The skill set that you posses for your current job might not be transferable to a post-modern lifestyle, a post-collapse society, or a post-SHTF world that will require skills more aligned with down-to-earth survival, practicality and self-sufficiency.

Learning a broad range of practical skills and learning to do-it-yourself while using one’s own hands, time, and practical knowledge will help pull many people through hard times – should it ever come to that.

General knowledge and know-how of the underlying fundamentals, systems, and infrastructure that keep us alive in our day-to-day lives has unfortunately been mostly lost by the majority of our modern generation…

It is a certainty that a broad and practical skill set of these fundamentals will be much more valuable and trade-able in a post SHTF world than many of the skills that are held today. For those who learn them, even in today’s modern world, will realize a satisfaction, comfort, and peace of mind knowing that they are more self-reliant and less dependent upon others.

What are some of these skills? In random order off the top of my head, some may include…

Construction, Carpentry, Woodworking

Architecture, Structural engineering

Brick layer


Machining, Metal working, Welding, traditional methods & tools


Alternative Energy, Solar, Hydro, Wind




Cooking, traditional methods

Food preservation techniques


First Aid, EMT, Nursing

Doctor, Surgeon


Natural remedies and medical treatment



Firearms, Gunsmith, Reloading, Shooting 


Combat training

Septic, Water treatment and infrastructure

Building Fences, walls

Raising Livestock

Automobile/tractors/engine mechanic




Forestry, Wilderness survival

Each of the general categories in this list contain many sub-categories of more specific skills. In general, its simply a matter of looking at a more basic set of needs for one’s self or community rather than the skills associated with the extravagances of modern life that we’ve become accustomed to.

Comment and add your thoughts to the list…