Analogy Of The 20 Titanic Lifeboats

The Titanic and 20 lifeboats

The Titanic had just 20 lifeboats aboard when it sank April 15, 1912.

From a preparedness standpoint, we can draw several practical parallels or analogies from the disaster of the Titanic – and your adherence to the lessons learned will put you in a better place of readiness and safety…

The Titanic was originally fitted with enough lifeboats for more than everyone on board. However the company ordered the removal of two-thirds of them claiming that the 64 lifeboats made the ship look bad.

For this reason, of the 2,223 people on board, 1,517 lost their lives while only 706 survived.

Nearly as alarming was the percentage of lives that survived based on their cabin class.

61% of 1st-class passengers survived.
42% of 2nd-class passengers survived.
25% of 3rd-class passengers survived.
24% of the crew survived.

The Lifeboats of the Titanic


What can we learn from the Titanic tragedy?

Never fully trust that others have secured your safety.

There were two clear but false assumptions made by the passengers on the Titanic.

1. The Titanic will not or cannot sink.
2. Missing or ignoring the fact that there were only 20 lifeboats.

It was such a magnificently huge ship and such a marvel of industry that it looked and seemed entirely invincible. The ship was so big that when you were on it, your perspective changed such that it barely seemed like a ‘typical’ ship of its day.

The hype leading up to its voyage bolstered even more of the indestructible facade and perception. Many of the ships passengers were no doubt gleeful and filled with some self-importance while playing their roles within the ‘high society’ of the 1st-class crowd – as surely feelings of exuberance also spilled into the 2nd and 3rd class cabins as well while the ship furthered its journey…

The Titanic sailed on – even through iceberg infested waters. After all, the Titanic was indestructible.

However we all know what happened that night.


Titanic Parallels and Analogies


The Titanic and the Economy

One analogy is the comparison between the Titanic (and its passengers) to the current economy (and the public at large).

The US economy (and much of the global economy) has been pumped up into a seemingly indestructible and never-failing success while the majority of the public truly believe (assume) that everything’s fantastic and always will be (normalcy bias). This ship cannot sink. At least that’s what they think…

What they do not know is that this ship is navigating through waters filled with icebergs and all it’s going to take is one long gash in the hull and it’s over. The ship will sink. In the mean time, the band plays on…


The Titanic Lifeboats

The company’ ordered that most of them be removed. Not only did they want the appearance of the Titanic to look better, but they did not want to present an image that the ship may actually need that many lifeboats. They were managing the Titanic’s image.

Today’s ‘masters’ of the economy (The FED, the Bankster Cabal) have been doing everything they can to present a positive image while keeping it pumped up and hiding the things which may ‘alarm’ the masses. The vast majority of the passengers on this economic ship have no lifeboat (or a seat on a lifeboat) and when the ship goes down, well, they will go down with it.

Incredibly, some of the lifeboats which were eventually lowered from the sinking Titanic were far from filled to capacity. While none of us were there and we don’t exactly know what was going through their minds, it’s probably safe to say that some of man’s other traits were exposed (e.g. ‘dog eat dog’) while panic and desperation set in for one’s very survival.

If we hit an iceberg today and suffered a full-scale economic collapse, there’s little doubt that a portion of the desperate populace will revert to a similar ‘dog eat dog’ (dangerous) mentality.

When realization set in on the Titanic that it was sinking, reportedly the band (entertainment) was ordered to play on in an attempt to continue an illusion towards the passengers that everything’s still okay. Today’s analogy is the mainstream which continues to push the message that everything’s fantastic regarding the good ship ‘Economy’. Rarely do you hear messaging regarding the reality of “why” it appears so well…


The Titanic Survivors

Lets look at who survived the Titanic. The clear majority of survivors were the 1st-class passengers while the lower classes suffered progressively worse. Is it not generally the same in real life? Interesting parallels, yes? Those ‘in power’, in higher positions, will take advantage of their position and resources to secure their own survival first. When it comes to survival, and it’s every man for himself, don’t expect the powers-that-be to save your a$$. Think about that.


Let the Titanic be a lesson to you. Maintain a skepticism of anything that might be considered to be ‘unsinkable’.

Be skeptical. Look out for your own safety. Check facts for yourself. Open your eyes and look around. Recognize the smoke-and-mirrors. Analyze the risks. Think things through. Position yourself for better odds of survival. Don’t put yourself in harms way.

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  1. Ken, this is fantastic…one of the best topics/analogies of discussion yet imho…
    Got to run now, but in addition to all of that
    I do not know if this is theory or fact but I read somewhere that there was
    actually (in addition to the icebergs) a boiler fire in the hull of the ship somewhere
    that was not addressed properly….
    So you have factors on the outside and on the inside….
    Much to consider here….
    Thanks Ken and everyone
    looking fw to see the discussion later..
    Peace out friends…

    1. Shepherdess,
      You are close, there was a fire in the ‘coal bunker’, the coal storage compartment. This caused a weakening of the steel. Also, the materials that the hull was made of were brittle, as were the rivets used to put the plates together, all fractured when they hit the iceberg.
      To Ken’s analogy, the ship owners covered this up. the word they put out was “Everything is Okay”, smoke and mirrors to cover troubles. Such is the society today. Governments are the master manipulators of information to deliver the message that they want the masses to believe.
      Good analogy Ken! One that most can relate too.

    2. I recall a show I watched on the Titanic. They also stated that the rivets used should have been better. I do not recall exactly what was mentioned, but the rivet part stuck with me. So the many parts of life that hold it and us together are indispensable. All of the design and metal are nothing without the proper rivet!

      1. Mrs USMCBG,
        So you are saying that having a ‘good rivet’ in one’s life tends to hold it together?? I agree, and submit that faith in God is the ‘missing rivet’ in a lot of people’s lives right now. Good Point!

  2. “Reality must take precedence over public relations, for nature cannot be fooled.” Richard Feynman

    1. Gulo, I like that.

      I have never in my life seen SO MUCH PR MANAGEMENT of things. Everything it seems is manipulated to present something other or more than it’s reality. Crazy it is…

      1. Ken
        Simple – the threat of litigation. We are for the most part ruled and governed by graduates in the legal profession. The most needed change is the elimination of frivolous law suits.

  3. Ken: Kudos for a fantastic analogy to tee up peoples thinking. I can think of no way to improve on the concept, but to ask my fellow lurkers on this board to “read and heed”.

    1. The only little anomaly I see in Ken’s analogy is that the economic Titanic hit the iceberg back in 2008. TPTB have been pumping ever since keeping the ship from going down.
      All sorts of unconventional economic strategies have been employed. The capitalist system of old no longer exists. Their methods are slowly coming undone and the last straw will be helicopter money – that is – printed money handed directly to the people to try and raise GDP.

      Whe you see this step – helicopter money then you will know that the ship will be going down shortly after.

      TPTB know the consequences of a full blown economic worldwide crash will be catastrophic – Any desperate maneuver will be tried to prevent the crash.

  4. The “steerage” passengers (the masses) weren’t allowed out of the steerage section during the trip. The gates weren’t opened during the emergency, leading to a near 75% loss of the steerage passengers. Steerage made up close to 50% (700+) of the passengers on the Titanic.

    The “crew” (0fficials, useful idiots) were told not to abandon the ship. Not privy to any information except what they were fed by the officers, they believed the ship was safe.

    Many people were unable to or chose not to risk the passage on an untried ship.

    Many left the ship at previous ports for various reasons.

    1. Don’t forget the captain. He was willing to pilot the Titanic at very high speeds through the icebergs in order for it to be the fastest trip across the Atlantic. The captain retreated when the boat was sinking. He did not take command of the evacuation.

      1. And let us not forget the White Star Lines CEO who left on one of the collapsible life boats who was most likely helping guide the captain’s decisions.

  5. “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” The Great and Powerful Wizard of OZ

  6. Great analogy Ken! Deregulation = removing lifeboats (pulling safety nets and lack of oversight). Too big to fail = unsinkable.
    @ shepherdress…. The fire happened. There was a fire in one of the coal bunkers along the inside of the hull on the same side that hit the iceberg just behind the point of impact. There are photos of her leaving Belfast with large black (burn marks?) marks on her hull. The heat from the fire may have weakened already poor quality metal and rivets.

  7. two women and two dogs were recently rescued from the ocean after being stranded for several months. They survived because they had a year worth of food and supplies and a water filter.

  8. One of my large rules in life, what ever can’t happen will happen. Safest airplane, building won’t burn or fall down, never had a flood here and the list goes on. It’s kind of like sticking your thumb in the eye of G_D. Murphy is just waiting around the corner to FUBAR you so be careful who and what you trust.

  9. So much of the Deep State’s strategic manuevers involve covert planning and, of course, the intentional optics to manipulate the masses. So many events have occurred since 2001 that if if we step back and look at every one of those ‘current events’, we can see the connectedness.

    Edward Bernays expressed the phenomenon of manipulation with the masses so very well:
    “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” Edward Bernays – Propaganda – 1928

    Currently, we are witnessing anti-globalism that has taken hold globally. The Deep State Globalists are on the rampage because their intended goal did not include failure. At this point, those of us who are paying attention are able to see the overt and often clumsy events play out. We can also identify many of those involved in these events. They are involved in full-frontal assault now and as they are gearing up to remove our First and Second Amendments, they are finding more and more people who will not yield, will not lay down their swords, will not ever surrender. We surround them and they know that there are only a few ways to conquer us.

    We don’t need false optics. We have the numbers and the fortitude. And I believe there are enough who are willing to stand up to The Beast and fight the good-fight if the Deep State pushes too far. This is where determination and persistence come in to play, and we are seeing this around the world now. So the Deep State continues to rear it’s ugly head, but it is in that obvious posturing that the truth is revealed.

    “Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics … It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing. ” Vaclav Havel

    Let’s not fool ourselves about the tentacles of the Deep State, or the intel sharing between the entire dirty lot of them. They have infiltrated every single government agency that our tax dollars support. And this didn’t come about with any single President, although Obama positioned more flagrant communists, and socialists than any other President ever did.

    Has anyone else thought it was unusual that Crooked Hillary had some kind of step ‘incident’ and apparently broke a toe right before all of the “RussiaGate” story flipped on her, the DNC, Podesta, and the other D-villians? OPTICS…These Deep State players had the intel that the story was coming forward and Hillary had to be pulled out of her little book tour.

    Another optic is Trump’s statement that has convinced Americans that DC is a swamp…. No it’s not a swamp — it’s an open-door PRISON where the entire political body, lobbyists, and feeder agencies are complicit in criminal activities. Trust none of them.

    1. Obama is a fraud, the product of communist/socialist doctrine of the 60s
      Trump is NOT a silver tongued polititian, he wasnt elected because he was the best, he was elected because he actually says the stuff most of his base thinks and he says it however it comes out! These self absorbed all so self important political bull s hit artists in DC and the press cant stand the fact that he will spar with them on nitwitter like a buncha 7 year olds, personally i find it amusing, in a train wreck sorta way, but amusing none the less.
      Then thers all the vaj aina hat wearing hillery supporters, just all so aghast with DJT and his “disrespect” of women etc etc,,,,,
      What a load of BS that all is, the democrats are the most morally bankrupt bunch on the planet, but then preach to us about being deplorable for something a guy said to another guy in a private conversation,,,, buncha rats if you ask me,
      Times a comin and theres some idiots out drilling holes in the few lifeboats that they did actually hang over the side to cover the bumps

      1. Hey there, Nailbanger.
        Trump is a businessman and he knows how the figures play out. It’s sad that he decided to continue on with the economic lies that have been spinning through previous Presidential terms, but if he were to actually correct the statistics, the Left would never, ever let up. So he’s forced to keep up the facade….he knows better, though.

        Trump got some of his supporters by his plain-spoken ‘frank talk’ and he wasn’t afraid to call a spade what it was. He wasn’t interested in the PC garbage and he has been involved in high level business enough to be more politically saavy than he would admit to. There’s politics in business, he just had no real get down-n-dirty experience with the Congressional-level or high-end/elite ‘politics’. And that’s part of his appeal.

        Trump saw all of the economic ‘leaking’ out of the USA as globalists tried to destroy this country by pilaging everything — and he spoke very frankly about it all. Remember, though, Trump has also utilized cheap labor abroad, so he’s not squeaky-clean, but he KNEW it was a business advantage to avoid hiring Americans. The good thing is that Trump knows this and doesn’t have a problem with fixing the ‘leaks’. This is one area that the Globalists are hemorraging over — they know that Trump is a major threat to their NWO plan. This is why they have tried to take him down and won’t let up. There has never been such fury over an election, nor has there been this kind of perennial hell-raising over a President winning. The strategy is weak, though, a classic tactic of Alinsky’s.

        If I were to have a wish, it would be that Trump would get very aggressive with removing the Obama personnel from government. But there may be reasons as to why he is keeping the enemies closer.

        As far as “Democrats” go, I don’t waste much energy on them. The party has been trashed and those holding the reins are steering to move even further left. They may win the youth vote, but they’re losing moderates. What remains are socialists and communists, and the gimme-dats who don’t have a rational thought in their noggin.

  10. Great analogy, Ken. Somewhere in life we have some trust in man but with a skeptical eye to prepare for something to go wrong. We are mostly confident when driving, the on coming traffic to stay in their respected lane, but once in a while there is a vehicle that doesn’t and puts himself in a head-on collision course with you.

    Overconfidence can be a killer.

  11. Excellent message Ken! Now how can We The People get copies of this message to at least ten more souls who may also spread this message around?

    Your message will never make MSN, indeed Club Orlov is often deleted from FB. The PTB will not permit.

    So maybe instead of complaining among ourselves some attempt to pass on the message? Maybe Hillary is going under the bus because too much Alt Media was passed around? One Must have Hope.

  12. A perfect analogy Ken and well done. I see this in every day life with the follow the herd and normality bias mentality. It is amazing to me how people will go into an obviously dangerous situations because a cooperative group led by a person of authority tells them it is perfectly OK.

  13. Ken, excellent analogy – very relatable.
    Looking at one aspect of the economic threat: Back in July 2014, the Congressional Budget Office had a blog post talking about debt vs GDP. From 2008-2014 debt went from 39% to 74% of GDP. In the 2014 article, the CBO projected that debt would exceed GDP in 2020, and by 2039 hit 106% of GDP. Well, we are WAY ahead of schedule – in 2016 we hit 106%.

    From what I’m reading, we are now in WWII- level debt, and growing, the article states: “That trajectory would be unsustainable.” and “Such a fiscal crisis would present policymakers with extremely difficult choices and would probably have a substantial negative impact on the country.” Well, here we are. Here’s a link if anyone wants to read it:

    Our debt has actually been held back by artificially low interest rates. Had rates not been artificially low for so long, we would have racked up more debt as our interest expense on all of this debt mounted. Yet, the markets are hitting new highs. How does this have a happy ending?

    1. RIP America. But perhaps the collapse will be State by State – which ones are the most at risk because of reckless spending and pension gifts?

      1. hermit us

        You really don’t want to post that as an open question do you? :-)

        For most wont like ‘My’ answer.

        1. hermit us and NRP,
          Yeah, I can see where this is going… but, like a little kid in trouble, I can point to Illinois and say “They did it first” or maybe “I’m bad but they’re worse.” I know, a juvenile response – trying for some dark humor here ;)

          Anyway, this has been a topic of conversation at my dinner table for a while now. The problem is, there are quite a few states in financial trouble, and if one goes down the ripple effect may be more than just a ripple.

          1. Your right So Cal Gal, only it’s going to be a tidal wave when it starts.

          2. Yes, very juvenile. If you can survive Illinois, you got the rest beat.

          3. So Cal Gal

            You’re so very right about the States being in trouble, unfortunately it’s not a State by State economy or just a Fed economy, it’s become a world economy and if one City or State goes in the toilet the all the TP I have stored will not help wipe up the mess.

          4. NRP, PG, Jon & hermit us,
            Yes… everything is so connected that once something fails it’s likely to take everything else down with it. I continue to be amazed that we’ve lasted this long without a major crash or correction, and that people keep pouring money into the markets. I just don’t get it.

          5. hey all you
            I’m not sure it would be a tidal wave. So, banks go under, the market crashes, the EBT cards are not loaded, the politicians don’t get paid.
            The chickens still lay and the cows still milk. If a militia is formed fast enough, the country folks may be okay.

          6. hermit us,
            That’s a pretty big maybe. When things started going bad in Venezuela, TPTB commandeered harvests and livestock from even small family farms. They passed “anti-hoarding” laws against keeping any meaningful store of foods.
            We have laws on the books giving our .gov the power to take practically anything away from “We The People” in emergencies. Depending on where you are and what you have, a militia may or may not be enough to safeguard what is rightfully your (or any of ours).

          7. So Cal Gal

            Are you telling me if the Feds declare Martial Law that can “commandeer” my 600 rolls of TP and ship em to Calif.?????

            SAY IT AIN’T SO!!!!!!! ;-(

          8. NRP,
            Good thing I know you like me ;)
            And yes, your 600 rolls may end up who-knows-where unless they also fell into the lake during that recent and very unfortunate accident you had where some of your other possessions were so sadly lost :_(.
            Just sayin’

          9. NRP
            Sorry I was not able to locate the article on the first law against “hording”. It involved a Naval officer & his wife, if memory servers me correctly. It had to do with a past hurricane wiping out the food stores where they lived. They prepared for such an emergency, not to profit by to make sure that they, their neighbors would be able to eat until helped arrived depending on the depth of the event which wiped out food stores…etc. He was prosecuted for having to much food put away. Early 1900’s USA, will keep looking for the article for all to read.

          10. Didn’t I read somewhere that there were anti-hoarding laws set up during WWII? I know that the Feds confiscated precious metals, specifically gold.

        2. NRP
          Really was a rhetorical question. I did not want to start a war like someone I know :) :) But you saw through my attempt at diplomacy.

    2. But, but….we just hit 3rd quarter GDP of 3%. Everything is fixed! Break out the champagne! Get the party hats! Jobs for anyone who wants one! Free stuff for everyone else! Losers win!

        1. There’s so much ability to purchase about ANYTHING on those EBT cards that it enrages me.

          1. MT
            I believe that even the drug dealers and hooker now have card readers. Must have a inclusive economy you know.

          2. MT,
            That’s a really sore subject with me. There must have been some kind of food stamp program in place when I was a kid, because I remember asking my Mom about someone in front of us in a market paying with some kind of paperwork I had never seen.
            But, way back when, they were not given out willy-nilly. You had to use them for food, and I think there were limits on what kinds food, and you only got them for a certain period of time.
            Under our previous administration, they were really patting themselves on the back for feeding people. But, the real effect is giving away lots of “stuff” from anywhere taking the EBT cards – fast food places, liquor stores, etc… who the hell knows what is being given to who, and for how long.
            When the freebie train quits running there’s gonna be some mighty unhappy folks running around demanding their free stuff – or they will scream racism or some such thing. Arrrggghhh!

          3. And let me add that the screaming will be being done while smashing and grabbing whatever (TV’s, expensive sneakers, boom boxes, etc…) during a riot to show that they will not take the loss of their free food without a fight. ‘Cause that’s how you protest the loss of free food – you take a bunch of stuff you can sell for cash to get more stuff. Then, like in the LA riots, you burn everything to the ground, and you complain that since you burned down your post office and grocery store you can’t get your welfare check, or any food – and why isn’t anyone helping you?
            And now I’ve gotten myself all wound up.

          4. SO Cal Gal

            Did ya happen to notice they did NOT burn down the Welfare Office???? or the Bars.

          5. NRP,
            Funny how that all worked out that way. I just remember the local news interviewing all of these people who were complaining that the .gov wasn’t doing enough to help them since their post office was reduced to a pile of ashes. And there are some areas where they are still trying to get a full-fledged grocery store in their communities.

  14. There are so many things going on behind the scenes and so much deception these days, people actually think the government has their best interests at heart, they think polititians have substance, they believe the MSM and their lies and outright deceptions, and they actually think theres nothing wrong.
    Personally, im as prepped as I can be under the circumstances, im just going to make some popcorn and watch, i honestly don’t really feel for the masses as they have chosen to be oblivious and not watch out for themselves, is this right? Wrong? Who knows, it just is what it is and how i feel about it, i see it dayly in my travels around our little portion of the island, and if im right and multiply this by the huge numbers out there we are going to see some serious hand wringing and desparation at some point in the not so far future, sad, yes sad, but not my doing so wont be made to feel guilty about any of it. I am always amazed by the people who try to guilt you or shame you into some sort of direction, see that a lot too. Manipulation.
    It all boils down to that 7 sins thing,,,,

    1. I agree with your lack of empathy for the masses. It’s like watching a kid being taught the evils of un-protected sex, narcotics and alcohol addiction all of his life and then when he becomes an adult he becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol with aides. Stupid is a choice and I have zero pity for stupid. It is easier to blame others than take responsibility for yourself. The problem is they want us to provide for them because of their stupidity. The old adage,” you reap what you sow” allies here.

      1. Wolfgar and Nailbanger
        But But, this is the third house we have lost to storms out here on this sand bar. Feel sorry for us and pay for the re-build through insurance.

        1. Over here the beach areas all only had small shacks, was for a reason, now theres all these multi million dollar mansions, most of wich sit vacant most of the year, and the owners squak like hell when the waves come up and wash the shoreline away to within inches of their house, or in many cases flood them, just cant fix stupid

          1. Nailbanger
            Get into the beach reclamation business. Just smile nicely when you hand them the 20k bill.

        2. Mind you, it is insurance that is fully-managed by the Federal government because no company will take on flood insurance on its own. So taxpayers are subsidizing people who are stupid enough to live in flood plains or flood-prone zones or seaside and WE are held accountable.

          And what did Congress just budget to disaster assistance? $18.7 billion for the recent storms and $17 billion into NFIP.

          It’s time to head to the Gulch…

          1. hey MT
            I get the feeling that you a little perturbed today. We can meet with some of our regular malcontents at NRP’s place and have a good intelligent, peaceful discussion. Ya I know I’m the master of understatement.

          2. hermit us

            Nailbender has the cooked chicken (just sent him a way to “Quick Cook em”)

            I know where we could find a little lavations, and we can meet at Ken’s place.

          3. NRP
            Ken is kind of far from the west – heck he is almost in the backyard of New York. Hard to bring our armament through all them socialist States.

        3. Thats so true. I know that it happens everywhere but it brought to mind a small closed/gated community that built on a sand spit close to Lincoln City, Oregon. Then when the sand started shifting and leaving demanded that the state pay to fix it.

    2. You mention the masses being oblivious to what is happening. I think back to the days that my husband worked during the day and I worked evenings. We had a dairy cow, chicken, egg layers and meat chickens to care for. We had a huge garden and I went to upticks. I was making bread, butter, pasteuring milk, and yogurt. We didn’t have a tv. We were raising two children.
      Pretty hard to keep up with the news!
      However, looking back I think now the situation is dire and we need to keep people informed.
      Stay frosty.

  15. Okay, we all agree that sh*t will happen.
    What is important is what we do about it afterwards – so let me armchair quarterback this tragedy. What if each lifeboat had rowed over to the nearest iceberg, deposited the passengers and returned for more people. The waters were calm and by all accounts, the ice was not that far away. Could this have saved more even if some important people got cold on the ice for a few hours.
    So, rational thinking based on the resources you have available, may mitigate some of the danger or inconvenience of the event. Good analogy ken – keep your head and do not blindly follow others that may not have your best interests at heart.

    1. This assumes that the upper crust cares about us lowly coach passengers,
      Believe me, they dont

      1. Nailbanger
        Until they do – can you see the squirrely little bureaucrat trying to tell the redneck outdoorsman to turn over his weapons to the government – some in power may need more convincing but the tide is turning.

        1. I can see all the bureaucrats standing behind a podium announcing their gun ban and that confiscation will follow, then i can see the cops saying screw that! And walking off the job

        2. hermit us

          I happen to agree with Nailbanger, 50% of the people in the country are hoping the other 50% would shrivel up and die, and are threating just that with the Nov. 6 protest and planed violence. or as some say, elimination of the Trump Supporters.

          Until that changes the Country as we knew it is doomed. Tis is exactly what TPTB want, a Country divided and torn, ready to kill each other.

          1. NRP
            I think just the look of you and Nailbanger, armed to the teeth, will be enough to convince the squirrely bureaucrat to withdraw. As for the Antifa and snowflakes on Nov 4-6, they probably will not get out of the urban crap holes.

          2. I especially like how these who vote D say we are the ones dividing the country,,,,
            I havent done anything but watch them flail about throwing tantrums, no more of the old school ways of oh well, better luck next time back to work! Now its lets beat this dead horse until it wakes up

          3. hermit us

            I would be happy to stand bu Nailbender, but remember I lost everything I had to the bottom of Navajo Lake :-(

          4. NPR
            Think I am going to use the lake excuse when my neighbors come to me for my preps

        3. hermit us

          I agree, albeit slowly. It does appear to pickin up a little momentum. I am thrilled to see what appears to be a strong reaction to the “take a knee” debacle. Looks like the silent majority roused a little bit. One of these days he might wake plum up and decide to stand up and stretch a little…he’s had plenty of sleep, it’s about time to go to work.

      2. Nailbanger
        Who else would be rowing the boats? NOT the first class, are you kidding they might break out into a real sweat.

      3. You know, I’ve often wondered why TPTB/elite want to eliminate us serfs. They don’t seem to recognize that we are the ones they’re feeding off of and doing the work. Can’t see them getting off their duffs and getting their hands dirty.

  16. This is one reason I don’t fly anymore. I am terrified to literally have my life in the hands of someone else. On a plane, ship, bus your relying on someone else to keep you safe.

  17. This is not to start a new thread, but fits in with the discussion. Two women were just rescued after five months adrift in the ocean. Their boat lost engine power and then a broken mast for their sails. Foreseeable? Yes. Likely? No.

    As some have said, sh*t happens. How did they survive for five months at sea without any assistance? They factored in the possibility of tragedy and stored a full year’s supply of food, water, and other life sustaining commodities. When rescued, these gals looked healthy and vital. Hat’s off to them for being prepared practical realists. Would have been good if one of them had the knowledge to make expedient repairs to the disabled equipment, but if they had, they wouldn’t be in the news.

    1. Dennis
      I just finished “Robinson Crusoe” – interesting to read what was considered necessary for survival back when this boot was written. Not too far from what we preppers stock up on.

      1. grandee
        Someone had to say it – but like in “One Second After”, eventually it comes down to that.

        1. Just took out one of my problem chickens with my AR, sierra blitz king, the chicken just exploded

          1. And the wall of the chicken coop, the tractor tire, and the mail box Ha ha :)

          2. Na this one is just a wild one, my girls all stay in their pen, but there was a big white rooster and a couple hens, now theres just a couple hens, tomorrow maybe just one hen, sick of trying with that damn pellet gun, i know i can shoot dimes at 200 and beyond with that AR so enough screwin around!

          3. Nailbanger
            But you don’t have to use the armor piercing. Whats next for chicken control, fertilizer and diesel? :)

  18. Ken,
    I shared this in our meeting with the other groups a short while ago.

    They concur and you probably picked up a couple more readers this morning.

    Ken, many articles are the milk of being prepared.

    Your last 2 have been the meat and potatoes of preparations and being aware. ..truly aware of what is actually going on.

    When the bottom falls out we will hear the lamentations from the posers and the slackers.

    “How could they let this happen?”

    When all they need to do is look in a mirror and finally admit to themselves “I let this happen…”

    This is great stuff Ken. This is article goes in my journal I keep everyday. I want my Grandkids to be able to refer to it when the PTB censor all information out there…

    (Which has already started BTW)

    1. Hey Bill
      Ken has to go to a boring topic, like the usefulness of rocks. so I can get some work done – his recent topics keep me glued to this darn site. Also, there is this undercurrent of anger over the way things are going – unfortunately it sometime boils over between us visitors to the site.

  19. Thanks for the post Ken.

    I believe if people on this post were to invest in the stock market, they would be sinking their money into: “Contrarian funds”. These are the types of funds that are essentially betting that something is wrong or will go wrong with something in the world.

    “When I start getting investment advise from the shoeshine boy, it is time to exit the stock market.” I do not remember who said it. It my have been Andrew Carnegie or JP Morgan.

    “Buy a bigger house! There is nothing safer than California Real Estate and it has never failed.” Advice from a hair stylist in California in 2006.

    “Now is not the time to leave the market. Returns are good and you do not see stock brokers going out and buying cases of tuna, bars of gold and heading for the hills”. Journalist from the Wall Street Journal in the Spring of 2007. This was one of his last columns in that paper. ( I wonder where he is today.)

    Depressions are disruptive events that come about in order to change the fundamental way we do business. The depression of 1929 turned the US from an agrarian society to an industrialized society. The 2008 depression came about due to over speculation in the housing market. I thought it was just in California and Las Vegas. We all found out that this speculation was world wide to include Greece, Ireland, Italy.

    Industry is returning to the US and it was quietly happening in the last years of the Obama Administration. ( due to poor quality control/high rate of failure, aviation parts to include turbines for jet engines, nuts and bolts and other parts deemed “critical” have been made within the USA after a certain number of planes fall from the sky.)

    Last week I posted that I have been living on the fringe of society. This is still true to this day in both geographic location and outlook on life and people around me. I am still working and I have not touched the Koolaid at the companies I work in for all of those years. ( no parties, no advancement, no agenda beyond doing the job and going home.).

    I am the guy in the front lobby reading the Wall Street Journal before I go in to work or waiting for my truck to be repaired. I am not a “get rich quick” guy. I originally started investing in the market when I was doing a dangerous job in distant locals where I was not able to access or spend my money and I was eating canned food watching Southern California burn.

    A lifetime of experience of relocating evacuees, putting out the flames, treating the injured and processing the bodies of the dead have made me good at spotting bullsh#t and scams. This is to include some of the “official memos” put out by my supervisors these days.

    Some of us refuse to kiss the ring of those in power and we will not drink the Cherry Koolaid after Jonestown, Guyana. We liven the fringes of society with our heads on a swivel.

    1. hey CaliRefugee
      I’m in the market (err casino) but only with the money I can afford to loose. Went in at the big dip and have done good as a result. I keep taking out the winnings and invest in practicals.

    2. We took all of our money out of the stock market and investments, and just last week cancelled our long term care insurance and whole life insurance. We will be using the thousands of dollars we don’t pour down the drain to purchase practical, mostly tangible stuff. I do not trust banks, financial institutions, or the government to be looking after my interests. In my experience, they are happy to take your money (especially insurance types), but will not pay for a claim without a really big fight, and hope that you give up or expire before they have to give some of your money back to you. What a racket.

      1. Chipmunk-I can’t imagine not having life insurance policies. I’m a sahm and my dh’s income is our only income. His policy is big enough to pay off our house and to allow me to continue being a sahm/continue homsechooling our kids until they graduate. We only pay around $30 a month for a fairly large policy on him and it’s through his employer. We also pay a small amount for a mid-sized policy on me, which would pay for funeral expenses and then give my dh a cushion to pay for new childcare expenses.
        I have a childhood friend who’s dh died unexpectedly, and he didn’t have a life insurance policy. She was a sahm and had 4 young children. She ended up losing their house and they’re now living with her parents while she’s working a minimum wage job and living off of that/social security payments.
        I can see not having a policy if you’re older, have no debt, have a large savings put aside for your spouse and do not have children living at home. Not our situation though.

        1. Svzee — I guess I should have given more details of where we stand on all that. We originally got all this insurance when our daughter was in middle school; the idea was to have enough to get her through college and to pay off the mortgage should one or both of us expire. We do still have term insurance through dh’s work, which costs us a minimal amount. However, since dh is almost 62, the whole life insurance and the long term care insurance premiums for us both were about $6000 a year. We also recently paid off our mortgage.
          You are absolutely correct that life insurance makes really good sense in many cases! In your situation it’s a good investment.

  20. Ken, very good article. I been tryin to get to the bottom of the page so I could leave a comment for 30 minutes. Good comments too.

  21. Investing Vocabulary 101:

    To borrow money in order to invest in “a sure thing” or “The Next Big Thing” is called: Buying on margin and there is no such thing as “a sure thing”

    This is the Hot Hand Fallacy that Richard Thaler pointed out in the movie: The Big Short.

    The only sure things in life are death and taxes. If you want a guarentee then buy yourself a toaster.

    These 2 phrases are tip offs to me of a con man or huckster. I also take into account the dress and hairstyle of the Certified Financial Planner: If they appear that they spend over 30 minutes in front of the mirror working on their hair, I do not trust them. If they spend more than $200 per month on grooming supplies. That also tips me off.

    As stated before, I do not trust many people and I have the discerning eyes of a retired cop/ mental health worker.

  22. The government backed by the military during martial law can confiscate any property they deem needed by the general population. With the records they have to include financial, arms purchases, on line purchases, bank, credit card info, medical histories etc, it won’t take much to sort us into categories. Confiscate our supplies, firearms and homes if need be. So it’s probably best to get what ever you can afford off the books, and stashed in cashes only you know the location of. Have you ever seen pictures of a NSA data center? With Cray super computers they probably already have lists and contingency plans.

    1. They can bite me,, im not real fast but i am not known for playing well with others and i dont plan on changing that anytime soon

  23. To Broadwing:

    Yeah, you are right. I think that is why countries have gone isolationist, Britain has separated from the EU and we elected Trump and the resurgence of the Sagebrush Rebellion out here in the West with their own martyr to boot.

    Mobilized armies are tough to miss with the smell of the Diesel engines , the mobilization of large groups of young men. Lots of guns will end up at the bottom of deep reservoirs or out in the ocean as artificial reefs.

    Some will head for the hills. I will probably stay here in the ‘burbs looking stupid. I’m good at that and have had decades to get this act down.

  24. Will the military blindly follow a Polosi, Schumer, M’Stain, – not if the President is still alive and opposed the military or the Guard from robbing people of their stuff. I just do not see them trucking to Northern Idaho for a few head of cattle and a few shotguns – to distribute in rioting Kalifornia – talk about no-go zones. I think most country folk are skeptical of politicians as Ken warned about and the resistance may be surprising to urbanites.

    1. Not sure about those sh itbirds but if i gotta go up against em i know ill be using those blitz kings,,poof!
      If it blows up a chicken am pretty sure itll make a mess outa two legged varmints

      1. Long before you can use your weapons, if you are identified as a “hostile, threat,” you can and will be elimated from a distance your weapons can not reach out to. Look up the range of a 120 mm tank round, 120 mm mortar, 50 caliber round, 40 mm canon shell from an A-10, or a TOW missile. Heck one 105 mm artillery round can make you and your fortress disappear from miles away while they laugh at your feeble efforts to defend yourself.. If you don’t want to be DOA, you’ll say “Yes Sir, No Sir, take what you need Sir!” Unless you can disappear completely off the grid, Uncle Sugar will get you if he wants you. I don’t care if you live in Bum####,, Idaho, they will find you.

        1. Broadwing
          I don’t believe they would use that much armament of isolated farmer types unless one really pissed off someone. I also do not believe that the military or the Guard would go along with mass murder.

          1. I also do not believe that majority of “oath takers” will comply. When they do leave the party some of them just might be drivin the “company truck” so to speak.

    2. Recently had a discussion with a relative who is a county employee, somehow got on the subject of disasters like PR, he stated that the county has the authority to confiscate supplies from individuals,,
      I simply told him they can try as i was showing him the 338 and the 1/2” plate with holes in it

      1. Nailbanger
        You won’t blindly follow the orders of a County employee – you are on the list now and you better watch your relatives. They know what you have.

        1. I know, but i know where they live and all their kids live and im adopted so dont really care,,,,
          If i gotta use my pickup to destroy them i will, i also have a Cat key and set o Komatsu keys and know where every heavy equipment yard on the island is, some fates are worse than random gunfire

          1. Nailbender

            Just so I understand you correctly.

            Your saying “dont frack with me when I’m in a pizzy mood”?????

          2. Flashback to the 70’s.Stationed on Oahu when a Marine got drunk and stole a tank. Nobody could stop him as he wet on his “joy” ride crushing parked cars..

        1. You can attempt to conceal you location by not being visible from the road. Not having a mailbox (use P.O. box). Then you have to worry about satellite photos. The more buildings on your location the bigger target you will be. Just remember drones are expensive. You should consider training to shoot down drones in that situation. Plus the feds will have their hands full. You need to ask yourself why they would be concerned with you. If it is because the local authorities are cooperating then you need to …. we’ll….use your common sense.

  25. NRP-So Cal Gal
    It took going though the old laptop in my favorites section(s) to locate the news article about giving up your 600 rolls of TP. OK, not TP but comes close to what you will have to give up.

    In the New York Times May 30, 1918, this article sets a precedent for futures laws on the books. The parties that were prosecuted are Frances Smith Nash MD & Mrs. Caroline Nash
    for having $1,900.00 worth of flour-sugar-etc on hand stored in their home. Read the article, and see what they were up against even back then. This story must have been removed from some of the search engines, as I had to pull it from an archive.

    1. WElll, now I understand why it was hard to locate. New York Times wants you to take out a subscription to see the article.

      Good thing I saved it long before they decided to be turds with their archival records.
      If you 600 rolls of tp fluff up, it will dry up the lake and of course then the other items will be visible for big brother.

      1. AC,
        I have a library card that gives access to the Historical New York Times. Normally, I can access these kinds of articles, but at the moment, that particular library has a problem with their security certificate so my access has been blocked 9tho’ I did see the headline). Will keep trying some of my other resources to see if I can get it.

        1. Found it!
          Rather lengthy article. Looks like it was during WWI when there was a “Food Administration” and folks were only expected to have a 30 days supply on hand. They were charged with hoarding under Section 6 of the Food Control Act, and ratted out by a friend of the Food Administrator. Total value $1923.36
          Bond set at $3000. Will see if I can find out what happened at trial.
          Ken – if you’d like to see the article, I can send it to you.

        2. June 16, 1918….
          – Dr. Nash pled “nolo contendere” and was fined $1000.00
          – Charges against wife dismissed
          – Claimed most of food was purchased before the declaration of war with Germany, and was intended for charitable purposes.
          – Most of the food was confiscated

    2. Well DANG, all this over a miserable 600 rolls of TP, wonder what kinds poop im in for 120 bars of hand soap?

  26. It’s been a mystery to me as to why the captain did not refuse to sail knowing that he did not have enough lifeboats. Being a seasoned sailor, he knew that the potential for needing them was altogether possible. No matter what he was told by whom so ever, he knew that he bore ultimate responsibility for the welfare and safety of his passengers. I’m not familiar enough with Great Britain’s maritime laws of that day, but it definitely seems like it would have been a crime to get underway without them. Also has never made sense as to why he kept sailing in waters with icebergs, and did not change course. Only a very trusted, seasoned sailor would have been entrusted with such a vessel. It seems that a man with enough fortitude to change course if deemed necessary, no matter who was onboard his vesselectricity. If the company CEO is onboard trying to make the decisions, then you have the First Mate ” escort ” the gentleman to his cabin, politely, if possible. Since there was a fire on the same side as the iceberg, has anyone ever wondered if it was torpedoed? Speculation based on sinking happening so close to ww1. And the fact that a responsible captain would have avoided icebergs. Bottom line is that whosoever leads your household needs to be sure that ample provisions are procured for unforseen circumstances. Long live the Republic.

  27. Such a great article Ken. Every day you have very good relevant articles that we learn from. That is why I came here to learn from the articles and to learn from the commenters. Well done! I’m beginning to love this place ❤️

  28. I Read some earlier comments about the PTB taking your things. Take a minute and google executive order 13603. If you have anything that they want. They can “aquire” it. Including you. Part V I believe. I think it also lists all the agencies that can use this order. Take a moment to read it. It won’t leave ya laffin’.

    1. That does it – I’m starting to build my secret bunker. It’s going to be hard to hide that big hole but with enough temporary fencing and a good cover story, I may get away with it – but the concrete deliveries are a problem – no where to hide from the government in this country any more.

      1. hermit us

        I’m with you. Time to go Galt.

        0ldhomesteder ya got room for a Redneck and a dog named Blue?

    2. Livin’ in the Woods
      The part where the postal service can come by give you orders to report to destination Y, and your other family members go to another area. Where no one knows where you will be at because it will be based on your working abilities. You, family members have absolutely NO say in what happens. Welcome to Presidential order #13603.

      1. Antique Collector

        They migjt as well bring a body bag for me……. AIN’T going to happen

        And ya know what? I’m betting a whole lot of other Americans feel the same way.

        1. It seems like the ONLY way for the .gov not to find you, is if you bunker down in Hitlery’s email!! LOL

          1. Should be enough room for at least 30,000 of us!👄👅👄👅👄

          2. Obscurity and reading material – about all we will get from the feds. Glad Hillery bleached everything – even the thought of her touching the emails gives me the itch.

        2. NRP
          Many Americans are totally unaware of this clause in the presidential orders, it has expanded since the time of Bill C. TPTB have expanded the control clause more each time a new progressive has come into the oval office.
          The Americans that will stand up and fight against it are among those that read this blog. Members of my own family are unaware of this clause, those that have read it, state they can not do that!

      2. AC
        My dad in wartime Denmark was forced to build bunkers for the Germans along the coast – He could have resisted and be jailed or worse, but resigned himself to endure it. Of course the happy time came when freedom eventually came. The reason for capitulation was that a small country could not fight back effectively except through the underground. The US is large and would be almost impossible to control to that extent.

        1. hermit us
          Have you seen the map that they have come up with putting the US into regions, 1 through 10?
          Your dad was a true patriot to stay alive until he could fight back on his terms.

          1. AC
            Not many ever talked much about the subversive actions they took against the Nazis. To the end of his life, he was always careful of people around not knowing too much. During the war, they were always worried about being turned into the SS by a traitor. Many turned just to get food and some caved because of threats or actual torture.

          2. I think NRP is right about freedom or a body bag. subjugation is sometimes worse than death.

      3. A got a few thousand responses to those orders and an excellent way to deliver them real fast,

      4. Truthfully; if this order was actually invoked, there’d probably be quite a few dead postmen… The rest would be looking for a leg to hide behind…

    3. @ livin in the woods. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. If u wouldn’t have brought it up. A lot of us would not know about it.

    4. Thanks Livin’ in the Woods!
      PTB can “conscript” whoever and whatever they want in PEACETIME and National Emergency! This Obama presidential order allows for slavery. “Conscript” according to a person’s ability… You’re right, I’m not laffin’!

      1. @ Beach’n…. Obama just updated an already existing EO. It’s mainly (although earlier versions existed) a new version of the 1950 Defense Production Act with its main mechanism being the Defense Priorities and Allocation System which allowed the government to control “critical” systems, infrastructure and industries (including private) for national and civil defense as well as procurement of “critical” materials from wherever they may be found.

  29. The misnomer that this ship was advertised as Unsinkable, the passengers put their full faith in the builders, the ships captain, press hyping this luxury liner. Never questioning the time the ship sailed out of port “April” the end of the winter ice break up, taking a route they knew was going into area of ice burgs. Ships captain not commanding the ship per the rules of the high seas & letting the stock holders control his actions.

    Personal note– thank you great grandfather for not taking this ship since you loved all the Cunard line!

    1. AC
      The ship my family came over in (1954) was so slow that the icebergs were traveling faster than us. I think the crew was aware of how insignificant we were in the North Atlantic and the watch was out for killer ice.

  30. Aside from the fact that Titanic was turning too many knots in iceberg-prone waters, it was also a victim of its own engineering; its rudder was too small. That, combined with the ship’s weight, speed, and location, sealed its doom. Titanic wasn’t too big to fail; it was too big to succeed! If there ever was an analogy for the United States, Titanic is it!

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