human zombie

Human Zombies Unaware Of The Real World

human zombie

How often have you seen this?

Head down – in their smartphone – texting – while walking – while crossing the street – or driving their car – or at the dinner table – or in a meeting – or in the bathroom… or, like, all the time?

An apparent human Zombie.

They’ve been walking around the streets for quite some time.
A human subspecies of Zombies…

Something I read awhile ago went something like this:

You’ve seen these poor, lifeless beings everywhere. People with pallid, emotionless faces, staring down at small screens while they walk direction-less down the street, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Yet these poor souls actually believe they are more “connected” to the outside world and more people than ever.

Sometimes they return to real life and have real interactions with living human beings, but then this horrible urge kicks in which compels them to pull out their iPhone or Android device. Their PRECIOUS.

They’ll pull it out in the middle of a business meeting while someone else is talking. They’ll fiddle with it in the bathroom stall at work (or, good heavens, take calls on it and seal deals while on the can).

They’ll start tapping on the screen in the middle of dinner with family. They’ll mess with it while watching TV. And even after satisfying the most basic of human requirements, it still won’t go away. “Oh was it good for you, honey? Great, you nap, I’m gonna check my facebook…”

If they can think of any inappropriate, awkward time to stare at their little screen and tap on their little itty, bitty keys, they will. Because their PRECIOUS compels them.

And the longer they have their favorite toy turned off or not being used, the greater the urge is to pull it out and use it, as if it has some spell cast on them. They must Tweet. They must Instagram.

They must Status Update. They must Check In. They must Text. They must check email. They must continue that Candy Crush game app.

They’ve become the 21st-century equivalent of Smeagol. Once, they were human beings. But now they’re Smartphone Zombies. They may think they’re connected to more and more people and information than ever, but for these poor creatures, life is just an illusion.

Shut if off for awhile. Take some time to discover the REAL WORLD.

One wonders what these Zombies would do if they were in a location without connectivity? (I’ve seen it – it’s not pretty).

One wonders what these Zombies would do if the power or internet went out for more than just a few hours!

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  1. Ken when an illusionary world collapses the victim will curl up mentally into a fetal position OR Lash out in Anger-violence AND OR go aggressively seeking a return to that Illusion.

    Happens with drugs, alcohol, sexual relationships and almost anything that becomes ALL CONSUMING like Smart Phones, internet addictions and such. Not pretty.

    My father was a nasty drunk and so I’ve seen this at point blank range. I watch VERY CAREFULLY my own behaviors as addiction can be genetic as well as by choice. Even I place a limit of how often and for how long I will waste time on a game or internet.

    Here in the White Mountains we have seen or heard about “Strong Relationships” go completely destroyed because of a Hike into the Whites and why can’t I check Facebook here? Want do you mean no Wi-Fi or cell service here??

    Indeed several rescuers I’ve spoken too have mentioned how lack of Internet Connectivity drove many people into stupid attempts to get off this @#!%^*$! Mountain NOW….. and Rescue Teams had to find them in the dark ravines.

    I bet Calirefugee could tell us some good ones too. Drugs, Internet Addiction much the same just the degree of dependence involved AND what they WILL DO TO GET HOOKED UP AGAIN NOW!

    Just more joy when the lights go out. Frantic Junkies looking for crack and Internet Junkies acting out. At least most of the internet junkies will eventually become “Normal” if they survive withdrawal.

    1. What is worse, have this problem or not recognizing you have a problem. Or maybe it is a social condition that we simply will not give up – so much easier than having to dress and go talk to people face to face.

  2. If we were hit with a nuclear bomb they would be standing there taking selfies with themselves in front of the cloud! If you look at pictures of the pyroclastic clouds in Hawaii bubbling up you see people just sanding there with their phones up.
    I complained to my old friends about my daughter and her boyfriend sitting on the couch with their phones and computers, during our visit to the big city of Las Vegas to see them. Come to find out their all ran into the same thing visiting their kids.
    I guess this is where they want us. Easier to manage and subdue.
    Enough of computers for this morning, I have peaches to can!

    1. old lady, ha ha ha ha that is so true and SO Funny!!! I’ll be giggling at about this one all day.

  3. Ugh people are so obsessed with phones these days, it really is unattractive. Even if you do not want one, it is forced upon you. I just try to balance my time. Work requires me to have one around constantly….ugh.

    Sadly it is not just phones, it all the electronic devices. I will have restrictions on them when I raise a family. My kids are definitely not having their own smart phones and will not have 24/7 internet access. They can go play outside or read a book.

    Being a grey man is important and a smart phone will help. Just don’t become an oblivious grey man.

    1. A smart phone is not a necessity. when flip phones are not available i will not have one…PERIOD. should see the receptionists when they ask for his cell phone number. and his reply ” I don’t have one” , they look at him like he came off of Jupiter. I have the dumbest phone and phone plans available. A landline (a house- based, cell) together seperate plans,.. costs me/us apprx 32$…per month. The computer line another 40$. Our total electronics cost..72$ per month for two people all the access to info we want/need. The only thing I have not figured out is how to do the digital coupons. I think i have a solution to that because a family member Must have the smart phone and unlimited talk and text package..because of their situation.. will see if i can fix that one issue..
      No tv.. service No tv reception. unplugged. next is to turn it towards the wall… or mount it on the wall with a beautiful cover on it until we wish to project something to it. The phones have two features one is a silence all rings, the other is a silence rings but viberate for alert. to call. they both do work. to let someone know a call has come in, if in a quiet zone, so even emergency situations can be handled with respectfulness.

    2. Keeper, yes, keep restrictions on their use and it will be fine. A ten year old does not need a phone for heaven sake. When our grands come to visit, we have a no electronics rule at the farmstead. And it doesn’t seem to bother them because they have a hundred other things to do. Although my grandson did ask if he could bring it one day to take pictures of the animals and I approved that.

      The problem is once they reach a certain age, it is hard to get them away from the constant contact with others as they see their parents doing the same thing.

  4. Cellphone Zombie rear-ended my husband in the paid-for commuter Toyota. At a stop light, his car projected forward and rear-ended a large commercial dump truck. Our Toyota was totaled. We had to do the work, get the rental car during that interim phase. Cellphone Zombie went home and her mommy took care of her screw-up.

    The insurance on settled for Blue Book value, not our fault. We were the victims of Cellphone Zombie and the $ettlement didn’t really cover the loss of that cream-puff car. We didn’t buy another vehicle — he began using his Silverado truck.

    And people wonder why I refuse to convert to a ‘smart phone’ (if that isn’t an oxymoron….).
    So, I’m all-in if everyone wants to began using the Cellphone Zombies as paintball target practice. I say let’s get rid of the scourge! The internet/cellphone addiction is much worse than drug addiction. There isn’t an ‘awareness’ of the dangers of this kind of addiction AND it is much more prolific in our degrading ‘modern society’. Truly, a symptom of the ever-encroaching madness.

    Come on reset, already!!

    1. MT
      If they put the cellphones on a 30 minute loop, many would not know there was a reset. :)

    2. MT
      We have the old fashion cellphone(flip style), and my oldest sister keeps bugging me about buying one she & I can speak to one another and see each other during the conversation…oh JOY!!
      Not happening now or ever, a phone is for calling friends & family on. I can send a text but it takes forever so I just call the texting person back, an it makes my day when I here…”but why did you not send me a text back?” Dahh not my thing, I like to hear the voice of whom I am speaking to. Wait tell the old fashion land line goes back into the house. rowl(guess I am just mean ;-) )

        1. Yeah, Firefox wanted me to link my devices. Does a flip phone count as a device? Our new car has a plug in to put our devices in for our music. CD player was not even an option. I hate this cr-p!

    3. – MT –
      They call it a ‘smart-phone’ because you are supposed to be smarter that the ‘stuff’ you work with. Watch a cell-phone-zombie and it’s obvious who is the smart one in the relationship!
      – Papa S.

  5. We live in a society where we hold dear the idea that all humans are created equal and therefore, all should have the same rights and opportunities. Unfortunately, we also live in a society where many cannot walk and chew gum at the same time. This, coupled with a lifestyle of wealth (yes, even the “poor” can come up with the money for an I-phone somehow) that allows idle time and boredom to bloom into addictions, which leads to abuse and anti-social behavior.

    How do you try to mitigate the problem? Of course, you have to regulate and destroy some of the freedoms that some were not able to handle. That’s how liberals/progressives/socialists are attacking the Bill of Rights, most notably the !st and 2nd amendments.

    1. A few years ago I was in an office when this bum (I use the word deliberately–dirty, unkempt, shoes falling apart, everything he owns in a massive backpack) walks in and asks for the address to the nearest plasma center. I tried to explain how he could get there, and he says “Just give me the address. I can look it up.” He whips out a brand new, top of the line smart phone.


      1. “Obama Phone”

        Those free phones are one of the MANDATED taxpayer-burdens is allows everyone to have some means of communication into the government for assistance purposes.
        You know, in case of fire, whip out the free Obama Phone to call 911.
        Or if you only get a small order of fries in your Big Meal and you ordered the large size….whip out the free Obama Phone to call 911.

        Free mobile phone. Free cell minutes.
        It’s a “lifeline”….and taxpayers are paying for it.
        Galt’s Gulch looks better every day…

  6. considering the censorship that is now in full swing combined with this population that is focused on whatever their device is feeding them….. it’s lemmings for real.

    1. Lauren & Old chevy,
      Me thinks that the bottom line of your comments is population control. Unfortunately it seems to be working to a great degree.

      1. Bluesman: and it will get worse, China is running the show for Apple, Google, Facebook making them conform to their dictatorial control, EU also. This is why the present clamp down, they want the power of censorship to be universal.

        1. Old chevy,
          I agree , things will get worse. Not sure that China is the culprit but it certainly is the wealthy ruling class elites doing their thing for the good of mankind , especially themselves .
          The world seems to be a pot of slowly cooking frogs .

          1. Did you know that iCloud servers are based in China and is operated by the Chinese government? They have complete say on how it functions with censoring authority. China knows how Apple products are considered essential to the world and they have it manufactured there and controlled there.

  7. Since retiring I gladly gave up the corporate smartphone, replaced it with a low end semi-smart phone. I onlyn team at my kids, wife and brother, if once a week that’s a lot for me. Never call to “chat” with anyone, just have it for once a week brother calls. I’ve always avoided and do not like “social” conversations. I know, an introverted analytical type, works for me.
    I always see the head down drivers at stop lights, head pops up for an instant, back down, head goes up and down like a slow motion woodpecker. Most never fail to get phone engrossed when the light goes green, about a 50 yard gap behind me until the car horse start blasting.
    My pre-retirement roundtrip commute was 120 miles daily, could always spot a phone zombie weaving across interstate lane and yanking the vehicle back, then continuous repeat while going up and down on speed. Good thing we have rumble strips on the right and left edges, otherwise they would head to the pucker brush. Sorry, but people are stupid. Many of the super commuters would give them the finger when passing or be slightly road raged and be yelling at them. We now have rumble strips in the center of two lane highways hoping to keep the knuckleheads in their lane, soon I expect barriers so you can bounce off the sides and not hit anyone, It’s bumper cars out there. I was amazed after 20 years of the commute during 4 seasons I never got racked by on of these zombies, certainly do not miss it, plus I have cut down on my swe ring which got to be pretty creative over time, too tough on the blood pressure then. America, when you think you have seen it all, somebody comes with a new stupid move.

  8. I hate Ekeyboards, team was to be text, horse blasting was horn blasting, although I have heard a horse blast….it’s not pretty.

  9. Would it not be interesting to see a full Country “Lights Out” weekend….
    Not sure that the 90%-ers would make a full day.

  10. It’s coming my friend. I’m pretty sure you read sign, that is, looking past the obvious for those clues others miss.

    The sign I’m reading points toward a coming revelation of just how corrupt our politicians and the bureaucracy they’ve allowed to take over the day to day functions of governance really is. I believe when (if?) this investigation is released, there will be an uprising of disgust, anger, and there will be mass demonstrations and civil disobedience resulting.

    The PTB have to have a diversion of such proportions it will totally distract the people by it’s severity. A catastrophe that will have the populace demanding the relief those corrupt agencies can provide.

    Michio Kaku, that theoretical physicist and darling of the left wing media, is making the rounds talking of the “partial destruction” of our power grid by a high altitude nuke by a pi$$ed N Korea, Iran, Russia (of course they would be responding to an out of control Trump, don’t you know).

    Would an event like that divert the attention of the sheep? Could folks inside our government pull it off (partial destruction of grid), even without the “nuke” part? Could these same people control who gets the blame for such an act?

    1. Dennis if they keep control of the Media they can blame Trump. And the leftist will support anything they want.

      Pray for the Republic. Hard times are coming

    2. Dennis;
      “I believe when (if?) this investigation is released, there will be an uprising of disgust, anger, and there will be mass demonstrations and civil disobedience resulting”

      I’m not going to disagree, although I will say When/If all this corruption is presented to the masses, it’s just going to be another day at the office, I honestly believe that 99% of the citizens already know the corruption and know there is basically nada that can be done. Yes we can Vote, but that’s it. there is ZERO justice in .gov, need I point out the Clintons? Has there been any ANY charges pressed? How about Obama? Look at the illegal EO’s he signed, hell even Obama-Careless is illegal. And where is all the reversals in Health-Care that Trump promised? Obama-Careless is still LAW!

      So with that in mind, why bother; why would the .gov bother to do a dam thing? All they do is crucify some lower life member and say “Look we did our job”. Than they write their Books and become Millionaires.

      Heck, look who it is supporting the split in the Country, Divide the people and the .gov continues as is, does anyone here really think the .gov gives a rat’s-azz about the protest and riots? Hel& they are the ones releasing pieces and parts to incite the problems, AND don’t get me started with the FAKE-News crapo.

      So no, I don’t believe the .gov will disrupt the Grid or anything else; you need to remember the .gov needs the people stupid and paying Taxes. Follow the Money, TAXES are the life blood that the .gov lives on.

      AND honestly it’s not only the Left and their radicalism; the Alt-Right is just as bad or worse. Why is there such a push to Socialism???? Control and Money.

      Seriously is not 95% of the country already Sheeple?

      So to answer your question;
      “Could folks inside our government pull it off (partial destruction of grid), even without the “nuke” part? Could these same people control who gets the blame for such an act?”
      Absolutely, but Why? They are getting everything they want now, so why destroy their source of $$$$$$$ and Power/Control?

      1. NRP
        What will it take to stampede the sheeple? Will they be oblivious until lights out and hunger sets in?
        I think November will be a deciding election and 2020 even more so. Will anything change – no, but maybe a slight turn for the better.
        It is amazing how quickly society has change by the advent of the smart phone and fast food. We used to work all week and go to that Saturday night barn dance to socialize and then the church on Sunday to ask forgiveness or last night – haha

        1. Two more aspects of the “instant” gratification problem. You make a good point, these things have indeed changed our lifestyles. How does one value something they have not put in the work for?
          A home cooked meal takes work, the drive-thru doesn’t.
          That Saturday night barn dance made us deal with others face to face, in person, where we were reminded of their humanity. That little screen reduces everyone and everything in more ways than one :(

        2. hermit us;
          Your question;
          “What will it take to stampede the sheeple?”
          That’s a simple two word answer.
          “Bank Holiday”

          1. hermit us/NRP…”what will it take to stamped sheeple”……………………===Big Sale at the local Mall/Shop

          2. hermit us;
            “Free Beer” Heck dude, that would be ME starting the stampede LOLOL
            More likely I’d be the one giving out the beer🍺

  11. Mr.’s grandson is now in high school and they do not need uniforms. So in the course of conversation new clothes was brought up. His grandmother said well he is not really worried about the clothes but the shoes. It is all about the shoes. Humm now I pondered this a moment. Of course they are looking down all of the time now. Not looking up at faces etc. as much.

  12. At our last family reunion, I was in-charge ofthe introduction our Senior Patriarch members. I started the introductions, then looked around and saw all the “Zombies” ignoring me, glued to their cell phones. SO, I got a mega phone and announced, YOU HAVE 1 MINUTE TO TURN THOSE PHONES OFF AND PAY ATTENTION, OR I’M GONNA SMASH THEM WITH A BASEBALL BAT.!!!

    I smashed 2 phones into a thousand pieces. The rest of them disappeared instantly. The 2 people who phones I smashed, started trouble. They were pissed off royal. Others in the crowd intervened and they were escorted out. They called the Cops. Cops showed up, and we confronted by Senior Citizens, who defended my actions. I did not get arrested. But when the show continued I had their un-divided attention.

    I don’t care if I was right or wrong. Those Seniors deserved the respect from those Zombies and I was not going to let a cell phone ruin their day. This young generation has NO respect for anything except their “INSTANT” gratification.!!

    1. SMG,
      Interesting way to get some air heads attention .Bravo, so are you in charge of the next reunion? heh heh . Almost our entire society has little to no respect for anything anymore except their entitlements.

    2. Perhaps anyone else having a get together could get some extra stickers, add persons name and put them on the phones in a box. After a certain time they could get them back. Those that prefer not to comply don’t get entry. Thus no Fried Chicken, BBQ or homemade pies.

      1. Mrs. USMCBG. Good idea – collect the phones and return at end of event. I like that.

  13. So sad about humanity. As we move further away from basic intimate contact it will be easier to disregard the human in another person. Easier to hurt, shoot, kill let starve etc. No understanding of feelings or the ability to have compassion. Who is Christ?

  14. I’m also somewhat surprised at how the zombies react when someone points out to them that devoting their attention to that precious little screen is endangering their lives and others. Anger is the number one reaction I’ve seen. I don’t bother pointing it out to strangers, I’m referring to anger from friends and family!

    I’ve “damaged” friendships because I did not know the friend driving was unable to leave his phone alone and drive. There we are going up the Interstate and he’s all over the road trying to read text messages! He’s out of his lane repeatedly, almost side swipes several vehicles, and now he’s even more distracted because he’s giving me the stink eye for having repeatedly said something to him! This has happened with more than one person.

    I cannot recall all of the many, many times I’ve watched other vehicles weaving all over the road, unable to maintain an consistent speed and it was all because the window licking mouth breather driving felt that their precious deserved more attention than the multi-ton vehicle they were supposed to be controlling. Calling the police around here for that? Don’t waste your time. They don’t show up until after the accident.

    I’m old enough to remember the days when there was no such thing as a digital camera, home computer, etc. I admit it is great being able to take decent photographs and instantly save and share them. It’s cool to be able to send a short note to my wife instantly. It’s very convenient to be able to pull up information on the spot when I’m outside the house. Knowing my wife can make a phone call from anywhere makes me feel better about her safety. She’s used the camera to get information on someone who rear-ended her and it sure did help!

    Sure, there are aspects to our smart phones I enjoy, but the “mandatory” and unremovable apps that have access to everything, the tracking, etc. take the enjoyment out of it. Worse than those is the incredible hold these things have over such a large number of people. They simply cannot go for long without checking their phones. Driving, walking, eating, spending time with loved ones- all tainted and devalued by their constant devotion to their little screen. They don’t see it that way though, and tend to take offense if questioned about it.

    How many of us have gone to a public place of business and were ignored by employees more devoted to their phones than their jobs? I know we have had that happen many times.

    And how about those text messages that are so long they get split into 5, 6, or more separate messages? Sure, if the SHTF sending a text is more reliable than trying to place a call, but under ordinary circumstances if you have that much to tell me, just call. I mean… you obviously have access to a phone at the moment anyway- LOL

    Like everything else is life, moderation is the key. Seems like most people have lost their keys though. My wife and I do not ignore each other in favor of that little screen.

    I had a relative who’s 4 year old son could navigate a playstation menu faster than any other human I’ve ever seen. He could go straight to the games on his dad’s phone, change ring tones, call whomever he wished using the contact list, access settings, etc. because the phone, the playstation, and the web (where at the age of FOUR he had unlimited access) were the babysitters. The problem? He still didn’t know his ABC’s, did not know his parent’s names, phone numbers, his own address, the names of colors other than red, blue, green, and yellow, could not count past 10, and had literally no idea of what to do with himself in the absence of a digital device. Zombie… at the age of 4. That boy was being taught that his precious was more important than anything and everything else.

    I’ve seen some studies that compare social media and smart phones to sex, alcohol, and drugs. Seems interacting with them lights up the same parts of the brain and releases the same chemicals that these other addictive behaviors produce.

    Stand my Ground is right- this young generation indeed has NO respect for anything except their own instant gratification, and it comes from that little screen.

    The problem is not just a lack of respect for others though- it’s the danger these zombies pose to others as they walk out into traffic, into walls, other people, fail to maintain control over their vehicles, etc. all in favor of their precious.

    I do not wish harm upon them, but if they truly value their own lives so little as to intentionally place themselves constantly at risk, I wish they’d find a way to do it that doesn’t put other people in danger as well.

  15. To bring this closer to home and specific to this site, if steaming video was needed to accompany every post, how many would disappear or change their tune? Even a picture by the name might add a significant level of communication.

    1. “steaming” video? I don’t like to watch that kind of stuff! (LOL- couldn’t resist)
      For me, mandatory video or avatar pictures is more of an OPSEC issue. As for the mobile phone zombies, I tend to believe it’s more of a moderation issue.

    2. hermit us;
      Remember my description of my greeting the JW to my front door?
      Do you really want that image on the site? HAHAHAHA

      1. NRP
        We are what we are – warts and all – if boxers and work boots are your daily attire, we can hold off on dinner for a while and use eye wash.

        1. what did some media person call the people at the Trump rally – toothless something – the crowd looked pretty good to me but the left would question my standards.
          But I question why many there did nothing but hold up their phones – not the most polite in my opinion.

  16. If you all get a chance watch the movie Cell. It is a Stephen King novel movie. I have not read the book. The movie is entertaining enough and if you think past the movie into the inner impulse it will give you a big pause to think. What is behind the idea is very scary.

    The book:
    Cell: A Novel

  17. What I find sadly hilarious, is watching a group of people, one person’s cell phone rings and the whole group instinctively reaches for their phone……even after the ringing stops.

    1. I enjoy seeing how nervous people get when my phone rings at an un-opportune moment and I do not answer it – they get all fidgety and shuffle around agitated. I have never been a slave to a ringing phone.

    2. Joe C – ha! I have the opposite problem. My phone rings and I ignore it while everyone else is checking theirs. I did learn how to hit the volume button to make it stop ringing just w couple months ago. When I am asked why I don’t answer the phone, I say the cell is for my convenience, not for everyone else’s.

      1. DAMed
        That’s funny!!
        I’ll have to remember your saying the next time GF calls me.
        Thinking MY outcome won’t be good…..LOL

      2. Years ago I was in costco and was acCosted by one of the cell phone people. “What cell phone do you use?” Of course, leading into how his plan is better.

        “I’m one of the happily unconnected.”

        He gaped and I walked away with a good story.

  18. Or how inconsiderate to have not one but two cell phones go off during a funeral service.
    Shut it off, leave it in the vehicle, or silence the d-mn thing.

  19. After reading SMG posting about cell phones at a family reunion, I had to laugh. NOT at what he did, but the same mindset we share in common.
    The family get together was at the youngest sisters home, bil, sister, nieces & I worked to put the meal together for family set down meal.

    First thing I said to one & all, IF I see that cell phone come out during our meal to be answered you will never see that piece of equipment again! They were not allowed during dinner time when I cooked,,, they will not be present during this meal! No arguments from anyone but a few faces looked as if they just ran into the Grinch, now mind you it was our parents home which the baby sister inherited.

    Yes, calls were received but it was what happen afterwards that was funny. Parents having to explain to their children why they did not pick up during the dinner hour was priceless. Rules have to be set, an if you let them slip by once it will happen again.

  20. I am mixed about the issue as a whole. Like I taught “my kids” when I taught a 5th grade unit on Westward Expansion, every change comes with pros and cons.

    I have met a lot of people I would not have had the fortune to meet without the internet. People who have changed my world by helping me network, see a new POV (like you good folks), sharing a passion for writing fiction etc… However, I look at my 18 year old niece and I am devastated by what her “reality” looks like. I did see what it looked like when she was without technology. Let’s just say she is lucky I am her Auntie and not her mamma, because I surely wouldn’t indulge the whiny BS I have seen from her time and time again over her “device”.

    In the end, I think balance is the answer to most things. I like myself, and therefore I really like my alone time. That means totally alone-gasp, no I am not even answering YOUR texts. That shocks some people, since they are so incredibly dependent upon others’ “company”. I think when it comes to a point where one cannot function without it, we have a problem. We got into some financial issues with a sick pet last month and weturned our phones off to save her life…..I am so much more at peace without the damn thing, but I DO love my laptop. Again, I think it is balance.

    1. Yes, I agree lovely poet…
      Balance is good…
      Our daughters know how to use tech, they know how to do stuff way better than me,
      but they know why we have boundaries on how much use and what we put in and on them
      They are OK with that….they acquaintance their age and their life revolves around their on-line persona…and it often causes problems…
      We get strange looks when someone realizes we are not on FB or the like….
      The look says, you are an alien ;)
      That’s ok….
      When I see a person texting and driving at 60 MPH (did on Sunday), I keep far away…
      and say a prayer for that person…
      My DD saw this meme the other day:
      When the zombie apocalypse happens
      go to Costo
      they have concrete walls
      food to last for years
      and if the zombies try to get in
      they will be turned away because their memberships have expired
      LOL! :) :) :)

  21. No answer the age old question. “Do we have Zombies in the family?” Y E S

    It is sad story, but first born niece and her daughter are Zombies. Hard as we tried,,, could not pry those little screens out of their hands without a meltdown, let alone a conversation. It is all their biological mothers fault they are defective, could not of come from their father–he was prefect in every way(our brother).

    Always declared our mother found him hiking on a mountain trail an brought him home …lol.

  22. I remember many years ago, when my son was little, that he wanted some “Mexican jumping beans”. So I had them in the seat beside me and they started jumping up and down and I was mesmerized by them. The next time I looked up I was running off the road on the other side of the highway. Good thing a car wasn’t coming. I really don’t need a smart phone. Or any cell phone. Not now or ever. 😁

  23. Check out the British TV series “Black Mirror” the episode titled “Nosedive”.

    When I watched it a few years ago I thought it was in the future, but with China starting
    its social credit program, it is happening now.

  24. Love my smart phone – such useful technology, esp as I am without other internet or tv at home, and take frequent road trips. Can get the weather and traffic conditions, read an ebook, watch a movie, chat on that hands free thingy in the radio of the car, shop, and do most of my internet and email.

    Sadly, the killer zombies on WA highways have augmented their distracted text-driving with legally consuming marijuana then illegally getting on the road stoned.

    Oh well, gives me an opportunity to practice the 360^ sphere of awareness I learned on other soil.

  25. Even people in some third world countries, living in grass huts have them.
    How about the amount of EMF that’s emitted by them. Does anyone do any to aleviat that?

    1. We turn our WiFi OFF at night, leave our phones in the front room of the house, and dissipate those waves that way. Unfortunately, stuck with them during the day for work. Try really hard to use speaker phone to alleviate need for holding it against my ear during day….and sit as far away as eye sight will allow!…minimum 18 inches, even my computer screen! We make all grandkids turn theirs off at night, sit as far away as possible and demand a minimum of 4 feet from any movie screen (do not have satellite cable or tv….so movies only.)

      I received as a Christmas present a block of wood that says ” I love you more than my cell phone” from a granddaughter. I told her to prove it and turn the damn thing off for the whole week she was with us. She DID! But I know she is on it WAAAAY more than her parents are aware. They are too busy with their own jobs….but Grandma is on duty! I have discussions with ALL my grandkids about the dangers of “stranger contact” as well as the dangers of radio waves. They actually listen? Maybe? I remind them that ALL of MY grandparents lived into their 100’s, and that some of their Great Grandparents are only making it into their 90’s….that seems to have made an impression….Why are my parents dying younger than my grandparents AND GREAT Grandparents? As a family we discuss these things. Many of my grandchildren have come up with radio waves, glyphosate, GMOs, bad working conditions and lack of physical activity such as sitting in front of a computer instead of gardening? These kids KNOW more than we give them credit for! And they LOVE coming down to the ranch and doing ranch activities (plus they KNOW grandma does NOT allow the typical “tech” connectivity!

      Many times we have discussed eating fresh beets straight out of the dirt with MY grandpa….LOL
      They all knew my Dad fairly well….as he ran what he called “Captain Jim’s sea adventure Club” at the beach house every summer. Lots of science…directed by a man who held many patents for the original transistors and many other electronic devices…. HE told a number of them of the evils of technology…and his brother responsible for much of the catalytic converter tech….also shared horror stories behind the “big Chem” companies.

      Keep your family safe folks. TURN THIS CRAP OFF while you sleep. SHIELD your home from any SMART meters, and LIMIT your exposure to radio waves. RESIST 5G tech!!! in fact, PROTEST 5G!


  26. We have just had a major change in the state of Georgia about using a cell phone when driving. No texting, talking or reading when you are driving of any electronic device. You can not even have the phone in your lap or close enough to be able to reach for it. Some city’s and town’s have passed ordnance that walking with smart phone or game unit on can get you a ticket. People have been hit by vehicles as they have their heads down and not paying attention. Personally I have found driving from job site to job site very relaxing and calming. I had no ideal how much work I got done behind the wheel tell the last month. Customers and the wife get a little upset that I now don’t answer the phone on the second ring but they will get over it. My voice mail now says “If you don’t get a answer I’m on the road, please leave a message” Georgia state law don’t you know.

  27. – Working in a state prison – a “No phone zone” – we had a physician show up and was unable to leave his phone in his vehicle so that he could come inside and do his (already paid for) evaluation on one of our inmates. When he was told he must or he would not be allowed entry, he literally threw a fit just outside the gate.
    I was standing beside the warden watching this and was asked if he really needed his phone that much. I said ‘of course not’ and he was forced to behave like everyone else on entering a prison. The consult was quick and about as superficial as could be, but it was done. IMHO, a waste of everyone’s time and tax money…
    I ended up escorting the man back to the gate. He had that phone to his ear before he ever even got his car started. He was talking on it as he drove out of the parking lot.
    OTOH, I never heard anything further about it.
    – Papa S.

  28. The zombies are why I WILL NOT get one of those phones. Son 1 finally got nailed by one of them after 4 years of being down there. Sister (middle one) was hit by teenager on her phone, tried to say it wasn’t her fault but they proved it was and the parents had to pony up for sisters car repair and medical bills. She missed the family reunion because of that. She’s fine now , just hit her knee badly on the dash under the steering wheel. DH has one because of his work but I have repeatedly told my family NO I don’t want one of those phones. So DO NOT text me. I don’t receive texts, call me and leave a message. I just got back from GA taking care of the grands, I don’t know how many times I told the 12 yro and the 11 yro to get off their phones and play with their baby sister when they first got to his house. Son 1 told me they complain to him they don’t get enough time to play their games or do stuff on the weekends they are there.They get to his house late on Friday as the ex doesn’t honor the agreement but he HAS to leave early on Sunday to get them back by 6 pm, her time. Because it rained so much while I was down there and due to their baby sister’s naps. I made them go downstairs and play games, by the way that is their board games not the electronic ones. they couldn’t wait to tell Son1 and DIL1 how much fun they were having when they got home at night. He and DIL limit (severely) the amount of time the kids are on the phone and electronics, psycho ex doesn’t really care most of the time as long as they are out of her and her husbands hair. My baby sis broke down and got one of them couple of months ago, she is still not happy. Oh by the way my friends DH works for phone company (AT&T), he was told land lines will be phasing out in the next couple of years because of the cells and the cost of maintaining the lines as of now but I sincerely hope they change their minds and keep the land lines going.

  29. Next door neighbors had a backyard campfire family time. Dad was on his smartphone, college son also. A common scene.

    Went to a dinner banquet and a couple in their 70’s had to have their phone on the table in case somebody needed to call them.

    A neighborhood get-together saw one person one their phone for several hours and did not hear when dad literally was hollering for their attention.

    And what is it with selfies?

  30. To NHM and Papa Smurf:

    The only thing worse than playing with your smart phone at work within a secure setting is LOSING your smartphone within a secure setting. In the many years I have seen:

    People losing their cell phones and finding them a week later with several hundred dollars in phone porn billed to their phone.

    A delivery of 20 pizzas showing up at the main sallyport.

    Mostly I get tired of seeing a lot of young workers cross the line and getting overly familiar with inmates. Sharing cell phone stuff at work with inmates…NOT COOL.

    Call me paranoid butt seeing things like this is why the shotguns are by the doors in my home. (…loaded…)

    1. – Calirefugee –
      A few years ago, someone smuggled a phone to an inmate in a Texas state prison. A State Representative got a death threat to his family (Minor daughter). A phone inside a Texas prison is now a felony.
      – Papa S.

  31. I often wonder why people blame phones for people being stupid. The same people seem to blame credit cards for people being in debt. We often state that a gun never shoots anybody, that it takes a human to do that when the gun control people want to ban guns but seem to think credit cards and cell phones jump out of people’s pockets and use themselves. Cell phones are a TOOL that’s it. Blame the person usuing it not the tool. Personally I love my cell phone. It gives me directions,lets me look up things that I have questions on,allows me to keep in contact with the wife no mater where I am. Do I sit on it all day as some do, NO but it is still a very good thing to have

    1. While you are totally correct about cell phones being a tool, it is the subtle gentle way they coax anyone willing to give them their time into a long-term addiction that makes the difference. I like to go target shooting. I don’t feel like I’ve ever met someone addicted to shooting. Obsessed, sure, but not addicted. I blame the people who put revenue and advertising dollars ahead of common decency and the basic desire to better humanity. I know there’s a problem with people acting like victims all the time, but cell phone or drug addicts made a bad choice ONCE and got hooked. OTOH the drug dealers and the phone peddlers are the ones that capitalized on the consequences the addicted are suffering.

      If this doesn’t describe our nation’s problems today I don’t know what does:

      “20 For behold, at that day shall he rage in the hearts of the children of men, and stir them up to anger against that which is good.

      21 And others will he pacify, and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say: All is well in Zion; yea, Zion prospereth, all is well—and thus the devil cheateth their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell.

      22 And behold, others he flattereth away, and telleth them there is no hell; and he saith unto them: I am no devil, for there is none—and thus he whispereth in their ears, until he grasps them with his awful chains, from whence there is no deliverance.

      23 Yea, they are grasped with death, and hell; and death, and hell, and the devil, and all that have been seized therewith must stand before the throne of God, and be judged according to their works, from whence they must go into the place prepared for them, even a lake of fire and brimstone, which is endless torment.

      24 Therefore, wo be unto him that is at ease in Zion!”

  32. don’t mean to talk about my wife, but she is texting a lot of time during the day, at night, going on vacation, she could not even do without the internet texting while we were just on a cruise. on the way back hardly said anything, had the cell phone glued to her head/fingers. in a way i wished these things had never been invented.

    1. @007. Another negative thing about the new cell phone tech how it can transform your everyday Dumba$$ into a “Jeenyus”.
      I used to work with 3 young guys that were in college. While discussing each others intelligence I asked 3 questions.
      What ocean is off the coast of New York.
      Name the continents on the Earth.
      How many planets are in our Solar System…….
      No one could answer. When I asked how they could ” Grad-jee-ate” college without knowing these things and they said “That’s what the Internet’s for!” 😱😲🎓

      1. Computer illiterate. Made illiterate because of reliance on computers. Just imagine the extent this could be taken to when self-driving cars are on the road! Already have GPS, Google Maps, etc, so no one needs to know how to navigate.

        A while back I wrote a story in which a teacher was asked how well she reads. Understand, she was a first grade teacher so “teaching” the basics. Her response?

        “Why bother? All computers understand voice commands.”

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