I’m Not Going To Stress Over The Stuff I Can’t Change

Here’s how to handle our new normal: Don’t stress out over the things you can’t change. Instead, we all need to use that energy to adapt.

For some, that’s easier said than done. However that’s what we need to do.

Figure it out. Find a new way to deal. Stay ahead of the curve. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

It’s easy (and lazy) to wallow in the misery which may be cast upon you. But that’s not going to change one single thing. It happened. Our lives have changed.

We can discuss, surmise, and question how or why it happened. That’s fine. And it may help us better understand the future. But just know that you’re not going to change what has already happened.

Yesterday I asked the question, “What might the next, Greater Depression look like?”

The reason I asked was to gain insight into the possibilities of a different future reality (which is already taking shape to an extent). While we cannot change what is coming at us in this regard, we do have the ability to foresee what might be coming. Rather than stress about it, we can preemptively adapt to it. Or make plans, adjustments, preparations.

Occasionally someone drops by here and throws out accusations implying that we’re all doomers, or afraid, fearful. The irony is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead we are foreseers of events yet to come. Or events that have already occurred except the mainstream just doesn’t know it yet. We don’t stress over it. We discuss it. Prepare for it. Adapt.

In this way we adjust our lifestyle to a new normal. Therefore we are (hopefully) less affected in a negative fashion. That’s the whole idea of preparedness.

Don’t let the rapidly unfolding way of life-altering events of these recent months get you down.

I can sit here and focus on all the brown stuff that has just hit the fan, put my head in my hands staring down at the table in worry or fear – and say “How could this have all happened?” or, “We are so screwed!”

Well, maybe there is a brief time for that. However at some point we need to ACT. To take action for ourselves. Figure out how we’re going to deal with what has already happened and what may further happen as a result.

Why am I posting this? For some motivation. An attempt to uplift the situation. To renew energies into the things that we CAN change rather than those which we cannot.


  1. I was actually stressing out earlier in this whole time by wondering if I had prepared enough, and what else I need to do. I’ve now come to peace with myself, our situation, and my state of preparedness. Doesn’t mean I think it’s OK to not continue doing what can be done for the long game, but at this point in time, I am taking in the joy of watching the teenage chickens grow and run around the yard. They come to me when I sit on the wall. They come up on the deck and knock on the door. We just got 4 baby Silkie Chickens in the mail (DW just want them….) This has become my stress reliever. That and looking at the things that I can control.


    1. Nature is blessed and for many a stress reliever. No matter my mood I look out and see 6 to eight brightly colored yellow and black Goldfinches mixed with the Rosy/Purple finches on the feeders and I have to smile. Watching my cats on a walk about is one. Nope, not talking about rose colored glasses. I stay aware. The general stays aware. Just remember the small wonders too. Oh and rub your feet or have someone rub your feet. Now there is a stress reliever, :-).

    2. Love watching my chickens! There is nothing better than Farm TV, IMHO….

  2. – This just reinforces the multiple-pronged manner of preparing we all have mentioned. Yes, the #2 freezer died and would seem irreplaceable at this time. It is not the only way of carrying food forward into the future here at Smurf house.

    Would I like/prefer to have a second freezer? Sure, as long as I have power or a goodly number of canning jars and a large canner. I do have fuel and a way of generating power while the freezer still works, and as we all know two is one and one is none. I also have a good supply of propane should I need to use it for the canner.

    There are other considerations. I have primary and backup means and measures, and sometimes, if it is an important enough consideration, still more backups to the backups.

    Cleaning out the garage, DW moved one of more than one .50 cal ammo box and asked, “Don’t you have enough ammunition?” You all know what I said.

    – Papa S.

    1. My wife asked me once why did I need more ammo. I asked why she needed more shoes. She just looked at me and said ” I guess I better shut up ” that was the last time we ever had that conversation LOL

  3. I’m a great believer in “forewarned is fore-armed”. This site has been wonderful in both respects: giving heads up about possible difficulties and ideas for how to prepare/deal with them.

    Brings to mind the old song that went
    I beg your pardon
    I never promised you a rose garden.
    Along with the sunshine
    There’s got to be a little rain sometimes.

  4. Great topic, Ken!

    I’ve been dealing with the stress, too. Not enough time, not enough money. I’m learning to work the problems, one by one, and remind myself of how fortunate we are. We are better prepared than most, and not as much as I’d like to be. I can only do my best, and keep on doing that. I especially appreciated your ACT acronym – action changes things. That’s been a really useful reminder!

    Papa S. –

    Bummer about the freezer! I don’t know where you live in general, so this may not work for you, but a thought occurred to me about what you could do with that broken freezer. I’ve seen folks in my area use those as a makeshift root cellar. I don’t know how big yours is, or how big a hole you’d need to dig, or what you’d dig it with. Might be a chance for someone to play with a backhoe? :-) The one’s I’ve seen are fitted with a vent, with a U-shaped piece at the end to keep out rain. I have no idea how well they work, but just an idea to investigate – or not.

    1. – Farmgirl,
      This one is an upright, not much use as a “root cellar”. DW is already making plans to put it out of sight on the back porch as a “Lockable Storage” bin! LOL
      – Papa

    2. – DW reminds me, DS & DIL have moved in with us. They have their own fridge and a chest-type freezer that is small, just bigger than a washing machine. They have absorbed the remainder of what room we needed for storage in freezer camp. That little chest freezer is brim-full too. So, family to the rescue.
      – Papa

    3. The uprights work as well. As long as there’s a large enough cavity and a door that shuts completely. Refrigerant needs to be drained first, of course. My parents did this until the back rusted out and gophers got in…

  5. Great topic Ken!

    I started “topping off” supplies and food in January. My husband asked me just last week, “how did you know that things were going to get this bad?” I said to him, “well first of all I read Modern Survival Blog”, second I had a gut feeling that I couldn’t ignore.

    I’m pretty sure that discussions about the virus started on MSB early in the year. Anyway, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

    Papa S, My freezer #2 died too. Luckily it wasn’t too full. I was planning to fill it up with a large meat purchase. (DANG) I ended up getting another refrigerator/freezer so I could have the freezer space. Small, but better than nothing…
    luv ya’ll, Beach’n

  6. If you give 💯 % then you did everything you could and can be at peace with it

    I’ve been furloughed for 3weeks now. It is what it is

    I’ve been planting Stuff in containers and working on small projects and just trying to stay busy

    I stocked up a little extra at the end of January and paid off the small balance on a few bills. I’d rather be at home then be exposed to the virus and give it to my wife who’s had some health issues

    When you go to bed tonight be done with today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Worrying and stressing is only going to add to your problems

  7. Ken,
    thanks for the article. good reminder. I am reminded of one of my own little verses that I had posted in my offices over the years, to be a visual reminder for my ‘miner brain’ everyday:

    Observation + planning + preparation = Calmly executed + safe + successful project

    Now that at least one or two possible shtf situations have occurred, I find myself to be strangely calm, with kind of a “NO….. BIG….. DEAL” attitude, at least for now. Guess that means that I was prepared for this level of situation. But I also realize that I can’t let my guard down, I need to be looking at that verse, and then applying it to upcoming, maybe worse situations this country will go into, but I go into it with calm knowing that I will be able to handle whatever comes along. YMMV.

    1. Minerjim;
      That is a really good reminder verse. I wrote it down in my little book of proverbs that I keep for encouragement and wise advice.

  8. Hello everyone. You know, I am surprised I am not more stressed. But I’ve always told everyone that your most important prep is a notebook and a pen. Knowledge is power, right? And in the front cover I wrote, “GOD IS STILL ON HIS THRONE.” There. No matter what I do…will it be enough? I don’t know. Will there always be things or items I wish I had purchased or had more of? Of course. But, this event (Covid) has given us all a wonderful opportunity to assess our preparedness, and make corrections while we can. I’ve learned some things I thought were important to have are not, really. I’ve changed up my gardening plants this year also; growing more things to cook with and preserve, not just eat and then nothing the rest of the year. (I love to cook). Most everything is geared towards Mediterranean-type food. Do I have everything? No. Can we get by? Yes. Are there others to trade or swap with? Yes. DO we have a neighborhood network? No. That got destroyed by one family. But are there others willing? Yes.

    So the list goes on. One of our own here always says, “Adapt and overcome.” So we shall. Blessings to you all.

  9. I remember telling hubby when China locked down 11 million ppl in Wuhan: “I can’t imagine how they’d lock down a city like New York! I don’t think they could do it.”

    hahaha. yep, they did it.

    so, stuff happens. and we just “deal with it” that’s what praying and prepping is all about.

    I too have been sittin’ and watching the baby chicks grow. Been starting plants and planting the earlier starts in the big boy garden. Been finishing up some raised beds. Sewing masks for family. Enjoying the beautiful weather sitting under trees that are leafing out. Southern middle TN is pretty in the spring.

    Life is good in my back yard. God is still in charge.

    1. Well Grandee,
      They are all communist, so why not, heck, same here actually,,,

  10. Take a deep breath, walk the dog every morning, drink an occasional G & T, remember this verse from The Bible, ” All things work together for good for those who love The Lord.

  11. Perfect timing as usual Ken.

    Looking out over central and west Maui and looking at the ocean and Lanai floating out there, its quiet, other than chickens or other birds and the occasional dog bark, its peaceful, sunny, beautiful,

    There will always be something to get worked up over,

    But why? What good does that do? It definitely wont pay the bills any better than just taking a step back! And it really wont make anyone feel any better!

    So why?

    Find peace, beauty, positive energy, yea a bit hippyish huh,
    But far far more rewarding

    1. Kulafarmer,

      Your stress relief comments brought back some pleasant memories for me. In the Navy ,my ship spent many a time anchored off Lahaina doing ops. We also spent time in Maalaea Bay doing some ops stuff. I remember the old Banyan Inn across the street from the big Banyan tree.Also the Pioneer Inn, I guess is still there today.
      Thanks for the memories.

      1. Bluesman,
        All still there! At the moment very quiet as nothing is opened!
        Lately, i feel like i took a step back in time, honestly, i almost wish it stayed this way.

    2. Kula, Thank you for the visual of where you are. There is something truly magical there. I’ve been there many times. I’m glad now, cause it looks like travel is so out of the picture for a long long time.

  12. But the stuff I can, I’m going to influence the heck out of.

    Can’t control the weather, but can make some gardening changes in anticipation of the coming dark cold years.

    Always have time for a chat with a nice young poultry specialist at the feed store. This morning, heeding comments here on the blog, stopped in to pick up chick starter for birds that will be here soon. Asked him if there were any of the large bags back in the storeroom and was able to get several that had been held back from the floor. They expect more in a week or so, but with chicks selling out within an hour of arrival, no saying when starter will be on hand again.

  13. I too have been actively managing my stress. Getting projects done, walking the dog, playing with the cats helps. We only have 12 active cases in the county I live in. So we have been fortunate. Our lives really haven’t changed that much. The only real difference is that we can’t go out to dinner once in a blue moon.

    I’ve been prepping since 2010. I saw the connection between the Russian wheat loss and the Arab Spring. We have plenty of food from the LDS Online Store and I know how to cook with it. When China locked down Wuhan I knew we were headed for shortages. I put prepping into high gear. I think my town will be better than most. We have two locally owned grocery stores that buy local. One is also a meat processing facility. Actually they have two: one for beef and one for pork. We also have a major university with an AG department that sells to the public.

    1. @Bam Bam, try Hitchcok’s in Alachua for meat. They had 10 lb. bags of chicken for @6.90 and lots of different cuts of pork .

  14. I’m trying hard not to stress or let anxiety take over. My days are close to what they were four months ago.Working on topping off our preps is still
    my main activity with an increased sense of urgency.

    I must say that we were much happier when we getting ready for an
    unknown event or situation.There was always good information on most
    sites,but now there is so much conspiracy theory crap out there that it boggles the mind.

    My gut feeling is that most but not all of us are going to make it thru this.
    This is a teaching opportunity for the youngsters that we must take advantage of.They are the future of the United States of America.

    1. “This is a teaching opportunity for the youngsters that we must take advantage of.” – a very important observation – I live on a patch of land in the Namibian bush – all the town, village and city folk are on lockdown, schools are closed until the beginning of August despite only having about a dozen imported cases of the virus and zero deaths. I’m fortunate in having two of my young grandsons living with me during this period and I’m using the opportunity to take them out into the sunshine and teach them about gardening, bush life and trying to instill an appreciation of the need to be as self sufficient as possible.

      Being a bit of a hermit, the lockdown has not affected me much. I don’t drink alcohol but if one thing will cause social unrest in this country it’s the draconian ban on alcohol sales and consumption …

  15. Been dealing with miserable clients and stressing with them….so today I planted trees! Got 4 of the 24 Aspen planted and 2 of the several hundred pound 6-7 foot blue spruce in the ground! YAHOO. Tomorrow will try and get another 4-5 Aspen planted and one of the 6-7 foot white firs planted. That will complete the Aspen grove at the end of the chicken yard, and have a good start on the side yard where I am going to put 40 x 45 feet of GRASS so we have a croquet and corn hole course/area! Then I still have 10 fruit trees being delivered and 4 16 x 8 beds to define, till and plant! While still having 4 more 6-7 foot Spruce and firs to plant. I feel like if I get ONE in a day on those and 4-5 Aspen in a day, I will be done with those by the time the orchard arrives and can be ready to do those in a 2-3 day stretch. I ACHE all over, but it is the BEST kind of ache. When not doing the trees, I stop and talk to my chickens and dogs….the chickens really enjoy a head of cabbage to play ball with (and eat of course) and come running to the handful of peppers! So much fun. Peace folks….enjoy life as best you can.

  16. Great article Ken,

    Not going to lie, drives me a little nuts when the randos drop in and start accusing of the doom and gloom. I find the information on MSB (articles and comments) to not only be more positive than the nonsense the main stream media puts out, but also much more informative and in tune to what’s really going on around us. I wouldn’t be half as prepared as I currently am if it wasn’t for everyone that frequents this blog.

  17. I joined an online genealogy group since this all started & this has brought many thoughts of my deceased parents to mind. My dad was a wise man & I can remember him saying:

    Plan your work & work your plan.
    Be kind to everyone.
    Never go to bed angry.
    Nothing changes with worry.

    So…. I have reached out to folks I haven’t been close to recently & they seem pleasantly surprised w/ the contact. Hubby & I plan something special/different to do everyday. Today was a picnic. Yesterday, we cleaned out the garden shed. We usually prep dinner together every evening. In his woodworking shop last week, he made stilts, a balance beam & bean bag toss game for the grandkids. I painted them & sewed the beanbags (& told them they could cook the beans later if needed!) My 3 sisters & I “zoom” once a week. You get the picture.

    And of course, I check in w/ y’all every day. God bless us, every one!

    1. I like that… plan something special or different every day.

      It’s easy to get stuck in routines. Memories are created when you break out of them.

  18. Hi all:
    Thought I’d drop a note.
    Going to go full on Hunker Down now.
    No more stress from the 47+ years of working.
    Yeppers, 100% retired as of 5:00 today. YESSSSS
    Probably could have not picked a better time with all the crap going on.
    Swung by 3 stores on the way home, 40 pounds of assorted Beef (no hamburger), another block of TP, some GREAT Wine, and a bunch of assorted stuff.

    So far it’s been 30 minutes into retirement and I LOVE IT HAHAHA.

    BTW I agree if you absolutely cannot change the situation, stop stressing it and figure out a way TO CHANGE IT.

    1. NRP &Blue,

      Congratulations on retirement. It will be nice to have some distance from the rat race. As you say, this is a good time to to step out and away from a workaday life.Have a martini ,maybe 2, and enjoy the sunset !

      1. Bluesman:
        Thanks, going to finish a GREAT Bottle of Wine, have 1/2 a T-bone (Blue gets the other half) and do exactly that, enjoy the Sunset 😎

      2. NRP & Blue too,
        Well congrats Ol’ Son! Darn, now I’m really envious! I got a bottle of home made merlot set back for you to celebrate with. Next time I come over Red Mtn Pass, I’ll bring it too you. Have fun fishing tomorrow. Be careful making your annual firearms offering to the gods of the deep in Navajo Lake!

      1. D B:
        Ohhh I definitely will. Time for my stuff, not someone else’s stuff to do 😄

        1. NRP & Blue

          “Time for my stuff, not someone else’s stuff to do”. Amen to that! Congrats, enjoy every second of it

    2. NRP hey! Time for a second act!
      Never retire Dude!
      Figure out what your passion is and make money with that passion.

      Gin Distillery… You don’t have to fill out all that paper work with feds…. go small scale… use it for barter.

      TP trading Depot? maybe…

      I have no retirement plan still young though like my 80 yo Pa he still has his garden center going. very limited at this point.

      I think his plan is to keel over a do a face plant in the rose bush section when his time comes.

      Thats my plan to die on my feet still wokin if I physically can. Right to freakin bone. I come from good hardy genetic farmer stock.

      1. White Cracker:
        I agree 1000%, time for act 2.
        I got more to do now than I ever did, keep thinking on the statement “with all if have to do, how did I have time to work”
        Gata LOVE IT.

    3. NRP & Blue,
      So happy for you! Congratulations and I know you will find plenty to do and enjoy!
      Love ya’ll, Beach’n

      1. Beach’n:
        Thanks my friend.
        Number one thing for you… PLEASE be safe out there.
        Love ya kiddo

        1. NRP & Blue,
          June 21, 2021?
          Love ya’ll more :D Beach’n and Cassi

    4. NRP & Blue,

      Congrats on your retirement! At least now, the only stress will be what you put on yourself!

      The first few days after I retired I was a bit at loose ends wondering what to do next, then I took a few days “off” to do my version of “gone fishin'”, and since then have wondered how I ever had time to work. You may find you’re now working for a really tough boss!


    5. Welcome NRP to the light side.

      The only weight on your shoulders now will be what you choose. Good times ahead.

    6. NRP,
      I knew you had to be getting close.., so happy for you & Blue!

      Congrats, and way to take down your stress – talk about taking control of something you could change! Enjoy your steak and wine tonight and fishing this weekend 👍

      Will hoist one for you tonight and congrats again on working your plan until it came to fruition, just fantastic 🤗

    7. NRP and Blue,

      Woo hoo! Congratulations to you (and Blue!). Enjoy the wine and the newfound freedom. Bet you’ll be busier than ever, at least I hear that’s how it goes.

      (Boy, Ken sure writes some powerful stuff – you’re sure not going to stress about work anymore!)

    8. Congrats on the retirement, NRP! Enjoy! Of course, if you are like the rest of us you’ll end up working harder than ever – just around the homestead! And I’m sure Blue will enjoy his steak.

    9. NRP & Blue,

      Welcome to geezerhood. Enjoy. Some say I retired quite a while before I told the bosses…….told them they weren’t the ones I was trying to fool.

    10. I am sooo happy for you! I know you been planning a long time! Congratulations my friend!

    11. Yes, good timing on that… And time to switch your alias to Geezer.

      I raise my glass as you transition to the next chapter in your own book of life 🥃

    12. Congrats on your retirement! I have a decade to go, if the economy lasts that long. I am jealous, enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it!

    13. Congratulations NRP. Enjoy your new second life. It took me two years to finally settle down and enjoy retirement. Hope you are quicker at relaxing than me.

    14. NRP, congratulations on your retirement. It sounds like you’ve earned a bit of a break. Of course, from what I can tell, it will just be a change from a paid job to all of the unpaid jobs Blue plans for you around your place.

    15. NRP, Congrats on your retirement!! Now YOU get to do what YOU want when YOU want to do it. That and now everyday will be Saturday for you! woohoo.

    16. NRP & Blue
      Congratulation on the retirement. Now you have to explain to Blue why you are no longer getting up. He will figure out you now have more time for taking him for walks and play time.

    17. NRP, your retirement, congratulations! “Welcome to the party pal !”
      Easy to prioritize the days-
      Second cup of early morning coffe is a daily treat.
      Sun up to no Sun, outdoors is a sanctuary.
      Power naps on dismal weather days. Or nice days in the sun or shade.
      Time to do the things you never found time to do, at the speed you want to go.
      Free time for hunting, fishing or chasing the little round white ball or hunting or fishing. Did I mention hunting?
      Reading the book you could never get to.
      Everyday is a Saturday or Sunday, Monday mornings are gonzo.
      Doing new sh$t that sparks the interest.
      Doing old stuff that you like.

    18. @NRP –

      Congratulations on your retirement! What an amazing milestone!

  19. NRP & Blue:

    Congrats! Sounds like you are leaning into retirement a lot quicker than my hubby. Took him 2 years to “relax”!

    Remember what my Daddy said: Plan your work & work your plan.
    I would add: a nice glass of wine @ the end of the day surely helps!

    1. TX Deb:
      Broke into the wine cellar and grabed a very nice Orange Wine, no not made with oranges HAHAHA.
      Been working the Plan, and now me en Blue are going to start the next stage in life.
      BTW up at 5:00 tomorrow heading to the lake to go fishing 😁
      No hooks allow, to much work vleaning those fish LOL

      1. NRP:
        My wife and I congratulate you on your retirement. I sure hope Blue can adjust to the new schedule….

      2. NRP and Blue, Enjoy your day and the remainder of your life.. what a good time to retire!

      3. NRP and of course, Blue,

        Hope you have a great retirement. It was good that I too decided to retire this year as well, having to deal with Corvid-19 at the workplace this year. I was also at the age and comfort zone I could say no more. I’ll have time now to make some dandelion wine like my great grandma used to make, and be gone fishing too.

  20. For stress relief we like to sit on the deck about dark listening to the whippoorwills and watching the lightning bugs (fire flies). Tomorrow brings its own problems but until then…

  21. Our stress relief is setting on the deck or spending time around the fire pit ,watching the wildlife and enjoying the scenery.This sometimes requires the addition of an adult beverage, for those real stressful days. In cooler weather we watch the fire in the wood stove .

  22. For me reducing stress is about doing what ever i can do to mitigate anything i can see coming and let God handle the rest. I have been working on reducing the needed freezer space, because of summer ice needs for the Bunny house…Injured shoulder has slowed me down but once again in “steady as she goes mode.” all forward steps are progress..
    Have been considering meat birds for a few weeks… and did an online search today.. Called my local farm stores. One said no more chicks til next year the other said we have some straight run of three kinds in… We decided to go ahead and get something.
    Picked out 6 Production Blues…’n lady said..we have some cornish cross in back, i got 12 of those , for meat…and 3 Americana to round out my flock.. Need a roo. since ours got injured in the fall. His name is Hop -a-Long for a reason.Any unwanted roos will have a home where they will never get too cold or hot again… If these Cornish cross do ok and we are able to handle them ok…will consider doing it again in the fall. We have harvested birds before, This will be our first batch of Cornish cross..
    according to the projections.-(experiences of others). birds and feed cost should be close to 75-80$. to grow them to harvest at 8 weeks.There is plenty grass and they will have a chicken tractor… DH is currently looking at plans to make a chicken plucker. LOL
    We began our rabbitry 11 months ago.. we will finish this breeding season with a total of 8 rabbits. 2 bucks and 6 doe, (2 are unproven) The ones we have harvested, and have in que to be harvested should net us enough meat to make a difference for our family.

  23. Morning all,

    Planned a badminton tournament for this weekend at our spread. Haven’t played that game in years, but once “Wimbeldon” was set up the fam flocked to it.

    Two teenagers were getting edgy and my wife, a college professor, was loosing her marbles after dealing with her students.

    It’s been fun watching others cut loose and see there reaction to my best Bjorn Borg rendition…which wasn’t very good based on the grass stains on my forehead!!

    1. Hammer,
      Badminton is a fun game, but trying to Bjorn Both over the net when ya win is the tricky part.
      Have fun and when ya lose all those birdies ya can play volleyball. Then ya can have grass stains and ace wraps all over.

      1. Afternoon MadFab,

        You are right the game is fun, the falling is entertaining and the Bjorn Borg references and impersonations are laughable……both at racquet work and trying to jump over nets!

        The best was seeing the fam forgetting their worries. That was worth any number of bumps, bruises and ace wraps.

        We all gotta remember to stop, smell the roses and enjoy the view….even during the most trying of times. Just got to do that and If I die this very second, I’ll die a happy husband and father.

        Dare I say, that’s the legacy we leave our kids.

        1. Oh yeah, the laughing was even better because I crushed the singles and took home the undefeated stick of invincibility!! Sad part was our Bloodhound chewed the sh%t outta the thing right after the awards ceremony. Oh, the humanity!!!!

        2. Hammer,
          I come from a large family. I am number 7 of 13.
          My parents bought lake property in the 50s.
          All of us that we’re still at home in the 70s would gather with all the spouses and nieces and nephews that we’re still in the area. We would stay up there all summer and parents would come back on weekends.
          We , the kids and under 20 s made up the pancake toss.
          Separate into teams of 4+.
          Each team gets a few pancakes left over from breakfast. All teams have the same # of pancakes.
          Stand in a line. First member has the pancakes and a flipper. Must toss cakes over their heads ( backwards) to teammate behind them ( about 6ft).
          That person has a plate and must catch all cakes in order to become the flipper. Must catch all before moving up.
          First team to go thru all members and catch the pancakes win!!
          Still playing it with my grandkids and is the highlight of the weekend to them.
          Add a couple of dogs who want to eat all the cakes that hit the ground or take them from the air and hilarity ensues.
          No age limit so All play.
          Try it.
          Love the fun kids can make outta nothing!!
          Have a great time with your family. That is what is important at all times.
          I am away from my immediate family and down with my in laws. MIL is exhausted and FIL is fading fast. Did get him to eat some oatmeal this am so small victories!!

        3. MadFab,

          That pancake game sounds like a total blast! I’m going to introduce it to my family, and we have the helpful dog, too.

          Hope your MIL is able to get some rest while you’re there, and that you are able to stay rested, too. Blessings to you and yours.

    2. Hammer,
      Sounds fun, think ill drag out the net And stuff and get me sweety out to have some fun!

      1. Kulafarmer,

        Absolutely! I can only imagine that Hawaii air will make that shuttlecock fly like a champ. Get your sweety out and wack the crap outta anything and everything…..if you’re like my family, we even hit that stupid birdy a couple of times too!!

      2. Learned my lesson logistically as well. Do not, under any circumstance, put your badminton court too close to the garden fence. I did a quite spectacular endo into said garden….but I try to sell out as an example to the chillin. Of course my 52 year old body didn’t appreciate that Mary Lou Retton.

      3. Farmgirl,
        Thanks it is super fun. Don’t know how old the kids are but if teenagers they won’t think it’s cool. Make them play! They will have just as much fun as my 4 yo. Grandson does. Fun for all ages. The dog will add to the fun😜.
        Thank you for the blessings. Missing my grands real bad tonight

  24. I agree about not stressing over the things you cannot change. I can no longer add to my food stores, so I don’t stress over it. I am concentrating on firewood. I burned later this year than ever before, May 1st was the last day I burned. I usually end in March sometime but this spring has been colder than years past, so I was actually burning some of next years wood. I have a huge pile of wood to be cut and stacked, yet I still go out and collect wood when I can. My DS said why do you need more?, you have about 2 to 3 years worth of wood. I answered her with how long do you think I can keep cutting and stacking at my age? I plan for when I can’t do this work anymore. I hate being cold in the winter. Also I rely on electricity for cutting and splitting wood, if the grid should go down, I will have to do it all manually, and at my age I am not so sure that is feasible anymore. The more I have, the calmer I feel.

  25. This month and the one before, some people have been making their own decision. Others still want to follow, but a few, lead. I, myself has been doing what most didn’t. Staggered work hours as an example. When most will be on time and work together, I went late but did what I should. With results, and being accountable for what I did. Progress were reported, pictures taken and its all there in the garage to look/examine at. And the boss didn’t say a word except, all is good. Can’t change what we couldn’t/shouldn’t but for sure I’ll tell them how I am going to do it my way. And some do appreciate it.

  26. Humans are very creative and adaptable. Almost as much as they are lazy and opportunistic.

    I rarely get upset at anything but myself, and that is rare. Usually related to my own procrastination. Anyway, part of it is probably my job. A lot of real-time stressful situations. I don’t like to fail and I usually only depend on myself and have others as a contingency. Preparation and ability to adapt is paramount.

    There is a song of which few people here probably care to listen to the genre of. “Nothing More – Do You Really Want It?”. The reason I bring it up is because it is a catchy song lamenting about Americans and wanting to change the world but can’t be bothered to change themselves. It may be all you need as a reminder to get yourself going. And it doesn’t sound like Pop or New Country.

  27. I agree on not stressing out on things I cannot change, but I sure in the hell can change MY way of doing things.

    My county had only 2 cases for a long time…now 2 healthcare workers went out of the area to visit known cases in their families without protection, came back to work without quarantine for 14 days and spread it to the nursing/group home residents until they were tested positive. Now those most vulnerable residents in these facilities are showing new cases from these two “healthcare” workers.


    Something I cannot change.

  28. Thanks for the article Ken…

    Sometimes you have to turn off the news and play with the kids. At my house, with multiple cats, I break out the catnip and sprinkle it on the floor and watch the cats go nuts for a few minutes. ( almost as much fun as spinning the fat ones on the wood floor! )

    With 2 of the cats being 18+ lb tom-cats we no longer play the practical joke of placing catnip in each others pants pockets. When the cats discover that, it is borderline dangerous to the person wearing the pants. ( funny to watch though…)

    I did get around to planting several tomatoes plants and several varieties of sweet peppers last weekend… and I also planted a catnip start.

    If you do not talk to your cats about catnip, Who will?

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