You can never have too many fire extinguishers at home.

Do you have more than one fire extinguisher in your home?

Do you know where they are at this very moment?

You do have at least one, right?

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Why You Need At Least 3 Fire Extinguishers At Home

Preparedness for a fire, anywhere in your home.

Fast reaction time is crucial. A developing house fire can catch and spread very quickly. And it’s possible that you could even become trapped!

You might only have moments at an attempt to put out a small but growing fire. So, keep fire extinguishers at various locations that are within a reasonably quick reach.

Fire Extinguisher in the Bedroom

Important! You may be ‘nuts’ if you don’t keep one in the bedroom. Why? Because if it happens in the middle of the night, grab the fire extinguisher and egress as soon as possible. You may need it on the way out!

Every Kitchen Should Have a Fire Extinguisher

A grease fire. It happens. I wrote a specific article about it awhile ago that you might want to review:

How To Put Out A Grease Fire

Fire Extinguisher in the Garage

Do you ever work on projects in the garage? I’ll bet at least once in your life one of those projects involved some unintended smoke, yes?

Other Locations

Basement. Shop. Shed. Kids room.

I recently read this statement: “Speaking as a 22 year veteran of our local Fire Department AND just having had a garage fire (electrical issue with vehicle – mfr defect) I can attest to the fact you can NEVER have too many fire extinguishers.”


The Best Fire Extinguisher To Keep At Home

ABC. Type ABC will put out just about any type of typical fire. Check the label.

I did a little research for you. The best value and rating is the following 4-pack from First Alert:

First Alert Home Fire Extinguisher ABC
(potential amzn commission at no extra cost to you)

The Takeaway

I’ll bet that most of you have a fire extinguisher somewhere at home. The point I’m making is to consider having more than one.

A house fire probably won’t happen to you. But, there’s no way to know. It could happen. So why not be somewhat prepared?

I’m not suggesting that you become a firefighter if your home catches on fire. Safety is #1. Get out. HOWEVER, you may have a good opportunity to put out a small but growing fire if you catch it in time. Plus, a fire extinguisher in hand on your way out, can only be a good thing.

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