modern stress and anxiety in our lives

Stress and Anxiety From Over Scheduling Our Lives

I’m speaking generally, across (mostly) the working population. Although really, everyone. Why do we do it? We over-schedule our lives. We’re always “busy”. Filled with complications. Never a “spare” moment. Thus leading to stress and anxiety, and other problems. It’s bad for your health too.

Our modern lives and our modern lifestyle has changed from decades ago. You can’t even recognize our way of life compared to decades ago, or a century ago! Although some of this is out of our control, the fact is that there is also much within our control…

The following are some random thoughts in no particular order on the subject of today’s stress and anxiety while considering the public at large:

Stressors and Anxiety in our Modern Way of Life

Most every aspect of daily life is filled with technology, both seen and unseen. We use it to speed things up. To be more efficient. To get more things done.

There is more on our plates.

There is less ‘quality time’.

More people appear to be angrier than ever before. More people are divided than ever before.

There’s more bombardment of “bad news” than ever before.

There are more people than ever before.

We feel that our kids need to be just as busy. We sign them up for all sorts of activities and drive them to and fro.

Rushing around. We cram our lives full of whatever we can. We over schedule our days.


Does modern society force us to? In a way I suppose it does.

We have been pushed into being busy little worker bees. Society in general and places of employment push us to the max. “Do more for less”.

Higher prices for food, gas, goods and services, taxes, insurance, on and on…

No longer can one worker support a small family. (Can you even imagine that this used to be ‘normal’?)

We have been tricked into believing that modern material living is the way to be. Debt enslavement is now okay. In fact it is expected of us.

Why can’t people just slow down? Why must we have the pedal to the metal all the time?

Even people’s vacations are over scheduled and crammed with activities to the max. Must be busy all the time you know…

How many people actually have the time (take the time) to make a home cooked meal?

How often are families together these days or doing something together? Even with just your spouse?

Our definitions of success have been manipulated (via marketing) and changed to the extent that our measuring sticks look quite different than before.

Maybe the purchasing power of the dollar has eroded to the point where we must work longer hours comparatively. So both spouses must work. Things cost more. Less bang for the buck. Leading to more stress and anxiety.

Perhaps we have become too envious and jealous of what others have.

The relentless pursuit for more money.

I’ll bet that much stress and anxiety today does come from money issues. Either being in way too much debt and/or not having enough money (meaning they’re probably living beyond their means – although there are exceptions).

Money problems (debt) is likely one of the biggest contributors to relationship/marriage issues I would suspect.

We compete too much with others while keeping up with the Joneses.

People today buy LOTS MORE BLING than previous generations. Because they buy more stuff, and have more loans for that stuff, the entire household needs to work in order to pay for it. Not to mention the devaluing of the currency over these decades. Lots of people live beyond their means – which is partly to blame why both spouses have to work and the kids are at day care all day…

Maybe we let technology control too much of our lives. Our time. Constantly checking “social media”. Immersed online.

Too busy so “I’ll catch up with you later”…

Maybe we’ve changed the meaning of what really matters.

“There was a time when a family only needed one breadwinner. The weekly entertainment was the kid’s baseball game, the Sunday drive, and that ice creme treat.”

I reflect back on my younger years while being raised in a one income household. My dad was the only one who worked and he was able to support himself, my mom, and 3 kids. We had two cars (one was a ‘company car’) and lived in a house with a mortgage which he eventually paid off. His job, career, and lifestyle was middle class, and I look back and wonder how it was possible… This was back during the 60’s, 70’s when we all were in the house.

Today the middle class has been shredded.

In closing, even though I’m now semi-retired, I too am guilty of often piling too much on my own plate. Setting out on too many projects at once. Or incorrectly estimating the amount of work to get things done which ends up conflicting with other commitments, etc.. Then the pressure builds. I put it on myself. My fault.

One solution is to just say no once in awhile. That includes saying no to yourself once in awhile. Weight, stress and anxiety, is taken off the shoulders when you ditch some of the over scheduling!

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  1. I always thought I was busy my whole life.
    Than I retired.
    Need to go back to work to rest up some.

  2. Why was everyone so happy in Mayberry? (The Andy Griffith Show)

    None of them were married! 😆😆😆😀😀😀

      1. That’s why Otis stayed drunk! Just kidding. My wife and I celebrated our 30 year anniversary last week and I wouldn’t trade her for the world.

  3. ” The saddest words from mouth or pen,
    are those four words – “It might have been”. “

  4. thanks to biden it took me 50.00 dollars in gas and 20.00 dollars in beer to mow my grass today.
    ya’ll have a good one. )

    1. scout,
      bwaaaahhaaaaa. next time drink $50 in beer and then mow the grass. Probably look like crop circles.

  5. BEER!….. Even George Washington had his own beer recipe. Cheers ! 🍻

  6. BEER!….. Even George Washington had his own beer recipe. Works for me. Cheers ! 🍻

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