Ken says and i agree,
      you have it set to hot and are boiling all of the water out.
      turn the heat down so that the weight jiggles every 15-30 seconds. as long as it jiggles every so often it is as hot as as it’s going to get.
      i hope this helps and good luck

  103. – Lisa,
    I have to agree with Ken and nyscout; I am not myself guilty of canning, but I have been a cheerful assistant to my great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother since a very young age, and I still help DW when she cans. I do remember being told that when it is constantly jiggling, to turn the heat down or all the water would blow out and the batch would be wasted. Hope my two cents worth was some help.

    – Papa S.

  104. I canned a batch of ground beef at 13 psi bc of my gauge being off by 2 and needing 11 psi.
    I know the rule is to start over if you lose pressure.
    My question is during the last 2 minutes of process for pint jars…it dropped to just below pressure …
    I brought it back up to pressure immediately but I’m still not sure I should feel safe with this batch.
    Any comments or suggestions?
    Would you toss it?

    1. Suzanne,
      I agree with SMG. The last 2min should be ok. Pints are 75 min and qts are 90 min, so if ya brought it right back, I think you are ok.

  105. Suzanne
    Beef takes 90 min. If your pressure dropped in the last 2 min, I think you should be ok. Your internal temp is 250. At 10# it’s 230. Two mins off pressure at the end of the cycle should not matter, just as long as you kept it at 13# the whole time.

    Pressure cookers are recommended for reaching at least 250-250°F. The toxin is heat-labile though and can be destroyed at > 185°F after five minutes or longer, or at > 176°F for 10 minutes or longer. SO your last 2 mins were 230.

    I think you are good to go.

  106. My old canning book said to process tomatoes at 5 lbs pressure for 8 minutes. This is what I did. Do you think the tomatoes are ok or should I reprocess them?

    1. Sheryl
      Re-process them!!! No way that’s enough pressure or time. Get a NEW canning book before you kill yourself
      Depending on your elevation, pressure should have been 10+lbs, time should be no less than 25min.

    2. Sheryl, Agree with SMG…. also…when canning find a current book… an option is to look up times and pressures on line from one of the Canning sites, that are approved…. and make a chart for your elevation.of every item you plan to can/process. Use approved recipes. Much depends on the recipe and the tomato… HOT WATER BATH of Tomatoes that are high acid,Have lemon juice added- and are packed in STERILE jars can be done safely as well.. need a deep pot to cover the top of jars by 1-2 inches w/ hot water.. The tomatoes have to be hot packed in hot sterilized jars and one needs a deep enough pot to cover the submerged jars by amount… Sterilized lids are put on tight.( not like pressure canning) Be sure to keep everything hot and add only boiling water to cover. If you add cold it will BUST the jars. time depends on size of jar.Look it up for your elevation.

  107. My rattler didn’t rattle. Blew steam 10 minutes then placed on. Only took several minutes to get temp to climb when it hit 10 lbs I turned down heat, it went as high as 12 lbs before settling at 11 lbs. The entire 20 minutes while at 11 lbs rattler didn’t jiggle. Put 3 qts of water in pressure cooker. Please advise

    1. Gregg, I have a canner that has jiggle ONLY, if it doesn’t jiggle- it does not have enough pressure.I set mine for a slow jiggle.
      too many unknowns.. in your question.. Is your canner new? are you sure your gauge is correct? /ie if it is not new was the gauge tested?
      20 min? what are you processing is this the right time for your elevation and product? If You are sure your gauge is correct you should be ok.if he gauge is correct and the time is correct.
      I always put extra water in my i start it. if you run it dry- the canner is ruined. it warps them. for pressure canning anything up to the shoulder of the jar is enough. as long as there is no overflow in canner/siphoning , the water can be re-used for a second batch.
      sounds like a vegetable product.. re-processing them will/can make them soft. if you have opened them and they are sealed. leave them on the counter an d watch them.. to make sure they do not have false seals. after 24 hours wash them well, in hot soapy water,and test seals.If they have false seals you can either freeze them,( i would put in ziplock or container fro freezer( i don’t store glass in my freezer- it can be done but not by me.) or store in refirg. for 10-14 days and use them in that time. They could also be dehydrated after drained if they are not sealed properly.. My point is you can save this food even if jars did not seal without re processing and getting a mushy product..if you need a crisp one.

  108. I was given a older Mirro m-0598-11 8 qt canner. I replaced all gaskets and grommet. I cannot get the pressure gauge to jiggle. Also between cover and body handle (the one with the spring safety devise) steam is coming out which is why I believe it is unable to come to and hold pressure. What is my next step do I try and replace this cover handle? Or is there something else I should try?

    1. CLW, Try oiling all gaskets, both sides.. it needs to be oiled each time it is used. and check the cover handle for anything caught between it that would prevent a seal.. after. if it continues to steam after you have brought it up to steam with plenty water in it..( taking itthis is a trial run?) take a sturdy spoon and give it a HARD tap… on top close to/top of that handle. This will usually make my mirror seat and hold..
      if that does not work…. Make sure you have the right gaskets.and the right weight…. try cross referencing the numbers and availabilities thru several companies. who provide parts for old canners.

  109. I have a 22 qt. Mirro pressure canner that up until this year worked just fine.

    Today, with a full load of pint jars of boneless chicken, the canner vented for 10 minutes (actually, 11!), and thereafter the weight refused to jiggle.

    I used my heavy wooden spoon and bopped the handle area where a LOT of water was dripping out, but even after 36 minutes on the heat, not a jiggle!

    I turned off the heat, moved the canner to a different burner, let the whole shebang cool, and then put the jars (with their lovely sealed-down EXPENSIVE lids!) into the fridge.

    Now I’m second-guessing myself. Can I still use the chicken if it is thoroughly cooked first, like if I make soup or sauteed chicken and rice? Or is it safer to consign it to the round bin o’ death? Compost? Treat it like toxic waste and have the Haz-Mat folks take it away?

    Thanks for any advice!

    1. Freeze it or use it after refrigeration. It’s perfectly safe if you refrigerated after cooling.

  110. One little tip that others might need. On the Presto (and maybe on the others?), the pressure gauge has two sets of markings: psi and kg/cm2. I was wondering why the weight was wiggling when I finally realized I’d been looking at the wrong markings! Yes, I overprocessed, but at least it was sauce so no big deal.

  111. I was just given a vintage presto pressure canner and downloaded all the instructions. Used it as instructed, however when I put the pressure regulator on the vent pipe the steam continued to pour out from under the pressure regulator, but the pressure never got above 8 on the dial and took FOREVER to even get that far. If I turned the heat down the pressure went down. I needed to process at 11 pounds for 90 minutes but so much steam was coming out that after 90 minutes the pressure dropped to zero because all the water was gone from the pot. What could be the reason for the steam constantly leaking from under the pressure regulator and how do I fix it? My venison appears cooked and all the jars sealed, so will monitor for spoilage. Thank you!

    1. 1. You put the presto on the shelf
      2. Go on line and search All American Pressure canner
      3. Order the size you want
      4. Wait patiently for it to show up.
      5. Can with confidence!

      1. Thanks, if you’re offering one for free like I got this one, then hook me up! I will can with this maybe once per year, only canning venison, otherwise I’ll just use my boiling water bath canner. So, either send me the all american or tell me what’s wrong with this one. Thanks! =)

        1. Julie:
          I use a Presto that’s probably 35 years old.
          You need to complete disassemble the thing and use a nylon scrubber to clean the surfaces.
          Also you need to clean or replace the pressure regulator. It’s probably got corrosion on the matting surface that needs fixing.
          PS: forget about the All-America Canner. I been caning for decades with that OLD Presto with no problems, I have replaced the gasket and overpreasure plug a few times tho.

        2. I have a presto as well and have had trouble getting it to seal with an new rubber seal made to go with it.. looks different and they have changed the seal mold??? even thos it is supposed to fit my model… I have an all american i use much of the time. .

        3. Thank you so much for your helpful reply, NRP! If I was canning a LOT I would look into something else if I couldn’t get this to work properly. But this was the first try on the free one, I’ll work with it and replace all the little parts, also clean with nylon as you suggested. I really appreciate your help! =)

        4. – Julie,

          As I mentioned above, I am not guilty of canning stuff myself, but I eat and therefore I get to help with the process. With most machinery of any description, the problem is more often dirt rather than wear, and a good scrub like NRP suggests will help. If you cannot get the pressure regulator clean, replace it. Another source of hands-on help is your county or parish extension service agent, typically they will have both testing facilities and experienced mentors who can help you with troubleshooting.

          I understand perfectly your reluctance to spend money on a new canner when you have what would appear to be a perfectly serviceable canner which has been given to you. Consider though, you may decide you like the pressure canner or may in the future want to use it more often for other than occasional venison, especially if there is a SHTF situation. In whatever case, the other will never be cheaper than it is right now, and you may still want it at a future date. We are doing very little canning right now (too busy with other tasks of everyday living) but we still have two canners (one is a Presto) put up and ready to use, and just bought some more assorted jars and lids to put back against future need.

          – Papa S.

        5. Thank you so much for your helpful tips advice Papa Smurf! There’s nothing wrong with the actual canner, it’s not warped, the lid fits perfectly, it’s just the regulator that is leaking steam. It doesn’t appear as though it is soiled, but I will replace it, may also replace the dial gauge just so it has all new parts. The new seal and automatic air vent are already on their way.

          I have searched and searched the internet about the actual mechanics of how the canner works, but am not finding the amount of detail I want. The pressure regulator goes over the vent – how does the pressure regulator physically work? Is it meant to seal off the vent so steam only escapes at 15 pounds pressure? Does it have some kind of rubber seal in it or how does it accomplish this task? It’s metal on metal and I feel like that wouldn’t provide any seal and steam would leak, as it is. Once I figure out how it works I feel like I’ll be able to easier fix the problem.

          Again, thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it! =)

        6. Julie
          Like you I am learning, before taking the leap with the pressure canner. Read what you said about parts on a pressure canner.
          Thought I would let you know that there are sights out there that take you step by step on the different parts of a pressure canner. How these work, what the parts do.
          The party I am referring to is using a Presto canner teaching us how each part works with the other. You may find this useful for what you are researching, suttons daze. Believe I am in part 2 of this training series, hope this helps you.

    2. All the canning I do is in my water bath canner, except for venison every five years or something ridiculous. I can’t justify spending that money. I put out a feeler on facebook to borrow a pressure canner and someone simply gave me a vintage presto canner from the 70’s. Can’t beat that price per use! I just want to know how to fix the problem I have with the one I have. Ideas?

      1. Julie the rubber seal to lid. also need to be cleaned well and oiled on both side.s.. and replaced.. ..

    3. If someone is so cheap they wont just buy a decent unit they most likely wont buy parts either, as you said, you get what you pay for, pay nothing get nothing

  112. Julie asked how the ‘regulator’ works. Here’s my explanation… A pressure canner may have a weight that fits over a vent, or a dial gauge that reads pressure, or both.

    — The weight is simply a calibrated weight that fits over the vent. When the weight begins to jiggle and spit steam, that means it’s at the pressure associated with the weight (e.g. 10lbs, 15lbs, etc.). A jiggle and spit of steam does not need to be constant. Rather, a jiggle and steam-release several times a minute, or perhaps a near constant gentle rocking. It it’s going ‘crazy’, then you’re likely way over pressure – as the weight does its job by releasing the over-pressure steam.

    — A dial gauge will read pressure directly. A dial gauge can become clogged or inaccurate. Always check the hole to be sure it’s not obviously clogged. It has not happened to me personally, but I’ve heard of it. Also, if I picked up an old pressure canner at a yard sale (for example), I would not trust the gauge. I would get a new one (it’s extremely important for accurate measurements during the canning process). Also, I tend to add an additional pound of psi pressure to what the recipe calls for, just to be on the safe side while canning. But that’s just me…

  113. – I hope I can explain what Dad, an engineer, explained to me many years ago when I asked the same question. If you feel of the tip of the stem, you will note that it is not a flat angle but is actually curved.

    The weight is tapered to different angles, changing the amount of surface area involved inside that weight so that it is more or less, according to the amount of pressure needed to make the weight move. It does have to be kept clean, or the surface area controlling the pressure will be boogered, and the pressure will not get to the set amount.

    The gauge is just that, a gauge, and can get clogged, damaged internally (rust and/or corrosion), dirty or even just old and fatigued. Hope this helped.

    – Papa

    1. – Looked back at Julie’s original post, and what happened sounds like overheating. I would suspect the dial gauge is shot and reading low and may be the source of her problem with a ‘vintage’ PC. People tend to trust a gauge when gauges are actually one of the most likely sources of problems (too many moving parts/points of failure).

      A new gasket on an older pressure cooker, you may have to check with the manufacturer and make sure the gasket has not changed and they simply added the new gasket to the old manufacture number and didn’t bother giving it a new number. Actually had this happen with a friend’s inherited cooker and couldn’t figure out the problem. Once we knew to look for a pre80’s gasket supplier, we managed to fix her problem.

      – Papa

  114. Thank you Papa Smurf, Ken, and AC!

    AC, do you have a specific website you can share?

    Papa, I was thinking the same about overheating because the steam was heavily and constantly coming from under the weight of the vent, however the gauge never rose to more than 8 in the hour and a half before all the water was gone and the dial dropped to zero suddenly. I will replace all those moving parts on the lid, I would think that would fix any issues.

    Ken, this canner has both, the dial gauge as well as the little weight (though not by 5/10/15 pounds) that covers the vent. You bring the canner to a boil and let the steam escape out the vent for ten minutes then apply the little weight – which is SUPPOSED to stop the steam – but wasn’t doing so. Then the pressure gauge never went over 8, and even at that it took FOREVER to get there. So yes, after reading everyone’s suggestions and information, and me typing it all out, it does seem as though the gauge needs to be replaced.

    Thank you so much for your help! I’ll let you know how it all goes! =)

    1. Julie
      Actually, I did. Look for Suttons Daze, she has the beginners class on pressure canning for those of us who are novices. There is either a 3 or 4 part series how to do pressure canning with a Presto unit. She explains the parts, how to clean, what to watch for when canning.
      The gauge that comes with the Presto and the other weighted gauge unit you can use instead. I really like the she way explains and shows those us who have never done pressure canning before.
      One item I did catch with the Presto unit, if you are planning on using a gas stove. You will need to find a cover or purchase an electrical heating unit that the canner will set upon.
      The Presto is not as heavy weighted as the All American, reason why it is good for an electrical heating source. Yet, I have seen her use a gas stove, her stove has a unique cover where by she can use it for canning.
      Thought you would like to know this information so it will help you when you are canning your special meat.
      Hopes this helps you, as I found it rather interesting, and I am not done with the short series.

      1. Julia/AC you can use a gas stove if you are used to cooking on it. i do nt have a electrical unit to use for canning i hate electrical stove. they are harder from me to adjust to temp. It is all about what you are comfortable with adjusting and adjusting the heat… as one is heating a canner to bring up to temp – bring up to heat on medium heat.. adjust up or down as required to get steam up and maintain a pressure or jiggle.. with weighted canner jiggle. it does not have to jiggle fast, but jiggle some… once or twice every 20-25 seconds. It will not be as likely to go dry either. IF you pressure can very fast at high heat the danger is running out of water in unit, and it will warp your canner.

        1. TOJS
          Thank you…I really did not wish to purchase another piece of equipment just to pressure can those items.
          Ok,,, TOJS. When can I expect you to show up and do the canning for me…
          sorry could not pass the teasing. 🤩😂

  115. Well, I tried again today! All new parts on the one that was given to me, which is a 21qt canner I believe. Still did the same thing! >=( GRRRRRR So I texted the people who gave me this one and asked if I could try the other one they have. Luckily the parts between the two are interchangeable (yes, I looked them up). The second one I’m borrowing is a 16qt presto and voila this one is working PERFECTLY. I’m wondering if it has something to do with 21qt canner being taller and thus I can’t reach pressure for some reason, or if it actually has something to do with it being a gas stove I’m using, which only crossed my mind as I was fighting the first canner, and then I came to check this forum and AC mentioned it!

    So here we are anyway. I’ve got a functioning presto canner for free. Happy girl. And AC, I’m going to check out and bookmark Suttons Daze. Thank you all for your help! =)

  116. Well, I asked the lady which canner she wanted back and she said I could keep them both! So now I have two.

    I think what the issue with the 21qt one is – with only putting one layer of jars in it, there’s too much empty space and it’s not building pressure like it should be. I don’t know if that’s a possibility, but it’s the only explanation that we could come up with that makes sense. I had one layer of quart jars, but there was room for at least another layer of pint jars. Too much dead space. So I’ll try it again this summer when I can load the thing up the whole way. Plus gas stove.

    I looked up Sutton’s Daze – funny thing is that I was watching her a few days prior as she was demonstrating how to can sausage because that’s what I just canned. I’ll be checking out some more of her stuff!

    Thank you all for your help! I now have two free canners! =)

    1. julie
      I have two canners both new. I am like yourself, new to using these pieces of equipment.
      If I read your comment about it not building pressure to can, have you replaced the gasket on the Presto canner? Checked the steam vent for releasing pressure and using the correct weight?
      The why, on these questions.
      In the searching for knowledge regarding the Presto units they have to be replaced every couple of years. Sounds like yours is in need of being replaced. It may be why they gave them to you. The party should have known for around $20 the gasket could be replaced and one could continue to put up their food.
      Yes, I happen to really like Suttons Daze. Went through her tutorial, 4 part segment on how to use a pressure canner.
      At least you have not gone through my problem. The lid would not go on the bottom of the canner. Yes, I am serious, fussed with that blood thing for over an hour. Got ticked off pulled the gasket off, messed with it and BAM, darn thing went Was prepared to send it back to the manufacture! I was that angry at that metal hunk setting on my stove. I must now put the gasket back on and see if the lid will go on the darn thing. 🤔

      1. imow
        I actually have both units. I am working on the Presto to get used to the canning process (lol) if I can get the darn thing to mind me. I believe we all must start at the beginning of learning a process in order to leap forward to the more specialized equipment. ( I hope)

  117. AC,IMOW, etc al,
    I am doing my typical engineer troubleshooting here with this thought. Seems the Presto canner and its rubber gaskets are the source of the problem. I am wondering if using a wee bit of silicon vacuum grease on both sides of the gasket might solve the issue. Maybe others can weigh in on this. An alternative would be to have several replacement gaskets on hand, in vacuum sealed bags to protect the rubber from oxidizing and causing leaks. Just my penny’s worth.

    1. Minerjim:
      When I have the gasket leaking problem on the old Presto……..
      Just spray it with a shot of Pan or Olive Oil, poof no more problems for quite a few runs….
      Just my 2 cents worth.

      1. NRP,
        Your suggestion points to the gasket being the cause of issues. Good quick fix for sure. (I was thinking that carbon based oil would add to the gasket degredation in the long run).

  118. Wondering if my canned beef is safe. Wasn’t thinking and started to remove the weight from the Presto pressure canner. Released about 5 of the 11 lbs of pressure before returning the weight (don’t ask!). Some sites state cool down period is part of the processing time and releasing pressure means food in the jars is not properly processed and will be unsafe to eat. The jars all “pinged” and sealed so is it safe to eat the beef?

    1. Canfused
      If the jars were canned the proper temp/PSI and time and they are sealed, you should be good to go.

      What usually happens with a sudden pressure loss is the jar will siphon the water out of the jar, same as cooling to fast.

      I’d mark the jars for further reference, just in case.

      BTW, I’m a trained Master Canner

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