Terrorist Cells Will Target Critical EHV Power And Water Supplies

the-next-911-iran has recently reported that Iran’s death squad is here. 10 terrorist cells, apparently ‘highly trained’ and ‘sophisticated’, are reportedly here and ready to attack critical infrastructure in the United States during 2013…

“The source within the office of Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the Islamic regime, said the team is to create instability in America through terrorism should the U.S. fail to accept the regime‚Äôs illicit nuclear program, increase sanctions, confront Iran militarily or intervene in the Syrian civil war.”

Reportedly most of the terrorist ‘team members’ have been in America for a year; a few were successfully placed here about five years ago.

The targets apparently include high-voltage towers to create blackouts, cell towers, water supplies, public transportation and various other buildings belonging to the Defense Department and military. The source said the planned attacks could be greater than what happened on 9/11 and that in the last phase of the attack, al-Qaida operatives will also be involved.

Here’s the thing folks… “IF” terrorist cells were able to take out a number of our EHV transformers on the power grid (Extra High Voltage), put simply, we’re screwed.

The U.S. has 80,000 miles of extra-high voltage (EHV) transmission lines making up the backbone transmission grid that enables the long-haul transport of electricity for our nation. EHV transformers are critical pieces of equipment on the transmission grid.

90% of consumed power passes through a high voltage transformer at some point. If these transformers fail especially in large numbers, therein lies a very big problem.

The industry maintains very limited spares of EHV transformers. They are HUGE, massively heavy, extremely difficult to transport, and worst of all… they are not made in the U.S. and typically have a lead time of at least 1 year or more to build. To put it bluntly, if regions of the country were without power for a year, there would be a massive die-off.

Apparently the DHS is working on something called “RecX”, a Recovery Transformer designed to more quickly replace an EHV during an emergency. The program is new, and largely untested, however it is encouraging to hear that this thought process and risk awareness has crossed their minds…

The terrorist cells are also reportedly targeting water supplies. Like electricity, our municipal water supplies are critical to survival. If the water stops flowing from your tap, or if the water becomes ‘contaminated’, there will be panic and social chaos that will ensue not long afterward.

It makes sense, in a twisted way, that terrorists would be targeting such basic but critical supplies that we ENTIRELY depend upon for survival. Electricity and Water. One wonders how secure these systems really are. How difficult would it really be to ‘take out’ a number of EHV’s for example…

We need to be prepared for this. It’s not a joke, and there are those in this world that would like nothing more than to kill us. Bringing down our power grid would certainly do that, and in a very big way.

How to prepare for this? That’s not an easy question to answer, due to several unknown’s… the biggest of which is how long would the power really be out. Days to weeks are manageable. Beyond a few weeks, it gets real bad, real fast. The key in that case would be to survive the period of ensuing chaos and desperation which would accelerate, peak, and then fall off as people don’t make it…

It basically means surviving the old fashioned way, without power, and everything done manually and by hand. Including food and the ability to put meals together with what you have. Security would rapidly become a very big concern. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to vision how it might play out, or some of the things you might need to make it through.

Don’t keep your head in the sand and assume that government intelligence and intervention will be able to successfully thwart off every attempt behind the scenes. All it takes is one successful major operation, and we could be in deep $hit. Just because things have been relatively calm here for some time, don’t be lulled into thinking it will always remain that way. Sure, we hope it will, but hope is not a practical emotion.


  1. The power supply (electricity) and the flow of water, food, oil, & security are attached like an umbilical cord.

  2. Hhhmmmm….let our current administration sloooowly destroy us or let terrorists do it all at once….tough choice…

  3. iran terrorists, that is damn funny. you meant to say cia terrorists

    1. With all of the high tech the US has, they’re trying to tell us some cave dwellers half a world away can get through by the dozens?…right…

  4. Please do not fall for that blatantly false information about transformers not being made in the United States. I service CNC machinery in some of the facilities that DO manufacture transformers….

    I will agree though, IF numerous substations housing these transformers are “taken out” It would be come problematic in that the power companies may not have enough replacements in stock…..may take a little time. I promise you that there are companies in this country employing PROUD AMERICANS who are making transformers….all shapes sizes and colors.

    1. In the electrical power grid transformer industry, there are lots of different types of transformers. The type referred to in the article are EHV transformers, the largest and most critical of them all, which according to all information available, are apparently made outside of the United States, apparently in either China or India at this time. If you can provide evidence to the contrary regarding EHV manufacturing in the U.S., that would be helpful to the community.

  5. Trouble is there are “bottle necks” where both water and electrical can be attacked around big cities.Maybe thats what the training in the summer was all about.It was one guy stealing copper that took out thousands of peoples electricity just this year.

  6. With all the surveillance, added security (snooping) by the guberment and all it’s affiliated agencies and they’re saying all these cells made it into the country and are organizing right under their noses? This doesn’t make me wonder about the Iran cells ability to enter and cause havoc but rather our governments inability to catch them knowing they are on their way! If terrorists are truly here, it doesn’t surprise me our bumbling Barney Fife’s can’t catch nor find them. If they DO attack us, we should go after the people who implemented all of these security interferences into our lives in the name of “Home Land Security” and failed miserably. But who am I to gripe…at least the guberment can take over and run a once profitable post office with grace and skill…

    1. They have to develop the charachter of the villain don’t they? Then when the government pulls a false flag you already know the back story.

  7. Fear !!!

    What if ….. you can what if anything. You can’t prepare for everything. If the Iranians and I stress “if” were do so such a thing, history could only record it as blowback for the atrocious way America has and is acting towards this nation.

    There is something seriously wrong with the attitude of the American government and many of the people who support the ideas of American exceptionalism as rational for “rightness’. You are no more right than any other people or individual. We are all human with feelings, children, hopes for tomorrow that will be better than today. It amazes me that you subscribe to such “fear”. Where is American’s “can do” attitude. Where is the confidence that you can cope and adapt. You are living in a closet of fears of your own making. You are your own worst enemy and the more you try to protect yourselves, the more vulnerable you become – not to an outside enemy but to your own responses in trying to anticipate every “what if” your fevered imagination can dream up.

    American – wake up! Be yourself. Free, proud, competent and fearless. Stop defending – start being.

    1. @Thomas, I agree with the underlying message that you are putting out there, that we should strive to be “Free, proud, competent…” etc. The thing is, this particular website is a ‘survival preparedness’ and risk awareness website, so to a large extent some of the headlines and messaging here will appear to be more on the doom and gloom side rather than on the happy go lucky side. We do try to mix it up, but the purpose is to attempt to wake people up to the risks that we face, and how to prepare for them. To live a healthy and balanced life though, one must do their best to not become overwhelmed or paranoid about such things. Instead, a rational and logical approach to preparedness is a good thing, just as you would think about any other insurance. Due to the extremely wide variety of personalities within the human race, some will approach it this way, some won’t, and some will mix it up. Being just one of millions of websites though on the internet, people can choose to turn the channel too…

  8. Do you all remember hearing about the water plant near Springfield, Illinois (last year or the year before??) that mixed the wrong set of chemicals for the water supply? It wasn’t a life-threatening mix of chemicals, but the local tv news channels said the mix-up came from an Internet command given to the water plant’s computer by an overseas hacker. They said experts warned it could be a “test” for a more major and potentially life-threatening computer hack of our infrastructure. …Then a week later the news said it was all a mistake; the water plant found out it ws just a “computer glitch” and the problem was fixed. Best case scenario – even if it was a computer glitch, you can see how terrorists don’t even have to be in the country to affect our systems (water, power, banking, etc.). They just need a good-enough hacker!

    1. I do remember that, and you are absolutely correct that as more technology comes between us and our necessities in life, the more at risk we become to technological hacking. We become more dependent while at the same time the risk goes UP. Not a good combination in my opinion.

    2. Which begs the question why do industrial controls/scada systems need to be connected to the public Internet at all? The only reason is to make them a target. There is ZERO reason to place these systems on the Internet.

  9. The two companies mentioned do not manufacture EHV transformers so far as I can discover in the United States. EHV’s are not your typical pole transformer… they are huge, and very specifically designed for what they do. While searching the internet and doing due-diligence on this topic, it is very clearly noted by various reputable sources that these are not made in the U.S. (no surprise). India and China are the predominant manufacturer of the EHV transformer.

    But again, if anyone knows of EHV’s manufactured in the U.S., by all means let us know…

    1. do you reckon that the manufacturers of LPTs have been hardened against HEMPs? hmmm

      1. No, I do not reckon that grid transformers of the LPT, EHV variety have been hardened against EMP or HEMP. Hence the numerous online documentation and concern about the vulnerability which can be found online and elsewhere. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clue of this Achilles heel.

  10. I am a Master Electrician and I have worked everything from your house to Nuclear Power Plants. I can tell you that not just EHV’s Transformers are made outside the USA but 90% of what we in the trade use comes from over seas. Companies like GE, Square D, Cutler Hammer and Siemmens all make their product outside the USA. Most is in Mexico and France but conduit (pipe) and its associated fittings are made in Chinia or India. As for EHV Transformers they are very huge like small house size they come in sections and take days to assemble. I know an engineer with my local power company and I can tell you they do not have a spare one just sitting in a warehouse waiting for that day when a terrorist gets a wild hair. So yes it will be ugly if this happens.

  11. So in the possible event that we did lose our power and water sources for a significant period of time, do you all think we would be safer in our homes if we had supplies, or safer living in tents in the woods somewhere near a water source? I’m assuming it’s the latter, but I have small children and it would not be an easy life for my family. Still, I want to know what would be the most likely to ensure our survival.

    1. There are several articles here on the subject of bugging in or out. The answer is not quite so simple because it depends on so many things that only YOU can know and answer… such as your local population density and other local factors. Your geographical location. Your existing readiness and supplies at home. The disaster itself and its effects on your location versus others. Whether or not you have a pre-planned place to go which will have the survival supplies that you will need. So many more things to consider…

      The fact that you asked the question though is very good, because you will think about it and contemplate your own answer BEFORE you have to decide for real.

      Having said that, most people cannot survive for long “in the woods”. Think it through…

  12. Wow, I miss the good fear porn like this.
    They don’t make it like they used to.

    1. Horse,
      I can put more of it up here if you want to – sounds like you might yearn for more? ;)

      That said, if you visit other sites within the preparedness genre, you know that this one is likely one of the LEAST in that category. I do my due diligence to remain within logic and reason.

  13. Ken,
    ” Logic and reason”

    Yes, sir.
    I haven’t read this latest article yet, but I tell ya what,

    After years of reading various sites (other than MSB), I’m damned burnt out on all the ‘fear porn’.
    I enjoy reading your articles and the updates, upticks, and opinions of others that are spread out across this vast Country. Those that have eyes, ears and knowledge of actual events.
    It is a sense of reality of the real goings on, not that of broadcasting fear.

    Just saying

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