Remedies For A Dry Cough

A dry cough may continue after other symptoms of a cold disappear and clear out. If this is you, remedies are likely on your ‘to-do’ list since the irritation of any dry cough is something that you’re hoping will go away soon. It can even keep you up at night (as many of you likely already know)!

Here are a few ‘how-to’ remedies for a dry cough:


1. Honey: This soothingly waxy textured sweet goodness will coat and moisten the throat.

2. Elderberry syrup: It is easy on the stomach and will calm a dry cough.
Nature’s Way Sambucus Black Elderberry Original Syrup

3. Chicken soup: This comforting warm nutritious soup will open respiratory membranes and soothe that cough.

4. Lozenges: Especially menthol will help numb the throat and ease a dry cough.

5. Humidifier: The dry air of winter exacerbates the cough. 40 – 50% humidity inside is ideal.

6. Steam: Take a hot steamy shower or inhale steam from a pot of boiling water.

7. Cough Suppressant: Especially helpful when trying to sleep at night. An over-the-counter medication.

Note: If coughing persists for weeks, consult your doctor for the underlying cause. There are many reasons why you may have a persistent dry cough and many of them may require professional care to treat it.

Tip: Apparently the highest rated cough drops are the following ‘HONEES’ brand,
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Tip: A highly rated ‘over-the-counter’ cough relief,
Robitussin Non-Drowsy Cough Relief

Did you know that a single cough can contain as many as 200 million virus particles?

Did you know that once they are out, germs can survive several hours on paper and several days on plastic or steel?

The following Gold Bond hand sanitizer is extremely effective on germs,
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Do you have any of your own remedies to share for a dry cough?