8 NUTS Low In Carbs For Carnivore Diet or Keto

How many carbs / carbohydrates in nuts? Can I eat nuts on the Keto or Carnivore diet? Why do I ask? Well, first this…

I am somewhere in-between the Keto and Carnivore diet. Some call it Ketovore. It has literally been life changing (for the better!) switching my body energy source over from sugar/glucose to fat burning. One’s excess fat weight comes off quick.

I’m not going to get into the Carnivore diet (or Keto diet) itself here (there’s tons of info online – check out Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube – that’s where I first learned about all this). Briefly, and with regards to carbs / carbohydrates, the Carnivore diet is zero carbs. The Keto diet allows up to 20 grams of carbs on a given day (some say up to 50 grams, but I keep it lower). Both enable the body to switch over to Ketones for energy (a state of Ketosis) which burns fat as fuel.

I told myself that when I get down to my goal (my weight when I was in my 20’s), I would transition from Carnivore to Keto or somewhere in-between. This opens up more foods and nutrition sources. Though one needs to count the carbs so as to stay in Ketosis (fat burning mode).

So throughout the process, I wondered if there were any Carnivore diet nuts that I could eat (same for Keto diet).

Nuts contain healthy fats and some protein. I like nuts. I like peanut butter (one of my weaknesses!). But if I want to keep my daily intake of carbs below 20 grams, I had to do some online research about nuts and carbs.

So I used that research as an excuse to do an article post…because there’s bound to be someone who lands on this page later from a web search who may find it helpful :)

How Many Carbs / Carbohydrates in Nuts?

List of Best Carnivore Diet Nuts (same for Keto Diet Nuts)

Ordered from best (least carbs) to good (still okay) in quantities of 1/4 cup serving size. Note that most lists are per 100 grams weight. But I wanted to normalize to 1/4 cup volume, since that makes more sense to me.

Amount = 1/4 cup of nuts. I favored shelled / whole nuts or halves (rather than chopped) in my data analysis since that’s what I’m likely to snack on. Maybe it make a little difference in the numbers, but regardless, here’s the ordered list.

Total Carbs – Dietary Fiber = Net Carbs

1/4 Cup Serving

PECANS (3.7 – 2.6 = 1.1)

I have some pecans almost every day. The best deal I’ve found for this nut is this one:

Kirkland 2-pound Bag
(their storefront on amzn)

BRAZIL NUTS (4.3 – 2.6 = 1.7)

Brazil nuts are very high in selenium (a good thing!), but experts advise to only eat a couple a day, to avoid selenium toxicity.

Most Popular Choice 2-pound Bag
(from I’M A NUT on amzn)

MACADAMIA NUTS (4.6 – 2.9 = 1.7)

Macadamia nuts are more expensive. Some people really like them. They’re not one of my favorite carnivore diet nuts, but, we all have our own tastes, right?

MacFarms from Hawaii 24-ounce Bag
(their storefront on amzn)

WALNUTS (4.1 – 2 = 2.1)

Walnuts are fairly inexpensive compared with other nuts.

Halves and Pieces from California 2-pound Bag
(Fisher via amzn)

HAZLENUTS (5.6 – 3.3 = 2.3)

Hazlenuts are sometimes hard to find in stores. Why? They’re sought after by giant chocolatiers Ferrero Rocher.

Roasted Unsalted Premium
(AZNUT Store)

ALMONDS (6.7 – 4.1 = 2.6)

I like almonds. They’re a bit higher in net carbs. But I think they’re yummy.

Whole Natural Raw
(Blue Diamond)

PEANUTS (5.9 – 3.1 = 2.8)

Peanuts are the least expensive nuts on this list.

Salted Cocktail Peanuts

PINE NUTS (4.4 – 1.2 = 3.2)

Pine nuts are fairly expensive. But they’re good!

Raw Pine Nuts
(via I’M A NUT on amzn)

Avoid These Nuts on Keto Diet:

PISTACHIO (8.6 – 3.3 = 5.3)

CASHEW (10 – 1 = 9)

source: USDA

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  1. Any advice on the carnivore diet? I did it for 4 months, lost 50 pounds and felt great. I ended up developing gout from it and had to switch back to a regular diet. Pretty crazy for only being 30. Anyone else hear of this issue?

    1. California (Adam) Listen to your body and respect the feedback. A big fat rock of crack cocaine will make you lose weight and feel great too; then come the bad effects; maybe you’re not a carnivore after all.

  2. I have posted before on the book about Eating for Your Blood Type. According to this medical Dr. Type O can tolerate more meat, Type A are more vegetarians, Type B is in between with dairy not being an issue. Type AB, which is the newest type at around a 1000 years, is of course an A and B group. He studied the lectins in the blood and lectins in food. Interesting book.

    1. Mrs. U
      My brother follows the blood type diet.
      And a type O.

      Myself, I follow a see food diet.

      See food, will eat….with limitations.

  3. I love the nut family, Brazil nuts are super high in selenium. I make a nut butter from English walnuts and almonds. Use food to lower cholesterol.

  4. Bacon rinds/Chicharrones make a good snack substitute for potato chips.

    1. My girlfriend just used crushed Chicharrones instead of bread crumbs on egg dipped sliced zucchini in an air fryer and I swear they tasted like deep fried breaded zucchini. We do the Keto diet as well.

  5. Thinking tis why people in/from California seem so healthy…
    Land of Fruits and Nuts ya know.

    On the serious side. I disagree with the PISTACHIO being bad… honestly the energy spent digging those little bastards out of the shells is incredibly.

    AND all the rest, think about buying all of the Nuts ya like still in the Shell. No need to go the Gym anymore 😁😁😁

  6. Feeling a little nutty πŸ˜†
    An interesting read entitled β€œ Living with phytic acid β€œ from the Weston A. Price Foundation.

  7. Remember in history that gout used to be the disease of kings and nobility…because of their diet rich in meat/seafood/wine

    remember that inc weight was a sign of prosperity (I.e you weren’t a starving peasant)

    the animal based proteins contribute to higher Uric acid levels and therefore likely to precipitate a gout flare

  8. Nuts?…..

    Impossible for any day at the moment to be considered a “slow news day”!

  9. I have a mixed bowl of Salted Almonds, Raw Almonds and Peanuts I keep on my desk for snacks. Takes the edge off and seems better than other snack foods.

  10. I used habanero and smoked almonds and only allowed 18 a day for my keto diet, but it was a delicious addictive snack. If you can’t control your intake, don’t get started on them!

    1. Another good keto snack is a nice layer of butter sandwiched between 2 whole pecans. I like bread, but what I was really missing was the butter …

  11. Mrs. U
    My Doctor put me on the Blood type diet, some 15 years ago. That long ago?
    Not happy that peanuts are an avoid. But that’s alright much healthier now and sleep better.

  12. I left California to the west side of Oregon where there are lots of hazelnuts being grown around here. Just like California, if you hunt small game, deer or feral hogs, hang around a tree that bears fruit or nuts. Even among trees that grow nuts that are not consumed by people, animals show their preference for nuts that are sweeter and less bitter. An example is the acorn that comes from oak trees: Live oaks and black oaks are noted to be high in tannin which is very bitter. White oaks bear acorns that are low in tannin and the acorns are hard to find on the ground because the animals love to eat them. Trees that fruit out in edible nuts with sweet nut meats are magnets for wildlife.

    The only way I found to lose 10 lbs in one week was the stomach flu. My dad and grandpa used to eat cherries to alleviate the s/sx of gout. (just a handful will do)

  13. JMHO
    We are omnivorous

    As with everything there is a balance, go too far in one direction and everything is out of wack.

  14. I like all kinds of nuts but I have diverticulitis so nuts are not good for me. But I still sneak in a snickers bar occasionally.

  15. Adam My brother gets gout with any type of beef. But he can eat any other meat no problem. Also no lobster.

    1. I’ve taken Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar on the start of gout manifesting, and it works. A balance of eggs and fish with the red meat may eliminate it altogether.

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