Wicked Busy

Why do we do it? We ‘over schedule’ our lives. Thus leading to anxiety and other problems.

Our modern lives and our modern lifestyle has changed from decades ago. You can’t even recognize our way of life compared to a century ago!

The following are some random thoughts on the subject while considering the public at large:

Most every aspect of daily life is filled with technology, both seen and unseen. We use it to speed things up. To be more efficient. To get more things done.

There is more on our plates.

There is less ‘quality time’.

More people appear to be angrier than ever before.

There are more people than ever before.

We feel that our kids need to be just as busy. We sign them up for all sorts of activities while we drive them to and fro.

We rush around. We cram our lives full of whatever we can. We over schedule our days.


Does modern society force us to? In a way I suppose it does.

We have been pushed into being busy little worker bees. No longer can one worker support a small family. (Can you even imagine that this used to be ‘normal’?)

We have been tricked into believing that modern material living is the way to be. Debt enslavement is now okay. In fact it is expected of us.

Why can’t people just slow down? Why must we have the pedal to the metal all the time?

Even people’s vacations are over scheduled and crammed with activities to the max. Must be busy all the time you know…

How many people actually have the time (take the time) to make a home cooked meal?

How often are families together these days or doing something together? Even with just your spouse?

Maybe our definitions of success have been manipulated and changed to the extent that our measuring sticks look different than before.

Maybe the purchasing power of the dollar has eroded to the point where we must work longer hours comparatively. So both spouses must work. Things cost more. Less bang for the buck. Leading to more anxiety.

Maybe we have become too envious and jealous of what others have.

Maybe we compete too much with others while keeping up with the Joneses.

Maybe we let technology control too much of our lives. Our time.

Maybe we’ve changed the meaning of what really matters.

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