EMP Home Protection Shields Electronics From Voltage Spikes & Surges

EMP Shield home protection.

Is there such a thing as EMP home protection? Can you protect electronics from EMP? Is there a product that might help stop voltage surges and spikes in my home wiring?

Listen. Let me be clear. There’s never absolute guarantees in life. But there are things we can do to mitigate potential problems. And in this case, we’re talking about voltage spikes / surges in the home — even from an EMP.

There’s a particular company having great success (which tells you something) in the realm of EMP protection. Full disclosure – they are a sponsor here on this site.

EMP Shield

EMPShield.com has designed a number of unique products for varying industries, the home, and even the US Military. They are all about protection from high voltage spikes & surges, as well as EMP.

They have also built up a nice library of information related to EMP, in case you would like to check it out. It’s all downloadable too.

EMP Home Protection

EMP Shield – Home EMP & Lightning Protection + Solar Flare & Smart Meter Defense (SP-120-240-W)

They have two models which interface with the home circuit breaker panel. They vary depending on how you would like to mount them.

How Does It Work?

EMP Shield will protect all the electronics and equipment connected to your electrical system.

This is accomplished by shunting (shorting) the over voltage coming in from the grid and the induced voltage that is collected within your home.

Whether the source of electrons are from within your home or coming into your electrical system from outside the home (the grid), the Shield will see the surge and protect your electrical system. Our technology reacts in less than 1 billionth of a second. Since the shunting is completed incredibly fast, the over voltage is drained away from the equipment before the voltage can rise high enough to damage any equipment. We call this new technology SightSpeed™

[Ken adds: ]

Note: With all things being equal, ohms-law reveals that the higher the voltage, the lesser the current for a given power level (surge). When I try to wrap my head around shunting high voltage so darn quickly (as the EMP Shield device), it makes sense the quicker it can be done, the less current involved in the transaction (compared to a slower shunt).

I mentioned that because one might wonder about the wiring gauge size of the device (and other similar devices). You might think they need to be “battery cable” size. But evidently not, when you consider what’s going on with the shunt process (and the speed thereof).

Anyway, I’m throwing it out there for those who may wish to install some EMP home protection. While there’s always something that can happen beyond any design characteristics (being realistic about a direct lightning strike for example), this protection looks good.

You might ask what do I use at my home?

Well, I purchased my surge protection devices before this company was around. I’ve got a solar power system too with it’s own additional protection devices. The EMP Shield technology is apparently ‘faster’ than what I currently have. If I did it again, or moved to another place, I would install EMP Shield.

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EMP Attack


  1. Ken;
    Interesting timing on the Article.
    Here is a “what if” for everyone out there.
    What/If China gets to the point of being completely collapsed economically, The “true” numbers come out Death Rate. They see they will never again be one of the Super Powers. One could make that “What/If” for any of the super-powers, aka Russia, and so-on.
    Any chance they would say “Ahhhhhhh hell, lets toast the US since we’re goner’s anyways? Could happen ya know

    SO here is my question regarding the Article directly.
    Poof, we get hit with an EMP, I have an EMP Shield on my home that’s grid tied…. AND the EMP Shield works flawlessly. BUT everything on the Grid side of the Shield is complete TOAST!
    Generators? Solar? Windmill? You will need some source of electricity other than the Grid.
    Now for the serious Crazies out there we have at least a Gen-Set in a Faraday Cage… RIGHT! AND the Freezers and critical equipment are good to go as long as you have Fuel.
    AND that would give one enough time to Can up all that’s frozen…. Theory here at least.

    So can the Shield buy one a few days, weeks?
    Food for thought.

    1. NRP,
      All kidding aside, this could sure mess with the chess pieces on the world chess board.
      When my neighbor said that at the gas station about false narratives, I thought about Ken’s article about shutting up and hunkering down.
      So, I just filled up the gas drums in the flatbed and wished em a good day.
      A friend owns a couple quick lube and oil change places.
      Hes letting me buy a drum of oil from him for our equipment and vehicles at his cost.
      It’s good to have friends in the community. But I have mentioned that before… make friends and make some partnerships now if ya can…

      1. Oops Ken, I may of put that post to NRP in the wrong place. Please move if I did…

    2. NRP,
      Your question / notion regarding worst-case-scenario is entirely valid and sensible. If everything else is toast, what good is your electronics even if it all works?

      Well, the EMP Shield device protects against “ordinary” spike occurrences too — whereby the world doesn’t end ;) Perhaps a nearby lightning strike that surges a neighborhood for example. Or some vehicle hitting a power poll sending a variant down the line when the system trips and then resets (for example).

      That said, there’s value even under worst-case-scenario (EMP) under some circumstances. Lets say you have solar power. Maybe this thing saves your system. Or parts of the system. If it does, then your home stays powered (chest freezers, refrigerator, battery-charged power tools, 2-way radios, etc., etc..).

      Additionally, though a weaponized EMP has not happened (yet), we don’t know how much will remain unaffected throughout. Some systems may survive if they are protected to the extent necessary.

      At the end of the day, it’s insurance.

      I have my whole-house surge protection installed. Not because I’m worried about EMP (though it could happen, and I feel better that it’s installed), but more so because of “ordinary” power interruptions, spikes, surges, that may more likely occur.

      1. I could have used this about 6-7 years ago. A tree came down and pushed the third wire into the main line coming into the house. The resulting surge blew out our furnace, main electrical panel, several other electronics and appliances. The electric company had to replace the line to the house, the cable company had to do the same. The result was a $7000 insurance claim. All of our computers survived as they were all plugged into APC units. Wish I had known about this device back then.

    3. it is my understanding if emp comes and no protection is a high possibility of burning down the house… catching on fire fro wiring…

  2. I have an emp shield on the house and one in the truck. This company is great to deal with, and customer service is unbelievable. Andrew at EMP shield answered all of my technical questions with a call after i sent an email. Hopefully i never need to find out if they work, but they are in place just like all other preps.

  3. You can “ what if “ things til the cows come home and maybe we’ll make
    it maybe we won’t. The threats that we face are numerous and complex.

    Personally I prefer to cover as many bases as possible. My EMP Shields
    are protecting the house,two trucks, and since I’m one of the “crazies”
    with two Gen-Sets they each have an EMP Shield.
    Expensive? Yes! Security for family,friends,and community.
    Cheap at twice the price.

  4. NormlChuck

    Hey, how ya doing?
    You have Gen-sets? I’m looking for propane generators. Been looking at gen-sets.

    How do you like them? Are they propane? What size?

    I want to run a whole house, well, not all of it, but hot water, pump, frig, freezers (plural)

    1. Stand my Ground: When we moved to the Redoubt in 2000 we knew we
      would be dealing with harsh winters and the possibility of power outages.
      Our builder had the electrician wire in the transfer box enabling us to run
      the well,the furnace,the hot water heaters,and several circuits inside.

      The first generator is a Honda 6500w gas electric start. It’s very fuel
      efficient and runs fairly quietly.I can’t say enough good about Honda
      equipment .
      Recently we picked up a Cabelas 3000w with remote start strictly for my
      wife’s oxygen concentrator.It works well also.
      I’ve looked at info on the Generac whole house propane systems. The
      gallons per hour seems high to me and the initial purchase isn’t something we could handle.Our furnace and cooking are propane so I try to hoard as much fuel as possible.
      I should have mentioned that we can’t run everything that I listed at the
      same time.Can you believe the wife had me run an extension cord all the
      way from the garage to the bathroom for her hair dryer and curling iron.

      Knock on wood.Most of our outages have been less than 24 hrs.
      Let me know if you are ever in the Flathead Valley of Montana.

    1. Thank you so much for presenting the article and your comments. Now I can climb out of that rabbit hole, I was ready to pull the dirt in behind me, can’t believe the brain cells I burned worrying the dam EMP threat. The EMP commission of 2004/2014 had me so on edge. I would never found the article you presented, crossed that threat off my list. No matter how old you are, you live and learn. Thanks again! Sign off – GrGrandma

  5. Thank you Ken, your short answer helps me to expand my research and thinking regarding an EMP shield. I also hope a EMP never happens, however, the EMP commission of 2004, revisited in 2014, regarded an EMP attack the most worrisome event from one of our enemies, China in particular. Their war doctrine considers a EMP attack not a act of war but a cyber attack. They claim the EMP does not actually kill people as would a nuclear attack, therefore no harm, no fouls. My thought is that after the economic collapse or civil war we’re appear to be approaching, they’ll just set off the EMP, wait a year, come in and do the mop up. China needs our fertile land for their 1+ billion people. That’s why President signed an EO to harden our grid. The commission estimated a 90% death rate after 1 year and a EMP does not destroy the property nor the soil. China, Russia, Iran and No. Korea claim to have a super EMP, of course so do we. I see that to be our greatest threat, so I’ve collected every manual tool I can still find, every weapon I can think of after the ammo runs dry. GOD help us all. Again, thank you for your response. GrGrandma

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