We All Need A Vacation – What Are Your Favorite Destinations?

The week of July 4th is always popular for vacations, so it got me to thinking about this. We all need a break from our work routines once in awhile. It’s good for one’s health and well being (the tie-in with ‘Modern Survival’)!

Today’s topic is that of our favorite destinations, favorite rest & relaxation activities, the places that we might like to go, things that we might like to do — those which we consider to be a vacation from day-to-day life and routines.

Some people head to the shoreline. Others head to the mountains. Everyone has their own notion of R-&-R.

One’s age seems to affect where they might go on vacation or what they might do. I know that my own vacation preferences have changed over the years (not that I’m ‘old’ yet!)!

It’s good to take a break and “chill out” from time to time, even if you don’t go on a stereotypical vacation. I know that I am guilty of nearly always being involved in projects, chores, work, and sometimes don’t give myself enough of a break to just “stop” and relax.

The clock is always ticking, but don’t let it consume you. Smell the roses!

Okay, what’s your idea of a vacation?

What are your favorite vacation destinations?

Be as general or specific as you want…

When we were younger we would tend to “do” lots of “things” while on vacation – filling (even cramming) the time with all sorts of new activities and experiences. We often ended up being busier than during our normal busy lives!

Nowadays we are more laid back and have a greater appreciation for the vacation experience itself. We enjoy to “soak it all in” for what it is.

Some of the places that we have enjoyed include:

During the years when we lived in California, we spent many summer weeks up in the Trinity Alps vicinity. Really enjoyed camping at Trinity Lake and the little mountain town of Weaverville. Back then we had a boat and would just hang out on the lake. Being so far away from the mainstream summer destinations, the lake was never crowded and had a zillion tributaries to explore, fish, and pull ashore to relax.

I recall one particular vacation when we spent a week in Kauai. Beautiful place. Laid back. Spectacular coastline, clear water, excellent snorkeling, found several secluded coastal areas – enjoyed just walking the coastline looking at the coral. Got stopped at the airport for smuggling out some sand in a Ziploc bag as a memento! (they let me keep it).

During the years in New England we enjoyed time on Cape Cod, especially as kids, although now it has become an insanely crowded destination during the summer. Off-season is MUCH better – but still too busy. I enjoy surf-casting the ocean beaches for Stripers and Blues. I would typically get an off-road permit to get out on the sand with the truck to find where the fish are running (but unfortunately the federal government keeps shutting down more and more access).

Earlier this Spring we went on a cross-country road trip. During that trip we stopped at a number of National Parks. We got to see the Grand Canyon (our favorite so far), Bryce, and Joshua Tree. We are are looking forward to seeing more parks during future vacations. There are some magnificent places to see in our country…

Now we live in the mountains and really enjoy it here. I consider it to be our own vacation spot. But it’s still good to just get away once in awhile. In a few weeks we will be heading out to an interesting destination in Maine. Looking forward to that…

Hopefully I got the ball rolling. Your turn:


  1. For starters, my back patio in the early morning with a cup of coffee. I’m there now.

    Secondly, almost anywhere in the great outdoors. I was blessed with a career outdoors working with natural resources. Almost every day was a vacation. There’s a road trip to them that hills on the horizon, leaving Tuesday.

    1. Friendly advice: after reading many of the great comments below I would like to mention that if you and/or your travelling buddy will be age 62, or older, by September 30, 2017, you should spend $10 and get your Senior Pass. It is good for free entry in all National Parks and monuments. In other fee areas you may get in for free or a reduced rate. If there is a carload and one person has the pass everyone in the vehicle gets in free.

      The pass expires when you expire. They are available at any federal fee area, like a national park, and may be purchased at some recreation stores.

      On October 1, 2017, the price will go up to $80 for the senior pass, which is still a good deal in my estimation. But I’ll spend the $10 and enjoy the perk.

  2. When I had the funds to travel It was to the Outer Banks in NC,
    not at all crowded like Myrtle Beach is in SC.
    Did go to the Grand Canyon twice, south & North rim.
    Gorgeous & Beautiful. Actually saw the stars out there.
    On a clear night on east coast you hardly see any stars
    compared to out west.
    Always wanted to see London England & countryside there.
    Went on trip over there w. Kenneth Copeland Ministry in 1997.
    Was very educational & also met a lot of nice people over there.
    Now, relaxation is either reading or watching tv with the blinds closed.
    Do love to travel & meet people.
    One day I will get to the west coast of America to see those huge tree’s.
    Never can remember the name of them.
    Did hear that Yellowstone has had over 800 earthquakes just this week.

    Today I read an article on Midwest in worst drought ever.
    Corn crops not doing good at all.
    Prices going to soar.
    Article actually noted: 1 people need to pray
    2 people need to stock up on anything
    that pertains to corn.
    that article sounded like a warning of a slow SHTF scenery.

    Didn’t mean to slide off but thought that was very important to share

    1. Thank you for sharing Sandismom, I will look up that article you mentioned

      Peace and Blessing to you!

      1. I went back to the Survival Blogroll on this website where I saw the article. Would be my luck I don’t remember which website I went on.
        Determined, I just went to the web & typed in corn & drought.
        the article came up & now I feel stupid cause the year it was written
        was 2012.
        Sorry for my very bad reporting.
        It will NEVER happen again.

        1. no worries, I appreciate that you care to share what you learn…

          Peace :)

    2. The name for the trees is either Redwoods or Sequoia’s depending on which area you go to. Hard to believe the size of some of them. 250 ft tall and at times 25 ft around they have enough wood to build 4-5 houses in them. Another thing that has always amazed me is their age. You stand there looking at them and then realize that some of them were already 1000 years old when Jesus walked the earth.

      1. When we lived in the Bay Area and friends or relatives would come to visit as tourists, one of the places we would take them was Muir Woods. It’s an amazing spectacle to see those trees for the first time.

    3. I live in Indiana, which some consider Midwest. Others call it Great Lakes, which used to be considered a regional part of midwest, but some now count as it’s own section of the country. Anyways, we are dealing with near records rainfall. Crops are suffering due to it. No drought here, but same corn concerns.

      1. @ChameleOn
        Indiana here too and the crops look terrible. Flooding everywhere

  3. I no longer have the funds to travel and anyway, I have too many pets. But my favorite vacations when I was younger were either places with beautiful scenery and lots of hiking trails, or places with lots of museums and historical sites.

    1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Daisy, but in your backyard is my favorite place in the lower 48. Come September, when the crowds decline and the color begins to turn to yellows, reds, oranges, OMG there is no place like it. One day, it was supposed to be this September, I will kayak from Lewis lake, do a portage up the Lewis river, and camp on Shoshone lake.

      Can I drop my dog off at your place for some doggie boarding so I can make this trip??????? Puleeeeeeezzeeeee?

      1. Steve

        Of course. You should be aware, though, that your dog might not have anyone to play with. My 15-year-old dog does not have long. Each day he is a little more feeble. Each day he walks a little slower. Sometimes I have trouble waking him and I fear he died in his sleep.

  4. Good morning, Everyone,

    I would say we like to do day trips to parks and forests for hiking and taking in the scenery…
    We live in PA and there are plenty of diverse parks and places to
    hike, bike, walk, and even a few small beaches by lakes…
    Trails of all kinds and levels of ability, with wooden bridges, and deep gorges, and massive boulders….

    It only takes us anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour and 1/2 to experience amazing natural beauty that is present in our greater local area.

    We are thankful that this is free, just bring your gear and your packed meals and it’s a go!

    1. I too love day trips. I live in an area that is packed with historical content. While some hate California I can be at the beach or desert (I already live in the mountains) within a couple of hours. some of the most beautiful scenery in the world can be seen right out of my back window.

      1. I also live in the Sierras and love California’s diversity but I do hate California’s Government and excessive taxes. The wife and myself enjoy the bike trails in the Sacramento area and kayaking at Sly park lake, it also has a dirt trail for biking. The gold rush towns and coast line makes for an enjoyable day trip.

        1. Left coast we live in the same area. I am no more that 5 miles from Sly Park.

        2. We have friends who live just north of Placerville… love that area!

    2. I must agree Pennsylvania has many things to see and do. Last May wife & I went back home to North Berks County. The Appalachian Mountains and trail, Blue Rocks, Crystal & Onyx Cave, The Hex Highway (Old Route 22), the train layout at Roadside America and many camp grounds, floating the Schuylkill River in Inner Tubes, small towns, farmers markets, Hershey Amusement Park, the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, Stroudsburg Railroad, Gettysburg battle field, Valley Forge, good food and much more. This doesn’t even touch Lancaster County and the Amish. You could spend your whole summer in PA and not see or do everything. Where I grew up there were the ring of forts protecting the settlers during the French & Indian Wars, alas they are long gone.

  5. I live in what would be considered a vacation destination for some, the Sierra Nevada mountains. When I want to vacation I like the beach so I generally will go to either San Francisco ( don’t judge me LOL ) or Monterey Bay. In general I don’t like to be more that half a day driving or more that a couple of hundred miles from home.

    1. We also really enjoyed the Sierra’s. Love the trees and ‘lay of the land’ among the foothills and further up.

      Also really enjoyed traveling along the old 49er ‘trail’ and visiting the little gold rush towns and mining museums along the way. Mrs.J especially liked the town of Columbia when we passed that way.

      1. I spend a lot of time traveling those small towns. they all have museums and historical sites that I find new things at every time I visit. Did you happen to go through Coloma while you were on 49 Ken. That’s where the Marshal gold discovery was and what changed California from a state with about 100,000 people to what it is today. You can actually stand on the exact spot where the gold was discovered.

        1. Yes, we’ve been to the exact spot. I believe that I myself caught ‘gold fever’ for awhile!

        2. The Wild Ammonoosuc along Rt112 near Rt 302 offers pretty good panning…probably very good after the rains the past week…

  6. Although I have always been interested in archeology, anthropology, and history, my desire to travel worldwide has increasingly diminished due to the unpredictability of world events and the tolerance of barbarism that is now overcoming much of Europe. I have been overseas many years ago but do not expect to return anytime soon. I’m older and crankier now too and have come to loathe even the smaller, relatively peaceful urban centers. Any travel in the near future will be by land. Possibly in 2018 an extended road trip will be in the cards. I have always wanted to visit some of the Western and Southern states, but do like New Hampshire and Maine. Unfortunately the beaches around Old Orchard at this time of year are probably over run with middle aged Quebecers in speedos. It is a sight that cannot be unseen and not worth the risk during peak season.

  7. We also live in an area where most people would love to get away to, but there is always so much to do. We travel to get away from work. We have favorites down here, Red Canyon just outside of Bryce Canyon is a favorite. Rocky Mt national park on the west side was until they cut all the trees down in the campground. Colter Bay campground in the Tetons is nice 1 or 2 weeks before they close in Sept. Otherwise it is too crowded and noisy.
    When we lived in Alaska we went down the Cassier Highway to the lower 48 for vacation. We were thinking about doing that again this summer only going up the highway. And if in Canada the Icefield’s Highway from Baniff to Jasper is beautiful.
    We do need a house sitter, anyone want a vacation?

  8. Guess I’m fortunate to live in a place where people travel to for vacation. For me being home is a vacation everyday; quiet, woods, wildlife, a few neighbors who do the same. Out the back door to hunt, walk or snowshoe depending on the season. Also do the lake, river fishing thing.

    Every fall a 10 day hunting trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, pretty remote and can have some fall wild weather, it can roll in from Lake Superior. Been doing that 30+ years. The opposite is a late winter gulf coast Florida warm the bones trip. Did the Vegas strip for a while, shows, eats, win some/lose some, rural lad visits sin city.

    Work allowed overseas travel (Germany, China, Japan, Austria, Hungary). Domestic travel all over the USA, interesting to see different regions of the country.

    Now content to limit travel and enjoy each day.

    1. Same here, people pay thousands to travel to the islands here,, i live it

  9. I grew up on the Oregon coast and have always loved it but it to has fallen to the tourists. I recently moved to the ‘high desert’ and am having a god time exploring. Lots of day trips and a few overnighters once summer is over as alas there are way to many people here too. I like both East Lake and Diamond lake.

    1. The Oregon coast!!! Went along the coast two years ago. The state parks where overnight camping is allowed were awesome, the park employees were helpful beyond belief, and 101 was a great drive.

  10. Doesn’t matter. Wherever I go I end up sitting in a hotel room (or tent) writing, so I might as well do the same in my own home.

    1. I beg to differ Lauren. It can be those camp sites where inspiration will get your creative juices flowing. Now pack up, head out, and take a vacation!!!!

      1. I went on vacation once to the Oregon coast. Rented a beach house with my sisters. I got tired of keeping the sand out of my computer and retired to the beach house for the duration.

        Loved it!

  11. Hi all. My husband and I traveled fairly recently to the Republic of Ireland and Scotland. Wonderful scenery, friendly people. Those countries have their own problems but truly considering relocation to either one upon retirement. Hiking opportunities abound. Weather could be drier but what the heck – when the sun IS out it’s stunning:)

    1. @Survival Sue,
      I visited Ireland (business) in the 80s. Arrived at Shannon, drove (well, tried to do my best on the “wrong” side of the road and a left handed car) to Galway on the western side.

      Rain and wind for sure, the tree tops are slanted due to the ocean winds. Amazing place, beautiful, people were exceptional. Was able to drive to the Ring of Kerry, Cliffs of Moher and cruise the countryside, visited pubs. Truly a fantastic country.

      1. Meant to say right handed car (depends if your sitting in it or looking at the front end). Either way, re-teaching the brain while driving real time is not recommended.

        1. Especially a manual transmission (shift with your LEFT hand).
          Rentals with automatic are VERY expensive!

  12. I fairly much live in my Vacation Spot; the Four Corners is a HUGE destination for many, so I’m there already sitting on my back porch overlooking one of the most beautiful valleys ever created.. Lots of places here to visit; from the Bad-Lands to the Co Mountains, Grand Canyon almost a day trip, as is most of Co. Utah, NM, and Northern Az.

    I did all the ‘overseas’ traveling for a lifetime when I worked for the Airline, did all Continents except Africa and the Antarctic. Even did months on end in lower Asia….. FYI, good place to behave yourself. “One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster The bars are temples but their pearls ain’t free” LOL, how true.

    My favorite places; Costa Rica the NW area, Thailand GREAT people, China believe it or not, Europe was interesting but no way I’ll go there now. Ahhhhh yes, and the very best Scuba Diving; The three Great Barrier Reefs (of course) and the Southern Greek Isles , Sorry Nailbanger, the Diving in HI…. Not so gooders HAHAHAHA

    I do plan a longggggg road trip in a bit, need to get to the east coast, I hear Ken is having a ‘gathering’ in a few months?????? Than on over the top to 0ldhomesteder’s place for a month or two.


    1. A trip to New Hampshire sure sounds nice ! Let’s hope it’s a go.

      1. @ Pieface

        Not sure NH will be enough room; after all it’s only about the size of the county I live in…. LOLOL

        BTW, it’s a ‘go’, we may need to let Ken know one of these days… :-)


        1. NRP

          Sure, Ken is waiting for us to come and build that barn. Better bring your tool belt – NO not your holster set up.

        2. @ hermit us

          Ok, the Barn Raising for one day, if he has his stuff together. Than 5 weeks of relaxation to the max.


    2. @ 0ldhomesteder

      Travel; I will remember the offer, planning a Month in Pot-Land next year if Mom is still around to harass. Looking forward to a few months just traveling around next summer, Yellowstone is calling my name….. Again.
      BTW, don’t mind a hard day’s work at all, and I know Hay. Hoping like crazy you have a Stacker????

      Book; not far enough into it yet (had a very busy weekend), did meet the ‘Sister’ and the Brakeman humming the 5th. I will admit the Lady has sprit. I can see a lot of “conversations” coming on the Saturday ‘Free-For-All’ with a “spoiler” warning of course….


  13. Arizona
    I have a relative there and my own room set up at his house (with preps). They have great firearms laws, beautiful weather in the winter, scenery and mature people outnumber millennial snowflakes :)

    1. I don’t know sarge. I have parents in AZ and while I love their gun laws ( I was just there a few months ago for one of the gun shows and picked up a few) Not sure about that weather thing. Parents live outside of Phoenix and its been over 110 deg everyday for weeks. Actually up to 120 for a few days.

  14. Looking out the window at the birds chasing each other in play, the chipmunk kids racing around the rocks, a young deer grazing below my window, … sun in the forest and temps today in the eighties. Even the chores are satisfying in a pleasant environment. Only one or two mosquitoes – really. Fresh garden produce for meals. Why in the world would I leave this place?

        1. Sorry for the late reply. No, I am in Ontario, Canada – a beautiful country with just enough delusional leftists to keep voting in clueless virtue signalers instead of responsible managers.

  15. The White Mountains of NH…love to camp in Pittsburg,NH or along the Kancamagus Highway(Rt 112 between Lincoln and Conway NH)…anywhere north of Franconia Notch is great by me.

    1. I’m up here north of the notch but south of the Canadian border (not saying exactly where…), Love it!

  16. Roatan Honduras is awesome, especially Tabyana Beach. I could stay there forever.

  17. I love Nailbanger’s part of the world – especially when we’ve gone off-season and things are a less crowded. But, as I’ve gotten older I’ve become less tolerant of crowds and find myself wanting to be away from people, not traveling to where they all tend to congregate.

    I grew up going on family car trips to the Redwoods, Grand Canyon, Yosemite (it was different 40+ years ago), Bryce and Zion Parks, Lake Powell, etc… have always loved the big trees, and especially clear mountain lakes – so clean and clear they are huge mirrors reflecting the mountains and trees around them. Also found amazing beauty in Banff/Lake Louise in Canada – it was crowded in the Summer, but much less so in the Fall.

    I am looking forward to spending a lot of vacation time at our new place in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains. Lakes, streams, seasonal colors, plenty of day hikes and fishing. Good for the soul!

  18. Live my homestead first, but the wife likes to travel. She’s a little younger than I am and never had the opportunity to roam like I did. We weren’t rich, just wild. Lots if camping and sleeping on beaches. Now that we’re older, were able to take the kids on real vacations. Currently on the boarder of Myrtle Beach and Surfside. Not too crowded. My wife knows how much i hate crowds, so she works hard to find a spot i can enjoy. We alternate between a beach and The Smokies. Beach years are usually Florida or S.C. Staying at private resorts helps limit crowds and millenials. Just families here.

  19. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and even lived on the road. I love the coastlines of the Pacific. I love to just sit and look out at the sea no matter whether its sunshining or stormy. I do not like crowds and choose to go during “off” season and stay in my RV. No motels for us! I prefer my own little traveling cottage! I also love the Canadian Rockies and Montana. But, I still love coming home to my own little corner of the world. Even after roaming our beautiful country, I still prefer our rainy PNW.

  20. I’ve been to every state except HI and AK. We are nature lovers so we tend to visit the parks and forests, staying there. We usually take 2-4 week trips at a time. I would love to return to some of our favorite places, among them Bryce Canyon, the Mesa Verde area, Cortez and Delores (in CO), the Uintas, and the Tetons, where we were married.

    I’d also like to return to Eagle Lake, near Susanville CA. It was a beautiful place and the fishing was great. Would like to return again, this time w/ my husband so that he could see the unique alkaline habitat and to fish, of course.

    Would also like to return to Montana, but this time, going to Glacier National Park (camp, kayak, and hike). We have not been to Glacier Natl Park.

    I’d also enjoy going to northernmost Maine and up into Nova Scotia. And I would LOVE to return to Monhegan Island off of the coast of Maine.

    And if I could get a big huge giant wish, I would love to travel to Alaska and spend the entire summer there.

    1. The drive to Alaska is the best part, especially if you take the Cassier, hwy 37. Really an easy drive now that they paved the road.

  21. My favorite thing is just to go on a daytrip. We also have pets so we can’t go far. But that’s fine with me. I like just sitting on the back porch (when it’s not 1 million degrees, y’all its HOT right now) and drinking ice tea and watching the animals play.

  22. WE have been to a lot of places in this world, so, anywhere that I go with my wife is good!

  23. Beautiful Nova Scotia! Beaches,forests,friendly people,and most of all,plenty of lobster!

  24. I grew up in southern New England, never more than an hour from the ocean. Now that I am in the mountains of Colorado, a beach vacation is always my first choice. I’m planning a trip to Hawaii for Thanksgiving with family this year. One trip that has been on my bucket list that I would really like to do soon is a canoe trip in Boundary Waters. It isn’t often that we take a vacation – maybe once every few years. Mostly we recreate locally. Colorado is wonderful for that! By the way, any river trip, backpacking trip, or ski getaway that lasts less than a week or is within 300 miles of home doesn’t count as a “vacation”. It’s just what we do with our spare time. 😁

  25. I live where I vacationed for over 60 years, so after visiting all but 6 states and their majesties, I missed it here came back to the land of many waters. It is where my grandparents had a lake cabin not far from here. I still have awe for the wilderness, I live in that postcard.

  26. Go to our condo for week at beginning of summer then a second trip in August , at Orange beach Alabama , take in the local tourists areas , too much arthritis to walk long distances or over rock strewn areas afraid of heights , love the pools and lazy rivers , this is real relaxation no cares .then do more grilling out during the summer months spending more time with grandchildren ,we do have to instill our values in them ,what better way or time .be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  27. Just returned from a ladies only road trip – Virginia to Montana with many stops in between. Did lots of hiking and sightseeing. We have a beautiful country. What I’d really like to do is travel to Ontario and Quebec where my family went fishing when I was growing up and even early adulthood. Not so sure an isolated fishing cabin is the best place for an almost 70 year old woman tho!

  28. Being that this is an independence day related topic, Mt Rushmore! When we were there at this time of year it was equally filled by Americans and visitors from all over the world. A very solemn and respectful mood. Unforgettable.

  29. I have been blessed to have traveled to several countries when we had our business .Some of the favorites that provide me many pleasant memories are as follows : Baja, Mexico, Roatan Honduras, Ponape & Chuuk lagoon , Fiji , Cook islands in the Western Pacific and coastal British Columbia . The Pacific NW provides beautiful country as well .
    At this point in time we thoroughly enjoy where we live ,on a small river,surrounded by pine and fir trees 7 miles from a small town.We do not care to travel much any more , maybe a 2-3 day road trip , but that is all . We will build the rest of our memories from here.

  30. My wife and I love our road trips. Sometimes, it’s just point the veehickle in a direction and go, sometimes it is well planned out.
    Met some great folks, seen some great places, but at this point in our lives, we will not go anywhere that isn’t Second Amendment friendly. I see no need to financially support those who actively seek to destroy our Constitutional Rights.

  31. I live in lush farmland west of the Cascades north of Kalifornia butt south of NRP’s mom in Potland, (regional Snowflake gathering spot for this area). My annual vacation is several days of hunting and shooting in Eastern Oregon where a hunter that hits what he aims at is welcome on every place that raises cattle and alfalfa.

    It is a chance to make new friends, catch-up with old friends made 7 years ago when I first moved up to this state. Hunting is not my day job and I no longer have a bench at a shop butt I still travel with a gunsmithing screwdriver set and instruction manuals for Leupold Scopes, Nikon and Burris. Within a hunting camp, I can be busy and somewhat popular guy to know in hunting camp.

    My backyard is my summertime refuge with green grass for the dog to play on bordered by flowering plants and vegetables. I find myself enjoying evenings back there on days off enjoying a beer after cutting the grass and watching the birds and the bees visiting the feeders and flowers.

    If I like watching the birds and the bees in my backyard, does this make me a pervert? ( I like to watch…)

    1. CR

      “pervert?” Only if you use a camera. :)

      With the end of the world so close, I too will spend some time in the yard watching the furry critters, birds and the bees.

  32. Traveling when I was a young man was great fun. Add to it my Rich Uncle picked up the tab it was great fun. Now travel with the TSA and the world just being a mean dangerous place, not so much. Think I’ll just set out the rest of my life on my place in the North Georgia mountains. Something to be said about being left alone to garden, chickens,making whiskey,knife making and grown a little smoke. Top it all off with the love of a good southern women and G_D has truly blessed me.

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