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Solar Battery Charger for AA Batteries – 2 Good Choices

I will suggest two choices for a solar AA battery charger. One is a nice standalone unit. The other, though more expensive, is a more powerful folding solar panel. A separate AA charger accessory plugs right in. It charges USB too — iPhone, Android, etc.).

Why might you need something like this? Well, for ordinary preparedness. Or, maybe for a camping trip or anywhere without electricity to recharge AA batteries…

Solar Battery Charger | AA, AAA, C, D

First, the following solar powered battery charger (pictured above) is a practical preparedness item to have. It will charge typical consumer-size AA & AAA rechargeable batteries including C & D.

When the power grid goes down, the sun keeps shining! We can harness that energy. And in this case with a solar charger for rechargeable batteries.

(view on amzn)

( jump below for an alternative 21-watt solar battery charger )

solar battery charger aa
image: c.crane

I have two of these solar AA battery chargers. They are still working perfectly and I have used them countless times in the sun to recharge batteries for devices including:

– Flashlights
– AM/FM/Shortwave portable radio
– Emergency weather-alert radio
– 2 way radios, walkies

Solar Battery Charger Feature | Built-in METER GAUGE

I like the fact that it includes a meter /gauge. The meter provides indication that the batteries are being recharged.

The meter helps optimize the charge rate — the angle of the solar panel facing towards the sun for highest charge rate.

About the C.Crane Solar 11-in-One Battery Charger

This high powered solar charger charges two Rechargeable Batteries of the same type and size (D, C, AA, AAA). It puts out about 150mA at ~ 5 volts.

The solar panel is built in to the hinged cover which can be angled for maximum sun exposure. Its built-in meter indicates the following conditions:

– The relative strength of the sun
– The strength of the current output from the solar panel
– The time required to fully charge the different types of batteries

This battery charger incorporates a built-in blocking diode to prevent reverse flow of electricity from charged batteries during storage.

28-watt solar charger

28 Watt Solar Battery Charger | USB, AA, AAA

Solar USB Battery Charger

Another choice for a solar battery charger is the following 2-part combination which will recharge USB devices and AA, AAA rechargeable batteries:

1. 28 Watt Folding Solar Panel

(view on amzn)

– Fast charging technology maximizes charging speed
– 2 USB port output (e.g. cell phone or battery pack charging)
– up to 2.4A(5V) max per port or 4.0A (5V) as its maximum charging power.
– Will work with any USB device within technical specs.

2. Battery Charger for Solar Panel

(view on amzn)

– powered by USB source
– fits AA, AAA size rechargeable batteries
– Fast 450mA Charging 
– ‘Smart’ battery charging technology

Note: In reality, solar charge time may take longer depending on sunlight conditions.

Rechargeable Batteries

Battery chargers like those listed above will charge ‘rechargeable’ batteries(Ni-MH — Nickel-Metal-Hydride).

Here are some of the latest technology Ni-MH rechargeable batteries:

eneloop AA 2000mAh Rechargeable Batteries

Also fyi, a very good AA | AAA charger & analyzer for rechargeable batteries (not solar, but a very good plugin model) is the following:

Powerex MH-C9000

Powerex MH-C9000
image: Powerex MH-C9000

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    1. larry, I have not had the need, so I haven’t researched it. I’ve just bought new of that style when I need them.

  1. We have the 11-in-1 solar charger also. I ‘gifted’ it to my DH for a birthday gift one year. Works great and I like that it charges all sizes of batteries.

  2. We have had 2 C. Crane solar chargers for 3 years and are happy with them . They meet our needs very well.

  3. Question for those who may know:
    I have a 4 slot charger for my rechargeable batteries. It will do AA and/or AAA. Usually, I just plug it into the wall socket. In a grid down, I could plug into an inverter. My generator has a 12 vdc outlet or 120/240 vac. I have solar/wind capabilities.

    Seems goofy, or at least inefficient to go from 12vdc (wind/solar) through an inverter to 120vac only to then plug in a battery charger to go back to dc. I realize the battery charger puts out the exact voltage/amperage required to charge the little batteries.

    I don’t own a small panel specifically designed to recharge my little batteries. Is it worth it, to have the smaller flexible panel?

    1. I get what you’re saying regarding the inefficiency of your scenario for AA battery charging. I like solar because it requires no fuel. Essentially forever.

      When pairing up a AA battery charger with a solar panel, you must pay attention to proper interfacing inter-connectivity, and voltages/wattage-rating.

      The example I described above works. As would others too – if selected properly.

      Is it worth it? That depends. Only you can make that judgement call based on your circumstances and needs.

  4. For those of you who have Makita cordless power tools here is another option for charging batteries or cell phones. Makita makes a USB charger that simply slides onto their 18 volt batteries. It can then be attached to the EBL AA – AAA battery charger that Ken shows in the article above.

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