Ever wondered what it costs to burn a candle and/or the least expensive per-hour to burn?

Here’s some info which may help you to determine what may be best for you while considering diversification of your preparedness preps to include a quantity of candles for light after ‘grid-down’. While there are other sources of light (e.g. Hurricane / Oil Lamp, Flashlights, etc..), candles are the traditional ‘go to’ source for light after the power goes out…

I had a look at lots and lots of the candles available from Amazon, those that are eligible for free shipping and/or Amazon Prime (to make it worthwhile), and calculated the cost per hour to burn the various candles that are available there.

Here are my results for the lowest operating candle costs…

(2016 prices)

2-cents per hour Votive Candles
Based on current pricing (always subject to change), the least cost-per-hour candle that I could find are the following Votive Candles. They happen to burn approximately 10 hours each.
10 Hour White Unscented Votive Candles (Box of 72)

3-cents per hour Tea Light Candles
The following Tea Lights will burn 4 hours, and came in as the next best value per hour.
100 Tea Lights Set – White – Unscented Candles

6-cents per hour Taper Candles
The best value (cost vs. burn time) for Taper-style are the following (3/4″ base)…
4 Hr – Paraffin Candles (Pack of 72)

6-cents per hour Pillar Candles
If Pillar candles are your style, the best value are the following 3″x6″ 60-hour Pillars…
3 x 6″ Unscented Pillar Candles (12 Pack)

Candles would be a good barter item for ‘grid-down’ SHTF.

Note: Store candles in a cool place (out of direct sunlight) so they will not melt or warp.

Note: Improper use of candles have been known to start house fires. Use appropriate base, holders, and be especially aware if you have children in the house. Keep them high enough and out of reach (pets too).