Home Remedies: Honey

A reminder to use it for: Minor cuts and burns, cough or sore throat

Here’s how it works:

Most of us at one time or another have tried honey in tea to soothe a scratchy or soar throat, but honey has also been used to treat wounds for thousands of years.

A Dutch study has identified a protein called defensin-1 that gives the goo its antibacterial action that helps heal minor to moderate burns.

Honey has been renowned for its wound-healing properties since ancient times. At least part of its positive influence is attributed to antibacterial properties.

With the advent of antibiotics, clinical application of honey was abandoned in modern Western medicine, although in many cultures, it is still used.

These days, however, abundant use of antibiotics has resulted in widespread resistance. With the development of novel antibiotics lagging behind, alternative antimicrobial strategies are urgently needed.

The potent in vitro activity of honey against antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and its successful application in treatment of chronic wound infections not responding to antibiotic therapy have attracted considerable attention.

-FAESB Journal, How Honey Kills Bacteria

Try this (honey) home remedy:

Apply warm honey to a minor cut or mild burn, then put a gauze bandage on top; change the dressing daily.

However, if you have a burn or wound accompanied by swelling, fever, or pain, check with a doctor instead; it may require oral antibiotics.

Note: Not all honey is created equal. Look for ‘natural’ honey (the real thing).

Note: Honey is dangerous for babies during the first year of their lives (infant botulism risk).

Have your own home remedy using honey as an ingredient?

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