Those who have the right knowledge, experience, and skills to contribute for long-term post SHTF survival will be valued assets to a prepper group, ‘retreat’, homestead, or a like-minded community banding together.

A question for you is the following… “What will be considered the ‘right’ skill sets?”

A few thoughts…

It is (and will be) difficult (to say the least) to develop and maintain any sort of real self-sufficiency to survive a societal mega-collapse. For generations we have become a society dependent entirely upon external and often far-away systems which enable our very survival. Should these systems collapse, who will survive it? Answer: very few.

The best chance will come from those who have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to establish adequate self-sufficiency to make it through…

Who will be valued the most? A few thoughts come to mind… Those who will most effectively contribute to the essentials of survival, followed by subsets thereof.

Food, Food, Food! Try coming up with at least 2,000 calories of food per day per person in a self-sufficient sphere. Not easy. In fact, very difficult for most. Experienced farmers and gardeners will bring food to the table – along with the required hard assets (tools) to get the job done. The expertise (and equipment) to preserve this food will be another necessity.

Security, the tactical expertise that goes with it, and all its associated ‘hardware’ will become an important essential skill set to protect the group. The importance and numbers of one’s force will vary depending on one’s location, but will certainly be a requirement under the conditions of post societal mega-collapse.

First Aid and medical knowledge and ‘know-how’ cannot be overlooked. Living in a world of laborious hands-on hard work will certainly bring on injuries and other requirements for those who have expertise in this field. The ability to effectively treat injuries, and an array of medical supply assets, will be highly valuable.

Multi skill sets. The most valued people will be those with multiple skill sets that contribute to the group. It really will be a requirement to ‘pull your own weight’ with the ability to fill many shoes. There may be few exceptions for critical expertise however most will need to do more than one job…

Based on your comments so far:

Military experience and organized security

A hierarchy ‘chain of command’ within the group. A team leader within each categorical skill set. The importance of a good coordinator / project Leader / manager / organizer.

Existing self reliant skills. Someone who already has any number of self reliant skills will be highly valued.

‘Jack of all trades’

The importance of character and trustworthiness.

Okay, lets hear some more from you…

What are some of the more important skill sets for a prepper group?
Which slots would you fill first?
After those, what next?

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