Best Cheap Portable Pocket Radio

I’ve had this ‘best’ ‘cheap’ (inexpensive) portable pocket AM radio for several years and I’ve got to tell you that I still believe it’s the best little AM/FM radio for a survival-preparedness kit in its class (inexpensive and small).

UPDATE: There is a newer model of this portable radio:
Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio

Sony ICFP26

It performs well. Good for discovering news and information (especially during a power outage) and will help keep you informed.


AM Pocket Radio Attributes

– It is remarkably priced, especially considering that it’s made by Sony (who makes quality electronics).

– It’s small enough to easily fit in a pocket, pack or kit while measuring only 4.69 x 2.74 x 1.50 inches. It’s a “pocket radio”.

– When I first bought it after looking at reviews for the best but inexpensive small portable radio, I was quite surprised with it’s ability to pull in stations.

– It has a decent sound for it’s small size.

– One thing that I’ve always liked about analog tuners is the speed at which you can scan the dial.

If you don’t already have a portable battery operated AM radio for your home, preparedness kit, camping, or for listening while out in your boat fishing, this inexpensive small pocket radio might be just right for you.

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