Best SHTF Vehicles


Along the notion of SHTF societal collapse and preparedness for said ‘hit-the-fan’ collapse, regardless of what brings it on (e.g. global financial meltdown), one question is as follows…

What is a good (best?) post-SHTF vehicle?

I will list some questions and thoughts which might help in one’s answer. Because there will be different requirements, there will be different answers for a good (best?) post-SHTF vehicle.

Note: Not only are we talking about the vehicle itself, but the things that it might be equipped with that might make it that much ‘better’ for SHTF (features, options, accessories, modifications, etc..).


Bug-out Vehicle

Will this SHTF vehicle be required to enable you to ‘bug out’ of your existing location? One example might be that you live in the city or a major population-dense region whereby you know it’s going to get ‘real bad’ after the collapse as people get desperate and infrastructure crumbles. In that case, hopefully you’ve already thought about and planned for heading to a safer destination where you will be welcomed. But you will need to get there, in a vehicle.


Get-home Vehicle

Maybe you work in the city or population-dense region but you live well outside of the area in a ‘safer’ place, although a long commute. Lets say sudden disaster strikes while at work and you need to get home (e.g. major earthquake and infrastructure disruption). Will a particular type of vehicle be better than another?


EMP-survivable Vehicle

Some of you have been wondering about this next question… Which vehicles might survive an EMP (electromagnetic pulse)? While an EMP (weapon) attack ‘event’ has never happened before, it is well known that these weapons exist. ‘If’ it happens, it is said that so called ‘modern’ vehicles might become disabled due to the possibility of the EMP ‘frying’ their electronic systems (especially if closer to ground zero). Older vehicles without these electronics will not be affected in this way, so, which vehicles are they?


Practical SHTF Vehicle

Lets say you’re already living in your ideal location when the world around you descends into social chaos due to desperately unprepared people who are now struggling for basic resources – which are now scarce due to a breakdown of the very fabric of modern civilization. What type of vehicle might be practical for life after SHTF in your own ‘ideal’ location? What will it be used for? And how will it need to be equipped to accomplish those uses?


Other purpose-use Vehicles

If you’re ‘working the land’, will you need a tractor?

Will the vehicle be used for patrolling and/or defense/offense?


Other Considerations

What about fuel after SHTF? Will it run out, making a long-term ‘perfect’ SHTF vehicle obsolete shortly thereafter? (A complete infrastructure and distribution breakdown scenario)

Maybe the collapse will not be completely disastrous in that there will still be some distribution and availability of fuel, it’s just that not everyone will be prepared to pay for it or trade for it. Let’s say that you are prepared and therefore you will still have access. So what’s the best vehicle to have?

Does it have to be fast and nimble? Or heavy, tough, and slower? Is speed even a factor? Will it need to be capable of clearing out obstacles?

A truck? Something else? What are the features? 4WD? Off-road capable tires? The ideal color? Diesel? Gasoline? Fuel consumption vs. engine and/or vehicle type? Winch? Other accessories or modifications? Mad Max? .50 cal turret? 😉


Your Opinions

This should make for an interesting discussion as you add your own opinions, recommendations, ‘use-case’ scenarios and the differences in requirements based on what you envision as your primary use (which may be different from one person to the next), etc..

Let’s hear from you


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