EMP Proof Truck Will Be Limited To The Fuel You Have On Hand

1975 GMC Pickup Truck 4x4 EMP-proof

Your EMP proof truck, car, vehicle, tractor, will only be as useful as the fuel you have for it!

Most all preppers will prepare for short to medium-term disruptions of life. Some preppers will also prepare for absolute worst case scenarios. Catastrophic events that could severely change life as we know it today.

Typically, logically, these SHTF events are much less likely to occur. However, “if” this were to happen, we could be talking about MAJOR casualties and extreme lifestyle change.

One of these is the nuclear EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Detonation at high altitude. Gamma Rays colliding with electrons in air molecules transferring their energy to other electrons via the Compton process. Cascading roughly 30,000 electrons for each original gamma ray. Traveling at the speed of light, the EMP radiation field “piles-up” in an analogous manner to a “sonic-boom”.

Long story short, an extent of electronically controlled equipment on the ground gets zapped into oblivion. Most or all of our infrastructure may theoretically be damaged or destroyed.

There are lots of caveats, and “it depends”, but I’m not going to discuss them in this particular article. Because I want to point out something else:

You Do Know That Fuel Infrastructure Will Be Down, Right?

You may have your EMP proof truck. Or maybe what you think is a EMP proof vehicle built prior to the 1980’s.

But when your fuel runs out, that’s it! Done. That vehicle is now a hunk of dead weight.

So you’ve got fuel stored. And it has been treated for long fuel shelf life with PRI-G for gasoline or PRI-D for diesel. That’s great! But it’s still going to run out, eventually. Have you thought about what you’re going to do after that?

Bugging Out in your EMP Proof Truck

It happened. An apparent EMP. Most everything electronic has failed. Except for your EMP proof truck! Let’s say that you’re not already living at your “bug out location”. That ideal place to ride out the storm so to speak.

But let’s say that you do have a bug out plan. You’ve prearranged to head out to your Uncles farm nestled in a broad mountain valley far away from population dense ‘civilization’. Great! However…

You are only going to get as far as a tank of gas (or diesel). Do you have enough to make it there? Have you figured that out?

And you do know that you better leave soon, right? Because it won’t take long before it gets dangerous out there… Before the bad element begins to rob, take, steal what others have so they themselves can survive another day…

Enough Fuel at the BOL?

You have arrived at your designated bug out location at your Uncle’s farm. Now the hard part begins. Survival. “If” the EMP has taken out critical infrastructure, life is going to get very, very difficult. And for possibly a very long time.

Life after the EMP will probably mean life without fuel. At least until “the system” may begin to be rebuilt and get back online. But that might be too long before mass casualties take place. It’s hard to say. It hasn’t happened before.

So you have a EMP proof vehicle. Once you’re at your BOL, what are you going to use it for? To run down to the store? No, you’re not. Electricity is out. Grid down. There are no supplies out there anymore (at least there won’t be after the public realizes what has happened). Plus, it will likely be dangerous to ride out there (attracting attention)!

Tractors and farm equipment that require fuel. Lets say your tractor survived the EMP. It’s a great asset for farming and such. How much diesel do you have and how long will it last, given the usage?

What happens when the fuel runs out? Can you still produce?

The Takeaway

The ideal EMP proof truck will have no computer, no electronic engine controls and no circuitry that could fry with electromagnetic pulse (EMP) from a high altitude nuclear bomb or other source.

But my point is this. An EMP proof truck, car, or tractor may be important to your own SHTF preparedness plans. But if that EMP actually happens, it will likely take down the fuel supply with it. It’s about the fuel… Or living, surviving somehow without it.

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Tip: EMPShield has a product designed for vehicles. Again, we have never experienced a purpose-built-detonated nuclear EMP event in modern times. However there may be things we can do to potentially mitigate it.

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