Greatest Survival Tool

I believe that this may apply more than any other survival skill or tool:
Our greatest survival tool is awareness.

In ANY environment, awareness is the first link to action. Awareness comes first.


Greatest Survival Tool

– Awareness of self
– Awareness of others
– Awareness of your environment


Awareness of Self

To know your own abilities and limitations.
To understand your position in the current environment.

Being self aware in the moment of your thoughts.

If you have ever been in a situation where you may have experienced everything happening in slow motion (e.g. adrenaline dump), you will have noticed details of your thought process and the event. A heightened sense of awareness of your own self as it relates to the event or situation.

This can be practiced.


Awareness of Others

The knowing of, or observing others around you.

– Situational awareness of other people.
– Situational awareness of animals in an outdoor / wilderness environment.
– Any living being


Awareness of your Environment

Recognition of the surrounding environment and the potential affects thereof.

With practice we can learn to engage in a heightened state of awareness.

Situational Awareness (Like Jason Bourne)

The first and foremost greatest survival tool is awareness. The mind which interprets input and then makes decisions about what to do next.

99.9% of people simply go through their day while doing their routines. It’s usually pretty regular. It’s also pretty easy to get caught up in that regularity and to let your guard down – even though one’s normal environment may feel safe (normalcy bias).

You can practice heightened awareness anywhere. All you have to do is focus on you, others, and your environment. The key word is ‘focus’. Become the observer.

You may be surprised what you discover.


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