Home Remedy for Upset Stomach


The following natural home remedy (remedies) may likely offer temporary relief for an upset stomach or stomach pain – while you consider the underlying cause (a particular food sensitivity, your current diet, etc.?).

I wonder how many people today have forgotten that their grandparents and ancestors had discovered countless natural home remedies for all sorts of ailments.

I wonder how many home remedies have been lost or forgotten, not having been passed down to recent ‘modern’ generations…

Well here are a few to consider for an upset stomach:


Ginger Root For Upset Stomach Pain

During a conversation some time ago between Mrs.J and a gastroenterologist, he said “You know what would really help you? Ginger.” “Make some ginger tea, it will really help your stomach pain.”

For best results, make the ginger tea from scratch using fresh ginger root rather than off-the-shelf ginger spice or ginger flavored tea bags, etc.

Ginger Tea Recipe

The ginger tea recipe is simple.

1. From the ginger root itself, cut off a piece about 1 inch. You can experiment with this amount as it affects the strength of the tea.

2. Peel the skin (for more exposed surface area) and then slice the ginger root into thin medallions.

3. In a pan, add 2 cups of water and bring to a boil. Then add the ginger, cover and reduce to simmer for 20-minutes.


– Add cinnamon sticks to the mix for it’s medicinal benefits and flavor enhancement.
– Add honey and/or lemon for flavor.
– Increase the recipe to make a small pitcher for the fridge (tastes good chilled too).

After drinking the ginger tea home remedy, you should experience some stomach relief within 10 – 15 minutes.

You might also consider acquiring a natural organic ginger tea:
Organic Ginger Aid Tea, 96 Tea Bags (16 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)


Coconut Water For Upset Stomach Pain

This home remedy is simply coconut water. Extract the water from the inside of a coconut!

Go to the store and buy a whole coconut. Both brown and ‘young’ green coconuts will have clear coconut water inside. However most say that young green coconuts are more effective for this remedy. 

A challenge will be getting into the coconut without spilling and losing all of the coconut water inside. One effective way is to utilize a drill to bore a hole into the coconut. Then pour the coconut water into a glass to drink.

You can also purchase coconut water at many grocery stores. Or buy it online:

‘Real’ natural coconut water:
Nirvana Real Coconut Water, 16.2 Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)

Anyone else have a home remedy for upset stomach?


  1. Suck on “Sour Soothers” Candy, or Similar Sour Candy. Have seen it work many times, for upset stomach/nausea/stomach pain. No idea why. May be the citric acid used to make the candy sour, or the gelatin in it.

  2. Green Apples and crackers, works great for seasickness and I have eaten this with the stomach bug and all is well.

  3. We use lots of ginger in our house. I keep all forms on hand, powdered, freeze-dried, candied, and fresh. For mild stomach upset, I usually eat a candied piece of ginger. I find the relief is longer lasting than drinking the tea. The tea is excellent if you are having trouble keeping anything down. I have converted lots of minds when I have served ginger tea to people who were experiencing nausea. I don’t buy Tums anymore. The problem that we found with taking an antacid is that you have to constantly pop them like jelly beans to maintain relief. We turn to ginger now.

      1. @ Lauren, making candied ginger is easy, and once it is made it will store for years this way. I honestly don’t remember the exact measurements but it’s just ginger cut to size, sugar and water. You simply boil for about an hour, there should be almost no water/syrup left. Drain and let dry, and store in an airtight container.
        I actually found an old sandwich bag with candied ginger in my old hiking vest, when I finally cleaned out my closet. This was not airtight in anyway, so the ginger was hard but still edible. I also found a bag of raisins, also a little hard but still edible. From my estimation, they had been in my vest for about 16 years.

        1. I’ll bet the “syrup” left over could be stored to be used the same way.

    1. That is my ‘go to’ for acid indigestion, gas, nausea.
      I get crystallized ginger at a Kroger subsidiary here for a great price–store named Ruler.

  4. Good day everyone…
    Great topic Ken….
    I like to keep Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger tea on hand, funny I just ordered some more before checking this site now :) I buy the multipack on AMZ…
    Peppermint tea is also good for nausea…
    Also good for healing the GI tract is bone broth homemade especially…I make this pretty regularly and keep this on hand in 8 oz and pint jars in the freezer for whenever needed for a nice complement to a meal or for any stomach issues….bone broth (use fresh and/or organic bones if you can) works best when taken gently warmed on an empty stomach…
    it literally helps heal the gut lining…wish I knew that when I had leaky gut syndrome about 20 years ago, I was really struggling then….also helps people with mal-absorption issues, the proteins are much more easily digested and absorbed….
    Also a simple help is baking soda, our sheep love it too to help them pass gas, yes sheep burp :)
    When feeling bloated or gassy take 1/2 tsp mixed in some water, it does the trick…
    To all, have a healthy day! :)

  5. My parents and grandparents always gave me blackberry juice when i had stomach problems. Unsweetened is best if you have upset stomach. It always worked. I am sure blueberry juice would work as well. It is very similar.

    1. Hello Been There

      My granny made tea from blackberry leaves and/or roots. That’s what she gave me for stomach ills. You are one of very few I have ever seen mention blackberry for stomach problems. The older I get the smarter granny gets……….

    2. Yup, my nanna would always have blueberry homemade juice/sirop in jars for emergencies. And whole blueberries in jars for cake, brioche-style. Juice worked well, and piece of cake next day was magical.

  6. When we were little and had an upset stomach, my mother gave us ginger ale. It worked. Not sure if it was the ginger ale or the placebo effect. Mother gave it to us and we believed it would work. Back then there were not too many stomach remedies and we couldn’t afford them anyway.

    I would have to move several growing zones south to grow my own ginger or coconuts. I wonder if ground ginger would work just as well.

    1. DaisyK,
      I also do put organic ground ginger in rice milk and gently warm it, it does seems to help…

    2. DaisyK,
      Boy oh boy do I remember the Homemade Ginger Ale my Father would make (Root Beer also) and how good it was, wonder if my Mom still remembers the concoction he would make and how…
      Internet Search time.

    3. I grow ginger in a 20 gallon fishtank…

      I’ve never tried coconuts, but I’m guessing they’d be a little tall for the house. :)

      1. Checked on growing coconuts here in the North Georgia mountains and I’m out of luck. Ginger will grow in the greenhouse so that’s good.

    4. @ Daisy, yes it was the ginger ale. Back then they actually used real ginger in the soda. It’s hard to find ginger ale with real ginger anymore. Most just use artificial flavorings. UGH, now I want homemade ginger ale.

      1. Peanut Gallery,
        I didn’t know that.
        I guess that is why it doesn’t work any more! I thought it was my aged stomach.

    5. Ginger can be grown in a medium sized pot and brought inside for the winter.

  7. This old fart is a HUGE advocate of Ginger, Coconut not so much, though I have switched to using only Coconut Oils for cooking, does that count? hehehe

    Being that I totally LOVE Asian, aka Thai, Foods I seem to always have a pound of fresh Ginger on hand and use it at least 4-5 times a week.

    Ginger is also an ingredient in my Turmeric mix I take daily.

    Peanut Gallery mentioned Candied Ginger, OMG that brought back memories of Grandma’s and always having a piece of Ginger Candy. There are a LOT of online recipes to choose from, sounds like a project for this weekend, along with the Garden, maybe a Ginger Root bed coming up soon?

  8. My mom would keep ginger ale soda pop in the house for stomach aliments.
    Not sure which grandmother passed on the soda crackers to my mom for upset stomachs but it does work. Dad would put soda crackers in milk to calm his stomach down, no never tried it, as it did not look very appetizing.

  9. I found out I have a small ulcer. They asked me what I used for stomach acid and I said ginger. They thought that was so funny. It works better without the side effects all their medicine has given me!

    1. old lady, a good quality oatmeal is good for soothing stomachs with ulcers or gastritis..
      it is non-acidic and nutritious :) I like Bob’s Red Mill brand

  10. I too had that problem which is pretty much gone now. Citric Acid is in a WHOLE lot of foods so avoid those if possible. No more alcohol either. Just did what I had to do. Did not want to take Zantac all the time. It works though. It is the old prescription Tagamet. Avoid the purple anti acids if possible.

  11. I had lots of recurring acid indigestion/heartburn and when I began taking Black Cohosh the problem was corrected.
    No night leg cramps either!!!
    I had a friend take the purple pill, Nexium, very day and I don’t see that as healthy. What if you don’t have indigestion??

  12. Me,
    My Dad has taken Tums most of his life from a very early age,( he is 80) Doc told him he has bones like a 20 year old don’t know if it is from the calcium in the tums or what. :)

  13. When my DD’s were little I was having to go to Houston ( from Lubbock) pretty often and the youngest would get car sick bad, I would rub Ginger E.O on her tummy it helped a lot.

  14. The baking soda in a glass of lukewarm water usually does the trick. If not I will try a small glass of ginger ale with some bitters in it.

  15. When traveling, Mom would give me either ginger ale or 7-Up.
    Used to get a lot of heartburn, Went thru bottle after bottle of anti-acid, off & on for a couple of years. Then tried raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar. A few teaspoons & now haven’t had heartburn for some 14-15 years..

  16. I am a HUGE fan of ginger… love the flavor – gingerbread, ginger cookies, candied ginger, ginger ale/ginger beer (also great in a Moscow Mule ;) ), ginger in Asian dishes, I’ve even got a recipe that I haven’t tried yet for Sauerbraten made with ginger cookies in the sauce. Now, I’m hungry!

    I’ve also used ginger for upset stomach and motion sickness/queasiness. Like many here my mom also kept ginger ale on hand for upset stomachs. As a kid I never knew if it was really the ginger or just the carbonation, but it usually worked. I’ve also found root beer works pretty well – I always just assumed it was because it doesn’t have the acid in it that some other sodas do.

    I’ve never tried coconut water. I’ve read over the years that you have to be careful not to drink too much of it – that it can get your potassium out of whack or cause diarrhea in some people – but like anything else, if consumed in moderation it’s probably just fine.

  17. Gaviscon for occasional heartburn. But truly since i started eating an apple a day and taking probiotics i haven’t had that big an issue with upset stomach. Except when i have to drive long distances for business trips like the one i am on today. Once I get home tomorrow (12 hour drive) I’ll be right as rain.

  18. Now that I am a senior citizen and I am on blood pressure meds, I now follow one ancient piece of medical advice from one of the Greek Philosophers:

    Moderation in all things.

    I have in my pantry: Ginger tea, Peppermint tea. When I am feeling ill or recovering from sickness, I make the ginger root infusion mentioned above. I do not drink too much because it aggravates my GERD. I also take tums for GI upset but never more than 3 x500 mg tabs in one day.

    I also take tums because I am not a milk drinker. Like many asians, too much milk makes me nauseated. ( some lack the enzymes needed to digest milk readily.). Many exchange students from Asia will have this trouble within a week after they get off the plane. ( they may also have trouble with gravy, red meat cooked rare and Tex Mex classics like chili.)

    Perhaps the following is TMI butt for loose stool, I generally eat saltine crackers and/or white rice. ( or porridge made from white rice, chicken broth and cooked, white meat chicken from the breast portion mixed in.).

    Lastly, for getting people’s GI tract up and moving again after protracted illness, there is the BRAT diet: Bananas, Applesauce, Rice and Toast. ( I am sure to draw fire for that last comment. Let it fly folks!)

  19. OOPS!

    BRAT diet= Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. (not the BART diet!)

    I almost forgot the big guns in my medicine chest these days is Gaviscon Foamtab for when I am really “urpy”. ( ever since I turned 50 ). to be used when the tums can not cut it.

  20. Definitely concur on the ginger. Mom used to keep ginger ale on hand for us when we were kids.

    1. My Dad used to use what he called “Bumble Bee Tea”. That’s the name he new it by. It is a common wild flower grows all over the place here. I don’t know its real name. But I know what it looks like I would pick it for Dad since I was a kid.

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