POLL: Top Categorical Priorities For Your Personal Preparedness

Priorities for Preparedness

I’m talking about categorical areas of preparedness concerns for YOU.

The priorities as you seen them from your own perspective.

And to add a twist, the poll will be gender based.

Two polls. One for men and the other for women.

Both polls have the same list of choices.
Only respond to the appropriate poll.

I simply thought of some higher level categories for preparedness. I could have listed LOTS more, however there are too many for a simple Poll as you get more specific.

Many of our circumstances are different from each other which may alter how you think about the list. That said, just find that which is closest to what you’re thinking…

Here’s the catch: You can only pick up to 10.

Here’s the text list in alphabetical order. Polls are below.

Alternative Energy
Bug out plan
Bushcraft skills
Cooking from scratch
Firearms & Ammo
First Aid & Medical supplies
Food Pantry Deep Storage
Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
Foraging the natural wilds
Fuel Storage
Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
Health & Fitness
Household Consumables
Library; Reference
Livestock, any
Sewing, Clothes, Mend
Tactical & Security
Tools; Related Supplies
Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify


Top Preparedness Categories (Men vs. Women)

I have tallied up the poll results after nearly 4,000 category votes from about 400 people (men and women). Here are the results.

Top 10 for MEN

1. Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify
2. First Aid & Medical supplies
3. Firearms & Ammo
4. Food Pantry Deep Storage
5. Tactical & Security
6. Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
7. Tools; Related Supplies
8. Alternative Energy
9. Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
10. Library; Reference

Top 10 for WOMEN

1. Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify
2. Food Pantry Deep Storage
3. First Aid & Medical supplies
4. Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
5. Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
6. Firearms & Ammo
7. Library; Reference
8. Alternative Energy
9. Cooking from scratch
10. Tools; Related Supplies

Preparedness Categories for Men and Women

Top Categories For Preparedness MEN WOMEN
Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify 100% 100%
Firearms & Ammo 91% 66%
First Aid & Medical supplies 91% 95%
Food Pantry Deep Storage 85% 99%
Tactical & Security 76% 47%
Gardening; Seeds, Supplies 71% 95%
Tools; Related Supplies 71% 49%
Alternative Energy 63% 64%
Food Preserving, Canning, etc. 51% 83%
Library; Reference 44% 65%
Health & Fitness 44% 37%
Fuel Storage 42% 29%
Handyman/woman 31% 24%
Bug out plan 28% 11%
Hunter-gatherer 27% 16%
Bushcraft skills 27% 12%
Cooking from scratch 26% 50%
Livestock, any 25% 35%
Household Consumables 25% 43%
Foraging the natural wilds 19% 33%
Sewing, Clothes, Mend 8% 29%


The Encyclopedia of Country Living


  1. Many of the categories consists of skills/preps already on hand due to the lifestyle/interests I’ve had all my life. Those that became priorities when I slowly realized how fragile our economy/lifestyle really is became my focus when I realized there were some areas I needed to focus on. These included long term water/energy availability and fuel/food storage. Guns/ammo, tactics for security are skills I had honed over a lifetime. Food production, hunting/gathering ditto. My goal is for my family to survive till and through a full planting and harvest season on supplies already stockpiled. I have no illusions as to any survival past that if some semblance of normality has not returned.
    Bugging out has never entered my personal preps. Short of nuclear/biological contamination, I will defend my ground or die where I fall. Too old to run, too stubborn to give up.

    1. I agree with not bugging out. At one time we had bug out plans. The only part of the plan still active is if we need a short term bug out, we plan on staying with DD who is less than 10 miles from us. Otherwise we will stay and let whatever happens, happen. If we are going to die, I would rather die in our home.

      1. Our personal plan is to stay put in our home, however if we’re forced into a BO situation, we have our personal 72 hour bags in the closet, and a extra BOB for 5 days along with a GHB with 2 days supplies in the car. I don’t want to be caught without a secondary plan for leaving the home if it comes down to that, or getting back home if we’re out. In reference to the categories, honestly I could have picked several more as they almost all had significance in my overall preparation plans.

      2. Yes, I agree. Mr. talks about plans to go to Clarksville/101 Airborne, but I do not care for that. We argue about it. I need light and space to be sane. If the home is not the place then I will go down with it. Not interested being around a bunch of whinny wives I do not know.

        1. Mrs. USMCBG
          “A bunch of whinny wives”….rolwl over that one. Do not blame you, would not put up with them either.
          Must assume you are referring to the wives of retired military? Nothing worse then chipped nail polish..don’t beat me…..😉😎

        2. AC, we all know that in certain situations there are going to be the no do’s, cant’s, and along with whatever they can get away with. I am a little RED HEN and I will eat the bread all by myself!

    2. I also agree with the Non-Bug-Out long-term situation, all of my focus for preparing is here at the homestead, not going to move 50-tons of crapo aaahhhhhhhh “stuff” in an hour that’s for sure, plus I know the surrounding 5 miles like the back of my hand, hard to find someone that’s in their own element…
      I’m also too old for doing the “live off the forest” thing for more than a few days. Squirrel, Rabbit, Fish, Roots, and Shrubs is ok for a those young bucks, give me a nice home cooked meal, even if cooked on a Jet-Flame or in a Solar Oven and my comfortable bed if the Lights Out”. Oh yeah, and a toilet that actually works.
      Does that make me an easy target? Do yourself a favor, do NOT count on it.
      Does that make me the fool? Maybe, but I, like a lot of us, would rather die defending than running.
      Does that make me a loaner? Probably, and a lot of the “Expert Survivalist” will tell you a loaner will not make it, maybe, but that really only make me responsible for myself.
      Ok, short term Bug-Out, I have a full stocked Camp-Trailer fully loaded (except for water, winter ya know) that’s parked directly behind whereas I back out of the Garage with my “Real Truck” not one of those Fords hehehehe, I can back out, hookup, and be gone in less than 5 minutes, would take less than 2 minutes to toss a couple of water totes in the truck and I’m gone.. The reasoning, I live in a semi-high fire area, so if/when a fire, let it burn baby, let it burn, that’s what Insurance is for.
      Of course I have a BOB and a Gun-Bag ready to go if ever needed; I mean really, nobody knows when someone will say, “Hey NRP lets head to the hills for a few days hunt”. I mean, after all you have GOT to be prepared, right? Not everything is a SHTF or EOTWAWKI to be a necessary “gata-go”.

      1. NRP,
        Yeah, when we live in God’s Country, bugging out is a non-starter!! Plus, as we get… um…’mellowed’ in our advanced years, bugging out for anything other than a temporary Shtf as you mentioned, just is not that appealing. Wondering out loud, I wonder at what age that happens at. Where we change from ‘bugging out” to ‘bugging in”. Might be an interesting poll. BTW. How do you hunt if all your guns are at the bottom of Navajo Reservoir??? have you taken up the atlatl?

        1. Minerjim
          I can tell you exactly when I hit the age of ‘bugging out” to ‘bugging in”, it hit me like a ton of bricks about 3 days after I arrived at my first place in the Four Corners when I left CA.
          Wife and I looked around and literally said, “where else would we go?” and went on to say, “this is where others only dream of”. Hard work, you bet your booty, worth every Ibuprofen taken :-)

          Hunting would involve renting a firearm from the local Gun Shop
          I’m not allowed long pointed sticks anymore HAHAHAHA

        2. Minerjim, NRP,
          Have to agree we live in Gods country, bugging out is not really an option for us either. Everything is here gardens, herbs, animals, tools to name a few. And push come to shove we have a place for all the kids and some of my extended family. We have tried to build up this place to be able to stay, no it isn’t ideal but it will work.We do have a camp trailer that I try to keep stocked for a have to leave situation which we could go to the old homestead to an area that you really have to know where you are going to get there.

        3. We also hit the last bug out when we retired here. We thought about selling and just traveling but we don’t have the energy to do it. So we are here unless there is a fire or our mountain starts smoking.

      2. NRP
        Know you are jesting a little when you state “let it burn” you have insurance.
        NRP, no you do not….. ever want to go through that mess. Insurance will not replace those mementos you hold dear, family heirlooms not replaceable.

        1. Antique Collector
          I agree, mostly, have memories stored and in the old brain.
          BUT if it comes to the home or me & Blue…. take a quess.
          Honestly “stuff” is ” stuff”, and dead is for a long time, would I fight to save it, sure I would but…….

    3. My experience and concept of ‘bugging-out’ isn’t at all related to the type of shtf scenarios mentioned here, and probably isn’t even considered to be it at all. For me/us, it means having to leave in a very short period of time because we need to be somewhere else in a hurry. That means bags packed and ready to hit the road.

    4. Being able to “Bug-In” instead of “Bugging-Out” is one of the main reasons we sold our nice house in the suburbs and moved way out into the country. We had put ALLOT of work in to that house over the last 20 years. It was the house I proposed to my wife in, and we were comfortable, even if a little cramped.

      But… the neighborhood was declining fast, crime was soaring, home values were falling like a rock, the small “city” itself was becoming more and more corrupt, and we were far too close to Memphis; which has basically metastasized over the state line into our area. Memphis is one of the most dangerous and racially charged cities in the country.

      We agonized over all the involved factors.

      Finally, we realized that the best option was for us to simply relocate. I say simply as if it was a simple task; it most definitely was not. It’s just when we took a long, hard, REALISTIC look at all of the variables it became a simple choice.
      We were not ready to move; but we did it anyway. God blessed us with the financial ability (we qualified for a mortgage on the new place while still paying the mortgage on our current one), and brought a property in the country to our attention several times. With much trepidation, we pulled the trigger and it ended up working out in our favor.

      Now, we live in our “Bug-Out” location, and the benefits are incredible. Significantly more peace of mind. MUCH more freedom. We can shoot in our own backyard, fish in our pond, hunt on our land, have a garden any size we want, park anywhere we want, etc., etc., and etc.!

      Still a few bad apples in the area, and the new house needs some TLC and remodeling, but for the most part we are actually happier here than we were for the last decade in our other house. Sure the commute to work is much longer, but that’s a small price to pay for all of the benefits we enjoy.

      The reason I wrote all of that is to encourage others to take a long hard look at their plans when it comes to bugging out or in. It might be truly worth it to bug out right now, so you can bug in later :) Don’t wait until you retire. Find that place now and work it while you can. We’ve been in our new home for a little over two years now and we are still learning new things about the property, the house, etc.

      Remember, it isn’t just a nuclear war, natural disaster, economic collapse, or pandemic that could cause the S to hit the F. If you ever find yourself confronted with a SHTF situation, it might not be global or even involve the whole region you are in. Think of the folks who found themselves in that situation because of the numerous racially motivated riots within the last few years. Or the folks who lost their jobs along with most of their neighbors when a big factory/plant/warehouse closed shop and left. It could even apply solely to you and your family. Losing a job, sickness, etc. I’d rather live out in a rural area than in the suburbs or in a city anytime, but especially when and if things get tight.

      1. restoringBrad;
        Thank you for the time you spent on your post, very well done, and congratulations on your Home, sounds like you did well.
        I hope thousands read this comment, and realize it’s not just old crazy farts like me that think this way.
        Thank You again Brad

        1. Thank you NRP. We hope to make it to “Old Fart” status some day! (47 and counting, but we’re already crazy so that part is taken care of)

          I wrote it with the hope that people who have these concerns would take real stock of their situation and act if possible. We were waiting for that “one day”… you know the one; that perfect day we all dream of but never actually arrives.

          For us it was “one day” we’ll be able to sell this place and move out into the country. We waited quite a while for “one day” to arrive. It still hasn’t shown up!

          We liked the house, but knew it was too small. We also grew too uneasy about the area we were living in. The entire subdivision could be “contained” by less than 10 vehicles blocking the primary ingress/egress roads and thus, blocking all vehicle traffic in and out. The population had changed drastically from hard working decent people to rather undesirable folks who trashed their houses and the properties surrounding them. More and more houses were turning into rental properties, with some going section 8. The crime rate was skyrocketing with crimes against people and property leading the way. The local police and code enforcement targeted the home owners and not the problems. Several families on our cove repeatedly called the police about the drug dealers in one of the houses (some nights saw 25+ cars pull up, transact, and leave in under a minute). They never did anything about it. They would however send code enforcement out to measure the grass to see if they could write a ticket for it being too tall, but only at the addresses where the homeowner lived in the house- not at the rentals. They even tried to write my neighbor a ticket for having a car with out of state plates in his driveway for more than 24 hours. The car belonged to people visiting from out of state and only after a long argument and threats of lawsuits did code enforcement finally back off. Those are a few examples.

          Whenever the topic of Bugging Out or Bugging In comes up here, I see many folks talk about that “one day” when they plan to get the heck out of the areas they know or suspect could be untenable in a crisis and relocate to a more rural property.

          Folks- TODAY is that “one day”. Yes, your commute will likely be longer. However, it’s easier to simply get yourself home in a SHTF event than it will be to Bug Out trying to carry everything you need. Even if your dream is to pull up stakes and move long distance upon retirement, you will likely be happier and safer if you move away from the population centers now. Then when you retire, you have the option of either staying in your rural home that you have already been living in for a while, or sell it and go for the dream you held in the first place. I’ve never gotten a memo warning of an upcoming disaster. Never been warned that my employer was cutting back or closing, that the area was going to decline, that a natural disaster was going to hit. I’m working on this house. Someday, we will decide if we’re staying here or going to sell it and leave the area. In the meantime, we are exponentially (statistically) safer.

          Drive a little further to and from work, and after a week that drive won’t seem bad at all. In fact, we like it, and we are amazed that we waited so long to get out of that mess.

  2. My vote is in, but my main focus right now is locating a BOL. Being 55 years old and looking at retirement in a couple of years, we are focusing on land and a home in Northern Idaho. I don’t want to purchase a BOL now and have to sell it when we move, so I’m hoping the world stays together for a few more years!

    I work in the Sacramento region at a high tech computer company (no names mentioned! ;) ) and can be shown the door at any point over the next couple of years. The older we get, the less they want us around!

    Best wishes to all!

    1. Rob,
      Just a bit of advice from someone that left ‘civilization’ and moved to the ‘Boonies’ : Seriously consider making your BOL your ‘forever’ location and moving before you get too old. I am a professional also, and worked very hard to find a good job in the area I decided I wanted to spend the last part of my life in. We moved over here when I was 53, ten years ago. Hard move, lots of work, and we built everything up from scratch. Looking back at it now, from 63, I probably would not make the move at this age. I have sort of ‘lost my nerve’ so to speak. there are lots of other states that have ‘high tech computer industries’ that would be good for relocation. you will probably have to take a lower salary, but you will be out of the rat race. Northern Idaho is nice, and a lot of ‘like minded people’ may live there, but you need to consider all things. Did you know that it is gloomy and overcast up there for 6 months of the year??? ( I lived and worked in Kellogg Idaho for two years) If you are a Californian (I was until 17), you are not going to really like the gloomy dark winters of Northern Idaho. just saying. I love the area, but the weather was really a deal breaker for me. The other point to consider is that by moving earlier, rather than right at retirement, you can slowly integrate into your new community. We moved into a farming community in Western Colorado. People are nice, and we worked to understand their views and integrate. It has only been in the last year that we feel we are no longer looked at as “Outsiders”. It takes time to integrate, best to do it while you are still working.
      Best of luck finding your dreams.

      1. ” Did you know that it is gloomy and overcast up there for 6 months of the year??? ”
        Helps to keep the rift raft out but even with that we are been overrun.

      2. Minerjim…..GOOD advice. We moved to our mounyain at age 50. no nothing when we got here….brought in electricity, road etc and built the whole place ourselves. now at 63 we would not choose to start this at this age. Get “er done younger!

      3. Another good reason to just stay put,,,, at least for me, hell, im born and raised here in the islands and still get called names

        1. Thanks to everyone for the input! Unfortunately, we must play the hand we’re dealt and try to make the best of the situation. The main reason for the relocation is being closer to grandkids. :)

          And there is NO WAY I’m staying put this close to the capital of insanity!

          Thanks again everyone!

        2. I hear ya on that one Rob,, if i could just load everything in a Uhaul trailer and relocate i would, little more complicated when it has to go on a ship in a shipping container THEN overland. You folks in the states may not realize just how lucky you are. For myself if i lived there, i know i could find work about anywhere, 1 day on a job and whoever hired me would be smiling, but such is the nature of my trade, so would be easy, pick a spot, load upbasics, go find work and lodging, then build on that, knowing i can just drive back and pull everything out of storage and make the move final, like someone else said about losing their nerve, im sorta headed there, every year that goes by it gets less attractive, 54 isnt that old, but to start from scratch by myself, doesnt sound so good,

  3. – Have to agree with Dennis and Peanut Gallery. In my case, one DD and family are at 60 miles, other is at 120 miles. Both have offered refuge if needed; and are welcome and provided for here as well. Other than short term, I intend to stay where I am and Die in Place, (Where have I heard that phrase before?)
    – Papa S.

  4. Agree with most of the above and hey Ya’ll Tennessee has some great towns with good land and good weather. On the Upper Cumberland and East is some good land, hills and water. Nobody ever talks about moving East of the Mississippi. No cooties, but plenty of ridgerunners!

  5. At this season of our life we will bug in. Getting off the Northern Peninsula in Washington will not be easy and we can’t move until Mom is gone. She is 93 so that could be soon or she could out live all of us. At any rate when we can we will move off the Peninsula. Am I looking forward to it, absolutely not, but need to be closer to the kids in travel time so will undertake it.

    For now, I stock for bugging in. Don’t want to think about any alternative. I have a get home box in both cars that could last a week or more but know we will be staying in place if something happens while we are away from home. If we are crossing the water I put both boxes into the van and all the blankets and extra clothing as well as extra water. Hubby could not go for more than a block without complete exhaustion. Even if he could it would be hard to get home across the Sound. So hunker down it is and pray for the best.


  6. I have spent a lot of time, effort and money to make my place what it is. I have considered a lot of others comments made here and elsewhere about making a safe and secure place to live in the event of a SHTF event. So if SHTF I will stay here and defend my place. Yes, I will also be found dead here defending my home. My body will be easy to find – just look under that shinny pile of hot smoking brass. I am not afraid of dying but there is no way in hell I will live without my God given freedoms. It saddens me to see what has happened to this country I love.

  7. WOW! An awesome poll Ken, its very interesting to see to mind sets between the men and women.
    Looks like a team of each will do very well when TSHTF!!
    . . . and that could be any day now . . .

  8. Looks like those of us who would rather risk dying in place outnumber those who would run to other places to slowly starve or freeze. Truly, our accumulated food, tools, shelter, critters, and other belongings are not going to fit in a BOB, and I didn’t acquire and work for this stuff to just run away and leave it for some jerks without them suffering any losses. Besides, some of us, including myself have family members unable to withstand exposure to the extremes of outdoors. Maybe
    we stick at home types are just mature enough to know how much the weather can suck, living in the woods is ridiculous, and not very comfy, game does not pop up when your hungry, and personally I would not make it 100 yards without remembering something I forgot to bring.

  9. One thing that I find interesting is this:

    Over the years, whenever I’ve posted an article that has any mention of “Bug out”, it becomes a hot topic. In this article, it’s simply one of 21 choices to choose from and 99% of the comments up to this point are about “Bug out”.

    Perhaps it’s time to post on the subject again. Maybe tomorrow morning ;)

    That aside, it is interesting to see some of the differences evolving in the poll between men and women. And it’s not unexpected (after all, we ARE different in our general outlook and general abilities – regardless of what they’re teaching these days…)

    1. Ken: Don’t know how hard it is for you to set up the format for the polls such as today’s, but I think it would be enlightening for a poll on what age categories your followers fall in, i.e. 20-29, 30-39, etc.
      I feel you might find intentions to bug out will correlate with age.

      1. Dennis, I did do a poll back in August of 2016 (maybe time to do it again). Here were the results at that time with nearly 800 participants…

        Prepper Age Demographic

        1. Thanks for posting the graph Ken. It’s good to see how many youngsters like NRP are prepping.

        2. Dennis

          ouch, just all ouch.
          OR yeppers got you OLD FARTS on the run LOLOL

        3. It’s been two years, the graph may have slipped a little to the right as people age. I know I would be in a different category. I think, yes, time to do it again.

        4. old lady
          That was what I was going to tell Ken.
          OR I could stay 39 lol

        5. Nice graph of the children/ WWII Baby Boomers and some from the 1929 crash. This is why we know time to do something!!!

        6. Very accurate, I just turned 45 on January 1st and have started researching bugging out scenarios and preparedness last year (current research has brought to me to this site.). Hmmmm… wondering if this is more of a biological timing thing than anything.

  10. I took the poll and have to admit I did struggle on trying to decide between a few things since I feel most all of them are important.
    As epo3 said it is interesting to see the differences in the Men and the Women, I know I focus on things and my DH focuses on other things so together we are pretty set. But then I got to thinking what if something happened and I didn’t have DH here for whatever reason I would really have to expand my knowledge base. A lot of it I know the basics and do help with but usually rely on him to do the main part of it just as he relies on me to do what I know how to do. Definitely something to think about.

    1. Men and Women compliment each other during life’s journey. We have our unique abilities, outlooks, concerns, which makes for a good team – provided the chemistry works too ;)

  11. So hard to choose only 10, I know I need them all. I did take off Firearms & Ammo as I decided for me it would be a subcategory of Tactical & Security. Looking back I fear the things I did not prioritize were those areas I know I’m weak in (handywoman, livestock). Maybe they are weak areas because I need to get busy learning more?!

    I fear having to bug out due to being burned out.

    1. While all are of value, I limited choices to 10 in order to get the prioritization and thought process gears turning ;)

      1. Yep, understood. And I think it did work for me, as it pointed out to me that my priorities seemed to be those I found ‘easiest’. Thanks Ken, keep these polls coming!

  12. I wasn’t sure what you meant by this question. Did you mean was I concerned because I didn’t have enough knowledge or supplies Or did you mean theses were the things I was already doing because they were the most important to me. I chose the later when I voted.

  13. Ken, I personally would like to see an article on Long-Term Get Home.
    I’ve mentioned before that I travel on business every week. If the S ever HTF I’m extremely likely to be on the road. If cars aren’t working or if gasoline isn’t available then I’m looking at a 5-6 wk hike/camp to get home.
    Questions I’d like to see discussed include –
    – If the authorities locked down a city, what would someone do to get out?
    – If the route out of a city led through “the bad part of town”, how would someone avoid attention while carrying expensive-looking gear?
    – A 5-6 wk hike/camp would require a fair amount of gear. Suggestions for reducing the load?
    – Begging/bartering for shelter from strangers during a crisis

    I’ve never seen this specific topic addressed on any prepper website before and I’d be very interested in suggestions others may have.
    Thank you.

    1. This would be a difficult situation. Consider taking a folding bike with you as you travel to shorten your Get Home time drastically. This will also mean less supplies needed…

    2. Mr. Gray we have had some excellent discussions about this very situation. In short a 5-6 week hike home would be far better on a bicycle with a single wheel trailer. A hybrid bicycle (even folding) would change that 5-6 week hiking at an average 2 mph trip into 1-2 week trip at average 12 mph trip. I have taken a bicycle with trailer through mud, snow and brush at least as fast as I could hike with a pack.

      From my experience’s with bad parts of town there is no way I would wear a Rob and Hurt me back pack full of expensive gear there. A bicycle would allow me to take the LONG way around fairly quickly. BTW I lived in Baltimore MD for two years working at Johns Hopkins Hospital (Very Bad Area grew up around it). And for what it is worth if I have to go through a bad area just as SHTF I’d rather get through fast before the Gimmie Dats can plan a robbery. 3 weeks of cliff bars some water and a filter, good maps, first aid kit and basic camping/camouflage gear I might have a fighting chance IF I think like a Rabbit. Be aware, hide, run.

      I suspect that randomly begging from people will get you beaten and robbed. Not a good plan from my POV.

    3. Gray, Cat6, NHM,
      I have been wondering this for awhile too. I know that Rancher’s Wife says she always thinks about it when she and her husband travel. In my case, i travel about 5 days a month in a company pickup to all points in the Western States ( except Kalifornia, thank God!) A lot of where i go is way, way out in the boonies, remote little towns, etc. I do have to go through or around some major towns to get out and back. I have been really thinking about buying a bike and chaining it into the bed of the truck,…… just in case. Now ii have to start thinking about a minimum of supplies. While the West is a great place to live, the resources in a lot of areas of Basin and Range area are very very slim. I agree with NHM, in a SHTF situation, begging would most likely get you killed, no matter where you are. Best to keep to yourself, off the beaten path, and make your way home slowly. Need to brush up on my desert survival too.

      1. Miner Jim PLEASE get a single wheeled trailer!! I’ve biked camped with a back pack not the best option. I’ve bike packed with panniers better but awkward if you have to manhandle your bike through old fencing, brush and such. I have bike packed (and Deer Hunted) with a single wheeled bike trailer and found it really easy and great for packing out a Colorado Mule Deer (and not get shot doing do). 100 pounds of gear properly placed on such a bike-trailer combo is stealthy, pretty darn fast and easy for daily riding.

        1. NHM,
          Thanks for the suggestion, I can see the advantage of a one wheeled trailer, for gear. Any recommendations for a trekking bike for an older dude?

        2. As an older Dude :-) I like to suggest you go to your local bicycle shop and have them fit you for what is often called a hybrid trekking bicycle. They can be quite reasonable in price and you can find what saddle fits you best as to avoid being as an cowboy would say Saddle Sore or unhappily numb in your groin.

          SHTF will be bad enough to suffer unnecessarily. Sort of like good fitting hiking boots.

          I would stay away from electric assist bicycles as after the battery runs out (short range local shopping or commuting range) it is a HEAVY Bicycle to ride. Also harder to ride/portage/manhandle through brush.

    4. @Mr. Gray
      Although I don’t see myself in your particular situation with so much distance from home, I have been reading a series of books that really got me thinking about it. The books start out with a group of workers who are about 150 miles from home when terrorists attack the US infrastructure and destroy our interconnected systems. Might want to read the series by Franklin Horton, “Borrowed World” because the events after the attacks are quite plausible.

      I’m wondering if you could develop a network of ‘safe houses’ across America. It would require quite a bit of work to establish the network (begin with friends who have friends), and then map them out, but it could also be a reciprocal arrangement with those you connect with.

    1. Old Homesteader,
      Thanks for the invite. I do get up that way from time to time. Thorium mining, mean like Lemhi Pass mine? Just typical hard rock mining, but have to use a lot of environmental and worker protections, thorium is an alpha, beta, and gamma producer with associated radon gas. However, a thorium reactor is way safer than uranium/plutonium reactors, and waste is way less radioactive.
      Suppose getting on a small plane and flying home might be ok in SHTF, but would be concerned about ATC reliability. Besides, small planes make me nervous. Underground 8000 feet no problem, up in the air 8000 feet, different matter! Time for tea, then bed.

  14. One thing I’ve been picking up on.
    Many people on this site appear to want to make contact with others but have no way to do this. It’s to bad an e mail or drop box type site wasn’t available to allow for further exploration and contact. People hint all the time where there’re located and invite others to stop by if there in say Mount Saint Helens area. That encompasses a large geographical area. That’s like me saying if your ever near Three Mile Island, give me a holler. You can holler all you want I probably won’t hear you.
    I understand CONSEC & OPSEC but if we had some way to get in touch securely, off this blog, that might be nice. If the web ever goes down we’re blacked out from each other and on our own. I would hate to think I had a like minded prepper close by but couldn’t get in touch because I couldn’t contact them because of lack of info. It’s not like I’d be dropping by for supper unannounced or anything like that. But having a phone number, or radio frequency of another like minded individual would be nice. Surely, setting up a free e mail account on yahoo or g-mail wouldn’t be that much of a security breach and would allow exploratory contact to be made without problems. I have a gmail, and outlook e mail account. Just a thought.

    1. @Broadwing

      We could decide on private communication via a particular free email site (like Tutanota) that offers encryption. If we make our email address to match our MSB screen-name, it would be easy. Of course, there is no 100% accuracy in knowing that the person you email is, in fact, the person who is behind the screen-name you are hoping to make contact with.

      Another idea (safer) would be having personal ‘accounts’ here and enabling private messages to go through. But that’s work on Ken’s part to set it up and I’m unsure if the software allows it.

    2. Broadwing,
      What is truly too bad is that our society has degraded to such a point that we have to be concerned about who is on the other side of that screen and our anonymity,,,
      Personally, i could give a rats arse, if somebody thinks they got something on me by all means, come n get it,,,,,,,

      1. @ Nailbanger
        Very true indeed! My anonymity was blown a long time ago when I bought a gun, fishing license, got a drivers license, ham license, applied for a home mortgage, ordered an item on line, etc, etc.

    3. @ Broadwing

      I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings but I think it needs to be said.
      Your solution to what appears to be a need for people to explore and contact is a very bad idea. I suspect, this is how many good sounding but very bad ideas become reality.

      This is a preparedness blog site where people come together somewhat anonymously and share their experiences… it is not a dating site or a place to hook up just in case things go south. Sharing ideas is one thing. In today’s world, sharing phone numbers, email and physical addresses in a public forum is quite another. If you want to do that use Face book.

      1. Yes and no,,
        Humans are a social animal, we congregate and interact over many common or sometimes un common interests, i know for myself it is nice to try and meet new folks, our world has become so impersonal with (anti)social media and anonymous blogs or anonymous forums, many people like myself are old school and still like to rub elbows with real people, its just hard to find folks on the same page,
        Its a damn shame how our world is going, it would be nice to shake hands with someone who also sees it and who also feels the loss of a civil society where men and women met over coffee and talked about stuff that they had as a common interest. Sure, some still do, but how many can honestly say they still do that on a regular basis? My bet is a lot fewer than you would think,
        Life is busy, people are self absorbed, there are also a whole lot of ingenuine people out there who are just two faced and conniving, after a while you just sorta say screw it and just go about your business not worrying about others, theres also the issues of drugs and alcohol, i got no interest in being around people who cant get through one day without being loaded in one way or another, look around you, what do you see?

      2. No problem, it was just a innocent thought I had that’s all after reading many posts. Facebook for me is a bad idea, to intrusive, and I wasn’t looking to “hook up” or “date” with anyone. If you read what I said instead of going into attack mode, I said it might be nice to have a private site or mailbox. I wouldn’t want to post my stuff on a public forum, I’m not totally senile.

        1. Hey Broadwing

          I am purty anti social by nature. I can see your point and don’t necessarily think it’s a negative idea. I must admit, there’s a few folks here that even I wouldn’t mind talkin to. If somethin like that should transpire, the ultimate choice to participate would be up to the individual.

          I don’t do social media. Personally, I think facebook and the like is one of the worst things in my lifetime to be fed to our society, But, on the other hand, the majority of our society cannot gobble it up fast enough………

    4. @ Nailbanger & Broadwing

      This site gives me hope in knowing that there really are like minded people elsewhere.
      We all know there really is no such thing as anonymity in the electronic netherworld and this site is no exception. Our rulers already have a monopoly on that and I’m sure that without too much trouble, someone of their ilk can identify and locate anyone posting on this site for whatever stupid conspiracy they can conjure up.

      Everyone who regularly posts here already knows that I live somewhere in Louisiana just like Nailbanger lives somewhere in Hawaii, on the other hand… there is no connection between me and anyone on this site other than that we are unknown entities who frequent the same site and possibly share similar ideas. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I prefer to leave it that way for both of our sakes and the sake of this site. It’s comforting enough to simply know that you are out there.

      I make no apologies for being what some consider a curmudgeonly old fart but am sorry if anyone takes my comments as an attack. Just saying.

      1. 😎👍🏻understood bud and i get it,,,
        I want to add, and have said before, if theres some fed or other gov so and so out there collecting data on me, i feel sorry for that poor SOB as they have one of the most mind numbingly boring jobs on the planet,,,

        1. Nailbanger,

          I’ve thought about this. Why would any ‘Fed’, or anyone in government really be interested in any of us? No one here is advocating anything sinister. We aren’t planning an insurrection. We simply recognize a rapidly deteriorating society and we acknowledge that really bad things seem to be taking shape… and we prepare for it. So what? FedGov and all locals should be relieved actually, that in an emergency, there are some among us who won’t need or want their assistance.

          Well, ok… the Federal Trade Commission might go after that guy in four corners for hoarding enough TP to wipe every butt from there to San Antonio. But the rest of us needn’t worry, I think. So NRP stays home. We’ll go to him. :>)

        2. McGyver
          As a preparedness standpoint and trying to get back on subject…
          Is 600 rolls of TP really enough? :-)

        3. McG
          Thats been my thing all along wherever i go, why would they even care, its not like we are allacadabrasnackbars, or training weekly as a militia, most of us are just getting by, ive seen the “authorities” pick apart several peoples lives, it sucks, they suck, but really, im pretty sure that on the radar of things, most of us are low on the list, from a preparedness and priorities standpoint, tying these conversations into that theme, personal security, how important is it to you and in what form? We all have different definitions of this but OPSEC definitely means something different to all of us,
          Like NRP
          That 600 rolls was something he shoulda kept quiet about, now when MS13 is headed north they know where to go to get that stash,,,,

        4. Ken I hope you don’t mind my mentioning a website here. A webpage called Bayou Renaissance Man has some VERY EYE OPENING 1st hand information on how Gov.com folks react to folks Not Needing Their Assistance and ORDERS to abandon their homes and go here….

          Folks lost more than Firearms there. The troubles of Katrina were not only the bad police of New Orleans but FEMA/Red Cross/etc.

        5. NH Michael;
          You bring up a good point, even the people of Porte Rico were ordered to hand over all firearms just this last spring when they got hit. Something to think about when discussing OPSEC,
          Dang it when I say I lost all my firearms and ammo to Navajo Lake in that accident.
          I might add that the NSA already knows what you have anyways, every time you hit the “send” key to this BLOG or anywhere else it’s already recorded in Utah.
          We literally have NO freedoms left anymore, best to sarcoma to that fact now and live with it.

        6. Dennis
          as far as I understand, you are absolutely correct. — I have seen numerous news reports in past couple yrs, as well as “notices” from Privacy Commissioners in last couple yrs, discussing similar/same concerns. — As well, there are groups which collect up same and put it online..both access to same, and also —-actual live video feed. In past couple of yrs, I have seen at least have a dozen news reports on various places such as daycares/hospitals/post offices/homes/etc, of which the “feed” was somehow hacked, and was streamed totally live on these sites……

      2. CN,
        I just thought you should reread and understand what was stated first before stating your reply the way you did. I understand that as we get older our comprehension might not be as sharp. Me too! 🤔

        1. @ Broadwing

          I do understand and appreciate your point. Thank you.

    5. Broadwing,

      What about this… Interested parties, within say a 50-100 mile radius all agree to meet at a public place for lunch or coffee on a certain date and time. We could reserve a table under ‘MSB’ for example. It would be great fun. We could meet and chat. Then people who want to stay in touch can do so. I would do it.

      1. Broadwing
        Not a problem here, just suggesting that’s all, I know Ken tries to keep post on subject for others doing searches and research, that’s all :-)

        Like the Bug-Out conversation, I believe Ken has an article coming, and it should be a Fiery one for sure, looking forward to it.

        1. Maybe,,,,
          Now maybe, social interaction is a priority for BWs personal preparedness? That thing about networking, just a thought,

    6. It all sorta blurrrrs together dont it!
      Didnt even think about that one

    7. NRP,

      I propose that we are on topic. “Priorities For Your Personal Preparedness” One of them should be establishing a network with like-minded folks.

      1. McGyver;
        Works for me, let’s sell that to Ken and we’re covered HAHAHAHA

    8. If I ever end up doing my “walkabout” thingy, I’ll be sure to post my stops here.

  15. Bugging out is not really one of my major concerns. I will admit though that with all of the recent activity on the Ring of Fire I’m becoming increasingly concerned for the coast of the Pacific Northwest. A Cascadia fault quake could bring my house down. I think I’m far enough inland to be out of the inundation zone but who really knows.

    Methinks that it might be a good time to move some clothing to the prep shed. I believe I have most of the other bases covered.

    Looking at the demographics on age makes me admit that as I get closer to my end time I’m less concerned. DW and I have been arguing a lot about this and I must admit that she does raise some valid points. A lot of this world that I have not seen and I think a life well lived should involve travel. If we are 5 or 6 hundred miles from home and a major SHTF scenario happens it is extremely unlikely that we would make it back here.

    Going out in a pile of brass just isn’t a realistic option. Please consider that GSWs are frequently not immediately fatal. They are however painful. Often times, extremely painful like a 12 on the 1 to 10 scale. This pain could last for hours, days possibly even weeks with the same inevitable prognosis very likely. A gut shot from a 22 LR is going to kill you slowly from infection if there is no higher level of medical care. readily available.

    I’m not saying that you should roll over and surrender. I too would prefer to sell my life dearly. Please consider the need to save the last few bullets for yourself and the ones you hold dear.
    Human nature is not something to ignore. ROL holds it mostly in check. WROL the bad guys will take their revenge and pleasure on you and yours if you somehow manage to not die immediately in the firefight so many of us seem to fantasize about.

    Just my thoughts and I wish all of you well in your endeavors to make it to where you need to be. Minerjim, if you want to reconsider the small aircraft thing I can make you a really good deal on a parachute I no longer have a use for. For those contemplating getting out of the city be the grey man. Pushing a shopping cart loaded with trash bags is a common site and people tend to glance at and over them. Why a one wheel bike trailer? I’ve seen some very ingenious two wheel home built trailers being pulled by the homeless on clunker bikes. Once again, people tend to glance at them without really taking notice. I guess that might have been a bit of an oxymoron, home built by the homeless. Rant over.

    1. Me do you have much LEO experience Sir? Homeless folks pushing shopping carts are TRYING to protect all that they have from theft from other desperate people and sadly nasty folks (esp. Gimmie Dats) who enjoy making homeless folks even more miserable. THIS is during ROL. Normal folks with homes, cars and I-Phones ignore them. Plenty do not and a LOT more folks when SHTF starts will rob even the homeless.

      The reason I am so opinionated about the 1 wheeled bicycle trailer is I have USED several sorts and the BEST one for wood trail riding (and indeed even paved streets) is the single wheel trailer. Lower center of gravity, better load carrying ability (if you get a good quality one, you get what you pay for) and that single wheel FOLLOWS where your bicycles tires went. So if you can slip your bicycle handlebars through the trailer will follow nicely. Want a woods trail Nightmare? TRY riding with one of those two wheeled baby carriers behind you. They flip over, track poorly, and get hung up on every bush they can.

      BTW I fully agree about the GSW situation. My tribe can deal with a Sucking Chest Wound, shattered bones and normal limb injuries but a Gut Shot is supportive therapy and hope that the body encapsulates the bowel injury and they survive. Thus Body armor is very useful and as I often say build defenses to hide/stop bullets before your house looks like a firing range.

  16. Why are we here and not “hooking up” on FB?
    This group is comprised of probably the most independent, freedom loving, anti regulation, problem solving, and cantankerous people. Get us all together and there would be a week of all out melee and then the survivors would coalesce into an unbeatable force. I hope that some of the knowledge and integrity of the more senior posters here can be imparted to the youngsters like whipper snapper NRP.
    Would Ken really like to have this many type “A” personalities at his place in 2020?

    1. hermit us
      Actually Ken has a F-Book page, at the top of this MSB he has a “MSB Social” that list his other pages….. Guess he figures if one wants to put out Info on F-Book that that’s up to you.

      June 2020 at Kens Place…. :-)

      1. NRP
        I guess my comment was a recognition that many here want to remain under the radar. It could have been added to Ken’s list. As noted, anonymity is hard to maintain – how long would it take the 800 of us to find your 600 rolls of TP in the Four Corners area. Good thing we are all friends. :)

        1. hermit us
          I have to chuckle a little, for it’s not the 600 rolls of TP ya have to watch out for, it’s that 600-N-first that’s been soaked in Poison Ivy… HAHAHAHA
          Ohhhh NRP, that’s just all out mean :-) :-)

        2. NRP
          I think we can add this to Ken’s list “stay away from the mean, crazy guy” you never know where he going to attack you. :)

  17. Im really surprised that household consumeables is so low on the list of priorities,,, thats a fairly large category and accounts for anything from laundry detergent through toilet cleaner,
    If you cant keep those dishes clean and clothes somewhat sanitary ya may be asking for trouble,,, hard to get in a serious defensive action if yer sh ittin yer brains out,
    Just sayin

    1. Nailbanger
      I totally agree, but only a selection of ten makes one really think of what comes first.
      Ken is a sneaky one on this Poll.

      1. Well,yes, and i guess it really makes a difference where you are and such as well,

  18. Health and Fitness at 4% ehhhh…….
    You are all fat! Yes I am Fat Shaming You! :)
    Even for a fit guy like me… I am constantly working out to stay in a perpetual state of combat readiness. This should be a top priority. When SHTF you wanna have a chance to take out as many of the zombies as possible or a least haul a bucket of water from the creek to wash your backside.

    1. White Cracker
      Yeah Yeah Yeah, I’m sure the ONLY thing you need to do in surviving your SHTF is go around killing killing killing everything in sight, good for you Mr. Mucho Army-of-One in your “perpetual state of combat readiness”.
      Love the thinking of Kill-em-All and let God sort them out.
      And we wonder where the term Preparing gets it bad reputation.

    2. @White Cracker

      Im pretty sure that Health and Fitness was one of my selected choices.
      At least I THINK I picked that one.
      Sometimes I forget….The Dementia gets to where it plays with my little brain sometimes.
      Maybe I voted for Guns 10 times. I dunno…
      I can still touch my toes.
      And thank God, I still have all my toes!

        1. Nailbanger, those are those things you used to see down below that other thing you used to be able to see.

        2. Dennis/Hermit
          Thats funny stuff, i sure hope i never get to that point! Is bad enough being so sore i can barely move from time to time, then if i were so fat i couldnt tell if i still had a peppy! Now that would be down right awful,,,,

        3. Walk into that corner of the furniture and you will realize what toes are.

        4. @hermitus

          I usually find out by somehow dropping something hard on a few of them. Then there are the times with I feel a horse hoof step on some…

          It’s pain like that to serve as a reminder: Yup…still alive!

      1. Modern Throwback, Two things; first, I hope I handle dementia as well as you and secondly, I…..well,…. darn it……..

        1. Shoot, forgot what I was going to say,

          Hi, have we met? Now what was that?

          Where am i

        2. @Dennis
          Im doing okay, I think.
          I remember I took that basket-brain test to see if Im fit and I got a 31 out of 30.

  19. Great poll Ken. I did not technically participate because it did not include the one factor that eventually drove my spouse and myself from the Great and Sunny State of Kalifornia:

    the Economy. or more specifically: the economic downturn of 2008/ Great Recession whatever you want to call it.

    Rob: the tech guy that works in the Computer industry in Sacramento, CA, You may want to take note:

    I left in the fall/winter of 2009 for the state of Oregon where I had a job waiting for me. I spent the previous year doing Advance Work/ recon of places to live/crime rates/ tax structure and cost of living index etc. The biggest time delay was from the State of California in confirming my professional license. The State of Oregon worked much faster. Once I got my professional license in the destination state, I was hired in a matter of hours and relocated 1 week later.

    During the year prior to relocation: I consumed supplies on hand and resisted the urge to “Buy things that are on sale”. which is an automatic reflex most prep folks do on an unconscious level already.

    Some items were gifted away to long time friends and goodbyes were tearful but my friends understood. Much loaded ammunition was gifted to the local 4-H group and FFA members. My blackpowder rifles were gifted to some young fellows hoping to get their first deer in the fall. ( Greetings and Salutations to the members of the Santa Lucia Sportsmen’s Club of California. I miss you folks.)

    Thus my handle on this site is CaliRefugee who bugged out when I felt the water getting too hot around me. I was 47 years old when I relocated. Many around me were : “waiting for things to get better in Kalifornia. I said: “Screw you guys” ( taking a cue from Cartman on South Park) and left for literally greener pastures.

    …and I am still working for cash these days.

  20. to Rob:

    Being a tech worker, you may want to check out the suburbs of Portland and the suburbs of Seattle because tech and Microsoft are a big presence in both cities. I choose to live in the ‘burbs” rather than the country at present time because I have a job: “in town”. I work in healthcare in an undesirable underserved population that resides in a locked facility. ( so I work in big, locked facilities myself.). 40 hrs a week is my limit at my age.

  21. All the prepping priorities may not save us. Just read that the North Korean soldiers are going through homes and farms to collect stuff for the army. It may just come down to the ones with the biggest stick that will survive. This is why I believe it is imperative that we get the military and law enforcement on the side of we the people that believe in the Constitution.

    1. hermit us
      Hopefully this falls into the category you are discussing about the soldiers raiding the farms.
      On Coast to Coast, here is what is happening. The soldiers are starting to go hungry so old NoKo potentate said to the men, Go out raid the farmers they do not need ALL that food,,,, help your selves. Basically who cares if the farmers starve as long as his military are feed, and it does not come out of NoKo’s food storage.
      Wonder what he plans on doing when there are no more farmers with the knowledge on how to grow crops. 🤔

      1. AC,
        It is always the farmers that get ‘stuck in the middle’ of conflicts. Just for fun, watch “The Seven Samurai”. classic. Farmers hiring samurai to protect them from thieving war lords.

  22. I came to this site years ago because I contributed some info to the body of knowledge regarding some things I knew about. I stay on this blog and continue reading partially to learn about new skills which I do not do yet.

    Case in point: I chime in on topics of firearms and hunting and trapping having had some experience in this area. I do not contribute much in first aid because there are other medical types out there and most of the information given by some posters is solid.

    There there are the topics I know nothing about because I do not do them or have never done them in the past yet I am willing to learn and may do when I retire from my current job. (i.e..: canning food, raising livestock, Creation and maintenance of alternative energy systems, hydroponic gardening and aquaculture, I love reading those posts because I can learn a thing or two each week.

    This is a great site to read and learn from. I hope more discover the site and I hope the regulars continue to post in the weeks and months in the future. Many thanks to Ken for controlling the level of nastiness and maintaining the civil tone on this site as well. It can be a difficult job at times with some of us regular yahoos out here in the Wild West of the Internet.

  23. Time to revive this discussion. I’m still reading through all the comments and will have some replies to many of them.
    One comment on the results of the survey. Post them in the order of the average of the Men/Women results. They look like they are right down the line on Men results. The visual display of quantitative information is skewed towards Men responses.

    Next is Bug In or Bug Out. You need both plans. The preferred alternative is always stay where you are at. If you think you need to bug out, you’re probably not in the right place to begin with. If you think you are Bug In only, then your preps are probably in the right location. But…..

    If you are in the place you want to Bug In and stay forever, still have a Bug Out Location.

    To me Bug Out people are already admitting their current location is not acceptable from the start.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I live where I live because I can make money. And I will live here and Bug In until I can’t. But when I can’t make money in an urban area and be safe, Then Bug Out to Plan B.

    Plan A is always the preferred alternative, until it isn’t. Then you have Plan B.

    Bug In is always preferred for Right Now, But Bug Out has always got to be a planned alternative. That doesn’t matter how old you are. Unless you are to the point there are no alternatives that you can bring into effect.

    Do what you want, stay where you want to stay, but always have an alternative. The Bug Out trigger is different for everyone based on their desires and previous preps.

  24. Maybe request another round of responses to the survey for this new age ?? ;-)
    Likely previous responders are still in the same place. But maybe you can get more responses if you bump this one.

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