Here is a single weight loss tip that will help you lose weight fast. It’s not a pill. It’s not a regiment of a particular weight loss diet. It doesn’t require that you spend an hour on exercise machines every day. It’s not a tip that will keep you hungry through the day.

How to lose all that weight? It’s a simple weight loss tip that will work, because it simply will…


The Best Way To Lose Weight

This is not complicated, and it absolutely works.

Most all of us have our vices. And we KNOW what they are. When it comes to weight loss, losing weight simply and mathematically is directly related to ‘calories in’ vs. ‘calories burned’.

For ‘most’ of you who are overweight, there will likely be that one thing, that one ‘vice’ food that YOU KNOW is packing on the calories. There is probably more than one. However most of you know your weakness… Right? You know I’m right…

Well here’s the tip:


I am inspired to post this simple weight loss tip because someone I know has lost A LOT of weight by simply having stopped consuming that ‘vice’ food that he knew was causing the worst of the weight problem. For him, it was soda. He apparently drank a lot of soda every day, and soda is loaded with an incredible amount of sugar (calories). Additionally, he liked his ice cream. He stopped that too. And guess what? We saw him last weekend at a bbq and he has lost a lot of weight. I asked him how he did it, and he said simply by stopping what he knew was the worst ‘vice’ foods. Simple.

Folks, it’s that easy. Get over your vice and the pounds will slide off.

There are all sorts of yummy foods that you know are ‘bad’ for you. It’s not that you have to stop eating all of them (although the weight will come off faster). It’s simply finding the WORST culprit food that you over-indulge in. That’s where lots (or most) of the ‘calories in’ are coming from, and if you stop eating it, you will see weight loss. If you have several vices, well, stop it.


How To Stop Eating Your ‘Vice’ Food

1. The absolute #1 way to overcome your craving for your ‘vice’ food, is will power. If you do not want to lose weight, then stop reading here and go back to your tub of ice cream. But if you really want to lose weight, then you already have MOTIVATION. You need to want to do it. Really want to.

2. When you get the craving, not only use your will power, but if you must eat, then replace the ‘vice’ food with something that you KNOW has far fewer calories. Whatever works for you… Maybe it’s simply a glass of water (it works). Really. It works.

3. You will get crabby at first, because you’re not feeding your craving for ‘the thing’. But after awhile, you will adjust. So just recognize that this will happen (see #2 above, which helps).

4. Visualize yourself having lost weight. It will happen. It will.

5. Rid your house of the ‘vice food’. Don’t buy any more. Don’t tempt yourself.

Why is this weight loss tip ‘fast’?
The weight will come off fast (relatively) because when you stop eating the food that has the most calories, it will have a faster effect on the mathematics of ‘calories in’.

There are a zillion ways to lose weight. But it ALWAYS boils down to calories-in versus calories-burned. Your body burns ‘x’ amount of calories each day. If you are consuming more than you burn, then you WILL gain weight. Period. If you consume less, you WILL lose weight. Period. So, find that ‘bad’ food that you eat too much of (you KNOW what it is), and stop it. This will help tremendously. If there are several ‘bad’ foods, well, stop them!

What are your food vices?

I suppose that my worst one is peanut butter (tons of calories in it).
-but it tastes so darn good ;)

For you, maybe it’s…
-ice cream
-snack ‘junk food’
-‘fast’ food
-too much alcohol (tons of calories in alcohol)

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