15 Natural Remedies For Pain


Pain management. When people can’t get the pain medication they need through their normal distribution channels, there are other alternatives that may help remedy their pain.

Here are a few to consider:


Weight loss

It all starts with your body. A healthy weight, and losing weight if necessary is a good start to eliminate many pain associated ailments. It may not be easy, but it works.



Again – a healthy body. Exercise programs should include both aerobic exercise like walking, swimming, or biking, as well as strengthening exercises.



Found in curry powder and in yellow mustard, may be the best herbal remedy. A component, curcumin, eases inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. Some people take it in capsules, while others incorporate it into their food. The following doses have been studied in scientific research: 500 mg of turmeric twice to four times daily for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis (WebMD).



Chile peppers. An active component of chile pepper, capsaicin temporarily desensitizes pain-prone skin nerve receptors called C-fibers. It also is available as a dietary supplement or capsaicin cream-ointment used on the skin (topical use) to help relieve pain.


Fish oil

Digested fish oil breaks down into hormone-like chemicals called prostaglandins, which reduce inflammation. Available from eating fatty fish, or from over-the-counter capsules.


Vitamin D

D deficiency is linked to a host of chronic illnesses, including chronic pain. So many Americans have low vitamin D levels because we spend most of our time indoors. Getting at least five or 10 minutes of sun exposure two or three times a week is a great way to get vitamin D for free, otherwise tablets or capsules.


Ice or Heat

Ice packs can help reduce swelling and numb muscle and joint pain, but some folks prefer moist heat to ease aches and pains.


Vitamin B12

A B12 supplement boost helps to ease pain by encouraging your body to thicken its protective coating around your nerves, so they don’t “short circuit” and cause pain. Dosage recommendations include 2mg daily.



Powdered Ginger and the oils contained in ginger reduce inflammation at the site of the joint. You can also take a ginger tablet.


Willow bark

Used for thousands of years in many different cultures to reduce fever and inflammation, willow bark is a powerful painkilling herb that is still used today to treat back pain, arthritis, headaches, and inflammatory conditions. The active ingredient in willow bark, salicin, is actually the compound that was first used in the 1800s to develop aspirin.



An herb native to North America, skullcap has been used for more than 200 years to treat anxiety, nervous tension, convulsions, and pain.



Magnesium is a powerful treatment for both muscle and nerve pain. It has been shown to balance levels of a brain chemical known as NMDA that is responsible for transmitting pain throughout the nervous system. Magnesium deficiency is also a common cause and amplifier of pain, so simply supplementing with it can help significantly improve pain symptoms. The foods that are highest in magnesium are things like sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. Regularly drinking alcohol can also deplete your magnesium levels. A dose of 250 to 500 mg of magnesium a day can start to decrease these deficiencies as well as the pain, after just several weeks. If you have kidney problems, do not use without your physician’s OK.



Many people find that acupuncture helps relieve pain and disability due to arthritis; several studies have found benefit from the procedure.



There is some evidence that suggests that glucosamine alleviates arthritis pain. For osteoarthritis, the typical dose of glucosamine used in most studies was 500 milligrams of glucosamine sulfate taken three times a day. Ask your doctor about specific dosing.


Tart Cherries

Or tart cherry juice. Tart cherries contain higher amounts of anthocyanins — antioxidants that help repair the tiny tears of muscle damage.

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Note: This is not medical advice. Do your due-diligence and your own research.

Let’s hear from you… Any natural pain remedies?

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  1. Ken you forgot about the most important pain reliever, alcohol. Also it’s the most fun one. :)

    1. Haha!

      I recall scenes form old Westerns, prior to removing a bullet…the doc gives the patient a bottle of whiskey first…

  2. I, like some others here, take magnesium. I would recommend the citrate version because it absorbs better. Vitamin C can be a pretty good pain reliever. Take to bowel tolerance – when the tummy starts to rumble stop -you don’t want to give yourself the big D.

  3. This may not be the most popular position, but I do not agree that we need a pill for every little discomfort. Every time I turn on the TV, there is an advertisement for some drug to fix a problem I have never heard of – they make life look so appealing that I also wish I have that ailment. Many problems can or should be solved with a change in lifestyle and diet. Many people are killing themselves with booze, drugs, smokes, inactivity, …. and more now taking the step on purpose.

    Enjoy life everyone

    1. homebody

      I agree. The first thing is to clean up the diet it’s just that most people won’t do it. A couple of things to do is shop the outer perimeter of the store and next -read the package, not the pretty picture on the front, if the ingredient label is a bunch of stuff you can’t pronounce don’t buy it. : /

      1. Homebody you got that right! Listen to all of the complications listed with the drugs. You have to be proactive with your health and question the Dr. when needed also. Don’t just take a medicine without research first.

    2. I agree Homebody. When our income was reduced drastically I had started cooking from scratch and it made a huge difference in how we feel. Once you remove all those chemicals from your body, your body can take care of itself for the most part.

      However an injury will require some additional help in the area of pain, so having this info can be very useful.

    3. @homebody

      I agree totally. Pain medicine has been over prescribed and abused by all the whiners who have no tolerance for pain. There is a time for it when it becomes necessary such as broken bones, gunshots and burns. I carry constant pain from arthritis and a broken foot that happened recently and I still don’t use pain meds. Only the day of the accident and a couple times the pain kept me from sleeping. I keep all the pain meds I was prescribed but didn’t use in the med kit for when it is necessary.

      My cast just came off yesterday and now I have splints on my foot. The pain is worse without the cast to support it. The doctor said let pain be my guide to how much to walk on it and exercise. And that is what pain is for. Pain means your doing something wrong. If you mask it with pain meds, you can further injure yourself by not feeling the warnings.


      Burns are the worst pain. I keep aloe plants around the house just for that.
      I have not heard of yellow mustard as a pain reliever for burns. I will try it out and compare it to aloe. I know aloe is a miracle cure if used right away. I wounder if you were to mix the two? Hmmmm got to try that too.


      1. I like to use Witch Hazel for burns, rash, and small contusions. Every time I get a burn the Witch dose the job.

  4. When I get a sore in my mouth I chew newly sprouted red wintergreen leaves that grows wild on my property. It numbs the gums.

    After I broke my ribs and tore the muscles from my ribcage, I get rib muscle cramps often so I eat sour pickles to relive the pain, and do stretching exercises to help prevent them reoccurring.

    When I slipped on wet grass holding hot bacon grease in a pan at a primitive camping week, it burnt my whole right arm to my elbow. I used my water barrel to cool it quickly, but the pain was awful after that. A friend recommended plain yellow mustard as a burn-pack treatment/pain reliever and swore by it. I packed my arm in it and covered it up in a wet towel. The pain went away. I wore it changing it every day for 6 days and never got a scar. Now I swear by it.

    When I get acid indigestion that causes pain and discomfort and ran out of my tums, I take an alkaline solution to neutralize the acid such as pickle juice, vinegar or baking soda mixed with water. I love pickle juice the best.

    1. Stardust sorry for the injuries. The mouth sores are from the acid. You probably know that. Consider being careful with the indigestion as it can be a beginning to stomach cancer. I have had to deal with acid myself. I preferred to go to pharma and get Zantac which is really Tagamet. With some food and vitamin adjustments I know longer need the pharma. Still in my preps though! Like the mustard info, wrote that in my notes.

      1. Many things can cause mouth ulcers.. acid is just one possible cause. Chronic eating of ice and virus’ are two more … But know that what the lining of your mouth looks like, so does the rest of the lining of your intestines. So treat it gently, and be responsive to it’s needs.

    2. @ Stardust. I am very interested in this yellow mustard treatment. Since we heat with wood, we deal with an occasional burn. Can you explain how this is applied? Is it powdered mustard or the prepared that comes in a jar? How much do you use? Any info will be appreciated.

    3. Freuesnt muscle cramps areone of the first signs of magnesium and potassium depletion. Epsom salts in a bath, or 15cc of Milk of magnesium are my quickest method to get in magnesium and a single serving of No salt in 1/3 cup of very warm coffee is my best way to get in potassium. Once I determine which is the problem..( Late night cramps are usually magnesium for me, but this can vary with the person. You just need to be tuned in to your body.) I will use it for several days to get my balance back up. People with blood sugar issues generally have problems with minerals esp. Magnesium,Manganese, selenium, chrominum..zinc.
      People with need for diuretic or fluid imbalances oftehn have problem with potassium. If you get potasssium too high easy to tell….mouth will feel puckered… and treatment to reverse is easy, as well. get the regular salt and “take a serving” in a little warm water… or put extra salt on tomatoes or a peice of potato. Potassium and sodium balance themselves in the blood..if one is high ..the other is low, and vice versa. Lab class in nursing school and a very active Lab supervisor taught me this tidbit of info.

  5. Counter pressure for some headaches. I have odd pressure types and migraines as a reminder of brain surgery. A bandana or snug hat or headband often helps quite a bit. This has worked for friends and family members who do not share my surgical history. Even better if used with peppermint and in lavender oil.

    1. Have you ever tried a cayenne pepper tea? I get migrains from an old army injury and it helps. Take one teaspoon of Cayenne powder and mix with one cup warm/hot water let set for 2 or 3 min then start to drink. It can be a little ruff at first but it does help. Remember the longer it steeps the hotter it will be.

  6. Note on the vitamin D, from experience. As we age our skin changes and no longer has the same ability to convert sun to Vit D. Some of you on here will understand as I think many of you are boomers. I take 2000 of Carlson D everyday as well as what is in dairy. Buy the best budget will allow.

    1. Some natural physcians encourage from 4-10 thousand. of D3… we take something in that range daily. We vary it with sunshine availability, taking it at night.

  7. Cannabis is also an excellent pain reliever… easy to grow you can order seeds from the Netherlands online… Of course I would never do this because the .gov say it is illegal and I always follow their instructions and guides to healthier living.

    I can say for sure doctors over prescribing opium based pain meds has created an epidemic of legions of zombie dope heads over the last 20 years. We are all screwed in a shtf when many will be forced to go cold turkey and will become desperate looking for pain relief to cure their “sickness”.

    1. White Cracker,

      I live in Colorado, so I can grow my medicine. I make a great salve from cannibus, lavender, olive oil, and beeswax. Great for sore muscles.

  8. To White Cracker:

    You are correct about growing weed. Poppies are also easy to grow as well. Many people in the PNW that buy gardening magazines and supplies are, in fact, growing their own weed. I do not know of anybody growing their own opium poppies. Years ago, most of the opium came from poppies grown in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan in rural areas where there was failed central governments and tribal government ruled the area.

    I hope the US does not devolve into such a situation. There are already parallels: Areas of weak central government influence: rural areas. Tribal governments: gangs based along racial or ethnic lines. Many 1st or second generation bring along some job skills and traits with them from a difficult or war torn area of the world like: smuggling and trafficking.

    It also gives me hope that in the future, people are already choosing the natural solutions and seeking out the natural remedies as it does not help Big Pharma. John Q. Public is catching on. Insurance will always be a step behind.

    1. I have received my NEW form 4473 from BATF. It goes into effect January 16, 2017. Line 11 e has the added statement to what was normally asked “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance? — ADDED this statement NEW in BOLD TYPE — Warning: The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes in the state where you reside.. In short even though it’s legal in Alaska and other states you must check YES and then you cannot buy a firearm if you check NO you will have lied on a federal questionnaire and that is a felony.

      1. Just don’t check the yes box. I find it very interesting that they don’t ask about pharmaceutical drugs that carry warnings about operating heavy machinery, driving, or increased risk of suicide.

  9. Tarragon numbs the mouth as well, although I haven’t tested it topically (kind-of need pain for that, which I don’t court out of simple curiosity).

    For some types of pain (Migraines, nerve pain in general) the solution is simple. Hands or feet work. If the headache is a migraine use the hand or foot on the same side. If not a migraine, it’ll be on the opposite side.

    Walk your fingers firmly across your palm or the bottom of your foot until you find a spot that crunches under your fingers. Massage that spot. It might be hard to find. It can be anywhere on the hand or foot, but easiest to find it on the palm if you’re just starting. If it’s sensitive, work around it and work in toward the sensitive spot. If you have a migraine it will probably be VERY sensitive, even painful. Get someone else to do it if you can, since it’s hard to work on your own hands.

  10. Paracelsus was a 15th century physician and is known as the father of modern toxicology. One of his more famous quotes and I abbreviate it was all things are poison, what matters is the dose. He was also very big on natural medicines which when you think about it was just about all they had back then.

    My point here is be careful on what you take. The body must be in balance. Indigestion and baking soda. To much baking soda causes alkalosis and if it is too high or perhaps I should say to low, it will kill you. Vinegar on the other side can cause acidosis which can also kill you. Be careful folks in the right dose all things are poison. Be especially careful with the salts. Too much (or to little)sodium, potassium or magnesium will kill you.

    The first thing Ken mentioned was weight. I remember a young lady coming in to be triaged in the ER with a complaint of back pain. She asked if I thought it was due to the block she was given when she gave birth. I looked at her and said you weigh 300 pounds and your skeleton was designed for about half of that, You can think of yourself as carrying a 75 pound weight on each shoulder every time you are sitting or standing. It is damaging you.

    We use a 1 to 10 scale for pain in the medical field. Some nurses still make the mistake of saying 1 is no pain and 10 is the worst pain you have ever had. Wrong. Zero is no pain. Ten is the worst pain you can imagine. Hot bacon grease to the elbow is way up there. Your cut finger is not unless you cut it off. Be truthful on the pain scale. Nurses and doctors know about pain and some of it is horrible. My personal feelings are everybody has a level where they will pass out from the pain, That is a 10. If it is a 9 you are probably screaming in agony and can’t answer. You have no idea how many people have looked me in the eye and calmly told me it’s a 12. Instant loss of all credibility.

    Opioid addiction is a growing problem and if it ever runs out it is going to be horrible. I would hope that one of the first things law enforcement does is put armed guards on all of the pharmacies because it is 100% certain they are going to get hit. Hydrocodone, oxycodone, meperidine, morphine and fentanyl are all wonderful drugs for those who TRULY need them. They all have street value and it costs nothing for some lowlife with no income to come to the ER and try and scam the docs for a prescription that they can trade for a carton of cigarettes or meth or whatever. In the meantime some screaming kid with a horrible earache is waiting to come in and be seen. Very little tolerance for drug seekers. Okay, sorry for the rant.

    If you use opioids try cutting back and use alternative means. They probably won’t be as effective and you may have to live at a higher level but it will allow you to build up your supply. Cannabis? It is helpful but think odor. A non-smoker can smell it a mile away. Not something you want to do on night watch for sure.

    1. If it is legal where you are Kratom is effective for some people there are several varieties.It is even effective on nerve pain.

    2. me, you are so right on the opioids. I have very sad personal family experiences due to oxy etc. Just too long to go into here. I have always felt that we make movies about our future. All of the zombie movies seem to relate to our societies addiction problem. Walk around stupefied for awhile till it wears off then become manic/aggressive.

  11. Magnesium spray, magnesium chloride, is often an effective pain reliever. A common side effect, especially for persons with fairer skin, is a very warm, or maybe a tingling sensation. Which should fade with use. Another good pain reliever is Tiger Balm ointment. Tiger Balm patches can be very effective as well.

    1. Magnesium oil is wonderful! I am in early menopause and having terrible sleep issues. I have found that by using the magnesium oil on the back of my knees and anywhere else I have pain helps me sleep more deeply and in REM (healing sleep). Also I use a pdr mag. supplement in warm water an hour before bed w cal/mag supplements from organic seaweed. I have been adding more plant based food as well to my diet. I have noticed a profound difference in the quality and length of sleep. I went from zero or 2 to 3 hours of sleep to 6 to 7 hours sleep. I long for my teenage and early 20’s day of pure bliss no heard sounds of solid 9 hours. Getting back to eating more clean magnesium rich foods!

  12. Hopefully it’s ok to mention a great company, Life Extension ” pain reliever for joint pain AthroMax, contains white mulberry, Chinese skullcap, and cutch tree.

  13. Timely article for me, thanks Ken. My ankle MRI results are two types of arthritis, ligament(s) tear(s) and bone fusion (I think from previous trauma of a broken ankle years ago), see the orthopedic specialist some time in the future.

    So, from reading about natural medicines here (thanks for all the knowledge sharing) I’ve ordered organic curcumin (95% curcuminiods)capsules with black pepper extract and ginger for absorption. 1650mg capsules, it shows up today and I’ll trail one cap a day. Should help on the arthritis. The ligament damage I will probably avoid surgery and just live with it.

    1. I can’t trail the stuff, but I can trial it…also, may not have improved my spelling, but buying this stuff certainly expanded my vocabulary.

    2. Grey….I tore my rotator cuff a few years ago…plus have Rheumatoid Arthritis which was complicating the healing.
      Take Selenium, K2 and D3…..all healed, no surgery! use combo juniper berry and dsmo rub on wound for pain/strain relief. works GREAT

      1. My doctor recommended massage therapy rather than surgery for my shoulder rotator cuff injury. That, along with stretching the affected area and, of course, time fixed the problem. Maybe it’s because I have such a good therapist, but I believe in the power of massage and have a standing appointment once a month. Massage therapy is a great pain reliever.

        1. You are correct! I am a massage therapist, so a bit biased ha ha. However, I have doing this for almost 25 years and have specialized and worked with other professionals in pain management and it is so true. Also, once pain free from injury; exercise! Train your muscles, you don’t need weights necessarily, you can use your own body weight. ( I’m not saying you specifically, a collective you including myself, most loudly to myself, ha ha!) Anyway, I know myself personally that a good massage has pain relieving effects.

    3. chicken cartlidge II might help. I have gotten some to try, but just not started it yet.

    4. tart cherry juice,( or if you have a problem with taste or volume)..it does come in a capsule now in concentrated form… especially good for gout. Will begin to ease in 90 min to 2 hours. My brother swears by it, and one can watch his foot edema go down… If you have gout should take some as a preventative when eating offending foods.

  14. There is an encore presentation today through Sunday (lots of different people presenting) from ‘vitaminmastery dot com’ that has a lot of things to do with natural health care including pain relief. I listened the first time through and really enjoyed it.

  15. Ginger has helped me with my nausea when I have migraines. I am trying Mag Citrate for my migraines as well. I have really been trying to get off alot of my prescriptions and take natural herbals. It is a slow process.

    1. Try the magnesium in form of adding epsom salts to a very warm bath.. melt the epsom salts in hot water and add it to the bath. can also add other herbal oils to.. maybe,…Rosemary to help detox (from chemicals accidently ingested?)

  16. To me:

    Got news for you: Pharmacies are already arming themselves as they realize they store and sell a commodity that is worth more than gold and addicts will kill for it. I used to help instruct high level weapons training to private citizens Two of my biggest clients: Jewelers and pharmacists. If they are not armed, just about all of them I know is/has given serious thought to security within their stores. Still, they report losing more to internal theft as opposed to the armed addict coming in off the streets.

    Most of the loss within large hospitals and nursing facilities is also due to internal theft. The ratio of cops (sworn personnel ) to citizens in most communities is 1 to 1000. That ratio has not changed much since the 1980’s when I was doing the job. In a changing world, I have observed the rise in the sector of private security which is licensed, bonded and legitimate. Pharmacists that have survived a robbery/invasion of their store know well the old rule of “when you need help now, the cops are minutes away. ” Private security was a nice part time gig between law enforcement and the medical field.

    By staying away from opiates (synthetic or otherwise) will be the wisest course of action for most of us on this site. In the meantime, it is nice to know they are available for those who really need them in the aftermath of an injury or after surgery. I used to study Anatomy and Physiology (nursing pre-req classes) while seated in the lobby of medical clinics with a couple pistols, and a beavertail sap on me while just scanning for activity. People used to get weird trying to get their scrip renewed.

    1. My last employer had 2 security people. Not near enough! Security spent as much time watching employees as they did customers. This was just a big box store in normal times.

      1. Wife had a script filled at Wallyworld and they shorted her. She went back to complain and they reviewed their recordings which showed that yes indeed they did not give her the prescribed amount. It wasn’t something abused just a mistake on their techs part but they do record. Plenty of people who will accuse the pharmacy of with holding on the prescribed amount.

        Another time she had a script filled at Safeway and they shorted her, it was for an anti-biotic prescribed as twice daily and they filled it as once a day. When she went back they immediately went on the defensive expecting the usual you didn’t give me all of my Vicodin routine. She said no my husband is a nurse and he said this one was supposed to be taken twice a day. They looked at the bottle, apologized profusely, gave her the correct amount and canceled the payment, then they gave her a $20.00 gift certificate. That was good service.

    2. I live in NC. One of my clients is a Dr. and he verified that the number one crime here is the stealing/selling of prescription medications. 90% of it is unreported, because it is family member stealing from a family member. The age range is disturbing. One would think it’s young teenager’s or 20 somethings…. and yes they do some of the crime; the majority is people in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. This crap the doctors are peddling as pain medication is pure madness and poison.

      1. I have
        run into folks with personal experience (That is they have seen it happen)
        read many articles
        seen many documentaries
        news articles

        of medical folks (nurses and doctors) who steal a lot of meds from hospitals, and from patients…

        apparently it is easier to do than “regular” folks would suspect

        1. I have also heard about it after the fact. Years ago, it was easier, when large amounts of meds were taken and placed in a cabinet with a dose by dose account. A buddy who was unsuspecting, of a dependency problem, would be sure to witness actual disposal of something that had a label on it, while the real was pulled up in another syringe… a few were caught and on assessing how it could have been done, hindsight is 20/20. Now doses are sent to units individually and often JIT delivery for dose to be administered…That is why you lie in pain in the hospital awaiting pain meds. It has to be prepared and triple checked in the pharmacy, sent thru a delivery system then triple checked by nurse as she readies it for giving. every step mst be documented in at least two places, a medicine sheet and a separate note documenting the pain, intensity and type…

        2. It does happen but I would hesitate to say a lot of nurses and docs are doing it. Some yes and again I’ve seen it happen and I’ve seen folks lose their license to practice. There was a study a number of years ago that asked nurses if they had ever taken meds from the workplace. Most of the had taken tylenol or ibuprofen for a headache at work. The report on TV left out that part. A very few have become heavily addicted and eventually they all get caught.

      2. So very true, I had a patient who had a problem with his kids stealing his Vicodin. I suggested a lock bock and he told me they unscrewed the hinges. I suggested a better box. A few months later we had one of his sons in as an OD. He was DOA and we didn’t get him back. It is a tremendous problem. We lost another 12 year old who stole Soma from her grandmother.

    1. If there is a gum infection, or abcess. I had a long standing one that kept returning…I used Peppermint oil 3x a day one drop rubbed on the area, for 2 days then twice daily x 3 days and the pocket worked its way out on day 5 and it never returned. I use essential Peppermint oil about 3x weekly for oral care to make sure i get all the bad bugs.

      1. Good to know on the dental abscess treatment. Dental abscesses were one of the major reasons for short life expectancies prior to antibiotics. They would go into the bloodstream and the next thing you knew you were septic. Survival rate for untreated sepsis is zero. With a well staffed ICU the rate drops, probably 2/3 or so will survive. Please note, “In a well staffed ICU.”
        Note to everybody, don’t get septic and if you need dental work get it done while it is available. Urosepsis from a urinary tract infection that got out of hand almost killed my DW.

  17. If you have access to high quality essential oils, try the “Morphine Bomb”… First put a basic oil over the area (coconut oil, olive oil, even vegetable oil if that is all you have) and then layer Frankincense Essential oil (1-2 drops), then Lemongrass Essential Oil (1-2 drops), and finally Marjoram EO (1-2 drops) on the skin. Think of layering like a cake. You don’t need much oil, but wow! the pain is gone.
    My husband and I have used this for back pain, my daughter used it for post-op pain, and we used it on grandkids for all sorts of pain.
    Each oil works in a different way so the nerves calm down and pain is gone.

    1. Could this combination of EOs be put in a roller bottle with a carrier oil then roll on an area when needed?

      1. This combo of pure oils can be placed in a veggie capsule and taken orally. I was the recipe for it on a web site/page. It did not work for nerve pain. Topical applications seem to work better for muscular aches….for us.

    2. This sounds great! I use marjoram quite a bit for deep fascial pain/ trigger points w good results. Thank you for the frankincense and lemongrass suggestion! Very interested in trying it out! ordering it tomorrow!

  18. What ever dulls the mind will be abused by some. I know some emergency responders that were busted for the habitual use of nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

  19. Sauna, sweat lodge, or soaking in hot springs. Massage. Cannibis, lavender, mint balm. All good for muscular pain. Devil’s claw will reduce uric acid deposits in the joints, alleviating arthritis. Chew on some wild cherry bark, it’s as good as morphine. Willow bark and chamomile tea for headaches. The most effective thing to do is to treat the cause of the pain, rather than the symptom. That’s too much to get into here, but I hope this helps.

    I also make a tincture of valerian root, St. John’s wort, kava kava, scullcap, wild cherry bark, and Mormon tea (ephedra) that will leave you not caring about any pain that you might be feeling, yet still able to interact without feeling drugged. I call it “tincture of happy stuff.”

    1. You mind providing a recipe for that? Had shoulder surgery 4 weeks ago. Quit taking pain meds but still take one before physical therapy just to get through it. Would love to eliminate them altogether.

  20. Don’t forget HERBS. Oregano, rosemary, thyme, coriander/cilantro, to name a few. Herbs are easy to grow, and most can be grown indoors.
    Not to mention tonics, tinctures, teas and oils from herbs.

    Don’t forget the infamous garlic.

    1. Our founding fathers and family, as well as the pioneers who came after hundreds of years ago, brought with them wisdom of herbal medicine. Most of it was simple humble cooking herbs such as you have named. Once here, and clearly according to where they actually lived, they did interact with the Natives of this land. They learned the native plants and healing properties of what most call weeds and what field educated folks call food and medicine. The people who came from Europe called the plant medicinals ‘Doctrine of the Signatures ‘. It is also in the Bible, simple common cooking herbs that have powerful healing properties. If you look at pinterest or Facebook, there is always someone extolling the virtue of cinnamon, turmeric, cumin or cilantro. Nothing new under the sun! and goodness how delicious!

  21. Willow tree bark (inner bark) can be boiled like a tea for drinking. This has the same chemical compound as aspirin. (Acetylsalicylic acid (ASA)).

    The recommended dose of willow bark for pain relief is 240 milligrams a day. Google precautions and usage for details. Some people should not use aspirin.

    It’s good to know if needed so I keep an eye out for all the trees around me.


  22. Great article, I use many of these in addition to my essential oils, although I noticed you didn’t mention oils? Thanks for your articles, I love them!

  23. Hello folks, I’m new here & never, ever heard of a site as this one, it’s gotta help me & so many others.
    I have used Paul Bragg’s Organic Raw~Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother on the bottom of the glass bottle! It’s Unpasteurized/ Gluten Free.
    It works so fast, & better than popping pills prescribed by your Primary Care Doctor.
    Is there any others here that uses Bragg’s Raw Apple Vinegar?
    I learn a litta bitt, each day of so many ways to use the natural sources; that our planet has for us!
    Would love to hear from others how, Bragg’s Raw Apple Vinegar.
    As I’ve said, I’m new & want to post in the right Forum….
    Thank you for any help! :o)

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