Priorities for Preparedness

I’m talking about categorical areas of preparedness concerns for YOU.

The priorities as you seen them from your own perspective.

And to add a twist, the poll will be gender based.

Two polls. One for men and the other for women.

Both polls have the same list of choices.
Only respond to the appropriate poll.

I simply thought of some higher level categories for preparedness. I could have listed LOTS more, however there are too many for a simple Poll as you get more specific.

Many of our circumstances are different from each other which may alter how you think about the list. That said, just find that which is closest to what you’re thinking…

Here’s the catch: You can only pick up to 10.

Here’s the text list in alphabetical order. Polls are below.

Alternative Energy
Bug out plan
Bushcraft skills
Cooking from scratch
Firearms & Ammo
First Aid & Medical supplies
Food Pantry Deep Storage
Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
Foraging the natural wilds
Fuel Storage
Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
Health & Fitness
Household Consumables
Library; Reference
Livestock, any
Sewing, Clothes, Mend
Tactical & Security
Tools; Related Supplies
Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify


Top Preparedness Categories (Men vs. Women)

I have tallied up the poll results after nearly 4,000 category votes from about 400 people (men and women). Here are the results.

Top 10 for MEN

1. Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify
2. First Aid & Medical supplies
3. Firearms & Ammo
4. Food Pantry Deep Storage
5. Tactical & Security
6. Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
7. Tools; Related Supplies
8. Alternative Energy
9. Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
10. Library; Reference

Top 10 for WOMEN

1. Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify
2. Food Pantry Deep Storage
3. First Aid & Medical supplies
4. Gardening; Seeds, Supplies
5. Food Preserving, Canning, etc.
6. Firearms & Ammo
7. Library; Reference
8. Alternative Energy
9. Cooking from scratch
10. Tools; Related Supplies

Preparedness Categories for Men and Women

Top Categories For PreparednessMENWOMEN
Water, Sourcing, Storage, Purify100%100%
Firearms & Ammo91%66%
First Aid & Medical supplies91%95%
Food Pantry Deep Storage85%99%
Tactical & Security76%47%
Gardening; Seeds, Supplies71%95%
Tools; Related Supplies71%49%
Alternative Energy63%64%
Food Preserving, Canning, etc.51%83%
Library; Reference44%65%
Health & Fitness44%37%
Fuel Storage42%29%
Bug out plan28%11%
Bushcraft skills27%12%
Cooking from scratch26%50%
Livestock, any25%35%
Household Consumables25%43%
Foraging the natural wilds19%33%
Sewing, Clothes, Mend8%29%


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