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NESCO food dehydrator

NESCO has really excelled with their food dehydrator product lineup! I hadn’t looked in awhile, but when I did, it surprised me!

Have a quick look, and come back for my opinion:
NESCO Snackmaster Pro

Wow. It’s a combination of GREAT price (comparative to when I first bought my own food dehydrator), a really nice tray stacking feature, and the way that their heater fan system works (details below).

Are you landing here from a internet search for Nesco food dehydrator? You’ve come to the right place. Why? Because so many of our readers have experience with food dehydrators. Ask any question and you will get a response in the comments below from our ‘regulars’. Ask away…

I’ve written a good bit here on the blog over the years on various food dehydrator topics. Way back in the day, I always recommended a particular brand which really didn’t have much competition then in the home consumer space. It was expensive. I bought one. I like it, use it, and still recommend it today, “if” one’s budget allows the splurge…

Here’s an article I wrote on Food Dehydrator Basics which includes reference to that particular (much more expensive) model.

However, today’s NESCO food dehydrator is a “no brainer”! Why? Well, the best reasons are as follows:

NESCO Food Dehydrator Price

I can’t list specific prices (they vary somewhat). But, I can tell you that you are not going to find a better food dehydrator price vs. results on the market, in my estimation.

NESCO food dehydrators come in a product lineup that includes 6 models that I’m aware of. But the NESCO FD-75A Snackmaster Pro is my 1st choice for entry level – typical home food dehydrator projects.

The basic difference with the more expensive models is, well, the price. But that extra price goes to more features such as more trays (some up to 30!), a more powerful heater (up to 1,000 watts), timers, etc.. But most people will be perfectly happy with the feature set of the NESCO Snackmaster Pro. Read on…

NESCO Food Dehydrator | Stacking Trays

The FD-75A comes standard with 5 trays. It is expandable to stack 12 trays. Each tray is 13.5 inches in diameter and will hold about 130 square inches of food product.

The 5 trays will hold about 4.5 square feet, while all 12 trays will dehydrate nearly 11 square feet. Each tray is individually removable depending on how much you need to process. Extra NESCO trays can be purchased separately (here).

NESCO Food Dehydrator Fan

This NESCO food dehydrator model has a top mounted fan. The FD-75A Snackmaster Pro has a 600 watt drying fan. There are two things I like about their drying fan. Top mount, and the way it circulates the air.

NESCO Top Mounted Fan

I’ve seen food dehydrators with fans on the top, bottom, and rear of the unit. There are competing brands that have the fan on the bottom. A bottom fan is not preferable in my opinion because drippings may find their way into the fan unit (gravity). This may be especially problematic with grease/oils (e.g. meats).

The NESCO fan is mounted on top. There’s little to no chance that food residues will get in there.

NESCO Patented Converga-Flow Drying System

This is pretty neat. You could have different types of food in the dehydrator (one type on each tray for example) and the air flow will not intermingle. In other words, flavors of one won’t get into another while drying because of the way the air flow method works.

Here’s a picture of the NESCO Converga-Flow diagram:

NESCO food dehydrator Converga-Flow diagram

The Takeaway

Yes, you can get a more expensive food dehydrator which may be better, due to features, capacity, etc.. However this particular NESCO Food Dehydrator FD-75A not only looks to be a great entry point, but one that will likely provide your needs going into the future.

I wrote this article with food preparedness in mind. Dehydrating foods are one of many ways to preserve. It’s fun too (and great snacks!). I felt that this well-priced food dehydrator might be inexpensive enough to entice some of those who may be “on the fence”.

If you were wondering, yes, it’s made in the USA (“from global and domestic parts”). Reviews on amzn indicate that some parts come from China (as most everything today – just saying).

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  1. I have had the “NESCO FD-60, Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator” for right around 500 years now, I LOVE this hunk of Plastic.

    Running 12 trays is absolutely zero problems. I actually dehydrated 10 trays of Jalapenos this past weekend to make Jalapeno Ground Pepper for a Shaker that sits on the Table….. Yes I like spicy foods.

    I’ve dehydrated almost every Veg and Fruit you can name, it keep plugging away.
    Makes FANTASTIC jerky, or maybe it’s the mix I use… heheheh

    A little hint, I have cut Vinyl Screening for stuff that wants to fall through the slots in the trays.

    And honestly I would buy 3 or 4 of these before I would get one of those High Priced units that cost 5 times as much. The old 2 is 1, 1 is none thing you know. AND I can fire up a few of them or just one as I need and now run one of those HUGE Hunkers that holds 300 pounds of cabbage.

    1. I thought that I recall you mentioning that you had a NESCO. Thanks for the report! Does you house still smell like Jalapenos? ;)

      1. Ken;
        The dehydrating process is not so bad, BUT when Grinding them, ya had best do it outside for sure.
        AND the flavor from them… OMG will make even my cooking taste good.

        1. NRP, Ken,
          I also dehydrated jalapenos this week. I too have a Nesco, though I’d have to dig it out to get the model. I’ve had this thing and 12 trays for approximately 30 years. Many pounds of venison jerky, every year. Really a good unit. The only issue, and it’s a tiny issue, some of the small plastic lattice work pieces, break off through the years. The trays are still usable, so not a big deal.

          I use the “magic dust” jalapeno on most everything I eat. An absolute must have, for venison jerky. I dehydrate the jalapenos and also do the blender thing, in the garage. That stuff is powerful. If my old Nesco ever gives up, I’ll definitely buy another Nesco!

          A hint for dehydrator newbies, when doing large quantities at one time, up to 12 trays, rotate the trays from top to bottom about halfway through the process. It’s easy to do with the stackable trays and makes for a more consistent result.

    2. The vinyl mesh screening for those that may not know is the same material used for plastic canvass work. I get the biggest sheets avail , they are avail at Hobby lobby for about 2.20 or so, and 2 will cover 3 trays.. one will be pieced together with either fishing line- or it can be just stacked on the tray for each half to overlap

  2. I have an older Nesco and it does a fine job. I have found that the top tray will dry a bit faster so I occasionally take the bottom tray and put it on top and move the top tray to the bottom but that is using 8 or 10 trays at once.

    1. aka:
      I have an older LEM which still works great but I too sometimes have to rotate top and bottom trays. Onions are always dehydrated outside on the front or back porch.

  3. We have had a Nesco FD 60 for about 5 years now . Very pleased with the unit , we bought extra trays and we dry onions,carrots,apples and plums . I would readily recommend the unit .

  4. I also have one of the Nesco for many years. No complaints, works great. Everything’s getting ripe now, so it’s about time to break it out and get busy.

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