75% Are Chronically Dehydrated And Need To Drink More Water

75% Americans are Chronically Dehydrated

I’ve read that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated. The lack of hydration is the number one trigger of daytime fatigue. This is a problem that most people don’t realize — sometimes mistaking what they think are hunger pangs for what is actually thirst. Older people often do not recognize that they’re thirsty.

I’ve also read that losing just 2% of your body weight in water compromises overall judgment by 25% and severely limits physical endurance. And since water weighs 8-pounds per gallon, it doesn’t take much to lose 2% or to be ‘chronically low’.

That’s just a quart and a half low – for a 150 pound person (for example).

Here’s a list of ways how the body loses water as we become dehydrated – and symptoms:

How We Become Chronically Dehydrated


 A person who is doing nothing, at rest, loses more than half a gallon (2 quarts) of water in a day. Once you add in exertion, climate, and other factors, this number goes much higher…

For every quart of sweat that escapes your body, your heart rate increases by about 8 beats per minute and your system becomes more stressed.

Dehydration can be cause by:

Simply not drinking enough water!
Physical activity and exertion / sweating
Illness / fever
Hot temperature environment, sunlight
Excessively high humidity or low humidity
Breathing through the mouth more than the nose
High winds
Cold temperatures (yes, during Winter too)
High protein, fat, and sodium diet
Coffee, Alcohol

Early Signs & Symptoms Of Water Dehydration

Dizziness or lightheaded
Nausea / loss of appetite
Dry mouth, cracked lips
Mild disorientation and confusion
Fatigue / lethargy
Decreased urine output / dark colored urine
Muscle weakness

A simple way of telling that you’ve become dehydrated (even if you do not believe that you are) is dark-colored urine. The best way to know if you have enough water in your body is the color of your urine. Ideally it should be clear, with little or no color at all.

Here’s a color chart to illustrate level of dehydration:

urine color chart

Boost Hydration With Electrolytes

If you know that you’re dehydrated, it may be best to boost hydration with an electrolyte mix. (That’s what I do).

An economical and evidently quite popular mix is this one:


Don’t Wait Until You’re Thirsty

It’s easy to overlook the need to drink enough water and to remain optimally hydrated. Older people in particular lose some of their sense of thirst as they age.

Waiting for a ‘cue’ of thirst to trigger your motivation to drink water is already too late. When you first ‘feel’ thirst, you are already down more than a quart!

A common problem: Once you get the urge to drink, it’s typically quenched by only a few mouthfuls of water. Meaning that you are still ‘low’ and will continue to go ‘lower’! How often do you actually drink an entire quart of water when you feel thirsty? See what I mean?

The Takeaway

Evidently the human brain is approximately 75% water, and human blood is approximately 83% water! So don’t let chronic dehydration impair your judgment and physiology.

Make a habit of drinking water throughout the day.

Water is number one when it comes to survival (depending upon other circumstances of course). Drink enough of it. Store it. Know how to get it. Know how to purify it. Don’t waste it if it’s scarce.

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  1. As a side note, NO drinking Sodas, Gatorade and junk like does NOT count for Water Intake.
    Unfortunately neither does the Ice in my Gin n Olives aka Martini

    1. NRP, But..but… Julep’s do count, don’t they? I’ve been reading the blog and am happy to see that you and Blue are mending. Keep taking care of each other :D

      I’m a big water drinker. No coffee, no tea, no soda’s, nothing but water or the occasional “julep”.
      luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  2. We have enough water to survive a class 1 and 2 event. Don’t know how we would store enough water for a whole year. We do have neighbors with swimming pools, and there is a small pond near by . Also , as Florida has a rainy season, I have some empty food grade buckets to catch rain in and 2 Berkey’s to purify it.

    On another note, maybe that is what is wrong with Pelosi , NOT ENOUGH WATER, TOO MUCH VODKA?

    1. Your in FL like me depending on your location… Water Table is only 8ft. down by me at least that is the top end of my well casing. (have a hand pump to draw emergency water.)
      Just find a creek or gator hole (pond) dig a hole right next to it and your good to go for water. Let the hole fill with water and then filter your water for sediments and organic matter then boil for a few minutes. No need to worry about storing a year supply.

  3. It is especially important to be well hydrated BEFORE going into a high stress scenario such as SHTF due to the lack of resources, time to drink properly, increased workload, lack of sleep from shift rotations and environmental changes that will happen such as loss of AC.
    Even a localized event such as a tornado has dramatic effects on people I know who will not drink enough water. They gas out trying to load what’s left of the property, can’t physically handle the work of going through the debris and their minds start to break down rapidly in the heat/humidity. It’s not all from dehydration but it factors in heavily.

    My brothers and sisters from the real side of the military can tell you about being in the middle of the Battalion formation Monday morning death run too. Nothing like dodging the puke and ohhh that smell sweating out of hundreds mmmm mm.

    Staying dehydrated is a vital part of preparedness.

    That being said I’m still gonna enjoy my daily Mt Dew but I drink water all day long.

  4. I learned about being dehydrated when I almost died from it. My doctor rushed me to the emergency room, by ambulance, where at least 5 people worked on me to keep me alive.

    I thought it was all a heart attack, but it was just I was dying from lack of water. I had been so involved in my work, I simply did not drink anything, and didn’t even think about drinking anything. I wasn’t thirsty, was I? I must have had some water recently, right? Who cares? Must handle this crisis at Walt Disney World!

    I thought I was suffering from some sickness, or exhaustion, and never suspected I needed to drink something. No pain. No thirst. No strength. Hard to think. Very tired.

    My wife made me go to the Doctor the next morning. He took one glance at me from across the room, and immediately told his staff to call an ambulance.

    I remember to drink, now.

  5. I keep some electrolyte drops on me.I try to use them along with my water as often as I can remember(old age). It can also help prevent some (not all ) headaches. In Texas it is so humid all the time, I feel like you can over heat faster thus losing more water. Or I seem to anyway.

  6. The “daytime fatigue” is partly inherent in our ancestry. We are primates. Jane Goodall and later researchers have noted that primates in the wild tend to rest in the afternoon, between noon and 4 or 5 p.m., the hottest part of the day. You can drink water, you can consume caffeine to try to eliminate the tendency, but whatever you do, it isn’t natural and may have adverse long-term health consequences.

  7. Boy, that quart and a half low sure puts things in perspective, for me its about a quart and 5/8 but still, thats only a water bottle and a little more than a half of my wide mouth bottles. When its 75-80 out and im working, i must get more dehydrated than i thought, got to take more water with me,
    Thanks for the reminder!

  8. As a working nurse, I will take this time to address another possibility to stay hydrated and on your feet at this time of year: We are entering the cold and flu season.

    My wife is on antibiotics so I went out and obtained Gatorade, Sprite soda and we have all kinds of water around the house. Chicken and rice is on hand and provisions are in place as we are on day 2 of antibiotic therapy. ( 12 days left to go.).

    When a person has nervous stomach and is having trouble keeping food and drink down, I humbly suggest the BRAT diet: ( yes…I can hear the snickering out there.).

    BRAT is an acronym for Bananas, Applesauce, Rice and Toast for those people whose digestive tracts are hyperactive and are having trouble keeping food down and need the ultimate in bland diet on the road to recovery.

    As time goes on and they start to feel better as evidenced by fewer trips to the head to puke, I will add small amounts of low sodium chicken broth to the rice and progress from there.

    I used to run marathons in my youth until I had too much trouble reaching the finish line. I dislike having IV’s in me so I try to stay out of the hospital as much as I can as a patient.

    Another sign of water status is to take a baseline weight both before and after an event. I would routinely lose about 3-4 lbs in water during the course of a marathon. A few years later, I found I was losing the same amount of weight while fighting fires in Southern California. Time to take a break and start sipping water and eating before people start falling out on the line.

    A final item in our home and in my truck to go with the Sprite or 7-up? Pretzels or Saltine crackers for people with intractable nausea from either pregnancy or chemotherapy.

    Water is good only if your body can keep it down. Oh, look at the time. ( time for my special grape juice from the bottle with a screw-top.)

    1. To Add To Calirefuge’ s summary…on preventing /treating electrolyte depletion. Chipped ice is often tolerated better than just water/cold water..and absorption is achieved in all mucus membranes.
      For those who are limited on sugars/ or fruit… tolerance…. Rice works well, alone…small servings frequently..1-4 oz, every 1-2 hours.(let your stomach be your guide.!).. ditto on pretzels and.saltine crackers., I use rice first and then add home made bone broth for a nutritional boost, then small amounts of chicken… Chronic Gastritis is real,can be avoided with enzymes and “good bacteria” …Having these to utilize after antibiotics is good as are greek yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream- if one tolerates milk products and they are not contraindicated with said antibiotic…
      Round snack crackers often have soy added, if you are sensitive… need to know that.
      Lemon or lime water enhanced with no salt, salt and sugar is a non carbonated alternative to sprite and 7 up for those sensitive. Peppermint and or chamomille tea are other alternatives that are generally tolerated well.
      For the many diabetics out there.. remember you will need a small amount of sugar to balance out the glucose and meds IF&WHEN food tolerance is extremely low. Having those around who can help monitor one,… is a good thing…

  9. Cali
    You may be a fat, bald headed, Asian type dude, that can’t drive worth a damn (your words…so to speak)

    Ahh, you be a shot gunnin’ brother to me, nun-the -less.

    As always
    Thanks for your input, man.

  10. Reply to Joe c:

    Rifles for work, shotguns were always for play. Be it birds clay targets. Clearing 25 for 25 on the course always puts a smile on my face.

    Since my shotgunning mentor has passed on, I feed birds in my yard and have not pulled the trigger on a live bird since Mid April of 2005. He was always a better live-wing shot than me. I used to guide for him and his friends as a teenager.

    My little Toyota truck will do less damage if I run into you all in your Full-sized Chevy’s out there. Just remember, I still driveline Mr. Magoo.

  11. Tis the season: Hunting season that is!

    To those in pursuit of upland birds, do not forget the bottles of water and a bowl for your dog in the field. ( and water for your best friend back in the truck.)

    Keep an eye out for that rogue Toyota P/U truck that appears to be driven by Mr. Magoo. ( You all out there East of the Rockies should be relatively safe.)

  12. Calirefugee,
    I’m headed over to Battle Mountain next week for work , I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for the Toyota driven by Mr.Magoo. Chukar season is on over there isn’t it??? or do you spend more time up Jordan Valley way?

  13. Reply to MinerJim:

    Hopefully I’ll be able to spend more time out there after I retire ( one day.) butt for now, I stay on the west side of the Cascades. And, the birds are safe as my wife will not let me take our spoiled little spaniel out after birds with a scattergun.

    Happy wife= happy life!

  14. Calirefugee,
    Yes, I get you on the happy wife. We get a lot of those Eurasian doves in the vineyard, wife will not think of eating them. Thing is, the State of Colorado is doing all they can to eradicate them, but for now I leave them be.
    Still want to take the Win Mod 97 out and shoot at ducks this fall. Can’t take Ol Jake the farm dog (white lab), he is just too old. He still gets to chase the deer ( maybe 20 yards) out of the vineyard, so he still feels he is doing his job.(I have to keep him inside right now though, as I am hunting those same deer right now until the end of the month).
    Hope you are able to get out and pop a few caps this fall.

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