The Matrix Trailer
(image: Warner Bros)

Do you remember the movie ” The Matrix ” with Laurence Fishburne, Keanu Reaves, and Carrie-Anne Moss?

When it released way back in 1999 I recall enjoying the movie and its underlying message that ‘things’ are not what most people think they are.

Real World vs. False Reality
The analogy of humans who think they are living in the ‘real world’ versus the reality of their enslavement inside ‘pods’ — while ‘the system’ feeds of them — projecting a false world, a false reality, a false truth. Seems somewhat similar to today’s reality…

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill
And then there was the ‘red pill’ ‘blue pill’ analogy. Take the red pill and your eyes were opened to the truth – the ‘real’ reality. But, if you took the red pill, you could never go back.

Take the ‘blue pill’ and you return to your cozy false reality.

The thing is, The Matrix is real, in so much as it is analogous to our modern lives.
Everything is “plugged in” to the system.

And when it goes down, you will be on your own…

If you’ve seen The Matrix, then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, you might be interested in watching it…

“A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality and his role in the war against its controllers.”

The Matrix Trailer

What is the matrix?
“It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes – to blind you from the truth.”

We are living in a modern world in which there is a system of sorts which has been cleverly designed (or evolved) such that much of what you see and hear (your view, your truth) is filtered through a veil. The veil is the matrix.


The matrix affects (filters) what you perceive and even what you do. Your reality.

The thing is… For the matrix to survive (the system) it needs YOU to survive.
Why? Because it feeds off you – just like in the movie.

The Matrix Pods

For most, the dependencies upon the matrix have evolved into a requirement for modern day survival. These dependencies fuel the matrix itself.

Be warned… If you step outside the matrix (e.g. take the ‘red pill’), there are armies of “Agent Smith’s” out there who are empowered to get you back ‘in line’, or worse, to eliminate you (again, movie reference…).

If and when the matrix goes down (and it seems that it will one day), all those hundreds of millions in their pods will be on their own as the veil drops to reveal a hard wall of reality. Their pods will open and they will suddenly be faced with the horror of their ‘real’ reality.

They will be on their own.

The question is, what will these pod people do? What will their reaction be? What will be the sequence of events for them and consequently for us who are already outside the pod (so to speak…)?

If the veil ever does drop the only concern they will have is how to get back into the matrix. They will desperately be looking for the ‘blue pill’. But none will be found.

The thought of all those pods popping open at once and imagining an analogous outcome with today’s realities – makes for an interesting mental exercise… perhaps more motivation to prepare??

What Is The Truth?