List of ‘Collapse’ Medical Supplies


Here is an extensive list of First Aid preps and medical supplies to consider, especially for SHTF collapse when medical help may not be readily available as we’re accustomed to today.


We posted this a few years ago, and I’m re-posting this for your information, interest, and comment – as it is still pertinent today.

by ‘Nurse Amy’ of

Here’s my list of Collapse medical supplies with natural remedies included (we should have these as back-ups or for first use supplies to save commercially made items!). Dr.Bones and I spend a lot of time and energy researching “back-up” plans for traditional medicine. We want YOU to have the knowledge to provide medical help if we have a collapse. I have planted over 60 different medicinal herbs in my raised beds and am learning how incredible natural remedies can be.


Collapse medical supplies:

oral antibiotics- may also include garlic oil, honey,cayenne,thyme oil,peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil as herbal alternatives or fresh garlic or ginger

antibiotic ointment and/or antibacterial herbal salve ( with calendula/tea tree oil/lavender oils)

multi size bandages- lots of these in several sizes, spot, knuckle, size 1×3 is great to cover most lacerations

ace bandages- 3 or 4

steri strips and butterfly bandages to close minor lacerations

TONS of gauze/dressings (sterile and non-sterile 4x4s)

include lots of “telfa” pads( non-adherent-so healing wounds won’t stick to the dressing) and a xeroform petroleum dressing (non stick)

ABD pads (usually 5×9) also called combine dressings
10×30 trauma dressing

tapes- include duct, adhesive and paper ( for adhesive tape allergies)

quality bandage scissor/trauma shear ( ALL METAL, the plastic handle ones break cutting jean material!)

Pliable fracture material

mole skin- for blisters


LOTS of nitrile gloves

a couple pair of sterile size 7 1/2 gloves

hand sanitizer

betadine swabs/wipes

BZK wipes-to clean hands/wounds

alcohol pads

masks- surgical(for sick people) and N-95s(for healthy people to keep them from getting sick!)

dermabond (Rx) OR super glue ( may burn the skin)

needle holder and sutures (2-0 nylon- don’t bother with 3-0 or smaller- higher the number=smaller the needle!)

curved kelley clamp ( to remove foreign objects from wounds)


several large safety pins

magnifying glass

pen light

tongue depressor(s)

clotting powders/dressings- cayenne ppepper powder may help minor bleeding

styptic pencil- minor bleeding

quality tourniquet- only use in severe bleeding that will stop with a major pressure dressing or clotting agents

olaes modular bandage or Israel bandage

blood stopper dressing (dressing with 2 kerlix attached for wrapping)


cravet triangle bandages

snake bit kit

rubber bag (hot water bottle)

Re-useable GEL packs- can be cooled OR heated


Fels naptha soap- to wash off poison Ivy,oak or sumac from skin and clothes (also a great clothes detergent)

dental kit- toothpicks, dental mirror, cotton-tip applicators, dental filling material ( commercial or mix zinc oxide powder and 2 drops clove oil), pill cups for mixing the dental filling,

baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and 2 drops of peppermint oil make a great gum treatment and toothpaste

extra essential clove oil (numbs dental pain when applied directly

Eye cup

eye wash

eye pads/eye patch

an Ear oil natural remedy ( usually has garlic oil and mullein oil)- use 2 warmed drops in the affected ear and place a cotton ball over the ear canal secured with paper tape, repeat 3 times daily.

claritin (non-drowsy antihistamine)- hay fever/allergies

benadryl ( drowsy antihistamine)-allergic reactions to stings/medication/food/contact with irritants/this is the other ingredient in tylenol PM! It really puts you to sleep at 50mg dose, but this is a better dose for serious allergic reactions!

epipen (Rx), if needed for serious allergic reactions


eucalyptus essential oil- also a decongestant and good for coughs ( direct or steam inhalation/ a good insect repellent

pain relievers/analgesics- aspirin (not for children) /Tylenol/ibuprofen

arnica essential oil/salve (great mixed with St.John’s Wort)- also an analgesic used externally in very dilute amounts (6-12 drops per ounce of carrier oil) see my articles ( on Natural Medical Kit:Essential oils. Great for bruises, joint and muscle pain, fracture pain, use ONLY on intact skin.

Other Analgesic Essential Oils -Consider 1 or 2 of these – lavender,chamomile,rosemary,eucalyptus, marjoram

Imodium-for diarrhea tx

hydrocortisone cream- anti-inflammatory, good for rashes

helichrysum essential oil- also anti-inflammatory and additionally an analgesic

Lip balm-I love carmex brand

zinc oxide cream-rashes and a sunscreen

zinc oxide powder medical grade- to mix with Clove bud essential oil, and make a temporary dental filling

Raw honey-externally for serious burns/internally mix with garlic oil for an antibiotic and sore throat tx

tea tree essential oil-antiseptic/antifungal/insect bite tx/burn tx

lavender essential oil-analgesic/antiseptic/calming effect for insomnia,stress/skin care-rashes and cuts

peppermint essential oil-respiratory and nasal congestion/Headache tx 1 drop to temples or inhale vapors/also good for digestive disorders/achy joints and muscle tx/ use 2 drops on toothbrush with baking soda

geranium essential oil- decreases bleeding when applied to wound/lowers blood sugar/burn tx /antibacterial

thieves blend essential oil- A mix of clove,lemon,cinnamon,eucalyptus and rosemary oils- Antibiotic/antiseptic/and a host of other actions.

chamomile tea bags- internally relaxing,headache tx and digestive problems/ external compress for burns,bee stings

ginger tea bags- internally good for nausea, stomachaches, digestive problems like gas and bloating, also good for motion sickness (crystallized ginger is an alternative, but weighs more)

echinacea/elderberry tea bags- supports immune system, decreases flu and cold duration

aloe vera

laxative tea bags- usually contains senna mixed with other herbs for a better flavor

powdered Gatorade-for rehydration drinks ( to tx dehydration)

multi-vitamins, extra vit c and zinc


With the above list you can treat:

colds/flu/cough/sore throat/lung congestion
aches and pains
allergies/allergic reactions
skin irritations and conditions
digestive upsets and nausea
bug bites/ bee stings/ contact dermatitis( poison ivy/oak/)
minor cuts. scrapes and lacerations-including suturing
headaches, sinus congestion
ear/eye/dental issues
stress and anxiety
oral hygiene and basic dental tx
surface disinfectant
insect repellent
and wash clothes!

I hope this helps, I have spent almost 2 years researching what would be really helpful and USEFUL in a collapse situation. Airways and ambu bags without a hospital to transfer the patient to, are mostly a waste of money. I would concentrate on the supplies you will need most and will likely be able use without too much training. Knowledge is power!

-Nurse Amy

[Ken adds] If you’re looking for a small but practical general purpose First Aid Kit, awhile back I wrote an article about it as follows:
Best First Aid Kit


  1. Great post! Thank you. I have been looking for a good list of supplies like this!

  2. Something you might want to consider is in a true emergency many medical supplies that are used for non-invasive purposes should be fine well past the expiration date.

    Obviously, if you have both expired and unexpired supplies, use the good supplies first. And use triage, a boo-boo on the finger can use an old bandage, a sucking chest-wound should get the new stuff.

    Length of disaster and speed of societal recovery should also be factored in.

  3. Suppose after a collapse and all the RX stores are Gone (looted), My wife has an allergic reaction to something and her Epipen is outdated or we don’t have it. What is and Alternative for a severe allergic reaction?

    I know this is information not intended for Current Day Use, but after a collapse There may not be any one who will know and I am pretty sure the Net will be down/gone for any reference or questions.

    1. I just talked to my son’s allergist. He said that epipens are dated to expire about 15 months after they are produced, however, he said that after they expire they are only about 95% effective. That’s still better than none at all. Keep the expired epipens!

      1. no idea, Epipen


        if you stored epipens in cold dry place, would that much extend life?

        (and how cold is appropriate? thinking not the deepfreeze, but maybe fridge or root cellar?)

  4. A gallon of food grade hydrogen peroxide is a must. It purifies water and kills infections.

  5. Vaseline should also be in your medical kit. It has a multitude of uses from lubricating a thermometer for a baby, as a skin protectant to impregnating a guaze dressing to seal a sucking chest wound. There is actually a type of dressing used in the ER that comes pre-impreganted with vaseline but you can create the same thing by laying the 4 x 4 guaze on a sterile surface or as clean as you can make it in an emergency situation. unfold it so that you have one layer of guaze and then smear the vaseline into the guaze pressing it into the weave. When you are done fold the guaze back up. This will make a sealing bandage. But you have to have the guaze and the vaseline to do this. I used these alot during my days as a Trauma certified RN in the ER. I am now retired.

    1. I have used Saran Wrap on an open chest wound. I keep a roll in my Big bag. I also keep a bed sheet which has been steamed, in my big bag for use with a burn victum. Dental floss can work for sutures and is really good for cutting the umbilical cord. Newspaper helps prevent/delay shock.

      1. Hi Bill Wren,
        Can you elaborate on the newspaper comment for delaying shock?

  6. Thank you for putting this together! This list is exactly what I was looking for!

  7. There’s one point I’d nitpick about. I have a vertigo disorder. Ginger is great to treat nausea, but it doesn’t stop vertigo. Some meclizine and a little Epley knowledge will go a long way. I’m surprised she didn’t mention raw garlic to treat colds.

    1. Garlic is a great all around substance for good health. Fortunately, I like the taste of garlic and use it in as many meals as possible. One of the Readers on our site even posted this…
      How to Make Garlic Syrup

      1. In our house, when we feel a cold coming on we chew on a raw garlic clove. If you catch it early enough, the sickness will be gone overnight.

    2. I heard Dr. Wallach say that chronic vertigo is caused by osteoporosis of the bones of the skull. There’s no magic bullet for that. I’m sure he would recommend Calcium plus all the minerals.

      1. Cervical vertigo comes from damage in the neck, but that’s not the only kind of chronic vertigo. I have some kind of problem that causes a recurring case of BPPV. I keep fresh ginger in the kitchen to control nausea when I have a flare-up.

  8. Great list posted by admin. Nice to watch this article, The experience we had with you through the IVF treatment was awsome…good infrastructure facility with all advanced techniques…. thanks to all and God bless you…

  9. Epsom Salts are excellent for constipation and make a great poultice for drawing boils and such things to a head. Cheap and keeps forever. Also, activated charcoal in case of poisoning.

  10. You mentioned having sterile and non-sterile gauze dressings. I thought you would want all your dressings to be sterile. In what case would you use non-sterile?

  11. Thanks for sharing this post. This is very helpful for me and will share this with others.

  12. Many years ago a family member had a major fall and struck their face. The abrasion was severe as they tumbled and skidded. It was quite clear that scarring would result and I was concerned.

    It just so happened that I’d purchased a Native American salve which contained these ingredients. I hesistate to mention the name of the product as that would be a commerical endorsement, but many Native American salves contain similar ingredients. They are:
    Olive Oil infused with Calendula, Comfrey, Devils Claw, Plantain, Lavender, Arnica, White Willow Bark, MSM Glucosimine, Beeswax, Lavender and Tea Tree Essential Oils

    It was remarkably effective and left no facial scarring whatsoever. As it healed, I believe that aloe vera was also applied (and this is included in Ken’s great list). One can get bottles of pure aloe vera from herb stores. Many things marked aloe vera are actually partially aloe vera instead.

    Poison ivy soap cleanser is very important to have. Poison ivy spreads by an oil that’s released, and this reduces the contact dermatitis that inevitably results. It is inexpensive versus attempting multiple bottles of drying lotion and itch relief creams.

    In addition, the number one itching relief for poison ivy is preperation H. The reason that is so is that it contains jewelweed compounds. Any number of companies sell jewelweed lotions towards this purpose, but there are recipes for harvesting jewelweed from meadows around your home. Nothing works better, I assure you as someone who’s worked with all ages of folks in a natural setting and having lots and lots of cases of accidental poison ivy contact.

    Remember that medications expire and to rotate them.

  13. Don’t forget the Clove Oil for a cracked tooth and a couple dent-temp filling kits…..

    Also, Immodium as diarreha is no fun….

  14. Great bandage is Coban also called vet wrap. Used in orthopedics. Also little trivia- what does ABD stand for in ABD dressing? Will answer if I see any one commenting. Have great Christmas.

  15. And people wonder why I have three medical bags and in the making of two more. I’m a firm believer in natural resources as to conventional. Naturally grown herbs generally have more than one healing properties. The multiple applications is what makes natural better for survival situations. The only real problem with natural is the number of different products as their are hundreds of herbs to chose from. I suggest research what problems you or someone in your group has. Find a natural herbal supplements for that problem and put them back. Like this article is about, their may be no doctor to.

  16. I have a leather needle with a large roll of artificial sinew. The line when split 5 ways also acts as dental floss, for fishing, sewing, trapping, and whole for tying. A 6 in one tool.

  17. Tampons are helpful stopping internal bleeding from bullet holes , may need front and back if there is an exit hole.

  18. Snake bite kit? Those things went out in the 60s. No competent medical person believes in the efficacy of self administered snake bite remedies.

  19. I’ve used Oil of Oregano to treat nail fungus, I’d like your opinion on it’s use. It’s suppose to be a good antiseptic as well.
    Thank you Jacques

  20. I have high blood pressure which means do NOT use sudafed for decongestant, only use coricidin. some of the things on the list would need to be used by someone else ie a person might not be able to use it on self. I would not stock them.

    1. Cattle Annie, Many of us prepare for full families not just one person..Yes stock what you use is the point of this article to give ideas- of items others may have not remembered. You mentioned what you can not use, just replace that item with what you can.. I would also remove any allergens- things personally allergic to… There are other things to use if one is sensitive to sudafed as i am… stocking YOUR choice, of coricidin for multiple months would be preferable to doing without..lots of luck getting what you need insufficient quantities for the coming winter months
      . One can also sniff vicks or menthalatum salve and put a little by their nose…for night time use.. essential oils CAN also address decongestion needs.. Essential oils like peppermint, red thyme, ravensara are all oils that can be used effectively as AROMAtherapy and open the nasal passages . Garlic’d vinegar prepared for allcin release will address a sinus or urinary infection and be good for the heart and blood pressure- it must be used every 4 hours for best effectiveness.( i learned from experience.)..Lavender oil is super effective for poison oak,ivy and sumac rashes, and bug bites…Tea tree and oil of oregano to bite site, asap can reduce incidence of infection

      1. Cattle Annie, to continue..hat thought of high blood pressure control…. For those with high blood pressure and high blood sugar/low blood pressure and low blood sugar also…should consider natures modulators… some are readily available.. look for herbalist video’s, some are posted on u tube… most effective for blood sugar and blood pressure is natures modulator the huckleberry aka sandberry bush… and it’s cousin the blueberry bush… The southern Herbalist gives amounts to use as a tea 2x a day… will beat dying from a stroke because one has no meds for these two issues.. one uses the leaves and twigs of the tree. it takes several days to get effectiveness used 2 times a day…i think he said 9.. so one would need to be on it before ran out of medication… ..for a smooth transition as supply of medication depleats.

  21. Povidone-iodine (Betadine) 10%. It kills 100% of micro-organisms in the laboratory, it’s 100% safe.

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