Antibacterial And Anti-viral Herbs


This list of antibacterial and anti-viral herbs might be helpful to you if you’re seeking to augment your health and well-being in a more natural way. Before the days of pharmaceuticals there were many discoveries with regards to the benefits of various natural herbs.

You might consider these:

This is not medical advice, and quantities or precautions (if any) are not referenced.
Do your due-diligence.





Impedes bacterial growth.
Has a preserving effect in food.
Powerful anti-fungal properties.
Improves circulation.
Warms the body.
Relieves abdominal discomfort.


Topical painkiller.
Temporarily treat a toothache or cold sore.
Relieve sore muscles and arthritis.
Treat upper respiratory infections.
Improve digestion.
Kill bad bacteria in the gut.


Reputation of boosting the immune system.
Treating colds and flu.
Fighting infections.
Speed wound healing.
Anti-inflammatory properties.


Anti-fungal and antibacterial.
Apparently more effective against several types of bacteria than penicillin.
Does not cause bacteria to become resistant.
Destroys the offending invaders without killing the body’s normal good bacteria.
Heating over 120 degrees will decrease its potency.


Soothing effect on coughs.
Helps clear congestion to make breathing easier.
Can help build a stronger immune system.
Has both anti-microbial and antioxidant qualities.
Effective for gas, bloating and nausea, morning sickness and stomach cramps.
Can help ease the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
A muscle relaxer and reduces monthly cramps.
Excellent for all sorts of minor pain relief due to its menthol content.
Heightens alertness if drowsy.
Breath freshener.


(Pronounced ‘time’)
Strong antibacterial agent, antiseptic and antioxidant.
Contains bronchial antispasmodic and expectorant properties.
Useful in bronchitis, upper respiratory tract inflammation, and whooping cough.
Contains terpenoids that are well-known for battling cancer.






See above.


Defense against urinary tract infections.
Makes the bladder lining too “slippery” to adhere to.
Full of antioxidants.
Prevents plaque formation on teeth.


Works against cold and flu viruses.
Enhances immune function.
Stimulates circulation.


A powerful anti-inflammatory herb.
Remedy for nausea.
Remedy for indigestion, colic, and irritable bowel.
Remedy for cold, flu, menstrual cramps, and gas.
Helpful for joint problems and arthritis.
Used to lower cholesterol, blood-pressure and aid in preventing internal blood clots.


Fights viruses and bacteria.
One of the strongest antiviral herbs available.


The information listed above was gathered from seemingly reliable sources around the internet. This is not medical advice. Do your due-diligence for discovery.

What additional antibacterial or anti-viral herbs do you know of?


  1. Since you mentioned berries, I have to add my wild group:

    Wild blueberries-are among the richest fruits in antioxidant content along with apples, blackberries, strawberries, cherries, pine needles, wintergreen leaves/berries, pineapple weed, and wild rose hips. These all help fight cancer, fight viruses and bacterial infections.

    I make teas out of these, and my new addition, wild crabapple/pineapple weed tea is delicious.

  2. Its not an herb, but keeping Capsaicin (the chemical that makes peppers hot) available is smart. You can easily extract capsaicin from chile peppers. It is not water soluble, but is soluble in alcohol and oils. It can be used to treat arthritis, can be mixed in a spray bottle to make your own pepper spray…or, if a would is unbelievably painful, I read an article where using capsaicin will prevent the nerve cells from communicating with eachother thus making the pain stop. Be cautious…too high of a dose can kill the exposed cells.

    1. I use about 1/2 tsp on my eggs at breakfast. A Jamacian Doctor recommends it to avoid the flu. From my experience I would say it works, as I haven’t had a flu shot in over 20 years,nor have I had the flu in all that time. Also in a herbal remedies book I read that peppermint oil dissolves stones in the gaul bladder. A doctor wrote on a woman who had 10 operations for kidney stones, until after being told that she had advanced melanomas,starting eating 4 Tblsp. 2X of cooked asparagus. Both the melanomas and the kidney stones were gone in a few months.

    2. Capsasin treats heart attacks, opens up blood vessels…vasodilator. it is to be placed in warm water and downed as a shot.. Look up dose. I don’t remember off top of my head…(may have been 1/4 teaspoon -1/2 teaspoon) I can’t take it, neither can DH.

  3. It’s not exactly antiviral or anti bacterial, but mullein is good to have on hand. It grows in many areas. It’s excellent for asthma. In fact, they used to make mullein “cigarettes” which were smoked for asthma and respiratory problems. It’s non addictive and can also be used as a tea.

    1. Everlasting aka Rabbit tobacco, Respiratory use: smoke (light a few leaves and inhale thesmoke for asthma attack, works like albterol. Whole plant is medicinal and contains the active ingredient..Gather responsibly when wildcrafting It takes about 3 or 4 years to come to full growth. of 36-48″. I break off about 12″ tall. if accidently uprooted, take the whole plant . can be used for teas, deconcoctions, and be double tinctured. This herb is cholergenic, amount to use for intestinal issues is about 10-12 leaves and 2″ of stem pour 4 oz hot water over and allow to steep covered for 20 min. remove leaves/stem( easiest to use a teaball) fill with warm water, sweeten to taste/ or add peppermint or peppermint tea bag… sip and enjoy for intestinal issues including gas , intestinal irritation edema, diarrhea and constipation. It has many enzymes to aid in digestion and has been used successfully for IBS. OF, ..double tincture I use 10 cc for severe gas or intestinal cramping.(gastritis)
      This herb is full of compounds for health.It has been used by the native American Indians for medicine for centuries…primarily for respiratory congestion/asthma and intestinal complaints.
      It has a slight antiviral effect and is a decongestant. a concentrate can be made and added to teas and consumed daily for chest congestion…It works sloly in this manner but consistently. very gentle… The Southern Herbalist, Darryl Patton has a very good article on the istory and uses for this plant. It is native to the southeast.
      Garlic needs to be prepared to get the antibiotic effect, so that the allisin develops… peel, cut off root end, bruise well, allow to sit in open air for 10-15 min. then dice and use.. It makes a good vinegar. I used 4o of the small heriloom garlic toes, prepared and developed… then diced placed in a 10 ounce covered jar/filled with apple cider vinegar. allow to sit 3 hours, shake and take 8-10 cc q 4 hours for chest oncgetion. after several doses are removed refill jar with acv… will see sediment pulled from garlic, if no sediment, make a new batch. less than 24 hours,.. will begin coughing up garlic flavored exudate.

  4. Please make a notation to never, EVER use nutmeg on an open wound. It’s fatal.

  5. On asparagus, they were conducting experiments in Thomas Jefferson Hospital in Philadelphia, PA. in 1734 A.D. on the effects on asparagus disolving kidney stones. Big $$$$ Pharma got in the way, and Still does.

    1. Corn silk capsules dissolved kidney stones for DH, took about 3 weeks according to directions on bottle. urine turns really cloudy, then clears up. One bottle treats about 24 days.,

  6. I use peppermint altoids (made with real peppermint oil) to combat sore throats and prevent upper respiratory infections due to drainage from sinus and ear infections. Have not had a sinus or ear infection progress to bronchitis for over four years. I take 3 altoids at the first sign of a sore throat continue until it goes away. Also is good for mild indigestion.

    1. Peppermint tea works also but altoids are more portable, good for while you are working.

  7. Sweetgum tree is antiviral. can use the new leaves in the spring, or green seed pods/spikes and inner seed to make a homemade tamiflu. gather sufficient leaves to fill container to 3/4 full 2. divide in half, put half in freezer after expressing ari out of bag… put leaves/small twigs, or spike balls(sut these in half-to better extract) cover with pga or vodka. make sure all plant material is covered. allow to sit at least 3 weeks. at end of 3 weeks, pull out all old plant material, drain well, keeping the juices that come off it..and adding back to the jug, refill with fresh batch of leaves/plant material..make sure all is covered. Top off jar.. allow to sit for another 3-4 weeks.
    Use like prescription tamiflu. has approx same amount active ingredient, released when double tinctured, as the star anise that the rx’d one is made from.

  8. On post above.. when you gather sweeegum material.. get at least 2 x as much as you think you need. reserve half in freezer until needed. new leaves are very high in active compound…

    Also need to note Oregano.. is effective on many things, noted both anti bacterial and anti viral… specificaly Oil of oregano is effective against LYME. It must be used for several weeks at a time at least 2x daily..Dose taken is best spread out throughout the day…2 weeks after symptoms abate, stop for a week or so, stress will bring residual lyme bacteria back out. Do it again! It takes several cycles..but has repressed my flares of lyme arthritis significantly.
    Lomatium is antiviral and anti bacterial. get a tincture made by one of herbalists and use by their instructions.

  9. some time ago i was looking for natural ways to kill pain as my wife as chronic back pain i had come across GINGER not only does it do all the stuff listed in the article it ALSO lower A1C in diabetics i have type 2 and it lowered my a1c A LOT

  10. A quick check in, there are rumors of more virals being active over in different countries. There are many anti virals.. including many foods and minerals.. two that quickly come to mind is selenium and garlic.
    On note of various insults to the immune system… I remember several have fought with shingles over the years. a DFM has had several outbreaks and home made tamiflu stops in 5 days. Various stressors will reactivate it, including tick bites..same is highly effective on same one causing distress in many. DFM took with first sign of fever on q 4hr. alternating w/CS q 4 as well…improvement within 8 hours. no further fever., no further aches.

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