Supplement Your Canned Food Storage With Vitamins


Check nutrition labels and you will find that most canned fruits and vegetables contain very little in the way of vitamins. Having said that, there are some that are enriched with additional vitamins and are good sources of nutrition. Know this though… as time passes, the vitamin content drops. The ‘best if used by’ date printed on the packaging typically indicates the time when the vitamin content on the label is accurate.

While the nutritional value decreases over time, the caloric value of canned foods will last well beyond the ‘best if used by’ date. Unless cans are dented, rusted, or bulging, the food may still be good for its caloric content, but not so much the nutrient content. Not only that, but many other food storage items may not provide an adequate supply of nutrients.

Mental and physical health is affected by vitamin intake. For example, B vitamin deficiencies are being looked at as contributing factors in depression. Vitamin D, known for being the sole cause of rickets in children, also is suspected to have a role in depression and osteoporosis.

Vitamin supplements are a must and should be stored in a cool, dry place. Like other food storage items, vitamins also, should be rotated frequently. A good multi-vitamin, along with additional vitamin C, Calcium, and Vitamin D, is especially critical for adults and children. As a side note, Vitamin C in the crystalline form, lasts indefinitely.

Remember, all of the top survival equipment and food storage in the world will do little good if we do not have the physical and mental capacity for their proper use. You must remain healthy. Supplementing your food storage with stored vitamin supplements may pay off bigger than you may think.

By the way, although the title refers to canned food storage, we highly recommend a diversified food storage plan including canned, dehydrated, freeze-dried, fresh, as well as a broad variety of food types. Don’t forget to use them in your daily meal planning… and ROTATE.


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  1. I have been told by my Nurse Physician that dry medications (tablets, eg.) will last much longer then the use-by date, so I am assuming the same for dry nutritional supplements. The gel caps are much more pleasant to to take, but I am making sure my TEOTWAWKI supplements are tablets or powder.

  2. Dry tablets, like food, slowly lose their “stuff” over time. They’re safe to take for a while after the use-by date, but they’re not as strong. Don’t break tablets in half until you’re about to take them. And like always, if they turn a strange color or start to smell, don’t risk it.

  3. Municipal herbs are a life savior. They do help and there are THOUSANDS of different things natural supplements can do for you NOW and later. There shelf life is far better than over the counter and cheaper also in a lot of cases. But there is drawbacks to everything and living herbal is not cheap and you have to know your stuff or you could give someone say allergic to peanuts a oil that contains peanut extract for dry skin. Learn what herbs do what, then cross reference it with know side effects. It could save a life. I over all recommend that ever Emergency Kit contain a form of herbal drink that gives you 100% of your dietary needs. Herbal verses sugar and or caffeine… Herbal

    1. wildbill,

      what are “Municipal herbs”?
      “form of herbal drink that gives you 100% of your dietary needs”

      is this drink something you make yourself, or is it purchased?
      if made, what goes in it/what is the liquid base
      if purchased, how much/where/brand/etc


  4. There are THOUSANDS of uses for herbal medicine. I cannot give you a list as there are so many different types of herbs. The thing to do is research your problems and cross reference that to the cure. I will give you one example; Coenzyme Q-10 This is a wonder drug to be sur. It regulates blood pressure, gives you energy, promotes increased heath and even is good for pain. Herbal medicine has been around a lot longer that aspirin, can be taken daily with little or no side effects and usually everyone can take them . But be forewarned to do your research because there MIGHT be side effects ( but generally none) but you don’t want to give to someone that may be allergic to its healing properties this could kill someone so be careful. I have several drinks that are 100% herbal and gives you VITAL minerals, vitamins and nutrients and is in ready to drink form. I went to the dollar store and picked up some. Don’t buy those drinks that are caffeine or sugar based as they don’t help you but will cause you to crash later and in the wood THAT could prove fatal. I don’t “mix” and store nothing for a “ready now” energy drink. As far as what product is better that really is up to your specific needs. I have on stock FRS Healthy Energy drink. It contains most of what you need for the day as far as nutrients and yes it does have sugars but they are CANE sugar not refined sugar. My reason for having this in my medical kit and scout bag is simple. If you get out and about, your tired, thirsty and you haven’t eaten all day this one little drink will get you back to base camp. It is by no means a food alternative but say you run up on someone that is in bad shape and they haven’t eaten or taken care of themselves this one drink will help them recover better and be able to hold out till you decide what to do. Again…herbal medications can do everything our conventional medications can do but they have a great shelf life and can be had at a very good price. just remember that this is Herbal and you need to research what you need and how to administer it along with how much. Even a good thing can be over done and hurt you.

  5. That is a great tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere. Short but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one. A must read article!

  6. A recent (2014?) FDA study regarding multi-vitamins showed no beneficial effect whatsoever. This announcement was made ONCE. It was then followed by an avalanche of multi-vitamin carpet-bombing advertising. I figured at the time, the multi-vitamin manufacturers were going to make damn sure no one remembered that announcement from the FDA. I tend to believe the FDA, even if they have since been silent on the matter.

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