The Perfect Bug Out Location Survival Retreat

perfect bug out location

What makes for a perfect bug out location?

I will throw out a few bullet points to get the conversation started.

While there’s probably no such thing in the real world as a perfect bug out location or a perfect survival retreat to call home, there certainly are things to look for when thinking about it or if actually considering a move.

– Water source on the property
– Enough land for privacy & security
– Good soil for growing food
– Climate conducive to growing season
– Like minded people in region
– Away from population density
– Far enough away from nuclear power plant
– Far enough away from a nuclear target
– 2nd Amendment friendly
– Defensible
– Wildlife resources
– Private road to property, good distance from intersecting road
– Far enough from interstate highway systems
– Affordable taxes (can’t get away from that…)
– Natural barriers (mountains, bodies of water, etc..)

More (from some of the comments below)

– Far enough from prisons
– Far enough from interstates and other “lines of drift”
– Reasonably close to navigable water, so boat as BOV an option
– Close to a small community of like-minded people
– Neighbors that you could depend on
– Enough land for privacy and security
– Year-round creek or spring
– Good soil for growing food
– Climate conducive to growing seasons

Some attributes will also depend on one’s personal likes and dislikes, their own preferences, their own unique risk tolerances, and so on…

I’m sure that many of you feel that you’re already living at your ideal bug out location or survival retreat. That’s great! I made a move several years ago to my own ‘survival retreat’. Although it’s not perfect, it fits with my own personal situation for the time being.

Lets hear from you.

If you’re already living there, what attributes do you consider especially important?

For those who do not live in their bug out location (probably the majority of preppers), what attributes would you consider to be important if you could live in that ideal location?

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