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Human Zombie Hordes – Unaware Of The Real World – Who Are They?

Given the ongoing societal collapse… Who are the zombie hordes, apparently unaware of the real world around them? And should we be concerned?

How often have you seen this? Head down – in their smartphone – texting – while walking – while crossing the street – or driving their car – or at the dinner table – or in a meeting – or in the bathroom… or, like, all the time?

A human Zombie.

They’ve been walking around the streets for quite some time.
A human subspecies of Zombies…

Something I read awhile ago went something like this:

You’ve seen these poor, lifeless beings everywhere. People with pallid, emotionless faces, staring down at small screens while they walk direction-less down the street, completely unaware of their surroundings.

Yet these poor souls actually believe they are more connected to the outside world and more people than ever.

Their “PRECIOUS” Transforms Humans to Zombies

Sometimes they return to real life and have real interactions with living human beings. But then this horrible urge kicks in which compels them to pull out their iPhone or Android device. Their PRECIOUS.

They’ll pull out their PRECIOUS in the middle of a business meeting while someone else is talking. They’ll fiddle with it in the bathroom stall at work (or, good heavens, take calls on it while on the can).

Tapping on the screen during the middle of dinner with family. They’ll constantly be distracted with it, regardless of what they’re doing.

If the zombie can think of any inappropriate, awkward time to stare at their little screen, and tap on their little itty, bitty keys, they will. Because their PRECIOUS compels them.

A commenter here on the blog once said, “I always see the head down drivers at stop lights, head pops up for an instant, back down, head goes up and down like a slow motion woodpecker. Most never fail to get phone engrossed when the light goes green, about a 50 yard gap behind me until the car horse start blasting.”

“Could always spot a phone zombie weaving across interstate lane and yanking the vehicle back, then continuous repeat while going up and down on speed. Good thing we have rumble strips on the right and left edges, otherwise they would head to the pucker brush.”

They must Status Update. They must Check In. Must Text. Check email. They must continue that Candy Crush game app.


They’ve become the 21st-century equivalent of J.R.R. Tolkien’s fictional character, “Smeagol”, or “Gollum” corrupted by the One Ring.

Once, they were human beings. But now they’re human Zombies. They may think they’re connected to more people and information than ever, but for these human zombies, life is just an illusion.

One wonders what these Zombies would do if they were in a location without connectivity? (I’ve seen it – it’s not pretty).

One wonders what these Zombies would do if the power or internet went out for more than just a few hours!

I Have an iPhone, But I’m Not A Zombie

Okay, maybe I’m being a little harsh… I too have an iPhone, and there are plenty of people who use it as a tool, as I do. A communication device. I sometimes poke at the screen and those itty bitty letters while replying to a message or navigating a browser (yes, I use a VPN). I’ll pop in my ear buds and use it to listen to a podcast when I have multitasking time. Or check a weather app, email, and a few other useful apps. I’ll take a picture with it, or a video. However I’m not addicted to it. It’s not in my hands all that often.

It’s about balance, and self control. Something that many people do not have… It’s not the device itself, but the human operator.

I often wonder why people blame phones for people being stupid. The same people seem to blame credit cards for people being in debt. We often state that a gun never shoots anybody, that it takes a human to do that. Credit cards and cell phones don’t jump out of people’s pockets and use themselves. Cell phones are a TOOL, that’s it. Blame the person using it, not the tool. Personally I love my cell phone. It gives me directions, lets me look up things that I have questions on, allows me to keep in contact with the wife no mater where I am. Do I sit on it all day as some do? NO.

~ poorman

Other Human Zombie Subspecies

These are not the only human zombies out there. There are many other subspecies too…

There are the land walruses we see lumbering around in Wal-Mart with their mountain of junk food in the cart, filing dutifully up and down the lanes of the store mindlessly buying shit the TV told them would be magically delicious.

What about the zombies who camp out in line the week of Thanksgiving so they can be first in line to buy some cheap crap or another that will be on sale for Black Friday, eschewing their job for a week to save three hundred bucks on one of the five TV’s the store actually has. They are the mindless group-think idiots that will trample you to death over a pair of frigging sneakers so they can be the first ones to “Be like Mike”.

The ones who are never, ever prepared. They are the ones who run out of gas during a hurricane evacuation because they didn’t top up their tank before it hit the fan, and now there isn’t a drop of gas to be had because, just like themselves, three million other zombies weren’t prepared.

Someone on the blog once said, “If we were hit with a nuclear bomb they would be standing there taking selfies with themselves in front of the cloud! “

What about all of the zombie breeders… Millions of zombie children… Becoming adults…

The zombie horde is in fact quite likely to include, your neighbors.

The reason I bring up this topic is as follows…

SHTF Zombies

Most of us who are preparedness-minded, we are a hands-on bunch, living in the real world. I would say that we’re generally in pretty good tune with the goings-on around us.

By contrast, zombies – though occasionally displaying a human resemblance – appear to the rest of us as being out-of-touch with the physical and real world around them. Living in some sort of alternate reality, occasionally popping their heads up to pretend they’re still in the physical world…

My concern? Should these human zombies be forced to face the real world, and actually deal with it during a time of deep distress (SHTF?), uh-oh… Kind of link the pod people in The Matrix – what if all the pods popped open?

Could they adapt and survive in a SHTF world?

Some Zombies will wither away, unable to help themselves. Likely the majority.

Some Zombies will be given some help by the goodwill of others, and will remain reliant upon them for their continued survival.

Others may become dangerous, analogous to the zombies in the AMC tv show, The Walking Dead.

The purpose of this article is to point out just how many within today’s society might be considered to be some sort of human zombie. And to imagine, if you will, what would happen if society around them collapsed – like many are predicting it will. Hint… we’re in the collapse right now.

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  1. I believe 70-80% of the US population is completely useless as far as having the skills, knowledge and ability to function without a computer or cellphone and this goes up to 95-100% in the urban and suburban areas. The reality of having their electronic umbilical cord cut will be mentally devastating, they will be desperate and I wouldn’t give them a grain of rice or a bean after the SHTF.

    Had they spent a 1/10 of the time learning to provide for and take care of themselves and their families as they have spent staring at a screen, they would be somewhat ready for the events that are coming our way. They had a choice and they along with their children will have to pay the price for their decisions and it will be costly.

    1. RC – Your numbers ring true to my observations. There is a subset that uses pointless downtime, like waiting to fill a gas tank or in line at the market where reasonable people handle mundane tasks, deleting most texts and answering important ones. However these who amble around, shoulders collapsed downward, thumbs going a mile a minute… No one would miss them at all if they vanished.

      A month ago I watched a kid texting, while operating a motorcycle, on Interstate 10, at normal speed. It was in a bracket blocking the instruments; right hand on the throttle, looking down, left index finger poking away at the screen.

      1. Tmac,
        I’m amazed at how many women over the age of 60 (rarely Men) I see wandering behind a shopping cart or stumbling around in parking lot at the grocery store pecking on their phone and oblivious to the world. And they wonder why they are the ones targeted for assault and robbery.

        I have a cellphone that stays in my truck for emergencies and I have no cell service at my house which I hope stays that way. I don’t text, play video games or use it to get on the internet. It’s a tool, just like the lug wrench and jack that are behind the seat.

        1. I was broadsided at Walmart with a guy who was in a hurry pushing his grocery cart and texting while I was pulling milk out of the cooler case. No apology just a you are in my way look and I am important moron. My first thought I hope the first loss in a poo poo event will be cell phones.

        2. Realist,
          If the telecommunications grid and internet was gone tomorrow the only thing I would miss is MSB and ZH. Lived for 35 years without them and have no problem with them going away.

        3. Romeo Charlie, My phone is a tool, too. Rather than a lug wrench or a jack behind the seat it’s more of a Leatherman. Handy in all sorts of circumstances and compact enough to constantly carry. 😁

        4. Anony Mee its a marvel and very useful BUT my gut feeling is that anything that hits us in the butt nationwide (exclude local events) will render the electronics communication media and maybe electrical chips will be a 100% casualty. We all need to have writing materials, physical maps, instruction manuals, notation books ETC…..better to plan that option then to experience our lack of foresight better. I have lived more of my life without pagers, cell phones, smart phones then with……any yes I believe I was better off without them…it’s a potential Pandora’s box.

    2. RC: these people r going to be in trouble when the shtf. i don’t sit at stop light looking up and down at my iphone, making my head go up and down like a cockatoo. i am usually constantly looking around me, esp those nuts that run the red lights and i am sitting there after the light turns green i have to wait several seconds for the other idiot that just ran red light to get on thru.

  2. Ken, accurate on the human zombies. Everywhere I go, see the same thing as you wrote.

  3. Watched a short vid last night called “The last hotspot”
    Apocalyptic world where the main guy’s goal was only an internet connection.

  4. If you find any that you have a possibility of trusting they will be good at menial work for food.
    I have horse stalls that need mucking.. just waiting for the apocalypse.

  5. Its really a shame the way things have gone, most people alive today have no clue how free and unencumbered life was pre cellphone.
    Its almost as if people have gotten dumber as tech got smarter.
    Im glad im on the downhill end of the journey

    1. Kulafarmer, “It’s almost as if people have gotten dumber as tech got smarter.” You are so right, look at history, the Egyptians didn’t have what we have now but, they built the pyramids (using a string, a compass, and a solid square) and they are lined up with the stars and the moon (astrology). They had math down to a science. Do you remember memorizing the “times” tables 1 x 2 =, 3 x 3 =, etc. ask any young person today what is 4 x 5 etc. OR ask them to make change in their head and they don’t know, they have to look it up on their phone or laptop. The smarter we get, the dumber we get.

    2. Most of those under the age of 25 will have no idea of what hit them when their digital universe is no longer existent.
      OTOH, Amish of any age will be just fine.

  6. Spent 6 months phone free and actually didn’t miss it much. Nice experiment. Only reason I bought one afterwards was while taking a business trip out of state I had no way to contact my wife asides from my hotel phone. Payphone don’t exist anymore.

    I severed ties with social media years ago. Don’t miss it much either. You guys and gals are as close as I have to social media. So far I like y’all though.

    Think it’s sadder that all of society seems revolved around technology. It has advantages of course. I’m a ferocious reader and like being able to look up things at a tap. And I’m typing on my Android now. If it crashed? Think I’ll live.

    Think the homeless would be ok too.

    But yeah. I’ve seen it before. The techno crash isn’t pretty. Think a lot would go insane for a few days.

    1. Nice thought! However we have all heard the saying : “There’s an idiot born every day.” That being so true with so many socio/psychopaths, narcissists and machiavells plaguing much of society, I really doubt this part of Darwin theory has much truth. Much like “the secret – law of attraction” BULLSH!T, its a pop psychology fad to suit the trendy ppl. This observation is coming from someone whom studied a proper science degree.
      We are definitely living in interesting times!

      1. the college degree and indoctrination is shining through in that one. let the grid go completely down for a month and we’ll see. me, i can’t wait. it can’t happen soon enough.
        i am so sick of people in general.

  7. On Tucker last night he made the observation between Tic Toc/Douyin in China, and Tic Tok in USA. In China you see no porn. You watch graduations, proposals, how much students love their teachers, the army doing cool exercises like all the women doing the splits in sequence, funny tricks and such. All positive and fun. On USA Tic Tok you see all sort of negativity, soft porn, and assorted ego maniacs doing goofy s–t. The children in China are only allowed 40 minutes a day on Tic Tok and it goes off at 9pm at night. There is a price for the freedom to choose. There is a true addiction to the sub nature of the electronics.

    1. Mrs. U – It is high time someone figured it out; hats off to Tucker Carlson. You should hear the new generation from there speaking English; surgical precision; it is humiliating. But hey, ya know – we have gangsta rappers, Hunter Biden, and the Kardashian sluts for role models because we are the greatest…. OK, I’ll stop.

  8. There will be crazy world when the cell system goes down. I was talking to a L.I. couple who just bought a class 3 hitch for their SUV. In the conversation I ask the husband how much tongue wight he was gonna put on it. While he said just a bike rack, his wife says, “I’ve never heard of that, what is it”. When I explained, she whipped out her phone, and within seconds came back with “Oh it’s 10% of the trailer wight”. Ha!, I said you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet. Then I about fell out of my shoes when she started defending GOOGLE.
    . . . gemmie a “F” ing break . . .
    Try your owner’s manual!!!

    1. epo3 – I was in an emergency room in March. Two nurses facing me with their phones up did not realize that their phone screens were reflecting off the glass window behind them. They were both on Google trying to figure out what happened to me and what to do next.

  9. What about these Zombies (climate change nuts) blocking roads. Zombies washing windows in streets for cars, they threaten people. Zombie Protestors in front of SCOTUS homes…..the list expands every week. Scary “Blue Cities” are spreading to other areas. I carry all the time…..gun, pepper spray gel and knife. And now these climate change nuts want to slash SUV tires. I hate to say it, but I hope the recession hits hard and people loose their jobs and gas goes to $8 gallon. People need to learn that voting matters and these Woke Leaders have to GO. I know everybody here is prepared…buy supplies now before inflation doubles and watch the disaster unfold. Hopefully the elections of 2022 and 2024 can change the tide.

    1. Jim S, “Hopefully the elections of 2022 and 2024 can change the tide.” DON’T BET ON IT.

    2. if inflation hits that hard all the sheeple that lose their jobs will scream and cry and the idiots in our government will start writing checks again just like they did for covid. They aren’t going to learn a damn thing in my opinion because the left doesn’t learn anything either. They still don’t understand that they caused {in a large part } the inflation we are dealing with now. They blame it on Putain and the sheep just follow along. 1984 has arrived.

    3. Jim S,
      So-called conservative Republicans like McConnell, Graham, Romney, Cheney and other “party leaders” will promise the world and fold like a cheap lawn chair as soon as they take back the majority. Remember House Speaker Ryan (R) and Senate majority leader McConnell fought Trump at every turn the first 2 years he was in office instead of getting behind him and pushing the conservative agenda they had been promising us for 20 years. Cowards.

      Until the RINOs are gone, nothing will change. They’re on the same team with the Democrats, they just wear different uniforms to make it look like a fair game,

  10. In all the zombie movies you had to destroy the brains to kill them. Now it appears most zombies already have their brains scrambled. ; ) So what happens to them when their brains (electronic devices) are toast for real? We shall see! It just won’t be pretty.

  11. What if the next “pandemic” is one they say can be cured by a “visual vaccine” they are going to send out over the web to everyone? Loaded with subliminal messages for the digital heads to do their bidding, so they get “virtual digital morphine” in return?? ……sorry, still getting weird day dreams from last week’s surgery anesthesia. LOL. The other day I dreamt they told us that inflation was “9+%”, and it was all “Putin’s fault”. I’ll be glad when I get that crap completely out of my system.

    1. Minerjim,
      Didn’t they already preps us for that, “King’smen” the little message on the phone, making everyone crazy and the exploding module in the neck… movies are ten years ahead of events they say.

  12. They are around us every day. Shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead Mall Zombies. The culling will be horrific. Plan accordingly.

  13. I just got through reloading 20 rounds ammo in my man cave in the early am before the day gets too hot. When I see people on their phone, I figure that every person differs in what their favorite activity to do is/can be. I notice the same folks that spend a lot of time on the phone also talk to folks that do the same thing about a new favorite show that is streaming (ie. Game of Thrones).
    A big part of my job is to train new people on how to use the technology within my workplace. (Pixis or Omnicell medication dispensing machines) and the office related software. Once in a while, I have to point out when an employee’s personal smart phone use is interfering with your job at your place of work.
    Within the past year, there was a lady (Senior Executive – if I remember right) from a large tech company that testified to congress about how makers of smart phones and companies that create and maintain streaming services are purposely creating an addictive product. I paid attention to that bit of news because I deal a lot with adults that have mental disorders to include addiction to any number of things. (alcohol, drugs – both legal and illegal, porn, adrenaline).
    There is a fine line between when an activity can go from being healthy to unhealthy. Sadly enough, there are no or few laws against a phone addicted person operating a motor vehicle or creating other disruptions in public (yet). Until that time, Darwin’s law and the insurance companies will cull the herd of drivers that are stationary at the green light. (that is what horns are for though it is more satisfying to watch a big semi do the deed).

    1. Calirefugee,
      you are exactly right. it is an endorphins kick? i don’t know, it’s something. maybe part of the plan. if the plan is to take over peoples minds and make them stupid, then it’s working. this is the only social group i go to and i’m in and out on it. i’m going back out to the garden.

      1. scout,
        just got back from working in the garden and mowing. Humidity is way too high to be working outside so it’s siesta time until later in the afternoon.

    2. A few months ago a couple of friends we hadn’t seen in a while, invited my wife and I to meet them for lunch in a nearby town. The whole time we were at the table they were “checking in” to their social media accounts to let everyone know where they were and any attempt at conversation was responded to with a nod or a “oh look ——- and ——- are having lunch at so and so”. My wife had left her phone in the truck so we pretty much just talked to each other.

      Needless to say that’s the last time we’ll meet them anywhere. Just because something is being done by the majority of the population doesn’t mean it’s not rude and inconsiderate, it just means most people are rude and inconsiderate.

  14. But, but how would the sheeple see their balances on their EBT cards, order food delivery, and call for a car to drive them everywhere?

    Okay, I have no experience with what I just typed, but it appears that society in urban areas is going more and more to electronic nurturing. The horror when it all collapses.

  15. comfort is a drug. once you get used to it, it becomes addicting. give a weak person constant stimulation, good food and cheap entertainment and they will throw their ambitions right the window.
    the comfort zone is where dreams go to and die.

    1. scout
      You just described my 400lb lazy fat ass sister. She is disgustingly lazy and it shows

  16. Al,
    I love my dumb phone. People tell me, ” I texted you, didn’t you get my text?” To which I reply, “I don’t even have a text feature on my phone or plan.”…..I love my dumb phone!

  17. I know a person who’s major concerns in a SHTF situation is getting enough power to charge phones and run the computer. Internet, games, movies, or playing videos on how to? I am at a loss as to the obsession in that situation.

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