Do You Recall The 9-11 Moment, And How It Affected You?


On this anniversary date of 9/11/2001, the two questions for you are the following:

When 9/11 happened so many years ago, do you recall the moment — when you found out, where you were, and what you were doing or ‘felt’?

How did it affect you then, and now?


I vividly recall that early morning (while living on the West coast during that time) when after routinely turning on the TV to get some news while getting ready for work, this time though the scenes on TV were stunning. The first plane had already hit – and moments later I saw the second plane hit while live on TV. I stayed home for a while – soaking in the disastrous and tragic news while watching the horrific scenes unfold that morning of the towers collapsing. Later when I drove in to work, it was a surreal and subdued day while everyone else tried to come to grips with what was happening.

I will say that 9/11 affected me in a significant way (ways). The fact that this attack was on our homeland soil, and it was so absolutely unexpected, bold and tremendously devastating, I initially felt that we were vulnerable and violated as never before (in my lifetime).

It opened my eyes to how apparently easy it was to cripple a nation – the most powerful nation on earth – by way of just 19 human scum (and their backers). 9/11 exposed (to me) that we could be attacked. We were not immune. This fundamentally adjusted my outlook at the time. It actually enabled a renewed internal ‘drive’ to become better prepared – even though we had just gone through the Y2K thing.

While looking back all these years later, I am saddened and angry that so many of our apparent freedoms and rights to privacy have been lost (removed) since then – all for the sake of our supposed ‘safety’. I suspected (and was correct) that once the .GOV got a hold of the powers of control via something like ‘The Patriot Act’, that they would never let go. In fact, not only have they not sunset, they have ballooned (e.g. the NSA in Bluffdale, Utah).

I have written seemingly a zillion articles on what I (and MANY others) consider to be .GOV privacy overreach based on the apparent ‘excuse’ to save us, and I have picked on the NSA, their multitude of exposed spy (on Americans) programs, and other alphabet agency overreach — but I have slacked off on that due to the fact that there’s not a darn thing I can do about it. My expressed public disdain will only raise my name higher on their ‘lists’ – so why risk it… Instead I prepare for the coming economic collapse (and/or World War III) – but I digress.

I will close my short story by saying that the same people who attacked us on 9/11 are inherently the same and/or share the same fanatical religious beliefs as those today who continue to vow death to the West, death to America – regardless of whether you call them Al Qaida or ISIS or whatever… I have also been sickened to observe a sitting president who has seemingly enabled these ‘people’ and these attitudes (by not condemning them, for example), especially having recently signed the so called ‘Iran deal’ which apparently gives them the ‘green light’ for ‘the bomb’ and a few hundred billion dollars which had been frozen – for them to further their very publicly stated goals (death to America). It seems crazy (at least to me).

In any event, I could go on and on about my opinions, but lets hear from you…

When 9/11 happened so many years ago, do you recall the moment — when you found out, where you were, and what you were doing or ‘felt’?

How did it affect you then, and now?


  1. I was at work when it happened. I was unaware of what was going on at the time until a customer came in and asked if I had heard about the two planes hitting the world trade towers. So I immediately turned on the radio to get the latest news. Then I went home at lunch time to watch it replayed over and over. Of course at the time we didn’t know who was responsible.

    Like you Ken, I had slacked off a bit after the Y2K scare, however over the next few weeks I became more aware of the state of the world. I decided to renew my efforts to be better prepared. Also to be more in tune with the state of the rest of the world as I realize that we are all interconnected and what goes on in other parts of the world can eventually effect us here.

  2. My first reaction was “Now is the Time when once again our Warriors need to come forward”….and they still are.

  3. I was at Microsoft taking a class with my coworkers. I remember seeing a news site (CNN?) headline saying a plane crashed into the World Trade Center. The graphic showed a small Cessna. Thinking it was a private plane, I laughed and said ‘How the hell can you not see something as large as the WTC?’. Once the news started to filter in that it was an attack I went to the break area, where all the televisions were showing live news feeds. I was amazed that during all this the person teaching the class actually tried to call everyone back to the classroom to resume teaching. I remember saying to him ‘What the f is wrong with you? No one cares about your damn class anymore, we are under attack!’.

  4. I remember it. I was halfway through 72 days of leave. I spent the whole night killing bad guys online and had cratered out around 04. At 06, I get a call that a plane crashed into the world trade center. I turned on the TV and yep, a plane crashed into a building. Turned the TV off and went back to bed.

    I called into the orderly room when I got up that afternoon and asked if I needed to report in. They said no, it’s a mad house, continue your leave; be prepared for major changes.

    The major changes were random vehicle inspections on post, long waits to get on post, strangely picked for “random searches” when flying on a commercial carrier (with a military ID and orders in hand), high school drop outs that are now in positions of authority. I thought I got magically transported to the old soviet union.

    When I heard congress was railroading the “(un)patriot act”, I knew it was the beginning of the end. The terrorists (and our government) got exactly what they wanted- more control of the population and breaking the law in the name of “public safety”.

    Today, I still hate flying. I hate the retards who impede my inter-state travel. I hate having to take off my shoes and prove my laptop works. I hate the indignity of being wanded and padded down by douchebags who failed 20th century history in high school and don’t understand they are now those same people in the faded black and white pictures in history books, smiling in front of piles of dead bodies.

  5. I was heading to the Pentagon from the Navy Annex across the street. Our destination was the new Marine Corps wing to install some IT equipment. That was the exact area that was destroyed when the plane hit. Luckily one of our guys wanted to stop and grab some breakfast in the basement of the annex so we were running 20 or so minutes late. Good thing he was hungry.

  6. I was working inside a Chemical Plant. Immediately the site went into a heightened level of security and at lunch everyone was gathered at various locations within the facility to listen to the plant manager give an update in the status of our country!

    Today out of respect to those that died that day and their surviving families I will not speak my mind about what I think went on behind the scenes before this tragic event!!!

    May GOD help us prevent the next horrible event they have planned!!! AMEN!!

  7. I was pulling an all nighter playing an online video game. I was listening to the radio at the same time as usual. Mancow was on the air, the local shock jock in Chicago. I don’t even remember what he was talking about prior to the event but he stopped and said I know you all are not going to believe me when I tell you this so please turn on your TVs to any channel and he then mentioned a plane has hit the WTC tower. I turned on my TV because something in his voice sounded like he wasn’t up to one of his shock jock antics. They were showing replays of the first plane hitting and doing their commentary trying to figure out what was going on. Then they broke to a live shot and showed the second plane hitting. This whole time I’m watching it on TV, listening to it on the radio, and chatting with friends on the online game. When the second plane hit I told my friends online that I was logging off and good luck to them all, things just got real. Living in Chicago you’re used to hearing planes fly over, it’s even annoying at times. After about an hour the planes went silent and that was an eerie feeling. I went outside to see if the Sears Tower was still standing and you couldn’t hear a plane in the sky. Occasionally you could hear a couple F16s fly over and that was a different kind of eerie feeling. Went back inside and watched and listened to what was going on. Spent the rest of the day and night doing that even though I’d already pulled an all nighter the night before. I don’t even remember if I even ate anything that day. I started thinking about my friends in the Marines. I got out two years prior to the event and I was going down my list of friends trying to remember which ones were short timers, which ones recently reupped, and which ones would be called up because you just know this is going to go further than just the WTC.

  8. I had 6 stores to call on that day and had to stop by my district mgrs house to help him prepare for a district meeting that was to start on Friday. I had already called on 1 store and heard on the radio about the first plane that hit. I went to my DM’s house and watched the news. When the second plane hit I told him that America was under attack. I stayed there for a couple more hours watching and being really pissed.

    I called on the rest of my stores that day and everyone was talking about what had happened. 3 out of those 5 stores (Walmart) were sold out of all their ammo. They said within a few hrs they were out. The other 2 stores had a line of customers buying as much ammo as they could.

    As I look back to that day and time I realize I was so blind and ignorant. I actually pretty much trusted the .Gov and thought they were basically looking out for America. The days and years after 9-11 my eyes started opening more and more.

    Now the .Gov views Americans that believe in the Constitution as the biggest threat to the country. Now our .Gov is making deals with the devil, embracing our enemies with open arms and selling us down the river to destruction.

    I do remember how Americans came together that day. Everyone was united and had pride in America again. Not so much anymore.

    Adapt and Overcome.

  9. I was outside servicing a floor scrubber when some of the employees came out and told me about it. I went inside and watched it on the TV. I was pissed at first, but after watching rerun after rerun, I soon realized, BS! Something smells about this as there is no way the towers could fall like they did. I now know without a doubt who was responsible for the attack. I’ll leave it at that.

  10. Yes, I remember 9-11 very much. I just wanted to go over to the middle east and fight someone, but nothing has been done.
    Since Iran took over our embassy people for 444 days, nothing has been done.
    Since the barracks was destroyed in Lebanon nothing has been done.
    Since Nigeria nothing has been done.
    The “nothing has been done” list goes on and on.

    But Ostupid wants to help the refuges, ok, lets do it. Send them to Cuba since Ostupid likes the Castro crew so much. By the way let him pay for those costs out of his pocket.

    Now my rant is over but my anger is not.

  11. I was at work that day, sitting in my office. My Boss ran up the stairs and quickly turned on the Lobby TV. There was news of the first plane hitting the Twin Towers. There was talk of it just being a tragic “accident”. Is a commentator was yacking away the station cut to a live-feed as the second plane approached the Towers……

    I remember just staring at the video, just standing there helpless. Remembering the feeling of complete numbness and shock I guess are the words I’m looking for. To think in that day and age someone would do such a thing was completely new to me in a way. That someone would actually attack the “greatest country” in history, to cowardly murder and destroy.

    The days after I remember the lack of noise, the noise form aircraft and the lack of a lot of local traffic on the streets. I seemed that everyone was staying home or just being exceptionally quite, in mourning I guess would describe it. It was a very strange feeling, but I remember it well. I also seem to remember the stores being low on supplies, and not seeing a lot of people “out and about” but did not figure that one out until later.

    I also remember the country seemed to “pull together” and become united, if only for a short time, the country seemed at peace with itself. We all mourned the loss of life, and the loss of our innocence. I believe the biggest loss the country and I gave up was that feeling of invulnerability. We were no more this rock, this island that was invincible, that nobody could touch.

    How did it affect you then, and now?

    For me I turned cold, cold to a lot of things, not to my love of my wife and family, but cold to the world, I have become intolerant to people’s stupidity (and there is a LOT of that these days), to other countries that want to destroy the US and what we believe in, to our own government that also wants to destroy the US. Most of all I have become intolerant to those in this country that want to change us, that hate the US for what it is, and are demanding that we all change into what a few “special groups” want.

    Since 9/11 time has seemed to slow down somewhat, I take time to realize what life is all about, not the BS of work/eat/sleep/work/eat/sleep thing, In the past few years that initial reaction is only been reinforced with life’s little nuances.

    May we never forget the people that have “given the last full measure of devotion” so we may all live in peace.


    1. Excellent post, NRP. I am definitely in agreement with that sentiment. Since then, on the surface, we have lost our once great country but, in the end, I think folks like me, you, and the other readers on this site might be able to bring it back. Crazy I know, but I do have hope it can still be done. Won’t be easy or comfortable, but possible.

      1. @ Wartec
        Thank you for the compliment.
        I for one have never been afraid of hard work or a challenge, I know in my heart there are millions of people out there that feel the same way as we do, Call them the silent majority if you will, but we are here and in the long run we will survive this debacle as we have in the past. I know there is a cleansing coming I can feel it in my bones. I don’t fear it, but I do not want to see it come either. Some turn to God and other means to prepare, I turn to myself and ask myself what is right, what is the best for all humanity.

    2. @ NRP

    3. So true that it brings a tear to the eye. I remember quite well those same feelings then and now. God Bless those who have passed and those that still carry on.

  12. I was just getting in my car in the driveway to go to work when my wife called out to me to come back in the house. A plane had crashed into a building in New York. I came in the house and turned on the television and witnessed the second plane fly into the World Trade Center. Well, I didn’t make it to work that day. I was glued to the news for the next few hours and days.

    During that time, it occurred to me in no uncertain terms that individually and collectively were vulnerable to attacks by determined hordes of crazies. That’s pretty much the day I became convinced that it was in my enlightened self-interest to preserve, protect and defend my own family. (Note: I’m a veteran but well past the age of further military service). I knew I couldn’t rely on .gov or .mil types to provide layers of security down to the individual level. I’d have to do that myself.

    Since that time, my prepping has gone from hot to warm but never cold. To my friends, it’s just taking reasonable precautions for the “big one” in Southern California. What’s wrong with that, right? They seem to understand that better than trying to explain to their satisfaction the problem of dealing the “Golden Horde” when TSHTF.

    Semper Fortis

  13. I was a first year teacher and watched the second plane hit on live TV with my 7th graders. Everything we did that day was related to the attack. Since then, I have become a safety specialist for my state.

  14. I was at work. My hubby called and said to turn on the tv. As I turned it on the second tower was being hit. I sat there flabbergasted. I was a part of the sheeple up until that point. Not anymore.

  15. I was working an ER in So Cal. and had just walked into the break room to get a cup of coffee. The TV was on but muted and I caught a glimpse of the smoke plume coming out of the 1st building. I walked back into the ER and said I think we are under attack, it looks like a building in NYC has just been bombed. There were several wall mounted TVs which were then switched to the news channel. Business just stopped in the ER as all eyes of the staff and patients were glued to the TVs. Then the second plane hit and all doubt of it being accidental was gone.

    A month or so earlier my daughter had talked to me about joining the Army and I discouraged her. I have mixed emotions about that but I’m glad she didn’t have to serve in Iraq or Afghanistan. I’ve been bothered by PTSD ever since I was a medic and I’m glad that she isn’t. So very many of our young people are so disabled by it. Please support the veterans service organization of your choice. The most recent figures I’ve heard show that 22 veterans a day are suiciding out of their situation. If you know any veterans talk with them and get them help if indicated. A lot of them are jobless and if you are in a position to hire them please do.

    I really don’t like the loss of our freedom that has evolved from this but I do thank whoever has kept us from any successful car bombers or suicide vest wearing idiots taking out a crowd. I guess the Boston marathon would be an exception but it’s not happening several times a week as it is elsewhere. I guess it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t kind of situation. I do accept that there are those out there who consider us the great Satan, It is a real dilemma in how we deal with it. So many refugees and so many of them are completely legitimate desperately wanting to get their family to a save place. Yet you know there will be some who are terrorists posing as refugees. I don’t know the answers and there are so damn many questions.

  16. Got a call from the ranch office, they told me to go turn on my tv,
    It was pretty much surreal, couldnt believe what had happened, my life was much different back then, not as flooded with media as we are now so only got info in shots, that was a dark day.

  17. I simply do not understand the desire to accuse “us” of attacking ourselves or maybe it’s only a few of us who attacked ourselves or maybe it incudes the entire CIA, etc. There is considerable evidence and proof of what happened and who planned it and carried it out. They were not Americans or our government. As for the way the towers collapsed that is exactly what would happen once the fire weakend the steel supports enough for those hundreds of tons to follow the law of gravity. It was an attack on Democracy and the West and the WTC was picked as a target because that is what it represents.

    1. Do you actually believe that or do you write that stuff for the gubment?

    2. Explain how jet fuel that burns at 600 degrees Fahrenheit could melt steel/iron that melts at 2750 degrees Fahrenheit?

      Explain the videos that show molten steel pouring out of the building BELOW THE IMPACT!.

      Explain the presence of super-thermites (unknown outside of military use) in the debris.

      1. Would it matter what anyone explained to you? All of your questions have been answered before. You have made up your mind. That is fine.

        People often have a hard time accepting the fact that bad things can be done by other people. They often need to find an excuse for why something happened.

        1. No they haven’t been answered and no I haven’t made up my mind. Convince me.

      2. “Explain how jet fuel that burns at 600 degrees Fahrenheit could melt steel/iron that melts at 2750 degrees Fahrenheit?”

        Ok I’ll take a stab at it. My guess would be the same way coal can melt steel. Coal burns at about 900 degrees. Piles of coal will get up to maybe 1200 degrees. But then you add in an air mixture and the temp skyrockets. The buildings were built to withstand a lot of different kinds of fires but I wonder if they considered an updraft from the elevator shafts stoking the fire. A plane traveling at about 500 mph flying through the building didn’t stop immediately, it probably flew right through an elevator shaft and opened up an updraft. The cooler air from below stoked the fire and raised the temp. If they crashed the planes lower in the building there might not have been enough of cooler air to reach the fire and raise the temp. But at the height they crashed it’s possible the fire got all the cooler air it needed.

        1. The thick black smoke of the burning towers is an indication of an oxygen-starved fire. That does away with the open elevator shaft theory. The molten metal would require more than double the temperature possible from an oxygen-starved fire. NYPD reported multiple explosions with flashes seen throughout the building BELOW THE POINT OF IMPACT. Molten iron was seen pouring out of the building. 20 – 60 stories below the impact region and debris was fired out laterally as from an explosion.

          “Although the media often repeats that the Twin Towers’ concrete floors came down like a series of stacked pancakes, there were in fact no pancaked floors to be found in the photos or videos of the debris piles. “There’s no concrete… it was pulverized,” gasped Gov. Pataki at his first visit to the site.”

  18. NRP, thank you, I know that was from the heart and it brought tears to my eyes.
    gonewiththewind, I concur completely.

  19. We went to the city in November of that year with our N.J. relatives who didn’t want to talk about 911 or take us to see the ruins. They were still in a state of shock, disbelief, embarrassment. We went to the top of the Empire and the security was quite intense. It was odd to look at the landscape where the towers were and recalled on our last trip years before how we wanted to go to the observation deck of the towers. Every once in awhile we see a pre-911 movie filmed in the city with the towers in the background, like haunting ghosts.

    1. Led Zeppelin the song remains the same with Jimmy Page’s double neck guitar. Chuck Norris’s invasion USA. Just a couple seems eerie.

  20. I was taking a shower and when i got out and walked into the living room the Pentagon had just been hit. I sat there and watch to TV and wondering how the hell did this happen, Then my phone started going off, My boss calling wanting to know where i was and if i had any family in DC or NYC area. At the time I was a Security Manager for a large retail box in a large mall. Once I was at work it was total cluster. All the idiots came out to see what they could get away with PD had there hands full and in the end we dealt with too many of our so called citzens being arrested for theft. I did remind the judge on the court date to look at the date of incident and he made examples out of them with max fine and jail time. I had my eyes open that day to see what happens in a event where the bad in people comes out. From that day forward I have looked at people differently knowing that when it happens again there will be the one that will take everything they can just because they can. I have moved on since 9/11 and know that i don’t want to be around the retail world if the SHTF. First place that will go down in flames.

  21. At the time I was a Line Service Aircraft mechanic at the Anchorage airport. As I walked into the “line shack” the TV was on showing a re-run of the first plane hitting the tower then it showed the second plane hitting. All H4ll broke loose when all flights were grounded to the nearest airport. Besides our normal flights we had aircraft coming in from all over. One aircraft didn’t do what it was told to do and almost got shot down. It was a miscommunication of directions but over 200 passengers didn’t know how close they came to dying. It being the middle of Moose, Caribou and Duck hunting season and all small aircraft were grounded also so hunting parties that were supposed to be picked up were left in the bush without any information. There are aircraft flying all over Anchorage but things got real quiet in the air but on the ground, on the ramp many of the tools in our tool box were now considered weapons and this created many headaches for us mechanics for months.

    What my feelings were I felt like I was kicked in the nuts. Our country was attacked and I was no longer in the Army and could not avenge this assult. I didn’t become a “Prepper” for another 12 years.

    What must be realized is a 757 aircraft will hold a little over 11,000 gallons of Jet Fuel and a 767 will hold a little over 16,000 gallons. These flights had almost max fuel on board for a cross country flight. Also, each engine weighs around 8,000 pounds. What people don’t realize is what you see on the wings is not the correct size of the engine. These are jet TURBINES and what you see are the FAN blades the diameter of the inlet is around 5 – 6 feet in diameter the engine diameter is about 3 – 4 feet in diameter. It was like 2 large bullets with blades spinning at the speed of sound thus producing over 100 turbine blades made of Titanium flying all over cutting or piercing anything they come in contact with and yes even steel beams. Add that to between 8,000 – 11,000 gallons of jet fuel you will now have a substantial fire that will melt or severely weaken any steel beam.

    I worked briefly in a steel foundry as a ladle man. During a pour we could not let the steel get colder than 1800 degrees F. The steel still poured at 1800 degrees but we had to hurry. Back to the point that much fuel in a 757 the steel beams on that floor would either turn to liquid or soft “taffy” neither of which would support the weight above it.

    As for the “blasts” seen as each floor fell. Anyone who has stacked sheets of plywood knows if you drop a sheet flat the compressed air between the will blow sawdust into your face and eyes. Yup it happened to me only once I now turn my head away or I have someone else stack it for me.

  22. I was deep underwater at the time of the attack. Just another routine morning. I was the Radio Chief on a submarine. As we were preparing to come to periscope depth and clear the latest broadcast (message traffic), I sent my guy on watch to the rack. He had been up for ever and needed the rest. Coming up to pd (periscope depth) was routine. I had done it literally thousands of times. I watched on the little TV monitor (periscope video) as we came up. The scope broke the surface and it was a bright spectacular day. I checked the one radio circuit we can monitor passively off the scope. Nothing. While waiting for the Officer of the Deck to finish his routine scope sweeps I checked the circuit lineup and cryptographic key. Everything was good. It was a circuit that always broadcasts so I figured the station must be down or I had a problem in the scope. I asked for the communications antenna to be raised. I lined up the circuit to that antenna and then tried to clear the broadcast via other faster circuits. Nothing. I checked voice circuits where there is normally chatter. Nothing. Everything was dead quiet. Now I was not only confused but nervous. This just doesn’t happen. All the comms equipment was working, proper crypto key was loaded. I informed the Officer of the Deck and ran through my circuit lineups again. I was getting ready to have someone go wake up my Radiomen when the original “always broadcasting” circuit began to spit out info. It is painfully slow. I informed the Officer of the Deck and sat down in front of the monitor to watch the painfully slow circuit spit out characters at roughly 75 a minute.

    Holy crap was all I could think. Over and over I kept repeating that phrase to myself. I was numb as the words slowly came together. At this point I called the Officer of the Deck over the announcing circuit and told him to pick up the “bat phone” ( a more private circuit). I told him he needed to send the messenger to get the Captain and have him come to Radio ASAP. He asked what was going on. I told him to just get the Captain in Radio now. About 3 minutes later a slightly perturbed Captain showed up. He asked what the f#%* was going on. I told him to sit in front of the monitor and read. He just sat there and must have re-read it over and over for 5 minutes. Then he turned to me and told me to go get the Executive Officer and the Chief of the Boat. I raced out of Radio and retrieved both plus my rather grumpy Radio LPO (the next Radioman in seniority below me).

    Soon all 4 of us were sitting in Radio. It was deathly quiet. Each of us was running through a gamut of emotions. To me it was clear why there was no data on the other circuits. Someone had put out an EMCON (emissions control) to keep the circuits clear for follow on orders, reports of vital importance.

    As the initial shock wore off we had a quick discussion. It was decided to not announce it to the crew right away until the Chief of the Boat took a look at where everyone was from and we hopefully got more information. In a submarine there is no way we can freak people out. I was ordered to remain in Radio until further notice. I sent my LPO down to shower and get coffee. I sat there and watched the screen and waited. Then I did what every Submarine radioman has done on numerous occasions for as long as there have been radios. I used the antennas to find radio stations. Sure enough I was able to listen in on the BBC. That is when I called the Captain back in Radio. We sat there for an hour or so. By this time the COB learned who was from New York City and if anyone had family working in the Pentagon.

    The rumor mill on the boat was running at full speed. Only the senior leadership and myself and my LPO in Radio. No normal news and sports to print out and post in a passageway for people to read. My other Radiomen not allowed in. It was roughly at noon that the Captain had the COB call Reveille. All the off watch people were awakened (and quite grumpy). Now the rumor mill was burning at full speed. 30 minutes later the Captain got on the 1mc (announcing system for the entire boat) and informed everyone what had happened. America was under attack. Shock and anger were the words of the day.

    It was a week and half until we pulled back into port. At that point everyone of us got to relive what America had watched in real time. The planes crashing, the people jumping from the towers, the collapse. The number of dead. A grieving and angry United States. We didn’t have long to grieve though. Out inport period became super hectic and we were back out to sea heading for destinations far away before we knew it.

    That was when I vowed to always be prepared and ensure my family was too. I have since retired from the Navy and moved to an area where I can keep my family safe, still work and also work the land in order to become self sufficient.

    Conspiracies or an attack from fanatics aside, I grieve for the people who were lost, for the families whose loved ones never came home and for the thousands since who had been injured or killed in the follow on actions from the attack.

  23. I watched all day…and to be honest I don’t really recall much of what I thought back then, I’ve lived a lot since then. I vaguely remember wondering how such a complex plan had been executed so precisely by “amateurs” and I also remember questioning how all the MSM were using almost verbatim the same script to cover the “attacks” and, I do remember questioning Tower 7 when it collapsed for no reason.

    Without going into deep conspiracy theory, everything that happened to cause the amazingly coordinated multiple “attack” and everything since can all be directly link to the foreign policy of the Corporatocracy government of the USA.

    I can’t understand how the majority of the American people still sit idly on their behinds and accept the ‘offical’ version of events and aren’t up in arms demanding that the government tell the truth.

  24. Tower 7 received substantial damage due to hundreds of tons of debris falling on/through it. It was quickly determined to be unstable and was in fact leaning more and more each hour following the initial collapse of the twin towers. The engineers knew it was doomed and in fact to dangerous to go near. It finally collapsed. Where is the mystery or conspiracy?

  25. The following occurred at the collapse of the the twin towers:
    1. Rapid onset of destruction
    2. Sounds of explosions and flashes of light
    heard and seen by over a hundred first
    responders before “collapse”
    3. Continuous acceleration of the building mass
    straight down through the path of what was
    greatest resistance
    4. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally 600
    feet at 50 mph
    5. Mid-air pulverization of 90,000 tons of
    6. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like
    7. 1,200-foot diameter of improbably equal
    debris distribution
    8. Isolated explosive ejections 20-60 stories
    below demolition waves
    9. Total building destruction: dismemberment of
    steel frame
    10. No stack of floors found at the base of either

    This is evidence of controlled demolition.

    “Building 7, which was 100 yards from the Twin Towers, was not hit by an airplane on September 11, 2001, and suffered only minimal damage from debris falling from the North Tower. Several fires began burning on a few floors, and the entire building completely collapsed – almost into its own footprint – at 5:20 p.m. Numerous eyewitnesses, including members of the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) and other first responders, and multiple news sources, made statements that indicate that there was foreknowledge that WTC 7 was going to come down, despite the fact that no skyscraper in history had ever completely collapsed due to fire. (Much of this evidence of foreknowledge is detailed on the website of the Remember Building 7 campaign and other related sites.)”

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