Faraday cage garbage can

What’s In Your Faraday Cage?

Faraday cage garbage can

What’s In Your Faraday Cage?

Guest article by Bogan

Regular MSB readers have been well exposed to the theory and application of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and Coronal Mass Injection (CME) contingencies.

Science seems to be divided on the issue of the extent such scenarios will affect sensitive electronics and long term survival and opinions – official and otherwise – abound.

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One set of countermeasures to an EMP/CME event is to build a Faraday cage and stash electronics and other items that may be susceptible to the harmful effects of a burst or series of bursts.

[Ken adds: ] An ordinary metal trash can with tight fitting lid will provide some degree of protection from EMP

A metal trash can with lid will provide about 20dB of attenuation (tested at 500 Mhz). That’s not very good by itself. A tight fitting lid will help. If you seal around the lid with conductive tape (with a conductive adhesive) the attenuation will effectively increase to about 40dB – much better.

Copper Foil Tape (2inch x 18ft)

Tip: A Faraday Cage does not need to be grounded for EMP protection

Conventional wisdom is to shield radios and other communications equipment, a spare computer (or two) printers, cell phone, and other useful electronic devices.


Faraday Cage – What Goes Inside?

– Flashlights and headlamps – yes, those LED bulbs contain electronics.

– alternative is to have good old fashioned incandescent bulb flashlights ready to go

– Light bulbs for your house! (alternative is incandescent bulbs)

– A spare ignition system for your car, including a CPU.

– Spare alternator (or at least alternator “diode trios” for older GM cars) cuz even if you can coax the car to work, the batteries wont charge if the electronics in the alternator are fried.

– Spare ignition systems for critical garden equipment such as chain saw and tiller

[Ken adds: Have a chainsaw? Maybe important? Yes…]
Stihl Ignition Coil Kits

– Your electronic or solar powered watch

– Ignition system for your tractor or mower

– Optic sights that require a battery. This includes red dots, illuminated reticles, and variants.

– Night Vision Devices

– Spare controllers for your off-grid solar system (high poop-o-meter factor if that went down just when you needed it!)

– Lasers and other electronic measuring devices

– Spare battery starter power pack

– Spare compact solar powered chargers, especially at least one for 12v (car) and one for AA, AAA, C and D batteries

12 volt battery Solar Charger with Smart Charging Controller

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This is just a starter list.


~ Bogan

The Basics
Water – Food – Shelter – Security

[Ken adds: ] It can be difficult to keep things in a Faraday cage for ‘just in case’ there’s an EMP. Whatever you keep inside is out of commission until it’s needed, which is hopefully never. That means you’re spending money on whatever is inside – and potentially never using it. However “if” it happens…

It certainly is daunting when you think about it. Nearly everything in our modern world is integrated with electronics in one way or another. It’s hard to think of anything that’s not…

My thoughts are basically this: What will you need to literally survive after electromagnetic pulse fry’s everything ‘electronic’? Water. Food. Shelter. Security. Of those factors, what electronic based items might assist you in survival after the event? That’s where you should start your thought process with regards to Faraday cage.

With that said, and I know I’m preaching to the choir for most of you, ideally – be prepared to live without electricity. That’s not gonna be easy…

Okay, back to Bogan’s question – what ‘electronic’ systems or subsystems might be good to keep in a Faraday cage?


  1. Oh my. I have a whole bunch of newer flashlights. I had no idea they would be fried. They are some of the things I bought for trade (give away, actually.) I probably won’t trade, but I want to keep in good with my neighbors by giving them useful things but that won’t give them the idea that they should come back for more. Flashlights seemed like a good, cheap idea. I don’t want to give away food or ammo. Guess I need to buy a steel garbage can. I have several extra (for collecting rainwater) but they are plastic.

    Just when I was getting caught up in my bills and saving a little.

  2. As I skim over the topics, I see the depiction of our country in the form of a garbage can – then I read the informative article by Bogan. I’m going to need more garbage cans.

    1. Does anyone know if a metal conex container would work as a faraday cage? Mine is 8′ x 50′

  3. Beyond what is already listed with a solar battery charger and rechargeable batteries:
    Small power inverter to run my spare CPAP
    Backup solar cell to charge the battery that runs the inverter to run my CPAP
    Spare CPAP
    Lots of headlamps
    A few LED bulbs(the colors the spouse didn’t like)
    Inexpensive radio
    Small Baefong shortwave radio
    Inexpensive walk-in-talkies
    Small lamps for the LED bulbs
    USB key with all “important” personal info- copies of deeds, wills, bank info

    I am certain there is more. I just don’t want to cut the metal tape seal to read my list that sits on top of all the “stuff”.

  4. Way back when I lived on the Oregon Coast, I built a Faraday Cage for my Honda generator. I constructed it out of copper tubing, soldered together, and attached copper mesh to the frame. I then grounded it. I bought the tubing at the local hardware store and the mesh(it was not cheap) from a company in Berkeley, CA – TWP Inc. I used a part of the mesh to line an aluminum army-surplus latched container wherein I put some small electronics and other EMP-sensitive needful things. A year or so later, I read ONE SECOND AFTER. That gave me a lot of food for thought.

    The moment you crank up your generator and your lights go on, you become a beacon to every troll, orc, zombie, thug, looter, etc. You may even have it confiscated by the “Blue Lives Matter” people because: “…we just got to keep government services up and running.”

    All of your preps need to be geared to the following truths:

    1) Most of the Sheeple do not think like you and will panic and try to kill you and take what you have.

    2) The greatest dangers you and your tribe will face are living within five to ten miles of your home. Plan accordingly.

    1. DTW, blackout curtains and solar power is the way to go. No noise no light and a lot of firepower just in case. LOL

  5. I keep all of the above mentioned items including small kitchen appliances. Mixer, blender, food processor, etc. are included. Hair clippers, electric shaver, spare well parts and an extra well pump are also included. I have several trash cans converted.

    My big question are solar panels safe from an EMP or should they be protected?

    1. BT, solar panels should be safe if not hooked up to cables which would create an antenna. The components for the solar power would however be at risk unless they were made by sol-ark.

      Lookup sol-ark EMP test on Google/you tube

      1. I have been in contact with that company during the past month, and it looks like they will be coming onboard as an advertiser/sponsor pretty soon. Looking forward to their contribution to this general topic as time goes on.

        1. Ken, that’s great !!! After they advertise on your site I might check out and buy a system from them. Any discounts ???

          I received my portable system the Kodiak with a 20% discount from The Canadian Prepper. Its also a great system but not EMP proof. It would be a great backup system.

    2. @Been There, Solar panels with “micro inverters” will be quite susceptible to EMP damage. Micro inverters convert each panel’s output (at the panel itself), rather than having a single inverter for all your panels (typically mounted inside – probably near the electrical panel).

      That said, most installations don’t use panels with micro inverters (it’s expensive – although efficient in converting all usable energy due to shading effects, panel positions).

      The majority of solar panels simply include some built-in blocking diodes. Whether or not these diodes might break down is a matter of debate. However my general research on this has indicated a lesser chance of issue in this regard.

      The focus for potential damage will be the inverter and charge controller.

      In addition to my present (small) installation (12 panels, ~ 4kW) I have 6 solar panels that I keep in my metal storage shipping container – just in case. They’re from an older previous installation – but I feel better about having them there even though there is opinion that solar panels themselves might remain unaffected by EMP.

      1. Ken;
        An observation and comment.
        a LOT of shipping containers have wood floors only, and will not protect from an EMP or CMP being they are not “enclosed” totally (all sides/top/bottom)
        Did you sheet the floor or your container? and how do you seal the doors when closed?

        1. NRP,
          Don’t know about those ‘New Mexico shipping containers’, but all the ones I have seen are enclosed on all sides with metal. True, most have wood floors installed over the metal floor, but remember that they were designed to be airtight and strong enough to stack fairly deep on board ships. Maybe the ones you are looking at have the steel floors rusted out of them??? Sorry for butting in on the conversation, your comment just sounded a bit off. But then again, what can you expect from old farts like us, eh?

        2. Minerjim;
          I stand corrected.
          I have a couple of Conex’s, the 40 footers all have a solid steel bottom, the 30 footer does not, I slid a mirror under the 30 and low and behold the bottom was cut out (probably because of rusted out).
          I will be calling and getting the 30 replaced at their cost.
          Thank you for the correction.

      2. Thanks everyone for all the information on solar panels. They are currently not connected.

  6. If I went to the EMP garbage can after a strike I’d open it up and see food scraps and say “where’s all my stuff?” and be told the garbage is emptied every week.

  7. My FIL took my faraday garbage can labeled ” dog food” out to the trash man. I luckily saved it! Communications, batteries, battery chargers, a computer, and digital watches, and a spare starter ( I do not know if that is right, it may be an ignition) for an old vehicle that should withstand an EMP.

    I think solar panels will be fried by an emp, if I correctly recall.

    1. Pegasus
      Hope your talk with the fil went well.

      I have found the old fashion wind up watches on Amazon & e bay. I found a German watch that needs to be taken to the jewelry’s for repair. Probably the spring inside is wore out do to the age but it is a nice watch.

  8. I have foam padding on the inside bottom and sides to keep items from touching the can. Things inside include a little calculator, my Garmin Foretrex, and an electronic scale. I tested the can’s effectiveness by putting my cell phone inside and trying to call it.
    Faraday bags are also available if you prefer- I like the Tech Protect brand of bags. I keep my SD chips in one of them, along with a Sandisk-type FM radio/chip player.

    Onward, thru the fog…

  9. Electronic car parts,automobile scanner, ohms/volt/amp meters, soldering iron,sw solar radio,cb radio’s, police scanner,flashlights, rechargeable power source, battery chargers other communication equipment.

    I also have a Kodiak solar generator in an EMP bag and 2 50w solar panels in an EMP bag.

    I have read an article on EMPs and if solar panels are not hooked up they should be safe so my other 300w of panels should survive.

    1. I think I will store a small flat screen TV and a DVD player in with the 2 50w solar panels. There is room and while a lot of America might be in the dark, I will be watching movies and eating popcorn.. LOL

      1. Get yourself a job box from home depot or lowes, rectangular, all steel, locking, hinged lids, you could put way more stuff in it way easier than a trash can, could even line it with carpet or something,
        Personally thats where i stash stuff, mostly to secure it, have a half dozen or so of em from being in construction for so long,

        1. That way you can stand that 52” flat screen with your Bose surround system in there,

        2. Heck, i think my biggest box is 84x48x60” high with a piano hinged lid and a ramp at the front that folds down,
          Could put a 30,000 watt solar system and 20 batteries in it and still have room

    1. Grandee,
      I was going to say that yesterday as that is exactly what is in my big galvanized steel trashcan!
      Figured i would get ejected though,,,

        1. I can see putting your electric socks in there, but the cotton/polyester not.

  10. Baofeng, flashlights, multi-meter, spare ignition module for jeep, spare alternator, coil, distributor, voltage regulator. I have the garbage can and several smaller “popcorn tins.” I use the tins for items I utilize on a regular basis; battery charger and batteries for AA, AAA, etc. It may not work as well, but I’m not a rich man and I can only hope. All emp/cme faraday cages are also inside metal buildings. Yea, I realize the metal buildings have some gaps; windows, around doors, etc.

    The aluminum duct tape is on the trash can lid. The tins? Well I’m not sure what else to do. I’ve removed all paint from where the lid contacts the tin and they are all lined with cardboard. I keep my good ham radio in a tin. I occasionally bring out the little baofeng to keep it charged. It is programmed but I’ve only used it once. It won’t do 2m ssb.

    An old but still functioning dewalt drill with charger. A DC deep well pump. I won’t install this unless it is ever needed. I have all piping (1/2″) and fittings as well as a check valve for halfway up. 2- 100 watt solar panels to power the pump.

    Many other small electronics; emergency radio (receive only) an old kindle tablet that is a little weird but still works, kinda. Numerous headlamps, a small inverter and a larger inverter. These are harbor freight and may be junk. A bad decision when I purchased them, but what the heck. One charge controller. Did I mention: a multi-meter? An older/disabled/healing person could be assigned to monitor the charge of solar/batteries manually if a working meter was available, thus eliminating the “requirement” of a charge controller. I doubt over charging will be an issue. We’ll probably use all the power we could possibly generate.

    After writing it all down, I may be insane. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve become chicken little. Oh well, I love my family.

  11. Interesting article and comments . I have a question. Could an old refrigerator be used as a Faraday cage ?

    1. Bluesman;
      Not if it’s one of these new 1/2 plastic POS’s.
      Plus you would need to address the wide Gasket Gap.

      1. NRP,
        It is a 21 year old unit made of real metal. Foil tape on the gasket space?

        1. Bluesman;
          If you get all the holes and gaps, sealed with metal tape, it should work just fine, remember to insolate the inside so nada touches the ‘box’.
          If/When an EMP hits and it don’t work, give me a call… hehehe
          Seriously, it should work.

        2. NRP,
          Thanks for the information, now I have a little project to work on in the shop. If it doesn’t work , just make a service stop on your way to mom’s. I’ll buy you a martini.

  12. Everything Ken said, plus consider this “what if” scenario:

    Lets say EMP event happens, non-protected electronics get fried, a year or more passes and society starts to recover and rebuild infrastructure. The people left will want to start reconnecting, but the means to do it simply aren’t available due to supply (just about none) and demand (high).

    The electronics became hugely more valuable, whether for use or barter.

    With the highly useful items such as radios and electronic ignitions the argument for protection is easily made. However your question raises the idea of protecting less practical things.

    Consider then a non-urgent item: Not to overwork lessons from the “Book of Eli” , but in it the hero played by Denzel Washington had a functioning Sony Walkman – a prized possession.

    I have a Walkman, my (now grown) kids used back in the day that haven’t seen action in….many years. Although it was a fun device back then, it would be laughed at in today’s level of technology. Yet what harm in adding it to the pile?

    So why not stash an old cellphone, and some of these other electronic items, if you have them and don’t mind putting them into deep storage….even something as non-critical as a Sony Walkman.

    The other items mentioned in the original article, such as ignitions for chainsaws and tillers, flashlights, etc. are pretty basic and not luxuries.

    And yes, I was trying to share as well as stimulate conversation on the topic, there’s lots of super knowledgeable people who participate on MSB, and I make it a point to try to learn from everyone. Its a rising tide that lifts all boats….

    1. Bogan;
      I do enjoy the What/If scenarios of many articles, and I certainly feel an EMP/CME could happen in 5-4-3-2-1….seconds. I like many here it seems have an effective Faraday Cage set up. The list is rather extensive and I don’t think typing it out would matter.

      With that said, each of us needs to review our lives, and what we would expect after “Lights Out” and store and protect accordingly. Let’s face it if someone wants to store a Blender, coollllll, I have zero problems with that, nor does it matter much if someone has zero, tis up to them.

      What did surprise me was a comment that “I’d have to cut the tape to find the list on top the stuff”, Ahhhhh why not have the same list taped on top the can, or filed away somewhere? Anyways….

      I agree 1000% this BLOG is a great place to learn all about “stuff” and to share ideas and concerns.

      I guess the reason behind my comment is this. If/When “Lights Out” we had all better have everything we plan on needing for a very long time, including that ‘Walkman Radio’, for we all will be living back in the 1700, and starting all over again.

      Good Bad or Indifferent Life will not be the cushy life we now live, and I honestly don’t see this Country being up for the challenge, for but a few.

  13. Flexible solar panel, folding solar panel. charge controller, pump controller, enloop charger, enloop batteries, notebook with 12 volt charger. flash drives, multimeter, LED bulbs. I’d like t have a spare set of electronics for my generator but buying them costs more than buying a whole new generator. Better to just buy a second generator and gut it but I do have to deal with a DW who is not entirely on board the prepping journey.

    My galvanized trash can came from Home Depot and had some rather large holes where handles where attached. I removed the handles and have filled the gaps with melted solder. Am I over thinking this? The lid is quite snug and I don’t tape it.

  14. Bogan,
    A friend of mine bought out a small radio supply and communications company that was liquidating, got the hardware for a song and dance, basicly the owner told him he could have the contents of the warehouse if he wanted it, he ended up with a few pallets of used Kenwood 2way radios, and chargers. and a bunch of other hardware, repeaters, amplifiers, a couple large base stations and some computer hardware that went along with all of that stuff, as well as antennas and related items. he was saying almost the same thing as you with regards to cleaning it all up, stuffing it away for a what if scenario,,,
    Those older analog radios work good over here as long as you have good repeaters.

  15. I have an old standup metal storage cabinet. Lots of gaps around the doors to fill. Any suggestions for how to seal the doors? It’s big enough to store a few panels, etc. and has a shelf or two. It’s nice, but I’m thinking it won’t work. Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Beach’n;
      you will need to seal all of the openings with Metal Tape, sometimes call Aluminum Tape.
      The shelves probably are connected to the exterior, so make sure you completely insulate (cover with something that will not conduct electricity) them all.
      Honestly it still may not work.

      1. NRP,
        Yea, I’m thinking you’re right. Too many gaps to fill. Also, it has handles that turn to lock it. Again, too many holes and metal contacts to try and cover up. I’ll just use it for something else! I just love going to the hardware store and buying metal trashcans! ha
        luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  16. Ha! Like grandee have chicken feed in two, dog food in one, in LTS have bags of sugar and salt in two. In Faraday can I have a spare Ryobi drill, battery, and charger, couple walkie-talkie sets, small radio, and spare starter and bits for the 1953 Ford 600 tractor. More to go in there as resources allow.

    Would like to Faraday-up a corner of the shipping container to hold an electric scooter or something similar.

    Ken – would love to see a discussion on personal transportation after SHTF. What would we have, why would we need it, where would we go. . .

  17. OH,
    I agree with your analysis. Small holes are not going be a problem in most instances from an EMP. (If they do, you will likely be more affected in other ways that you should be worrying about). Some may want to keep their electronic media safe, as they have a lot of survival info stored there. I get that too. But the main focus, as you have stated, is life without grid power for an extended amount of time.

  18. Maybe it does not matter what or how you store. The risk factors are increasing and becoming more imminent on the social disruption side than the EMP risk. The Mayor of NY says there is plenty of money in the country and in the city, but it is in the wrong hands. This will be the increasing risk to all that we save and store for surviving hard times – confiscation of all our stuff for the ones without and going hungry.

  19. Hermit Us,
    Agree with you on this. I am now starting to think more of burying prep supplies and a faraday cage ( or tow or three), rather than trying to hide it in my out buildings. If you are in or close to a city, expect confiscation attempts. If you are out in the boonies like me, the local government won’t care.

    1. Minerjim
      You must know of several stable and dry abandoned mines. A 100 yards into a mountain should offer good protection from many risks including EMP. Must be the troglodyte in me that looks at this type of solution.

  20. Hermit Us,
    There are thousands of old, abandoned mines about the country. I own a couple of them myself, but too far from my home location to be of any use right now. Deep underground is an excellent place to store preps, but I don’t suggest you undertake this yourself unless you have help. Re-entering old mines can be a real danger, best to have expert help do a ‘re-entry’ safely, but if you have old workings on your property, might be worth looking into. be safe.

  21. I am interested in all the car parts several here have stocked up on. Perhaps someone could tell me which parts I should purchase first. I know they are all important but I have read so much about it and they all differ. For instance, some believe you just need to unhook the battery for a while and the system will reboot. Others, in reading, say an ignition switch is a priority. Others include solenoid (whatever that is). Also, there are those who differentiate as to whether it is a CME or Emp. Can no one give me a definitive answer?
    As to what I have stored: a dosimeter, short wave radio, walkie talkies, a speed drill, indoor and outdoor solar lights, battery chargers both electric and solar, rechargeable batteries (so I don’t use them), flashlights, headlamps, and carbon monoxide detector. Somethings I have just sealed in Myler bags: kitchen gadgetry, tea kettle, coffee pot,
    compact fridge, hot plate. The list could probably continue.
    When I started prepping I asked myself, “What do I need to live reasonably well for one week?” It was quite a challenge as it created so many more challenges but I like that.

    Stay frosty.

    1. Yes, you have. Unfortunately, I hate the invisible. I can read and read about EMP and CME but without comprehension. I just need someone to say what to buy first and then second and so on. Now, if you would like me to translate Caeser’s Gallic Wars from Latin to English, I could probably help you out. (Ha, ha. It has been a while).

      1. Skeezix,

        You’re not alone. The subject of EMP’s and CME’s seems to be one of the most used and abused subjects in the prepper world. Much of the information spewed around the various prepper sites give me pause because much of it conflicts with scientific principles I was taught in college. I’ve read studies by for real scientists and physicists on the subject saying that many electronics will survive such events, even with partial shielding, notably those vehicles with metal bodies and hoods. Their testing showed most damage was to radios connected to external antennas. I personally had a conversation with a retired “rocket scientist” on the subject. He was one of the scientists on the Apollo space program, and later taught mathematics at a university. He confirmed the same general opinions.

        But then, you read all the “expert” opinions floating around with worse case predictions. What are we supposed to believe?

        Me? I’m something of a fatalist. What happens……happens. Certain few items are protected in sealed metal containers. Modern vehicles are so electronics dependent, it would be cost prohibitive to try and purchase and store all the parts that COULD or MIGHT be fried, according to who is right on the subject.

        I’m lucky enough to have an old beater 1977 pick up I use daily on the farm that should survive. I also have a 1967 Ford diesel tractor with a mechanical injector pump and injectors. In a worst case scenario they will make life easier early on, as will the few items I’m protecting. But, like I’ve said before, I’m a fatalist. All our conveniences have a life expectancy. Even those we are able to protect from immediate destruction will eventually break or fail. Especially if there is not a fairly rapid recovery. Survival will depend on being able to rapidly adapt to a new reality. Some will, some won’t. No one knows for sure, until……well…they find out firsthand.

      2. Thank you. Does this mean that screening around around solar parts (controller, inverter and inverter disconnect) won’t work?
        Articles I have read state that the wave will hop over the screen spaces.
        Your analogy helped. Another one to explain electricity:
        Imagine a damm. The water held back are the volts. Release of the water are the amps. Volts times amps become watts.

        Veni, vidi, vici.

  22. I have gone in the other direction from most of you. I am learning to live without electricity instead of learning to make my own. I am collecting old hand tools that need no electricity. I have a hand crank blender and meat grinder. I have all kinds of hand tool in the shop. I have a plan to build a fire pit with an adjustable grate so I will be able to can vegies from the garden and meat. I have a wood stove I can move in the house for heat, DW thinks it’s too messy to have wood burner in the house now. I have a coal forge and am learning about blacksmithing. I like the old fashioned ways. I think I was born 150 years to late.

    1. car guy;
      Don’t feel to alone in your thinking, a LOT of folk here are in the same “Lights Out” mindset..

  23. I don’t have a faraday cage. I can barely afford to get what I need and keep it maintained and train with it as is.
    It’s complete speculation on if it works or doesn’t. There are too many variables. I hear tons of stories and ideas but the only real faraday cage I’ve got any real experience with, from work, is a cell phone isolation one. It stops the signal from reaching it.
    That being said I’m gonna ask you all this. If you put your cell phone in it can you call it? That rules out most of these ideas.

    1. Matt,
      Same here,
      I am prepared to live like its the wild wild west,
      It is more likely that the grid goes down from sabotage or vandalism than from an EMP or CME.
      My prep is for stuff that will definitely happen,
      Constantly worrying about and prepping for these highly dependent outlier events is a waste of time IMHO.
      Im more concerned with our government trying to enforce a ban on AR pattern rifles and standard capacity mags,,,,
      Anyone who tries that crap deserves whatever unintended BS happens

      1. Nothing personal bud and not directed at you,
        But you know the players and know as well as i do that some will do anything for power.
        Ask the Jews how weapons confiscation played out,,,,

        1. Lol I don’t need to ask anyone. I pulled 20 and went places and observed many a thing.
          I was this way as a teen and my tours only reenforced by beliefs.
          I ain’t mad at nobody who can or does prepare for such an event but you best make sure your low tech house is in order and everything else that really happens is covered.
          Financially coming from a guy who’s forced to work without a paycheck right now this ain’t what’s important. This is becoming the new norm and a maybe will work trash can full of stuff doesn’t help.

        2. Bummer your stuck working without getting paid, is definitely not fair, im sure all the illegals will still get their benefits.
          Wonder if nanny state Nancy and lyin cryin chuck are getting their paychecks??
          These people treat everyone like worthless pawns,
          Turn about and bite in the azz cant come soon enough.
          Hang in there

        3. Tommyboy, unfortunately it’s not just those who don’t know their history who step in the mess.

  24. Also I’m still interested does y’all fardaday cages really stop signal such as cell phone or radios? Have you tested it?

    1. My trash can causes the cell signal to break up, but sometimes does not completely stop it. Indeed- “nesting”, or double shielding, may be needed.

      (This reminds me of the coming 5G network that will soon be microwaving us all…)

      1. @dbd I appreciate that. I’ve tested the cans, microwaves etc.
        I know it’s not scientific but it’s the best I can do.
        During the Cold War when we conducted drills we buried our truck batteries in the dirt.

  25. What’s in my can,?
    Good gosh, I don’t recall. How’s that for inventory?
    Off hand
    Batteries, flashlight, two inverters, two way coms., a battery operated fan.
    CB radio in a sealed microwave.

    Now I just have to look to see what I have/have not.

  26. Just get rid of everything electrical. Forget it all. There simply is no need to go through all the effort to be the only one on your block with a working radio, when no station is broadcasting anything. There is no need for electric light, when a hurricane lamp is a better solution. Don’t run your refrigerator on electricity, run it on kerosene, like your hurricane lamps. Get a bike and a wagon you can pull. Get only manual tools, tree saws, digging tools, axes, sledge hammers, etc. Manual water pumps. Hoses. Nails, rope, tarps, flint & steel, tinder, rain gear, cold weather camping gear, boots, candles, waterproof matches, maps & compass, outdoor cooking gear, cords of wood, LP storage tanks, 55 gallon drums of kerosene, water barrels & filtration, and lots of long storage food. None of it needs electricity, none of it cares about EMP, and all if it is of greater import than electronic goodies. If the power is going to be out for a really long time, it is going to be a matter of not dying from lack of food, water, & shelter…and of surviving the zombies. Think there shall be only one EMP event? If such a game is played, there shall be EMPs galore… Forget stocking electronics, just make it so you can light a fire and sleep warm..while keeping an ear out for a fence climbing zombie.

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