I’m Not Going To Stress Over The Stuff I Can’t Change

Here’s how to handle our new normal: Don’t stress out over the things you can’t change. Instead, we all need to use that energy to adapt.

For some, that’s easier said than done. However that’s what we need to do.

Figure it out. Find a new way to deal. Stay ahead of the curve. Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

It’s easy (and lazy) to wallow in the misery which may be cast upon you. But that’s not going to change one single thing. It happened. Our lives have changed.

We can discuss, surmise, and question how or why it happened. That’s fine. And it may help us better understand the future. But just know that you’re not going to change what has already happened.

Yesterday I asked the question, “What might the next, Greater Depression look like?”

The reason I asked was to gain insight into the possibilities of a different future reality (which is already taking shape to an extent). While we cannot change what is coming at us in this regard, we do have the ability to foresee what might be coming. Rather than stress about it, we can preemptively adapt to it. Or make plans, adjustments, preparations.

Occasionally someone drops by here and throws out accusations implying that we’re all doomers, or afraid, fearful. The irony is that couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead we are foreseers of events yet to come. Or events that have already occurred except the mainstream just doesn’t know it yet. We don’t stress over it. We discuss it. Prepare for it. Adapt.

In this way we adjust our lifestyle to a new normal. Therefore we are (hopefully) less affected in a negative fashion. That’s the whole idea of preparedness.

Don’t let the rapidly unfolding way of life-altering events of these recent months get you down.

I can sit here and focus on all the brown stuff that has just hit the fan, put my head in my hands staring down at the table in worry or fear – and say “How could this have all happened?” or, “We are so screwed!”

Well, maybe there is a brief time for that. However at some point we need to ACT. To take action for ourselves. Figure out how we’re going to deal with what has already happened and what may further happen as a result.

Why am I posting this? For some motivation. An attempt to uplift the situation. To renew energies into the things that we CAN change rather than those which we cannot.