Good Old Fashioned Physical Labor For Better Health

Physical Labor For Health

Physical Labor For Health

Unfortunately (for our health) our modern way of life involves more sitting and little exertion than standing, moving, and good old fashioned physical labor. Physical Labor is just not a part of today’s worker majority.

Most of our jobs and occupations require little or no physical labor. Lots of office jobs. Desk jobs. Even lots of our service jobs don’t amount to very much physical labor. Exceptions being construction and other such occupations that actually do require physical labor.

All this can’t be too good for our modern health and modern survival.

Being a preparedness website, not only do I merit good general health during ‘good times’, I also merit having good health and strength for potential difficult times!

You can’t ‘get in shape’ overnight. So don’t think that you’ll just turn it around (your health and strength) over a short period of time when you’re ready…

It takes time. It takes change. Permanent changes.

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Physical Labor For Better Health

One of the best ways to improve your health and to feel better in general is to exert yourself physically.

With the exception of those who simply cannot do it, or have doctors orders not to exert themselves (this is not medical advice – seek your doctor’s advice), get out there and do some physical labor…

Why is it a good thing?

– It gets your heart rate up, your blood flowing, and that’s a good thing.

– Physical activity strengthens your muscles and that’s a good thing.

– Exercise and physical labor gets more blood flowing in your brain. It helps you ‘feel better’ and sharpens your focus.

– More calories are burned which will help you lose weight if you’re overweight (just don’t consume those calories right back by stuffing your face with food afterwards!)

– Exercise increases metabolism and strength exercises increase muscle that burn more calories.


We All Could Stand To Improve Our Health

With rare exception, ALL of us could use improvement in the area of our physical health. How many of us are already in top notch shape? Some, I’m sure. But for most, probably not.

If that’s you, then it’s up to you to do something about it.


How To Get More Physical Activity

If your ‘job’ does not entail much or any physical activity, then you really need to make time to compensate for the lack thereof.

It’s easy to sit down. It’s harder to get your butt up and do some work. But here’s an encouraging tip:

Once you start exerting yourself, exercising, or physically working, the activity itself can become motivating! You will feel good about the fact that you are accomplishing better health and it will help keep you going.

Get Outside

Whenever possible, get outside! Outdoor physical activities are a bonus. There is something about the fresh air outdoors that is more invigorating than exercising indoors. It really peaks the mind. Helps you think.

Winter Activities

Don’t let the Winter stop you! The Winter season keeps more of us indoors. However there is little excuse (okay maybe there are a few) to get outside during the Winter and do something. You can still walk (albeit more carefully). I enjoy walking the fields, trails, and woods with my snowshoes. Exploring. Look for places where you can do this.

When I was a young kid I loved going out in the snow during Winter. Making snow forts. Sliding on sleds, toboggans, and those old circular metal discs… I got into skiing for awhile. I still enjoy being outdoors. And despite that I’m in my 50’s now, I still slide down the hill behind the house with Mrs.J in a plastic toboggan! What fun! The physical labor part is walking back up that hill!


Mrs.J also has a treadmill which she uses daily during the Winter months. I suppose that I should get on it too (she keeps bugging me about that). But instead I will go outside for a walk. More fun looking for animal tracks in the snow…

Sunny Health & Fitness Treadmill

Rowing Machine

Another great option for exercise is the rowing machine. Rowing machines use up to 80% of the bodies skeletal muscle!

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine


Take the stairs. How many of you work at a place with an elevator? Don’t take the elevator, take the stairs instead.

Park Further Away

Whenever you’re going to a store, etc.. with a parking lot, park further from the entrance. Don’t be that person who’s always looking for the front row spot… Although I always park further away from the front (because I have to due to the size of my truck), it’s a great idea to walk for your health.


Ride a bicycle. Do you live close enough to work to ride a bicycle on a nice day? Do you even have a bicycle? It’s another good form of physical activity.


Play sports. Most all sports require physical activity. Some more than others. Maybe you’re older and past your prime in this department. It doesn’t mean you can’t play a little with your kids or grand kids.


Play with your dog. Dogs love to play with their humans! It’s not only good for them, it’s good for you! Get a ball, throw it. Chase together…


Lift weights. You don’t have to be a body builder to simply lift weights for strength training. Buy yourself some dumbbells or even a weight bench set. Turn on some music and get to work…


Mow the lawn. Maybe more often. Do more yard projects. Gardening is good exercise. Build something.


Hiking is beneficial physical labor and exercise. Hike a hill or a mountain. Even the flats. There are trails everywhere if you look for them. It’s fun too!

You get the idea. Seek out physical labor and activity. Do it for your health. For now, and for your preparedness.

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