English Shortwave Radio Broadcasts to America

English Shortwave Broadcasts to America

English Shortwave Radio Broadcasts to America

I have assembled two charts from raw data of English broadcasting shortwave stations that target the America region; one for the UTC time span of 0000-1200 and the other for 1200-2400 UTC. The charts graphically illustrate the shortwave radio stations in a time scale which makes it relatively easy to discover who is broadcasting (and their frequency) at any given time of the day.

Shortwave Radio listening is a form of communication and information gathering that many people enjoy as a hobby. It is also a method that is of interest to many Preppers who are securing alternative means of receiving information during times of disaster, or simply as an added alternative source to main-stream outlets. While a portion of the broadcasts on shortwave radio are of government origin (e.g. Voice of America, Russia, etc.), it does provide other viewpoints on current events which may be of interest. There are other broadcasts as well, some of which are religious, while others vary.

I hope that you find the charts useful…

If you would like to save a copy to print, for best results, ‘Right click’, and ‘Save Link As’ to your computer. Then you can open it and print a hard copy.




By the way, if you don’t already own a portable battery powered shortwave radio, you might want to consider it…

One of my favorite portables that I own is the Sony ICF-SW7600GR


  1. Great info, especially for a novice like me. Thank you for sharing.

    Molon Labe

  2. Hey! SOME broadcasts are not targeted for N America, but are capable of being received. I hear BBC via Kranji (Singapore) transmitter without difficulty most late nights/early AM. There are many shortwave stations not meant for N. American listeners but still can be heard here. Even VOA! I’ve gotten AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio) on 4319 kHz via their Diego Garcia transmitter. A shortwave receiver capable of SSB is required, or at least one with a BFO knob.

    Here is a site for looking up English broadcasts (or any other broadcasts):
    http://www.short-wave.info/index.php one can enter request to search by frequency, language, time and station. Very useful- it also has a “signal meter” that tells you how well you should be able to receive a particular station on the right hand side of the page.

    Another awesome site: http://www.shortwaveschedule.com/index.php?now=true will tell you what’s on NOW, in-depth info on stations with distance from your location in km.

    I don’t work for Kaito/Degen, but if your readers are looking for a great radio that is not expensive- get the Kaito (aka Degen) 1103 model. VERY good radio- just look online for reviews, and it’s under 100. I strongly suspect this is the only radio with that price range worthy of buying.

  3. I have been a , SWL since the 70’s. one of the best portables, [ which I own 2 of them ] , is a Sangean ATS 909. These radios have SSB and are capable of receiving CB radio. I also use a Zenith Trans-Oceanic 3000 which is a very nice radio and a blast from the past !

  4. I so wish that the international broadcasters would return to SW. I really miss the days when the SW bands were FULL of programming. Now it is very thin. SW is one of the very few mediums that is almost impossible to censor. Sure, it can be jammed, but good antennas and radio practice can often get around that. The internet on the other hand would be George Orwell’s nightmare.

    I also miss the QSL cards…

    73 all,


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