Nesting Box Add-on for Chicken Coop

My original plan was to have the nesting boxes inside the chicken coop. I would build a simple box with two nests and place it inside along a wall. However I changed my mind on that.

Why? Because I wanted to leave more room for the hens inside. I have seven. It would be a little crowded after having placed a food dispenser and water in there. They’ll probably be inside a lot during the winter, so, a change of plans – after having already built the coop.

Hey, I needed another project anyway, right?

A few weeks ago I got out the Sawzall and cut two holes in the side of the coop for hen access to the eventually attached nesting box. The wall construction of the coop is a “insulation sandwich” with foam board in the middle, so I had to line the perimeter of those holes. Why? So the hens won’t peck at the exposed foam board. So I ripped and cut some lumber to accommodate that.

I cut a length of sheathing to temporarily cover those holes from the inside of coop until they’re ready to start laying eggs. Maybe another 4 – 6 weeks to go for first eggs…

Then I built the nesting box itself in the shop. I built all of the walls, floor, and roof utilizing the “insulation sandwich” method (it gets cold here during the winter). It takes longer doing it that way, but in the end I hope it helps.

Attached nesting box to chicken coop:

AS you can see in the picture, I also attached a heavy duty latch. We got bears, so…

We’re looking forward to finally getting our first eggs!

Next, I need to put up a perimeter chicken fence surrounding the coop / run area. This will give them a bit of semi-free ranging opportunity. Need to get 200′ of fence… After that’s done, I will add a electric fence wire around the outside of the chicken fence. Keep the bears and such out of there.

Will this project ever end?