Building A Parallel Society

Founder and CEO Andrew Torba of recently said, We must do everything we can right now to peacefully protect our freedom by building a parallel society. 

It’s baffling to me how people do not recognize the urgency of the situation we are in. We have lost so much over the past 18 months and we will never get it back unless we start taking a stand right this second.

That means putting in the work. You may need to find a new job. You may need to move. It may involve pulling your children out of school. You may need to find a new doctor, a new church, maybe a new everything. You may even have to show up at your local city council and school board meetings to let them have a piece of your mind.

What does a parallel society look like?

Perhaps some of the following…

  • Homeschooling your kids
  • Turning off the television, at least mainstream news propaganda
  • Deleting your Facebook account, find alternatives (like for example)
  • Moving to a better area near people who share your values
  • Getting involved in local instead of national politics
  • Avoiding the ‘woke’ crowd
  • Supporting businesses who support your values
  • Consuming content from people who share your values
  • Radically removing each and every last corrosive system of control and fear from your life

It won’t be easy, nothing worthwhile is. But it can, and is being done by so many people in your exact position.

Let me ask you something: what is your freedom worth to you?

To me it is worth everything.

It’s not just Andrew Torba , but I have been thinking about this for awhile. The way things are going, there will increasingly be a parallel society. It is a very unfortunate, and even dangerous place we’re in. However, it is thrust upon us.

I write this NOT to get down in the gutter of national and global politics, because there’s no upside to bitching and moaning about it. Most everyone reading this knows exactly what’s going on here…and that there’s little to nothing we can do about it, with the exception of LOCAL involvement.

So, instead, it is becoming more evident that we’re headed to a pretty stark division of ‘life’, lifestyle. Two parallel societies, each outcasts of the other.

One is headed straight to transhumanism, presently in the process of assimilation. You might say, Cyborg. Ultimately becoming cybernetic transhuman organisms through genome modification and technological implantation. The Borg, linked in a hive mind, monitored and strictly controlled within The Global Collective…

The other society, ‘natural’ human life.

Leaving The Existing System

In the context of what’s happening right now (the vax), I agree with the opinion of Torba who says,

All of the best, most talented, and smartest people are critical thinkers. They are builders. Doers. They are quickly leaving the existing system. What will be left is low quality talent. The “yes” men people who will shut up, do what they are told, and get their 15th booster shot to keep their job.

The existing system will begin to collapse under a sea of “vaccinated” talent shortages, incompetence, and woke political nonsense.

Hospitals won’t (and already can’t) find much needed nursing talent. Schools won’t be able to find teachers. Businesses who are already having trouble filling open positions will be forced to compete with businesses who don’t pry into your healthcare privacy. You can’t just cut off 80 million people and not expect your business and country to suffer.

The society of obedient regime sheep will chug along for a while, but inevitably it will succumb under the weight of market forces from a growing new parallel society.

Companies without mandates will perform better and get all of the best talent. Doctors will start private practices. Families will begin to homeschool their children. Blue states and major cities will see a mass exodus unlike anything in American history.

All we have to do is say no and start building a new society for ourselves. We need to take control of our own destiny here and do what needs to be done to protect our families and preserve our values and indeed our own humanity.

In a lot of ways we are the modern Pilgrims of our time, seeking religious freedom and sovereignty to escape the rule of a tyrannical elite who hate us.

Lets Help Build Our Own Parallel Society

In summary, lets help build our own parallel society. Wherever you can, EXIT the system on the other side. They don’t want us there anyway. We have already started building. It is very exciting. Building infrastructure. These are POSITVIE, CONSTRUCTIVE, ACTIONS.

I no longer (to the extent possible) dwell on my angry emotions to do with national/global tyranny. Instead, it’s all about LOCAL. My life. Our life here at home. That with our neighbors, friends. The mainstream can go ‘shove it’. Because when you shut it out, you discover that life is pretty good! The bad stuff they try and shove down our throat is so exaggerated that it does not resemble reality. And I’ll bet you will discover the same thing…

So, stay positive. Look for opportunities that will help you exit their system, while focusing on opportunities to build our own. Right now there is no need to fight them, although I believe they want a fight. Instead, just leave them behind as they whine and scream like spoiled little demanding children.

We will win.

 [ Read: Leaders and their Blind Followers ]


  1. i have been barking up that tree for over a year, but i keep getting shouted down by some folks.
    ya’ll have luck!

  2. Thanks for the article Ken. I’ve been reading and contributing to this site for most of its lifetime. ( I was the guy that lived and worked off grid in the Ca. Mountains ) I am wondering if it will disappear one day.
    I have been keeping quiet about politics and vaccine mandate because I still have my day job and I did get the Pfizer vax last Summer as I saw this becoming a workplace requirement. I just chose to not be mouthy about it and treated the vax as a personal choice and, for me and my wife, a workplace requirement. We both work with immune compromised individuals and we love each other – our personal reasons for getting the vax provided by our company’s program.
    The question I have: Will the Galt community allow me entry when I retire from my present day job? Just because I got the jab months ago does not mean I agree with the entire agenda of the “woke” crowd nor does it mean that I drank the Kool – Aid of: wealth redistribution, Green revolution, No more use of Fossil Fuels Etc.
    On the other end of the Spectrum, I also did not attend the Jan 6, 2021 demonstration at Washington DC. I spent enough time as a Federal cop to not attack another Federal cop. ( where others see a jackbooted Nazi, I see a tired young person working a double shift trying to provide for their 2.5 kids and wife that may also have a job to make ends meet.)
    I do not know if I will be allowed to run a cleaning patch down my rifle barrel beside your campfire. Well, I gotta go to my group therapy session. “only accurate rifles are interesting” – Col Townsend Whelen.

    1. Tolerance should be exercised in a ‘Galt’ community as long as said person or people contributes in a positive way. No whinners allowed. Most smart people would not turn away anyone who has helpful skills. And if we practice what we preach on this site we will not rant against those who have made choices in their life they feel was necessary, because on this site we value freedom of choice, don’t we?

      1. Mrs. U I tend to agree with the caveat that you are a good neighbor. Freedom of choice unfortunately has to have some community agreed limits. For example in some cultures having a Minor Wed to a close family member or a minor in a marriage to any adult for that matter is difficult to accept. A child or mentally disabled cannot consent to sexual acts.

        Freedom of choice is the Banner that the “Woke” use to force us to “Welcome” open in the streets sexual deviancy and having Drag Queens telling stories about their struggles to our Kindergarten kids.

        Freedom, Responsibility and Respect for others have to be linked.

        Also good neighbors know to recognize when they have offended and seek to resolve the offense. Otherwise Hat fields and McCoy situations occur. Not good for the community as a whole. Many a close knit community has been destroyed by unresolved feuding.

        As Proverbs 14 :9 says:

        Fools mock at making amends for sin, but goodwill is found among the upright.

        1. Of course community ideals should prevail if the law has retreated. In One Second After the cannibals were dealt with. The rancid evil will find their own. Was not speaking of the horrors of abusing children when I spoke about freedoms.

    2. I agree with what Mrs. U said. I would hope the “Galt community” would be open to different perspectives and circumstances, which the “woke” folks appear not to be.

    3. @Cali, No problems here with me. You’re welcome anytime.

      “…and treated the vax as a personal choice, for me and my wife…”
      Thank you for saying that! I agree One Thousand Percent! PERSONAL CHOICE!

      I have zero issue with with the choices people make in this regard. None of my business. Mine is mine, and yours is yours. I’m cool with that. (Some of the Libertarian in me I suppose).

      The onset of building a parallel society is unfortunately due to “the other side” shutting us down at every corner, every opportunity, so to speak. Not being allowed to do this or that, go here or there, work here or there, etc. (I’m not going to get into all the examples because it’s pointless at this point).

      However, I welcome you on “our side” as I would any other human being who’s not intent on harming me, my family, my business, my way of life.

    4. Calirefugee:
      You and yours are welcome here on Lightning Point anytime you see fit.
      And John can move over one chair if you need more room.
      PS: Don’t mind Ole Blue, he ‘sniffs’ everyone new 😳😳 LOLOL

      1. Carolyn,
        You are commenting on an 8 month old thread. Really? I don’t think Lightning Point is the place for you to start your parallel community anyway. It’s more of a “state of mind” than a physical place. But you are welcome to read the articles here if you think they will help just don’t let the NRP out please.

        1. Mulafarmer:
          Actually there is a location that is known as Lightning Point.
          And for a good reason.

        2. NRP
          I know, was talking about the other stuff, sounded like a commune

    5. Calirefugee, I truly believe there is a distinct difference between those individuals that are vaxxed and rabidly attack all those who are not and someone in your situation. Many believe the vax is going to keep them safe and they should be able to chose that if they wish. People still need to feed their families and don’t always have the option to move elsewhere or find employment that will feed their family. They have worked many years to own a home and provide for those they love.

      I don’t have a problem with vaxxed individuals…I have a problem with (possibly) vaxxed individuals rolling over my rights and choices. I would welcome you in my camp, vaxxed or not.

      1. ‘DAMedinNY’,
        That’s exactly right. The problem here are the ‘mandates’, especially to the extent they are harming one’s ability to work and earn a living (among other things).

        “…distinct difference between those individuals that are vaxxed and rabidly attack all those who are not…”

        That’s also exactly right. A frothing-at-the-mouth mass psychosis.

    6. Cali,
      Always welcome with us, vaxxed, unvaxxed, as long as the group rules are followed and contributions made (personal talents….etc.)
      Our family is currently split 60/40 unvaxxed/vaxxed. Some of my children that are med professionals felt they had no choice, some of my left leaning children said the same…some just wanted the freedom to travel…It became a discussion of personal choice and none shunning the others over decisions. ALL are careful around one another and DH and Me to ensure no “shedding” or infections spreading. so far-so good.
      It is all about commitment to the overall unit that determines whom is welcome here (not politics).
      I too have been with this site a long time….good people here. Caring people here. want it to stay that way.

  3. Interesting article. I agree with getting off the mainstream media platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. I don’t agree that you need an alternative to replace it. Get out of all of it. Live life! We have texting groups set up on our phones for family, immediate family, groups of friends, business groups, etc. Send messages, photos, etc. No need for the controlling social media. JMO. And I stopped in January trying to talk politics or current events with anyone. We are very busy here getting ourselves even better situated for things to come. Unfortunately, most of the ‘group’ we had here is gone. Many moved to. be closer to family, a few have died (none from covid), and our neighbors latest wife just destroyed the rest of the group (they are the neighbors from hell). Regardless, we still do have friends and family here, and possibly will have others relocate here in the very near future. So in a sense we are building our own parallel society. Watching our country and Constitution burn to the ground is hard to bear. But the best thing I think is to be as ready as you can, adapt to the changes as they happen, and pray, pray, pray. Take care of yourselves and family. Get as healthy as you can. We have enemies within and without our nation.

    God bless.

  4. “Sometimes the loudest form of protest is to just quietly walk away.”- SMK. From social media, the world, work, people who bother you. Take a timeout from the present madness, you won’t miss much. Turn your eyes to God for the right way to live….you will find it.

    1. Carolyn: As others have commented, the parallel society idea is that you do business with similar minded companies / individuals and not with, nor reward, those that are not (e.g. FB, g**gle, others that violate privacy, speech, etc). So it is not necessarily a physical location (can be if you have a group of like minded folks) but more of a goal / ideal / practice. Hope this helps and is not too simplistic. Perhaps start by identifying those who are firstly, like minded and secondly, that you can trust – which is the hard part. Search this blog using the search feature for info on power, water, etc. That is the approach I used to learn much from the many wise people on MSB.

  5. “I respect your decision, now respect mine, that is liberty.”

    YES, YES!
    Personal Choice.

  6. Great topic. I just got a new doctor who is a private doctor. She doesn’t like big pharma, the jab and vetted me before agreeing to take me on as a patient. She’s in my area of Missouri which is a decent political place to be. We also have given up on the media, TV and the mainstream stuff they spout. I have been trying to get my wife to leave FBook, but she is careful to use it for her hobby “dog stuff”. We are both retired so it could get dicey if we are closed out of our bank account for not taking the jab, we’ll see how that plays out.

  7. Great topic. I just got a new doctor who is a private doctor. She doesn’t like big pharma, the jab and vetted me before agreeing to take me on as a patient. She’s in my area of Missouri which is a decent political place to be. We also have given up on the media, TV and the mainstream stuff they spout. I have been trying to get my wife to leave FBook, but she is careful to use it for her hobby “dog stuff”. We are both retired so it could get dicey if we are closed out of our bank account for not taking the jab, we’ll see how that plays out.

  8. I think parallel societies have been in existence for some time, especially in immigrant communities. The rest of us just may need to catch up.
    I have already done those list of things recommended in the article. We lived much as we always did prior to the COVID scam even during all the lockdown mania last Winter. I refer it as ‘Cultural Secession”. I didn’t coin that term, but do think it is collectively descriptive. We don’t participate in the insanity and if anyone doesn’t like it, well, thats just tough titty.

  9. Ayn Rand wrote many nonfiction books too. In one she said something to the effect that the best thing you can do is arrange your life so you make no claim on the lives of others. By that she meant things like excessive taxation and regulation but also infringement on freedom to live your life, use your talents, employ your resources as you see fit. Not in a nihilistic way, but she saw the heroic ideal as productive man. (Man in the encompassing definition.) I admire that ideal and try to live by it. A like minded physical community of such individuals would be wonderful. In such a community, the decision on the vax would be yours and neither mandated nor ridiculed whatever it may be.

    1. Any order for forced vaccination without informed consent is a violation of the law..and has been for many years. In fact, the Nuremberg Treaty specifically forbids any forced injections without informed consent. We hung several Nazi’s for violating this Law. The U.S. is a signatory of this treaty. If the government attempts to force any shot upon you, or anyone, you are being assaulted by a criminal act, and may use whatever force necessary to prevent and stop it.
      No matter what the cost, under no circumstances accept any mRNA shot. There is NOTHING good about them.

      1. Ision
        The sad thing many Americans are ignorant of those treaties agreed to during that time in history. It has in MHO been left out social studies/history. Do they still have such a class?
        Reason the government/states are getting away with this communist dialog, YOU must take this shot or you will die. The on line streaming commercials are on at every break, in several different languages besides English. Brow beating those who are not following the ‘party line’, by shaming them through their families.

  10. yes and many left Germany before hand, seeing the writing on the wall, so to speak.

    1. While I believe in freedom of choice, when it comes to the toxic shots a.k.a.”vaccines”, we are on a whole other level. It has been proven by many doctors, scientists, and researchers that the toxic ingredients create spike proteins that first attack the host body and then are transmitted to people around them and they consequently harm them as well. While I do have compassion and acceptance for everyone, I am not willing to put my life at risk. I know the sweetest man who chose to get the shots because his doctor talked him into it. I cannot put aside the fact that his body is now a possible threat to me. I don’t know how long I will be able to be around him, which makes me very sad.

      1. Sheribeth39, Use NAC, go to before its news site there are vids on topic of being around the injected and protocols to lock bad effects, is Dr Zelenco’s…

  11. Spot on KJ,
    Ive been contemplating this a lot lately, its very complicated, most will have to let go of everything, ill be damned if i ever get vaccinated now, just on the principal of the matter because the government has decided to try and force us,

    Id rather piss in their cheerios every chance i get

    1. Kula
      choosing to get vaxed or not should be based on science and personal choice not on the fact that the government is trying to force it on people. the old saying cutting off your nose to spite your face comes to mind

      1. I made the choice not to get their shot based on science and personal choice. The fact that they’re trying to force it both reinforces my decision and adds fuel to my determination.

  12. As of this time, the land of fruits and nuts are going to stay on the same path to destruction as before. Maybe we will live in a parallel society, but which one will be paying most of the bills. And, the larger parallel will not stand for a free thinking group existing along side their woke Marxist world.

    1. So now the exodus from Cali will not only continue but will increase. Soon the State will be only the rich privileged and the poor servants. (ohh I forgot the beach bum welfare scum)

      1. hermit us
        I wonder how many ballots that were filled out did not make it to the tabulators, as the dumpster seems to be the demons best solution. Yes, someone found filled in ballots in the trash-again.
        Now how many voted that had no legal right to vote, since they could print out their own ballot. Maybe now the family will finally understand Dodge has been invaded. Getting out maybe to late, I hope not.

  13. I agree with you Whydah about immigrant communities being parallel societies already in existence. This has been referred to as the Chinatown Syndrome and it was not always a bad thing. Having grown up around the fringes of a loosely knit Chinatown in CA, I can attest to the limitations of growing up in and around an ethnic neighborhood. Chinatowns can be a hotbed of inbred, insular thinking, false beliefs and propagation of bad ideas. The youth can become very dangerous gangs as well using their native tongue as their code in communications. ( witness the most dangerous and violent gangs come from lands that had recent civil wars, insurrections to government crackdowns in their motherland. The tactics learned in Central America being used against rival gangs and LAPD in East LA ).
    The other side of the Chinatowns is the fact that older relatives/grandparents can live in relative comfort and safety which they enjoy within the US that they were never able to enjoy in their former homeland. My own grandparents never did go back to Japan after WW 2 even though a few thought long and hard about doing so. They chose to stay within the US and part of us adapting was to go to school and college/trade school with all the other American kids. They raised us to fit in to a society but we did not have to trust/agree with everything this govt did. ( our own personal example of this was the Internment Camps during WW 2 ).

  14. hermit us: We left California in search of computers for our children, Freedom to purchase a personal protection device that holds more than 10 rounds, an employer that will pay cash versus an IOU.
    Since the day I left, Cali is now requiring Solar be part of all new construction of single family homes, Cali is on the forefront of strict emissions standards ( smog testing of automobiles ) and outlawing the use of lead in bullets used for hunting 2 years before I left. Do not get me started on the taxes I used to pay down there.

    Is it any wonder that I voted with my feet and a moving van over a decade ago? Sorry about Californicating your state. I am one state line away from you. ( far enough to not smell the patchoulie oil )

  15. SoulSurvivor, Amen brother Amen, HE knows my preference will be the jaw bone of an ass.

  16. Old Order Amish & Mennonites (horse and buggy/no electric) have lived in a parallel society and for the most part, have made it work. Tough life if not raised that way, but it does work.

    They live in the world but are not of the world.

    Something Christians are called to do.

  17. Of note, there is a book titled “The Benedict Option” that details how to build a Christian and faith-filled society within society. I forget the author’s name, but it is good information. It is written in a ‘catholic’ vein, so don’t be offended by that if you are not catholic. It is about finding and building everything from schools to businesses within your community. Just FYI if that interests you.

    Back to canning this morning…….Oh, and Lehmans has All American pressure cookers AND LIDS (made in the USA) in stock again!!!!!

  18. Ken, I like the idea of being able to live in a parallel community; however, many “licensing” requirements will stop the care givers from participating. They will be shut down just like the churches that were raided when they attempted to stay open and just like the people who attempted to shop when they were not “allowed”. Those professionals will have their licenses pulled and will be threatened with jail…as doctors were threatened if they didn’t quote the co vid narrative.

    The Rabid Folks currently in charge do not want us to have any options and will work even harder against anyone exhibiting a different mindset than what they want. We are now under totalitarian rule…we just haven’t acknowledged it.

    Cuomo’s order about all healthcare workers getting the shot has a temporary stay, but you can bet it will not last even though our hospitals cannot serve their communities because professionals are leaving in droves. They are not over extended with sick people, they are critically understaffed.

    We will not be allowed to go quietly into the night. So while we are attempting to do our best to work with our community and like minded people, and even refuse to “serve/feed” those who voted this $h!tshow into action, we all need a backup plan. And I would not recommend people advertise what that plan may be.

    1. In my opinion, this is going to come down to mandate non-compliance of/within individual States, their governors and their Attorneys General. Our Union is made up of individual States. The Tenth Amendment comes to mind…

      1. Basically, Jefferson viewed the USA as a collection of sovreign States with a relatively weak Central Government. Hamilton viewed it the opposite. The Constitution favors Jefferson’s approach, but the Constitutional Termites have been at work since 1787 and it looks like Hamilton won in the long run.

        Before 1860 you would often see in print “The United States are…” After the War it became “The United States is…”

        I think the War proved the idea that Secession (which if a valid concept is not negated by the Slavery baggage) and perhaps lesser expressions of State Sovreignty were moot. The Central Government is Supreme, at least in the most extreme case, and since 1865 there has been an open battle for the rest of it.

        Kind of Ironic, the “United States” won’t let States (who voluntarily created the Union and its Federal Government) leave, but an infamous criminal Org, The Mafia, doesn’t require descendants to maintain membership or loyalty after a member passes on…..


  19. Other methods of parallel society:

    Start a cash only side business
    Create your own energy
    Grow your own food
    Start a readiness group
    Stop using gov money
    Turn off your television
    Educate others on how to the same

  20. There shall shortly come a time, when you shall no longer be allowed to flee California and take your wealth with you.

    I tried to get my extended family out years ago. I told them they would loose all of their land to it being taken from them via Eminent Domain. They laughed.

    “But, its going to become more and more valuable,” they said. “And, its all paid for. It is some of the most prime land in the entire area!”

    “All the more reason for them to take it from you,” I told them.

    “But, they are going to widen and improve the road, extend all the services, and increase the value of the land,” they said.

    I said, “This land is easily marketed for over 12 Million dollars, right now. You only paid $750, 000. Take your one time Capital Gains exemption…sell it and the Ranch…and get out of this place…before they take it all…and must settle for what they are willing to pay you for it…which will be nowhere near the current selling value…and no California Judge will give you a nickel more…than the low value provided by its taking.”

    “You’re nuts! We will hold it and sell it for 20 million in a couple of years…at least!”

    “Well, I warned you,” I said, giving up, “Go ahead and live your fantasy dreams.”

    Guess what? Yeah, you know. The City took it all via E.D., and the compensation offered is based upon what they PAID for the land…not what a Developer might reap from it.

    Get out of California now.

    1. Ision,
      i have seen the same thing happen with a Nissan plant. the 600 acres of land had been in a family for 120 yrs.
      the state eventually took it away from them, evicted them and paid them almost nothing for their families homestead that they had owned for generations. eminent domain can be declared anywhere, which means that if the state or feds want you off of your land, they can just take it from you.
      it’s not cool but that is the way it is.

    2. In that sense don’t just consider eminent domain–also consider the “exit tax” that all despotic governments eventually impose to keep money (and money makers) in.

      1. Nyscout I think Old Homesteader Already told you how. If he was to give step by step instructions Some Socialist might deem it aiding and abetting.

      2. NH Michael,
        i don,t think so.
        if you wan’t to start a fight, then go for it. you are good at that.

  21. Yes. The Eminent Domain laws were changed in the 1970s. Any conceivable public purpose justifies the use of this law to confiscate any land…for ANY reason….even if it is to SELL the land to another citizen for the government to make a profit. Take the Land for $500,000 and sell it to other citizens for $10,000,000… Raw land, you see, simply does not contribute the desired tax revenue…as a fully developed property. So, take the land, sell it for a profit to developers, who will build houses on it…which will increase government annual revenue…each year.

    The State of Hawaii was the first to use this tactic..and the US Supreme Court said it was okay. No longer must E.D. be reserved for roads and schools…and public buildings. It can be used to make money for the government.

  22. Somehow, I missed reading this when you first posted it, Ken. Glad to have seen it this morning. Positive mental attitude, no matter what’s going on around us, is more important than most people realize. And we’re going to need that going forward. Putting a focus on creating work-arounds for the dysfunctional, tyrannical mess, helps with that. Thanks.

    I saw a short-ish video about the psychology of what’s happened on a mass scale, just put out today by David Cullen at computing forever dot com. He does an excellent job of answering the question of how people can be so stupid/blind to what is happening. It’s useful to understand that people in the c o v i d cult, even seemingly intelligent ones, are stuck for now in a kind of hypnotic cognitive dissonance that goes beyond mere normalcy bias. The only thing we can do at this point is create alternatives for ourselves, find others who haven’t drunk the kool aid, and hold the line. These next few months are going to be, um, interesting.

    1. Farmgirl
      Similar to the Charles Daniels song, about the Devil & the fiddle you mentioned.

  23. Bringing the current convo here. .. I’m a buoyant cheerful sort, in spite of all the bad news during these schizo times. And yes, it’s extremely bad out there. GSM here and only getting worse for the next decade or so. The all-out warfare against humanity’s sustaining values by a powerful, vocal minority. Crazy criminality by those giving in to their personal demons. Regional conflicts between sophisticated and nuclear powers. Civilization-destroying evil perpetrated on children the world over. ..
    However, the argument that because it can’t all be solved with one trip to the ballot box we should stop voting or even trying is a psyop from the enemy. I’ve seen the pendulum swing. The fob has reached the extreme edge of its arc now. There is so much anger and resistance built up that I believe there will be not just momentum that moves the seeming dead weight of society back the other way. It will be a force that may well smash past all previous limitations. .. The rising religious revival. The growing distrust of traditional governmental and societal structures. These give me hope, a sign of promise that after the storm, a better day.

    1. We can hope AnonyMee. But i wont be holding my breath. More likely just moving as far out the way as possible

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