Practical Skills That People Once Knew


Here is a list of practical skills that people knew ‘back in the day’, that the majority of the population do not possess today.

This (and your comments) might help preppers in an area they didn’t think of…

Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills


While there certainly are people today who posses these skills, I wonder how fewer there may be than days gone by. Many years ago, life (and our jobs) required that we posses more hands-on and practical skills than required of us today.

It seems to me that for decades now – far fewer kids are being taught the practical skills which would better help them make it on their own in a more self-reliant way than today. We have evolved into a modern and dependent society – one which would be in deep doo-doo if the SHTF, or TEOTWAWKI.

This list could be endless, given enough time to think about it – but I’ve noted some practical skills which crossed my mind as I wrote this.

Hand tools (versus powered/electric)
Home Economics
How to build basic things
Basic math skills (by hand or ‘in your head’)
Knitting, Crocheting
Sewing (by hand, and non-electronic machine)
Making clothes
Gardening (and it’s many sub-categories of skills)
Fence building
Pottery, sculpture
Making bread from scratch
Make your own soap
Primitive fire making
Raising chickens for eggs and meat
Shooting, marksmanship
Canning, food preservation
Budgeting, staying out of debt
Knot tying
Car, engine mechanics
Map reading, pathfinding
Entrepreneurship, inventing
Washing clothes by hand
Stay at home mom
Adapting, making the most of what you have
Food pantry storage
Verbal communication skills
Raising farm animals
Dehydrate fruits and veggies (without electricity)
Tree-cutting, firewood
Bicycle repair
Analytical thinking
Proficient reading
Making moonshine
Candle stick maker

Most people today (especially our young) are caught up in an electronic world rather than a life closer to the land and that which nature provides outside our door.

Entertainment is more high-definition TV, video games, and celebrity, than stepping outside and smelling the fresh air. Remember when you were younger and would spend nearly your entire time outdoors after school or after dinner or on the weekends? Our minds ‘worked’ differently in those environments and we learned many practical things and lessons in life just by the fact we were closer to the land, nature, and getting our hands dirty…

Please add your own comments of the skills we’ve gotten away from as a modern society.

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